Well it was nice seeing Shishigawara’s never-give-up attitude and guts, and it was nice seeing Ikkaku lecturing him on not throwing his life away for someone who wouldn’t do the same for him, but other than that I felt the main part of this chapter was one big deus ex machina with Tsukishima revealing that he can also swap battlefields into his favor or insert himself into Byakuya’s sword. It’s overpowered and the limits of his abilities have been completely shattered as he shows that he can manipulate reality into whatever he wants by using parallel worlds. That truly is the power of gods, and hopefully his ability doesn’t become too much more ridiculous.

At least the battle won’t be as one-sided as the other fights so far, and once Byakuya releases his full power it should be good fight. Of course he just has to avoid getting touched by Tskishima’s sword, else he’d be completely erased in an instant, or worse — turned into an ally. It would be troublesome if his own zanpakutou turned on him, but it’s still unlikely Byakuya will be defeated with all his skills and battle experience. Tsukishima may have a stupidly overpowered ability, but he’s not on the Aizen level yet and really he’s only shown his proficiency in screwing around with people by controlling reality itself. He’s started giving himself all sorts of knowledge too, but it’ll be yet to be seen whether that actually does him any good.


  1. ah this chapter just makes me wish for the eventual pwnage of Tsukishima more. At least Aizen was cool and irritating at the same type with all his mind rape tactics but this guy doesn’t have any part of cool at all, he’s just asking for someone to punch him in the face

  2. Tsukishima vs Byakuya fight is going to be really interesting, I hope Byakuya will win anyway.
    Well, Aizen, I miss him a lot. Look, he was the most important guy in Bleach – Ichigo became shinigami and all later events were planned by him. It took over 420 chapter to finish him. I doubt there’ll be such a big arc again, but well… we’ll see.

  3. Two words: Molting Cicada. Two Zommari managed to stab Byakuya and he managed to escape from it. I have it hard to believe that someone who defeated the fastest Espada would get hit so easily.

  4. Yeah ‘overpowered’ is putting it lightly. Methinks, or rather would like to think, that giving him this particular power was not something they decided on at the beginning simply because it’s arguably a little too much and, personally, I just don’t find it to be well thought out.

    That said, I have faith Byakuya is going to win. I just hope it’s sooner rather than later. At the rate things have been going, I think it would kind of blow if they decided to drag this out.

    Baby Choo Choo
  5. The title…my thoughts exactly! I got to hand it to Prooof for matching up titles and pictures together. It’s cuz of those that find my curiosity peaked in your posts.
    And I can’t wait to see how Byakuya will beat that guy. Maybe he will pull off another Yoruichi move.

  6. Yeah, usually Byakuya’s style is always letting the bad guys rant and cackle before he makes them snap and crackle. If Toshiro and Renji are so massively powerful now, Nii-sama should be even more so… gonna be interesting though how he takes down Tsukishima- that guy really needs some much-deserved killing.

    1. I was thinking along those lines too, but more like there’s only a certain extent to how far back he can insert himself into the past, because all of the Shinigami have been alive for hundreds (if not thousands) of years, while Tsukishima is only xx years old…

      Angel Reaper
  7. Bleach manga is in the top 10 for weekly shonen jump again, after being the bottom 3 for a while.
    There is about an 8 week lag for the polls, so that means people voted it up right after the captains came back.
    I find that pretty funny.

    Another note, the ability to change the memories of solid matter is so mind numbingly stupid, it is my favorite ability yet.
    UnApologetically pulling twists out of nowhere is my favorite part of bleach.

  8. Its funny that you mention Aizen because he is definitely not dead yet 🙂 He is referred to all the time and I think he will be back 🙂

    And no, I don’t think any baddie including Tsukishima can hold a candle to Aizen 🙂

  9. well hope tsukishima’s powers don’t get too ridiculous, really, this is already good enough for byakuya to handle. and please, not following anime fillers, don’t make byakuya an opponent of Gotei 13 again…

    suppose Tsukishima’s powers is just he knows all the methods to defeat byakuya with his zanpakuto, then kido showcase would be the time. and kubo really has to shoot his own creation down liao, in order to let us see how great/lousy Senbonzakura is. hopefully not, and we can only look forward to next chapter…

    get this over quick, we all know this isn’t the important part…

  10. The cool thing about Byakuya is that he’s never relied totally on his Zanpakutou. Every fight we’ve seen him in (aside from the Yami fight) has always shown him to use kidou a lot as well. Renji, Zommari and even Senbonzakura in the anime can attest to that.

    So it’s likely that Byakuya will pull through with kidou like he did with Zommari.

  11. Something to remember about Byakuya. His shunpo is extremely good though he loses to Yoruichi. That and his kido is strong (basically he is an all rounder).

    Looking at this chapter, Tsukishima was initially testing Byakuya’s knowledge of his abilities. Though Byakuya was already on guard, as Tsukishima said (and this is probably Kubo to the reader) that he never said his ability only affected living people. The limitation to his power seems to be a range limit and the appearence of the present cannot be changed (or he would have already put a cage around Byakuya instantly rather than using traps)

    I still don’t see Tsukishima winning but i also do not see him dying.

    Zaku Fan
  12. Surprisingly, on many of the forums around the ‘net, lots of fans are actually rooting for Tsuki to win this fight. Personally I can’t stand the guy- something about his constant smile. Hope it ends next week and we can move onto Riruka <3.

  13. I just noticed how that Naruto manga has more posts than the Bleach manga

    anyway, I do wonder if Tsukishima would “cut” Byakuya or not. I wonder if Kubo was planning this sort of plot twist. Mmmmm, interestingly, Ichigo’s zampukto is the only thing that went to a fashion change. I do wonder if anyone else got something new to show with their zampukto, like Byakuya just made a sakura clone jutsu, his fighting style is kinda the same as Garra of the desert.

  14. i am angry. tsukishima’s power makes no sense. he stated that by striking someone (now all of a sudden, something too) he can slip himself into their past… so i ask, does his ability actually change the flow of time or rewrite memories (and how does this even apply to one of yukio’s pocket dimensions…)

    i believe it simply rewrite’s memories due to Chad and Inoue’s inner turmoil. they simply didn’t feel right about siding with Tsukishima. if he had in fact changed their past, i doubt they would have acted so distraught

    now i honestly don’t want to get into that whole “if Bleach sucks so much then why do you read it” argument. i just want to say how disappointed i am/have been with this manga for the past couple months. it feels as if they write this stuff from week to week and ask the interns what should happen next

    tsukishima makes no sense, ginjo seems weak, and aside from those two there is no conflict

  15. I, for one, want Byakuya to loose. Tsukishima did a number in Ichigo’s life by messing with the memories of everyone he loved. If I ever wanted to see Ichigo kick someone’s ass, it is now and that ass is Tsukishima’s.

  16. Tsukishima’s ability is NOT that hax. The only reason why he can mess with the battlefield is because they are in Yukio’s special dimension, where Yukio can make traps come out of nowhere. He wouldn’t be able to do anything to normal dirt.


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