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OP: 「空想メソロギヰ」 (Kuusou Mesorogiwi) by 妖精帝國 (Yousei Teikoku)
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「契約条件」 (Keiyaku Jouken)
“Contract Conditions”

You may have figured this out already, but Mirai Nikki probably isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something to restore your faith in humanity.

You may have also figured out that there are no sacred cows in this story either, and I’m glad it’s so obvious – this alleviates some concern on my part that Asread would soften the material for TV. I think exploding middle-schoolers (and French-kissing middle schoolers) are a pretty good indication that the manga is going to be adapted pretty much as is content-wise, which is a good thing because any attempt to sanitize Mirai Nikki would effectively kill it. It has to punch you in the face to be really work.

And effective it is, at lest so far for this manga reader. I’m impressed that Asread have managed to capture the paranoid, exhilaratingly out-of-control feeling from the source material. It’s not an adaptation that throws a ton of polish and ostentatiousness at the subject – the voice acting is heartfelt but raw, and the animation is hardly cutting-edge. But it has a certain amount of style to it, capturing the look of Sakae-sensei’s drawings while adding a little theatrical flourish. The OP and ED match the manic tone of the show quite well, especially the OP. Asread may not be a top-tier studio, but what’s clear to me after two episodes is that they know what they have here – they understand the material. And frankly, that’s more important.

What I especially love is the way the anime captures the trapped feeling Yukiteru has at the moment, when all this is new to him. I can’t talk about later events, of course, but it’s important to understand who Yuki is and the fact that the kid you see now isn’t necessarily the one you’ll see later – this is the boy who just found out he’s in a game where losing means death, and lots of scary people want to see him die. And the only person he can turn to for help is just as scary – though also hot, which can’t be discounted in the 14 year-old mind – his very own stalker. You see something of Yukiteru’s survival instinct and cleverness creep in here, as he makes a conscious (and very wise) decision that allying with the insane Yuno Gasai is better than going it alone. “Protect me.” Two simple words, but a watershed moment in the series, and ones not everyone would have had the smarts (and cojones) to say.

Ah, Yuno. She’s a girl, she’s a noun and a verb, she’s a trope. If you think about it, this is a perfect match – a guy with absolutely no self-esteem and a stalker who adores him utterly. If Asread are playing up her horny side a bit I’ll forgive it, because it’s so much fun to watch. All you need to know about Yuno (for now) you see in the scene where she runs through the school setting off bombs after seeing Yuki betrayed. You may think you know yanderes, but typical yanderes are to Yuno what dirty magazines are to real live supermodels. She’s the gold standard, the real deal – and what really makes Yuno great is that she’s totally sincere. Everything Yuno does makes perfect sense to her. She has so many other admirable qualities – loyal, fearless, brilliant. It’s just a shame she’s…

If things seem to be moving quickly story-wise, it’s not Asread rushing them – it pretty much plays that way in the manga in the beginning. Two new major characters this week – Ninth, Uryu Minene (Aizawa Mai) and Fourth, Kurusu Keigo (Tanaka Masahiro). It should be obvious by now that each diary has a unique ability to read the future, all with limitations. What’s more, each of the diary owners is delightfully unique, and their diaries match their personalities and circumstances. Ninth seems pretty straightforward – she’s using her “Escape Diary” as a terrorist, and saw Yuki as an opportunity to draw out her real target, Fourth, and kill two birds with one gigantic cluster of bombs. In the end she sacrifices her own eye to save her diary from the dart that will pierce the heavens. Fourth seems pretty straightforward, too – wanting nothing more than to use his “Criminal Investigation Diary” to keep the peace. To this end he offers an alliance to poor innocent kids Yuki and Yuno, to meld the power of their three diaries into one unstoppable force. What could be better?

Without even touching on the attention required to follow a story where nothing and no one is as simple as they appear, it can be difficult just to follow the diary entries (I pause a lot, obviously highlighting the advantage of manga for material like this). There’s a lot of information being thrown at the audience, which is why I rather enjoy the fact that Asread have chosen to use the omakes not just to highlight Murumuru in comedic situations, but to offer a little explanation about the events that have transpired – retroactive spoilers, if you will. I think that’s a really clever idea and should prove very useful for viewers not familiar with the source material.


ED1.5 Sequence

ED: 「Blood teller」 by 飛蘭 (Faylan)
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  1. This anime really makes me wish I actually read manga. Guess it’s a bit late to read Mirai Nikki now though, without spoiling myself. 2 episodes and there hasn’t been a scene I wasn’t engrossed with.

    1. Same here.. I wish I read it before hand, but oh wells. The second episode really kept the action up and I can’t wait for more. I have to admit though.. I browsed the future diary wiki and spoiled myself a bit before closing the page. >_<

    2. ive read this manga….tho not complete only up till part where the world destroyed…the plot was twisted..for yukiteru its only choice between believing in yuno or not…i myself still doubt the action of yuno

      1. Yeah, I didn’t spoil myself that much if something like that happens.. haha.. I mostly just browsed some information on the characters.

        Perhaps I need my memory reset to a couple days ago before I spoiled myself and read some spoiler comments >_<! RAWR! Oh well.. i'll live, maybe.. or just find a future spoiler diary that will help me avoid all spoilers… 😀

  2. Probably one of the most creative, disturbing, enthralling shows I’ve seen in a long time. I both love and hate its content. My only complaint is the midget character, if she were more akin to Elizabeth from Persona 3 or Margeret from Persona 4 I could stand any moment when she speaks.

  3. Oh, and also, Enzo. These omakes are actually based off of omakes in the back of the manga volumes as well. There were also bits in between chapters that explained how certain diaries worked as they were revealed, but I’m not sure if those were only in the English release.

  4. “You may have figured this out already, but Mirai Nikki probably isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something to restore your faith in humanity.”

    Seeing as how all the students ended up throwing their textbooks etc to interfere with #9, one could almost say the episode was trying to drive home the exact opposite of what you said. 😀

    Loving Murumuru. She’s the best character of the show. I know you manga readers are all in love with Yuno, but as a non-manga reader, I think I’m going to have to see more before I get on that bandwagon. :/ I really don’t see her as being insane (in fact, she’s surprisingly rational and level-headed), so I’m going to assume that’s more due to what you manga-readers already know she’s going to do.

      1. LOL, I will put this like my Italian friend would say, “If this was me, …” I would start throwing everything in sight including people. All is fair in love and war, right?

        Muhahahaha 😀

  5. I’m not sure if this is healthy, but the pure psychotic-ness and insanity of the show is refreshing.. I love slice of life shows like Usagi but I can’t help but love (according to RC) “Bat ****” crazy shows like this.

  6. Oh God, two needle-in-the-eye scenes in a day. I shouldn’t have played Dead Space 2 today.
    Anyway, this show is interesting. I don’t know why, but it reminds me of Deadman Wonderland sometimes, not that I find the plots similar or anything. I guess it’s the fact that both have some really pain-in-the-ass protagonists. But somehow, I sympathize with Ganta, but not with Yuki (I don’t read any of the mangas).

    But still, a bad protagonist doesn’t mean it’s a bad show. 🙂

  7. My theory is that Yuno’s power is useless unless Yukiteru is alive. On the other hand, Yukiteru is powerless against Yuno due to the specific power of her daily. Consequently, Yuno is just pretending to love Yukiteru until everyone else is dead – afterwards, killing Yukiteru is a simple task for Yuno.

      1. I second that. Yuno really seem to like Yukki, but it probably one of those, “if I can’t have you, then nobody will” or “I am the one person for you” kind of mentality.

        The realy question is Why does she like him so much?

    1. Nah, that can’t be it. I mean, look at her, she’s got pink hair! When was the last time you hear of a lying bastard with pink hair? And besides, Yuno’s diary is full of stuff about Yukiteru, which means she was stalking him even before the contest started.

      1. I can counter this argument very well.
        First off: SHE’S A YANDERE!! The queen of Yanderes to be exact. That alone should tell you something.

        Second: Love can be interpreted in many ways and as much as I’d like to spoil EVERYTHING, I want it to stew in your brain for a while.

      2. No Twi. I am asking for an example of which (beside this anime) a pink-hair girl is also an antagonist and a lying bastard.

        Meer from GSD comes to mind, then I remembered that they also showed a picture of Meer with her natural hair colour in an ED.

      3. I think that’s the thing I’m most excited to find out. She reminds me so much Amane (Death Note), she definitely has potential to be one of my fav anime girls, too bad she’s not a goth loli… perhaps I speak too soon.

    2. The diaries are based off the person using them.

      Show Spoiler ▼

      1. This is why I think Yukiteru and Yuno will buddy up until the very end – when they will then try to kill each other. Yuno will have the upper hand because her dairy specifically predicts Yukiteru’s actions; however it only works in 10 minutes intervals, so Yukiteru may yet have a chance.

        The point is, Yuno is obviously the “final boss” of this series.

    3. I thought the same thing. I haven’t read the manga so I don’t know anything beyond this episode. But her diary is based off of Yukiteru’s. So.. it makes sense to me that she stays game if he does. What other use would her diary be? It only seems logical to team up with him. Hm.. I could be wrong though. Haha.

    4. No, her dairy is ABOUT YUKKII. It doesn’t mean it is powerless with him. It just means she is totally obsessive about him. Without him, she probably doesn’t want to enter new information. It is like the murder diary, how can you put in new entry when there is nobody to kill?

      Each diary seem to serve a specific purpose. Yukki is random while Yuno is about Yukkii. Good news is he is not gonna die with Yuno around. Bad news is Yuno is around.

      Like my days of torture during frat tryout, they asked…”So which do you want: Pain or less pain?”

  8. Ugh, setting myself up for disappointment, because knowing the next chapter they have to adapt, they also could easily weave the second chapter of Mosaic into the third episode as well, which would be perfect because it explains a lot and happens at the same time anyways, which would perfectly build up the tension before confronting the next diary holder. But I know that Asread probably won’t. >:

  9. Yukiteru is smart indeed for allying himself with The Pink One, it takes a lot of trust to put one’s life in the hands of another, but should that trust falter and he betray The Pink One, I could see Yukiteru facing grave danger considering The Pink One knows what he’s going to do before he even thinks of it.

    1. Funny. From Yukii perspective it look a lot different. Choosing between death and your stalker. The choice is obvious. However, the real question is how insane is your stalker?

      It makes a big different between a life saver vs jumping out of the pot and into the fire. This situation is what you called “Stuck between a rock and a hard place…”

      Either way, the end doesn’t look good for Yukii. Maybe death in ep #1 was the better choose in the end.


  10. Its exciting to see this animated. 😀
    The moment right before when the Inspector “turned” on Yuki with his gun was so funny. I think I remember that exact scene from the manga, so I’m really happy with how closely they’re following the material. I also think its interesting how both Yuki and Yuno have ulterior motives/inner thoughts and aren’t honest to each other, Yuki on everything and Yuno on telling him “everything’s going to be okay” when she actually has some doubts.

    I had to look up cajones. 😛
    Good post 🙂

    1. That’s one of the continuity problems I mentioned previously in action- but I think you’re just supposed to assume that she’d be able to plan out some pretty crazy stuff using her escape diary…

  11. It’s weird, the manga kinda bored the hell out of me and I had trouble following the story or even caring but the anime is presenting in a much better manner for me, translating it to me much better. Although the main guy irritates me, Yuno more than makes up for it.

  12. Man, I’m really glad that I can’t remember most parts of the manga. I can’t even remember any of the diaries anymore except for two or three, which sort of makes Mirai Nikki feel a bit new to me.

    I don’t know. I had a lot of fun during this episode, but I kept feeling that some parts came together unnaturally, while some parts were just downright strange (especially that motorcycle escape scene). Also, the Murumuru segments at the end are huge, huge plot dumps, although the information review is actually surprisingly clever.

    1. “Also, the Murumuru segments at the end are huge, huge plot dumps”

      They’re probably just trying to make the show more accessible. In the manga, so many important plot points were implicitly expressed, rather than explicit; if you didn’t pay attention you could very easily end up missing something. An attempt to appeal to a wider audience, no doubt…

      And yeah, that motorcycle is probably the biggest single WTF moment in the entire story- it always seemed to me like she conjured the thing out thin air…

      1. maybe the bike was somewhere near and with the explosion she used a remote control to make the bike go to her and we didn’t see with all the smoke… well but I don’t know I’m just guessing lol

  13. LOL!

    Ganta meet Senjougahara…

    This series by far is my favorite anime and second would be Guilty Crown. I say say much for Fate Zero, Persona, and No Horizon. Yukii so remind me of Ganta from Deadman Wonderland and Yuno so remind me of Senjougahara from Bakemonogatari. Talk about when two worlds collide…

    Yuno’s insanity is without a doubt off the chart. Mindlessly sacrificing dozens of students just for Yukii.


    Then there was this scene: Just priceless. Yukii really is an IDIOT…


    Overall, this episode mark the beginning of one hell of a great series. I can’t wait for ep #3.

    1. This reminds me of Deadmans Wonderland as well although the big problem with it was that hte manga is so much more interesting than the anime adaptation…. it’s simply not enough what they presented in the anime and really doesn’t cover anything.

      I hope the same doesn’t happen to this show because the manga is very interesting and the anime so far is engrossing

  14. Wow, a triple alliance….awesome

    But they do realize it is like Mad Max from Thunderdome where two men enter, one man leaves, right?

    So of the 3, only one can be god. Yukii is too stupid so it come down to the detective vs Yuno, unless one of them died beforehand.

  15. 4th seems like a bad guy to me. Not necessarily evil, just manipulative. Even if his true goal is to use the diary as a tool to catch criminals, his methods seem pretty manipulative.

    First of all, he didn’t have to think twice about shooting Yuki and would’ve done it too if Yuno hadn’t jumped out of that window. Secondly, he basically told Yuki to run onto a minefield and risk getting blown to pieces while he stands back with his gun. He probably didn’t know Yuno had a Yuki Diary to guide him so 4th probably expected Yuki to die trying.

    Overall, this is one of my favorite shows of the season so far. I’m kinda annoyed with Yuki’s innocent boy personality right now but hopefully it’ll just be a starting point for the huge personality change Yuki gets due to this game.

    1. According to the rules of survival, only the fittest will survive. If Yukki hope to live, not only must he killed all other diary owners, but he must killed Yuno as well. The same is for Yuno. So it isn’t an option for him to change, it is a MUST. I wonder how many people will died before the series end?

      My guess is in the hundred of thousands range. The plot will be more twisting than Code Geass R2. LOL

  16. This episode seemed to jump around at some places and skipped some scenes, but I think this chapter in the manga was quite chaotic also.

    Some comments:
    Yuno is batshitcrazy the good way.
    Kousaka deserves to die.
    Minene is an awesome name. She’s aweseome. She’ll look awesome with an eyepatch. =)
    Fourth sucks I don’t like him.

    SUPER SPOILER Musings:
    Show Spoiler ▼

    I think I’ll re-read the manga soon.

    1. Just think how cool Yuki was Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Yes, a certain bat shit crazy gal
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Thus far, all characters appear normal, minus the serial killer. Other characters like the clown and midget look-alike seem off the wall. I recall a little girl, samurai girl, gangster punk, top CEO rich guy, and another one.

      So it all look like a diverse party here…

  17. I have read through the manga, so I am holding off in watching the anime until the series finish to do a marathon. ARGH, but the epic-ness of it is so tempting, I WANNA see more of Yuno’s craziness !!!!! I finally saw the OP, might I add that they did an awesome job of it. And to those who understand the hints it offers—MAN! Part of me want it to finish soon so I can watch it straight through, but part of me want it to string on long enough so it continuous to do the story justice.

  18. for all the crazy and yandre-ness of yuno…. she’s growing on to me

    seriously… i guess who in the right mind would be able to resist her after

    that – https://randomc.net/image/Mirai%20Nikki/Mirai%20Nikki%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2010.jpg

    that – https://randomc.net/image/Mirai%20Nikki/Mirai%20Nikki%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2013.jpg

    that – https://randomc.net/image/Mirai%20Nikki/Mirai%20Nikki%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2011.jpg

    and THAT – https://randomc.net/image/Mirai%20Nikki/Mirai%20Nikki%20-%2002%20-%20Large%2036.jpg

    and since this’s gonna stretch till winter 2012… the poles are gonna melt from the combined powers the girls from kizu and nise

  19. “You may have figured this out already, but Mirai Nikki probably isn’t the best choice if you’re looking for something to restore your faith in humanity.”

    Oh no, this is perfect for restoring my faith in humanity. My faith that humans are just b******* waiting for a chance to take advantage, exploit and use each other. Sometimes that means being friends, sometimes that means stepping on people. (I’m not a cynic, I swear…) I fully expect everyone to betray everyone else at least one, if not twice by the end of this. I don’t even expect Deus or his assistant to be neutral. He said he’s doing it for ‘fun’ but I’m sure he’s got a much more sinister reason for this charade (Kyubei style). I also don’t think karma or morality is going to play any kind of part in this, except to amaze us in various ways as our normal reference frame and understanding of both are shattered.

    On a side note, Yuno sends chills down my spine almost every time I see her, she is definitely unhinged.

    1. Chances are by the end of the series, humanity will have their faith restored. If just required one little favor in return: you have to drive straight into the deepest pit of hell and come back bruised, broken, and insane.

  20. Are there any cool male characters in this show?

    It looks like an interesting show, but I don’t want to watch another “girl power” anime – I’m sick of them already (no offense to girls). So far the protagonist seems like a real wimp and the most competent and popular characters are all girls.

    1. Well, you’ll see a lot of development in Yuki by the end of the manga. I mean a HUGE development, that when you see it you’ll sh!t brix.

      This series is very twisted to its core, and the rule trust no one but yourself really applies into it. >:)

      I’d love to see how Asread animates the final chapters of the manga Show Spoiler ▼

      The Story You Don't Know
      1. Hmm…I was actually hoping for some other cool character to appear.

        The main character will have to do something really GREAT in order to turn everyone’s impressions around the way he is now. Also, I hope this “development” you speak of does not happen at the very end, since I also really hate it when it takes a whole damn show for the main character to “man up”. By that time usually most people have made up their mind about him and he will be forever be known as a wimp…

  21. I remeber reading the manga of this a year ago and its one of them manga’s that I read all the way through and loved every bit of it. I’m overjoyed that an anime adaption has been created and I like how they’ve followed the plot so far sometimes I feel Amano is alil too paranoid and screechy but TMO. cant wait to watch more

  22. This episode was good. It seems like one of the themes is what is the values of morals vs surivia. Yuki = going the way of being a sociopath.

    A good scene was Yuno telling the entire class to go and die then activating the bombs so that they did do exactly that. That, the part when the school children captured Yuki and Yuno and when the surviving school children aided Yuki (for their own survival) showed the depths of humanity which most people attribute to others but funny enough never to themselves.

    Zaku Fan
  23. I don’t remember much scene from manga but summon motorcycle from out of nowhere is one of the scene that I clearly remember. Two episodes with nothing changes from manga,still hope for some change especially Ending Arc.

  24. The summon motorcycle isn’t really that amazing if you think about it. She had planted bombs all over the school building and mines on the courtyard, so it’s not like she came unprepared. Her diary name says a lot of her personality as well so it’s not strange at all that a means of escape would be something she made sure off, even if it required her to hide a motorcycle in a hole in the ground. Consider that even if she had won so did she still have to make an escape from the police that was surrounding the area. And her plan was specifically to get at the police guy, so everything went exactly as expected from her point of view, except she thought she could kill them and then escape.

    1. There is some points in the manga that get pretty ecchi, and there’s one scene in particular near the end that is NSFW, but we’ll have to see how Asread decides to adapt those scenes. However, they already showed signs of willingness to do so just by Show Spoiler ▼

  25. Btw didnt 4th have 6 bullets in his pistol, he shot 1 to ninth hair

    Then when he asked yuki to run, he ran out of bullets

    He seems fishy
    I think he must be lieing to yuki n yuno about not bothering to become god. Evil guy

  26. This is hella good. Damn it, I want to read the manga RIGHT NOW but I am afraid I will not be able to enjoy it as much as the anime.
    Love the scene when Yuno runs and deliberately activates the bombs to avenge Yuki. Crowning moment for yandere!
    I bet that cop has something up his sleeve. No way he actually ran out of bullets that quickly, besides that he is way too good to be in this series.

  27. I am surprised nobody mention that his teacher was the serial killer…

    Teacher by day, serial killer by night. Those girls should have done their homeworks instead of partying at night time, bet that really pissed him off…

    His lowest grading scale is with a D for Death… LOL

  28. No amount of stressing is going to justify how remarkable Gasai Yuno is. Leave it for the shock and awe fellow brethen. XD

    Asread surely pulled out all the stops, I’m giddy just waiting for each week. Show Spoiler ▼

  29. Regarding no.3
    From the first episode, I have already figured out that the teacher is the serial killer, by adding one question that is far difficult to any of those students and not even teached or included in his lessons even the students complained, after Yukii answered it correctly and the teacher checks it out, then the DEAD END starts to trigger.

    As somehow similar situation with Yuno.
    I remember when I was an elementary student, there is a high school girl who keeps on checking on me whenever I go, since my mind is too innocent I’ve ignored that girl and just continue playing arcade games after school.
    anime Stalker girls like Yuno, Matoi, and Mizore.

    But I welcome such girl in the present if ever as long her height is not greater than 5ft.

    1. Speaking of height, ever heard of the “love ratio”?

      Supposedly, all happy couples minus any outliners are said to shared a common height ratio. It is called the “Love Ratio”, which is 1.09. As long as the guy is 1.09x higher than the girl, you will be happy together. AKA if you look straight forward and you see the top of her head, you’re okay. If you look and see her eyes or lower, it is a failure from the start.

  30. A rather crazy episode, I’m not impress by this episode thought mostly because of Yuki. Hopefully I’m not going to see a new version of Ganta from Deadman Wonderland in Yuki.

    Initially I thought they have the same VA but upon checking on MAL, it seems they do not.

    1. It depends, Enzo…

      You forgot to mention that he is about to piss in his pant every time Yuno is around. With Yuno, he doesn’t even have to think about 2nd or 3rd base, Yukkii can hit a homerun by ep #3.

      With traditional protagonists, the girl is rough and abusive at first and lovey-dovey by the end. Yuno is the exact opposite. With this expression,


      and this expression,


      Chances are, when Yukkii sleep with this girl, she ain’t stopping even if the house is on fire! The problem is that you better pray to God she doesn’t cut you heart out the next morning or slice your cajones off if you dare to stare at another girl.

      1. But that’s the magic of his (Yukki’s) game, isn’t it? He manages to off a hardened killer, blind and humiliate a vicious terrorist, and manipulate a psycho hot chick into being his bitch (According to both definitions of the expression)- in just 2 episodes…all while pissing his pants. Now that sir, is talent. There’s bad asses, and then there’s bad asses who are so bad ass that they act like pussies and do bad ass shit without even trying…XP

        But seriously, that’s one of the things that gives Yukki’s character so much depth. He looks like a pussy and thinks like a pussy, but whenever he’s in a pinch, he almost always does the exact opposite of that which would be expected of him…nothing at all like your typical try-hard shounen protagonist…he does extreme things because he has to, for survival’s sake- and that just makes him all the more human

      2. Bravery is the act of overcoming your fears in the face of danger. Not being afraid of danger in the first place is an act of lunacy (see Yuno). So he is basically the definition of what being brave means as being truly fearless is insane. You can of course act like you aren’t afraid, but that is just for looks anyway. Most 14 year olds would give of a distinctly brown and yellow smell if someone points a loaded gun at them, not to mention crawling around a building rigged with bombs or running across a mine field. So while being obviously afraid so does he still act when needed. Being wary around Yuno just proves that he isn’t stupid.

      3. Couldn’t have said it better myself. 😉

        Mirai Nikki is all about depicting humanity at its very best and it’s very worst; the paradoxical dichotomy of purity and perversion- emphasis on humanity. The fearless shounen protagonist who marches into battle with a grin against insurmountable odds can hardly be called human at all in comparison to Yukki who is always scared shitless, but nonetheless acts out of sheer survival instinct and transcends forces far beyond himself whenever he’s backed into a corner.

        The dichotomy of fear and courage; any soldier who’s been in a firefight will attest to this- time and again I’ve heard them say (No, really, I know a lot of ex-servicemen), “No one’s brave, everyone’s afraid of dying; everyone wants to go home. But suppressing your fear so you can do what you need to do to survive; that’s true courage.” True humanity. Out of oblivion comes transcendence- this is what Mirai NIkki is trying to depict through Yukki, and any war movie that’s worth a shit.

  31. Oh, Thank you, Divine and the other writers…Clap Clap Clap

    Man, I read so many comments on here with the words: “manga”, “VN”, “plot”, etc. Those are indeed spoilers so I had to skip them. SO thanks for making those words taboo. I hate spoilers, both plot and people who said them…. 😀

    1. Does it get more violent? Uhhh……..yes. I’ll just bust out a little math here as an example: Yuno + axe = awesomesauce. It’s bizarre because there is a decent amount of violence, but the violence almost seems justifiable – well, that’s when you look at it through the eyes of Yuno who is relatively batshit crazy.

      To anyone who is new to Mirai Nikki, I would very much recommend NOT looking at spoilers – you’ll definitely cheapen the experience as the meat of this story is the twists and turns it takes. If Asread does it right, you won’t actually have any idea how it is going to end until the very end – foreshadowing will do you no good, I can guarantee that.

  32. Seeing the cop trying to stop killer(s), made me a little bit better about time-space god’s choice of contestants… For a moment I was afraid he would use SWAT to get rid of 3 contestants at once in cataclysmic explosion but it seems he tries to protect people. Yukiteru might feel useless, but has good survival instinct, and makes use of it. Yuno, on the other hand makes me hot and shiver at the same time. She’s brilliant, sexy and loving, but at the same time merciless to anyone she perceives as enemy (of Yukki, of course).


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