Unfortunately as it turns out, Byakuya did get sliced by Tsukishima, who apparently knows all of Byakuya’s powers and weaknesses now, as he makes clear from several pages of detailed explanation on Senboxakura’s “no-damage range”. Hell, apparently he’s also trained with Byakuya countless times, giving himself decades of unearned experience, and I’m definitely calling BS on this ability to alter reality. However, even though this “Book of the End” is irking me to no end, I still believe Byakuya will be able to come up with something to overcome his opponent, especially since Tsukishima is acting far too arrogantly and doesn’t seem to be bothering to insert himself as Byakuya’s friend either.

The other Kuchiki’s fight isn’t going so well either, as Rukia gets turned into a doll by Riruka. Even though it is a battle, things do seem more lighthearted here, perhaps because of the lower relative skill levels of the combatants, and because there’s a lot more cute fluffy animals than serious injuries so far. Rukia’s statement that shinigami aren’t supposed to hurt normal humans does ring true with me too, and in addition, even though these humans have special abilities, I don’t really think they can out-perform people will complete reiatsu powers, especially high-ranking shinigami with many lifetimes worth of experience and training. Rukia probably just had a slip in judgement as she’s not familiar with Riruka’s abilities, and she hasn’t revealed any new abilities (if any) yet. Hopefully she will be able to fight in her doll form though, since that will be quite funny to see.


  1. well Tsukishima should try to get a stab in every character present man. as if Kubo is gonna tell us all their weaknesses…

    I don’t think (personally) this arc is full of crap, as they haven’t gotten into who Ginjo really is. If this a SMALLER arc for an incoming one I’ll be looking forward…

    more shinigamis Kubo, doing some other powers isn’t like the original you…

  2. Ya, shinigami don’t kill humans, even ones who are trying to kill them.

    Except when they’re committing genocide against the Quincy….

    And I guess *withholds gag reflex* the bount.

  3. >Senboxakura’s “no-damage range”.
    You are now realizing that when Ichigo got close to stab byakuya in SS, Byakuya had to block it ith his hand.

    This arc is really stupid though. Only because I can’t figure out why anything is happening.
    Why did the FUllbrings interact with Ichigo and get SS on their tails if they have been fine for a while already?
    For power? why?

    If it is explained that Fullbrings were another of Aizen’s experiments, Aizen made ginjou a substitute shinigami, and they are trying to relase Aizen, I would be happy.

  4. Nice poem. (“Book of the End” is irking me to no end.)

    Anyway, we have a winner. Ririka won. I was hoping she would win like that actually. It was boring that all the Fullbringers keep losing like that. On the interesting note, like Orihime, Ririka is going to talk to Rukia saying “so what are you to Ichigo.” It is really interesting how she thinks about all of this, and if Yukio is going to “cancel” his “game room” yet. (Lol thought) I’m sure Rukia would make the comment “Ichigo, you’re attracting your enemies as well.”

    Anyway, now that we are done with the lame stuff, I want to see Ichigo vs Ginjo already.

  5. I still have no idea what they are going to do when they finally catch up to the manga which won’t be too long judging by the pacing. The content in this Xcution arc will not last them long. Meanwhile, Naruto has a ton of catching up to do and they’re still taking their time and doing their “I’m On A Boat” filler eps.

    Tsukishima’s ability is hax to be sure, but Byakuya will hax him right back and turn the tables of their fight – somehow.

    1. It’s scary to think how much filler they will have to animate to avoid catching up completely which will be unprecedented… imagine every manga episode being followed by an episode covering the same territory 🙂

  6. The Book of the End is just OP, but I have no doubt Byakuya is going come up with a new technique on the spot. That, or use Kido to beat him. The Riruka/Rukia (sheesh, even their names are similiar) fight seems out of place and rather pointless. It feels rather inappropriate, and doesn’t even seem that comedic to me.

    Still, the upcoming Ichigo-Ginjou fight and the Byakuya-Tsukishima fight is worth looking forward to.

    1. There is a difference though..
      Aizen was awesome and unfazed until Ichigo attained the ultimate Getsuga… Tsukishima on the other handis just going down pretty soon… He doesn’t have Aize’s composure, nor his style. Aizen is my favourite uber-baddie of all time 🙂

    1. Forget about bankai. i want to see if he can become Getsuga once again 🙂
      Besides even in that ultimate state he still didnt use his hollowfication powers meaning that down the road he could become so much more powerful if he combines the crazy ulquiora-fight state and his aizen-fight state…

  7. I am kind of pissed off because I want to see how far Rukia’s power has developed, yet the fight turns into a joke. And Riruka is also getting annoying. Unless somehow there will be an interesting turn in the fight later. No words for Tsukishima, wtf is that power!? Gah!!

  8. The Riruka/Rukia is going to be nothing more than comedy/Riruka finding some form of redemption, because Rukia will forgive and find humanity in Riruka when no one else would. Or like in Ch.438, Rukia could just tickle Riruka’s nose until she sneezes on Rukia to release Rukia from the doll.

    The Tsukishima/Byakuya is going to end badly for Byakuya. There is a reason that Ginjo didn’t want to share any ‘more’ power with Tsukishima. It is common when a hero comes back to have some measure of how powerful he is. With Aizen gone, there has to be someone hax enough to measure Ichigo against.

    I don’t mind that Tsukishima has this level of power. If as Ch. 432 states, everything living and nonliving has a soul is going to be the rule here. Furthermore, if Tsukishima’s Book of the End can insert a portion of Tsukishima’s power into anything with a soul to manipulate it. Beyond this, if Tsukishima has been stealing other full brings’ powers for around a decade or more, he would have enough stored power to manipulate many objects at once (as even Ichigo begins to realize Tsukishima has too much power in Ch.455). It all follows that, ya, Tsukishima could be as hax as this if not more so.

    Of course, this has been the ‘boring’ section of the story. Kubo always does a ‘boring’ section for each arc, like back during the Fake Karakura Town arc where there were lieutenant fights that didn’t exactly do anything for the main story and just rounded out the fact that a ‘war’ was going on. This ‘boring’ section for this arc is to flesh out the back stories and attempt to make readers feel some empathy (maybe) for Xcution before the full brings meet their fates (final or not).

    I’m personally waiting for the Ichigo/Ginjo. This is where the main story is going to be. As I said back in the comments section for Ch. 459:

    Kubo has yet to drop the other shoe how Rukia is involved with Urahara and Isshin[fixed] to rob Ichigo his future as mentioned at the end of Ch.448 and beginning of Ch.449.

    I’m sure that like Tsukishima, Ginjo is a powerhouse in his own right. Urahara has so far to my knowledge developed an invention that does exactly what he says it does and I’m sure that the sword Ichigo got stabbed with is no different. I just have a feeling that Urahara’s sword isn’t as reliable as it has been made out to be with Ichigo’s current shinigami powers. One way or another, Ichigo will probably get drawn into his inner world again and have to rely on the hollowfication process to regain his ‘real’ powers. Beyond this, I’m still waiting on an explanation of the dream sequence Ichigo had at the start of Ch.425 or Ichigo hearing a voice from his badge in Ch.438 and what both events mean about Ichigo’s powers. Even if all goes well for Ichigo for with his fight with Ginjo, he will still have to face Urahara’s plans (and possibly the royal guard’s plans) no matter what.

  9. I’m enjoying this so far, and I’m not gonna lie in saying that Tsukishima is actually pretty cool and makes for an effective enemy against Byakuya.

    His power while “hax” (I still maintain that Aizen’s SHIKAI as well the Hogyoku was beyond hax until Kubo gave Ichigo the protagonist power-up), works because at least unlike Aizen’s God-Ego, Tsukishima seems to be a more passive character. As for Ginjo, I’m really curious about all this Substitute Shinigami implications and how it’ll connect to Soul Society and how it’ll affect Ichigo, it’s almost giving me flashbacks of Sensui and Yusuke from YuYu Hakusho. =)

  10. Took a hiatus from Bleach 2 weeks ago b/c of this BS arc…started watching One Piece per friend’s recommendation (starting from episode 229 b/c i hear the first 100 or so are slow) and I’m addicted. Hopefully by the time I catch up, Bleach will have gotten better.

  11. They had no choice in that matter. The Quincy were destroying the world’s balance, because they ‘destroyed’ hollows, rather than purifying them and sending them to Soul Society. Their power was growing out of control because of this and the amount of hollows being destroyed, so SS had no choice but to take them out.

  12. Looks obvious that Rukia will fight with kido now. She has always been one to mix up kido and swordplay. As for Byakuya, guessing that he’ll explain to Tsukishima that knowing and actually taking action with that knowledge are 2 different things especially against someone capable of moving at high speed

    Zaku Fan
  13. Was it just me, or did Byakuya not seem to “remember” Tsukishima even after he was cut? There’s something wrong with this whole thing. I’m pretty sure Byakuya will somehow win in the end.

    My problem with Bleach is the pacing. I don’t hate this arc (in fact, I kind of like it – it feels like a filler arc to many of us because the ANIME uses this same sort of plot line for its filler arcs), but it is taking so long for Kubo to roll out the whole point of it. Perhaps one of the reasons is just that it’s a weekly manga, whereas when I read several chapters at once, it doesn’t feel as draggy.

  14. Kenpachi took that rule of “No human damage” and shoved it on King Bradley´s ass.

    Riruka is still the only sane fullbringer and can get out of this safe and sound, yet it appears as if she is looking for an excuse to be slashed.

    Lectro Volpi

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