「Noisy Medicine」

After such a rough start, Kimi to Boku is slowly turning into the show I expected it to be. While this may not be the best indication of whether or not a show is getting better, I found myself laughing a lot throughout this fourth episode. But the surprising thing is that it wasn’t necessarily Chizuru who was making the laughs. If anything, it felt like Kaname was the one pushing things forward.

Let me just make it clear — I love the flashbacks in this show. Not only are the child versions of our four friends a lot more energetic than their high school counterparts but I love how everything links together. Seeing how a lot of shows don’t get this opportunity to have linked flashbacks since the main cast of characters aren’t usually childhood friends, it’s actually really fun to watch what things helped shape the characters we know today. In this week’s flashback, I could have sworn that Kaname and Koichi caught on to the fact that they actually knew each other! I was curious why Kaname had this predisposition against him, and while it wasn’t explicitly explained, it’s kind of ironic how the person he wanted to become in the past is the person he actually can’t stand in the present.

In the final skit, I think Kimi to Boku hit the perfect note. Finally breaking that slow pace, this show literally transforms into something amazing once the energy starts flowing. Be it from an influx of characters joining our group or people like Yuki finally acting out a bit; something magical happened.




  1. This show has surprised me every time. At first it was refreshing to see a new series based on guy friends rather than the constant female circles. It expanded into a humor, threw in some retarded past events that kind of shape their individualities, and now it turns into a modern humor that plays off of each character in some way shape or form. I have seen myself doing that same type of stupid crap with my friends.

    This show has become my favorite of the season, even over my beloved Persona 4, Guilty Crown, and Bakuman 2.

  2. It may have been a rough start, but you shouldn’t be disappointed from here on out, Takaii. You’ll be really glad you stuck with this, and I’m happy they’ve started to incorporate some of the manga’s magic into the anime at last. They all have a great role in the group dynamic and what makes them so relatable and fun to watch, but Chizuru was definitely the one who triggered the dynamics.
    They did a great job adapting one of my favorite scenes, and it looks like the festival is next! Nothing but good things from here on out!

  3. Kimi to Boku is basically a show about several dudes dicking around all day. It’s all about character dynamics; about what happens when different personalities interact. And naturally, the more varied the personality types,the more interesting the show becomes, although it also gets a lot harder to do right- something which Kimi to Boku does adequately…


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