「襲われた雨竜、仲間達に迫る脅威!」 (Osowareta Uryuu, Nakama-tachi ni Semaru Kyoui!)
“Uryuu is Attacked, A Threat Draws Near the Friends!”

Mizuiro and Keigo are walking when a large steel girder falls above them. Tatsuki saves them just in time, then tells them that she thought she saw someone drop the beam onto them. Later at school though, they decide not to tell Ichigo.

Ginjou runs into two people (Giriko and Riruka), and the latter taunts him for being unable to convince Ichigo. Elsewhere, Ichigo throws his shinigami badge into the river. At home, he asks Yuzu where their dad went, to which she replies that she doesn’t know. Yuzu also tries to ask Ichigo something, but changes her mind before saying it.

Orihime thinks about her visit with Ichigo, and suspects that he’s hiding something from her. She suddenly gets call notifying her that Ishida was wounded, as does Ichigo, and they both rush to the hospital. However Ishida tells him that his arrival was unnecessary, and refuses to tell them anything. His father Ryuuken scolds him but Ishida asks them to just leave. Ryuuken then reveals to Inoue that his wounds were not inflicted by a hollow or shinigami, and that the reiatsu is of an unknown type. He conjectures that the attacker was more human, like Inoue or Chad, and that they may be in danger next.

Ichigo takes his sisters shopping, but runs into Tatsuki who tells him she can’t get in contact with Mizuiro and Keigo, and also tells him about her suspicions that someone is targeting them. Ichigo finds the two lying on the ground and saves them from several steel poles. The punk he punched previously shows and threatens his friends and family, but Ichigo is able to beat him off. A stranger with a book then steps out from the shadows, but then leaves when Ryuuken shows up. Ryuuken tell him to stay out of the matter because of his lack of power, and a frustrated Ichigo decides to call the Xcution.




This episode shifted things into high gear with none of the usual Bleach drag, and I hope non-manga readers are finding the plot and mystery interesting. Without judging things using what I know from the manga, I’m actually enjoying current developments, and there’s some stuff that wasn’t in the manga as well. Voice actors for the full-bringers do feel slightly awkward, but perhaps it’s more accurate to say that their voices aren’t quite what I expected them to be. It’s not a huge issue though, so I’ll leave it at that.

Things are getting dark indeed with people trying to hurt and kill Ichigo’s friends and family again, but this time Ichigo doesn’t have any super powers to protect them with. I believe I said this before about the manga, but the characters seriously need to learn that communication is very important among friends. Everyone is holding back from telling each other anything; from Ishida, Inoue, Ichigo, to Ichigo’s family and family, no one is talking about what they know or want to know, using the excuse that they don’t want to make each other worry. Ryuuken is right though, sharing information is vital, and Ishida especially is being completely useless and making things worse by clamming up. Luckily, his analysis is fairly accurate based on the little data they do have, but still almost everyone is just completely clueless, and things continue to go downhill from here.


  1. Ichigo is in such a denial about not wanting his Shinigami power back. He looks so lifeless even with people around him.

    Interesting how they added the Rukia dream scene though. I know it’s not in the manga but it really does add to how Ichigo is feeling at the moment. He is lost, and having some identity crisis. He prided himself as a Shinigami and now that power is lost. When Rukia asked Who Are You? I guess it was what Ichigo has been asking to himself all this time.

    Ah~ and Riruka is so cute!

    1. It also shows on just how much his power seems to define him. Ichigo feels he is NOTHING without his power.

      When one thinks about he has been doing this ever since his mother died – he never smiled, he started getting into fights, protecting people. In a sense, he was dealing with his inability to save his mother I think.

      And now BAM, the bets are just that higher that he is yet again as useless as that young boy who could do nothing but watch his mother die.

      He literally feels he is nothing without his power and dominance and ability to protect others.

  2. I think all the added elements in these recent episodes are making the anime very enjoyable for me. I feel like I can view ichigo’s broader character in the anime rather than in the manga where everything feels fast paced and there is less character development. I hope the anime continues to keep up the good work!

    I wasn’t too fond of this arc for a while but…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  3. I don’t think they’re avoiding talking so people won’t worry. I think they don’t want Ichigo involved anymore, or him feeling guilty or something like that.

    I mean, people worry when they see stuff happening, they don’t have to talk about it, the worry is there.

    Hehe, and the full-bringers (I didn’t think you’d write their name in the post considering everyone doesn’t read the manga), the guy who has his eye covered, I always thought he had an eyepatch of some sort when I saw him in the manga, but it turned out to be his hair *major shock*.

    1. Nah, if you watch the Opening, you can see it really is an eyepatch, the anime team just went lazy in episode 343, so it looked like it came out of his hair.
      It is an eyepatch even in the manga.

  4. I’m actually enjoying this arc a lot more than most of the past ones. I think because the pace has slowed down and it’s not just one dragged out fight after another (I’m sure they’ll come soon though). It kinda feels like Bleach back when it first started, how things used to be.

    Pot Noodle
    1. Yup I’m enjoying it too. This is the reason why I like Bleach. It’s good when it builds up a mystery and the on screen chemistry of the characters. It’s at its worst when episode after episode it shows dragged out fights that seems to have no end. There is one particular scene that I really liked about this episode. Show Spoiler ▼

  5. This episode was AWESOME!! Nice artwork, more story revealing how useless Ichigo is, and anime original intros! Hopefully the anime original parts doesn’t mess with the story too much.

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  6. I liked this episode.
    The extra scene fixed one of the biggest problems of this stupid arc.
    The manga plot hinged on the fact that ichigo was a complete moron, and believed Ginjou extremely vague hints that his dad and Urahra were going to betray him.

    The anime plot now hinges on the fact Ichigo is a bit of a moron. His friends are in actual danger, so he goes to Ginjou instead of his dad. Still iffy, but still a million times better.

    1. @derp…

      Mr Derp…, besides the fact that you will remain a total derp for the rest of your miserable life, I would also like to point out that for watching an animation series (not even fit to be called an anime), somebody should grab a bottle of bleach and wash out your brain.

      If I ever meet you in real life, I would stuff your head between the train doors just for the kick of it.

      Have a great day,


  7. wow, look at all the haters XD
    well for starters, let’s be honest: no decent writer conceived this.
    The story shouldn’t be deep and some parts of it will not make sense.
    we enjoy it (i hope we have enjoyers around) because it is fun,no?

    btw, these obscure fullbringer dudes have this aura of “i’m a total villain” all over their faces, a bit predictable compared to SS arc don’t you think?

    Helvetica Standard
  8. ok. dude this is episode 345. WE ARE ON 347 WTH ARE YOU UP TO YOU’RE ALWAYS SO LATE. Sorry for that because I know you may have other things to do. But it’s been about 2 weeks now

    Backhand Getsuga

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