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Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 08

「開戦」 (Kaisen)
“The War Begins”

After weeks of dialogue heavy episodes and lack luster battle scenes, this episode finally kicks things up a notch. With a war of epic proportions breaking out, I was impressed with the scale that things are taking place on — we’re not talking about just Misaki City anymore, but the entire world.

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Chihayafuru – 09

「(しのぶれど」 (Shinoburedo)
“But I Cannot Hide”

I know this is just an anime, and the way we interpret it is a matter of opinion and subject to personal tastes. But I’ll say this – anyone who wants to argue that Chihaya doesn’t belong with Taichi, I’ll fight you right now. Name the time, name the place – I’ll be there. And in true shounen style, I’m willing to battle to the death.

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Shinryaku!? Ika Musume – 08

「留守番しなイカ!?/断たなイカ!?/熱中症じゃなイカ!?」 (Rusuban Shinai ka!? / Tatanai ka!? / Necchuushou Janai ka!?)
“Won’t You Watch the House!? / Won’t You Abstain From It!? / Isn’t that Heatstroke!?”

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Mirai Nikki – 08

「新機種」 (Shin Kishu)
“New Model”

For Amano Yukiteru, it’s a mixed-up, muddled-up, shook-up world, except for Yuno. Well – mostly because of Yuno.

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Ben-To – 07, 08

「オムっぱい弁当 752kcalとロコもっこり弁当 1100kcal」 (Omuppai Bentō 752kcal to Rokomokkori Bentō 1100kcal)
“Omelettits Bento 752kcal and Tent of Seafood Bento 1100kcal”

“Pool episode? Filler? This can’t be good.” No, said the man from David Productions, “It is neither!”

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Gundam AGE – 08

「決死の共同戦線」 (Kesshi no Kyoudou Sensen)
“A United Front Prepared for Death”

I said back in episode one that Gundam AGE feels like it’s brought back the franchise’s “boyish charm” and this week’s episode feels like it’s done that to a certain degree.

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Bleach – 349

「次の標的、織姫を狙う魔の手!」 (Tsugi no hyouteki, Orihime o nerau ma no te!)
“Next Target, The Devil’s Hand Aims at Orihime!”

Somehow, Ichigo’s fight with Mr. Pork felt a whole lot more epic than it did in the manga.

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WORKING’!! – 09

「愛はこんなにグローバル」 (Ai wa Konna ni Gurōbaru )
“Love is So Global”

An episode full of Yachiyo goodness.

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Fate/Zero – 09

「主と従者」 (Aruji to Juusha)
“Master and Servant”

The lengthy exposition in Fate/Zero continues, and while the thought did cross my mind that I’m too forgiving of it compared to To Aru Majutsu no Index, I really don’t think that’s the case when I haven’t read the light novels of either adaptation.

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Persona 4 the ANIMATION – 08

「We’ve lost something important again」

Summer has finally arrived in Inaba and with it comes new uniforms, the school camping trip, and swimsuits.

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Last Exile -Ginyoku no Fam- – 07

「Weak square」

I enjoy episodes like this one, where Fam’s plucky cheerfulness is mercifully muted, and the characters are reminded of the life-and-death nature of the game they’ve chosen to play.

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Mawaru Penguindrum – 20

「選んでくれてありがとう」 (Erande Kurete Arigatou)
“Thank You For Choosing Me”

If this latest episode was any indication, it’s looking more and more like Mawaru Penguindrum intends to keep the Child Broiler as a figurative representation, leaving its significance open to interpretation.

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Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai – 08

「スクール水着は出番がない\(^o^)/」 (Sukuuru Mizugi wa Denban Ga Nai \(^o^)/)
“No School Swimsuits This Time”

Haganai once again brings out all the stops and puts us, the viewer, through one hell of a stimulation rollercoaster. However, I hope some of you didn’t get derailed with scenes like this striking when you least expected it.

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Kimi to Boku. – 08

「日給ヒーロー/先輩と僕。」 (Nikkyuu Hiiroo / Senpai to Boku.)
“Daily Wage Hero / Senpai and I.”

Unlike most shows in this genre where things can grow stale after watching the same characters, do the same things, with the same people, the same way, Kimi to Boku manages to shift things up every few weeks, keeping things pretty original.

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Shakugan no Shana III (Final) – 07

「神門」 (Shinmon)
“God’s Gate”

After getting a glimpse at what Keisaku had to deal with during his first outing to Outlaw, I was cautiously optimistic that Kazumi would also get the same treatment this week.

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