Finally we get around to Ginjou, Ichigo, and Ishida’s fight, starting with a action shot of Ginjou that was too good to pass up for use in the excerpt. Ishida and Ichigo never got along too well during battles though, so I doubt they’ll be able to implement an effective strategy cooperatively. However, Ishida does guess that Ginjou has stolen all of Ichigo’s abilities, and Ginjou confirms this by firing off a Getsuga Tenshou. The mimicking of powers reminds me of the reigai arc in the anime, and seeing Ichigo fight against his own attacks (maybe bankai or even hollow powers) will definitely be cool stuff. Of course it’ll also be interesting to see whether Ichigo’s abilities have changed at all in his new form, or the difference is just cosmetic.

After being trapped inside a doll, Rukia seems to have reached a dead end against Riruka, who suddenly goes off on a philosophical monologue about life (complete with sad eyes looking off into the distance). As expected, we finally get to see some of the full-bringers’ past as they figure out their powers, but to me things just felt forced. It was awkward seeing Riruka on the verge of victory and just suddenly switch to rambling about her feelings on survival of the fittest and about how Ginjou saved them.

I thought this part was poorly executed and I don’t know how much readers cared for it (you may disagree), but what I got was that all the fullbringers had problems (for lack of a better word) when they were younger; for example Riruka trapped a crush with her powers and Jackie saw her family murdered. Their immaturity and inexperience with their abilities brought them together once they were older, and they decide to take their revenge against a perceived injustice of majority tyranny. As with many villains, their anger seems to be misdirected, and there hasn’t been any evidence of other people trying to hunt them down. Overall, the Xcution’s motives and goals are still very murky, and the fact that scenes are constantly shifting from one to the next doesn’t help with clarity. There’s not too much progression in either battle even with two chapters together, and it looks like we’ll be jumping back to Byakuya’s battle again next time.


    1. Betting on Riruka merging with Rukia.

      Her dollhouse is about putting OTHER things into her own personal space.

      If R stand for Reverse, that would mean she is putting HERSELF into Rukia.

  1. “I thought this part was poorly executed and I don’t know how much readers cared for it”

    Didn’t care in the slightest. I will say I liked the image of Her parents blood on her favorite boots, and developing her dirty boots power from that. Actually makes it a lot less stupid, still don’t care though.

    This group just seems like an even more fail version of the espada.

    Also, I noticed a few problems could be avoided if Ishda would just flat out say things, instead of randomly mumbling things for panels at a time. Same thing happened just before Ginjo first betrayed Ichigo.

      1. I agreee with you that it was waste of time. I am interested in Ginjo past though. He was the first Sub before Ichigo and also there one who is not trusted at all.

        I think this just a ploy to extend the manga and anime seeing as we are only couple of chapters behind.

        Prooof, if he has all Ichigo powers does that mean he also has the Hollow side too?

  2. Actually i feel more for Jackie now than prior. She seems to be the most innocent. Riruka went the possessive route while the old man was just plain stupid.

    The ending looks like Riruka absorbed Rukia into her glove.

    As for their motivations, from what i can make out from Riruka’s rambling, its just about power. They want to be above everyone and not be looked down upon. Major inferiority complex mixed with power above a normal human but probably less than a shinigami (since Renji very easily defeated a powered up Jackie, a depowered full bringer might be at a normal shinigami level or even less).

    Zaku Fan
  3. Reminds me of the Bounts in the past, except they were hunted down by humans and shinigami. Could care less about the Fullbringers anyway. I want to see the next chapter where Byakuya trolled Tsukishima big time.

    1. Waiting 7 days for a new Beelzebub chapter is currently my second biggest torture of the week (waiting on Fate/Zero anime being first).

      You’re right, I dont even care much for Bleach every week at this point. I just read it for the sake of reading it since it takes literally 20 seconds.

  4. LOVED the chapter with Ginjou.

    Honestly these two chapters make me curious about Ginjou’s motives. Despite his seemingly petty attitude, it’d be interesting to see if he’s actually a ‘team-player’. Unless of course he’s just fooling everyone, then otherwise he might come across as a more impulsive mini-Aizen, which I wouldn’t like if it turns out that way.

    Still, I think the flashback chapter while good, could’ve been handled a bit better, though it seems Kubo is still hiding the main objective of the Fullbringers, which is honestly making me oh so curious now.

  5. I don’t even know why I continue to read Bleach. I know it has shit/non-existant character development, the power levels are riddled with inconsistencies, etc but I’m still attracted to it.

    I must be after the generic moments where the MC suddenly randomly power ups and becomes badass. It’s cliche, overdone and most people hate it but I still like that sort of stuff :S

  6. Awwwww, is that so?? you guys had Hard lives, filled with bad experiences? WELL i hope these characters are ready for a bit more bad news, because most readers don’t give a shit about their generic backstorys.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  7. I’m not sure what Kubo is thinking but these villians have the worst freudian excuses ever.
    Their back story is pretty much: Aw gee, I accidentally screwed up my life (which is totally my own fail, except for Jackie, and now I’ma take my angst out on the world that never actually did anything wrong to me except let me screw myself over) Note that none of these actually apply to Jackie. Then they claim they met Ginjou and Tsukushima who somehow “saved” them which sounds a whole lot like they manipulated them. Kubo is starting to become the Stephanie Myers of manga.

    Suppa Tenko
    1. I don’t think that was Kubo’s main objective here. If anything, you only feel sorry for a few of them (Jackie), while half of them are clearly meant to be hated. Case in point, mister-Time-guy who I can’t even remember the name of.

  8. I honestly wish that Arrancars would return at this point. They werent perfect but they were way more interesting than Fullbringers. I kept hoping that with Aizen gone,the few Arrancars still alive would eventually change sides with the good guys like Grimjow (i still dont know if he died or not, dont think he did). And theres Nel too. Harribel just got slashed once in typical Aizen fashion, and it didnt even seem fatal so she might live who knows.

  9. Mmmm. Ginjo seems to be making things interesting. I wonder if Ririka can do the same thing. If Ichigo masters how to “share” his fullbring, all the girls in his harem can obtain and use his power. People like Orihime would say “Getsuga Tensho” on a daily basis.

  10. I wish not to die Rukia. As says IchiRuki: Getsuga No Shirayuki!
    Refuse Rikruka’s ability, and defeat!
    Just like Byakuya vs. Tsukishima in the next chapter, that Byakuya “Kido Bakudou 81: Dankou” ability user for Tsukishima after defeated, Byakuya using “Utsusemi” ability, and Tsukisima incapacitated become and die. End.

    Getsuga No Shirayuki
  11. SIgh.. im still waiting for the real storyline, what they’re doing now is just stalling out..
    The real stuff we’re waiting for still isnt comin’ up… We’re waiting for Zero Squad. not some bullcrap Fullbring and AIzen wannabe’s


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