Episode 04

「後輩達は遠慮がないΣ(゜口゜;」 (Kouhaitachi wa Enryo ga Nai Σ(゜口゜;)
“Underclassmen Don’t Know How to Hold Back”

Every single week, there’s always something funny coming out of this show. If it isn’t Sena and Yozora trying to rip each other’s heads off, the interactions between all the new characters make for more than enough laughs.

Starting with Takayama Maria (Iguchi Yuka) the ten year old genius, there couldn’t have been a better choice for the Neighbors Club advisor. If you thought that Sena had it bad dealing with Yozora, think again. Slaps to the face and blatant lies are only the tip of the iceberg of problems that Maria has to worry about. But the worst part has to be that genius yet childlike brain of hers which easily gets abused by Yozora’s sadistic wits.

Ever since I caught a glimpse of Kodaka’s stalker all the way back in episode one, I’ve been curious what role that stalker might play. Lo and behold, it turns out to be another male member for our Neighbors Club; except that this he could easily be mistaken as a she! To be specific, a feminine male named Kusunoki Yukimura (Yamamoto Nozomi) who was looking for male training lessons from the scariest student at Saint Chronica Academy. The best part about the whole situation is that even after Yukimura figures out that Kodaka isn’t the delinquent he’s made out to be, he’s too entranced by the chance of becoming a man to notice.

Finally, what group of strangers would be complete without the slightly crazy BL loving girl? Shiguma Rika (Fukuen Misato), the crazy scientist who is one of the few people who recognized Kodaka’s true nature before joining the Neighbors Club, has one hell of a reading voice. After listening to her turn a mech-battle into a ridiculously dirty sex scene, I was pretty sure that I was rubbing my stomach from laughing too hard.




Episode 05

「今度はSAGAがガチな戦いヽ(`Д´)ノ」 (Kondo wa SAGA ga Gachi na Tatakai ヽ(`Д´)ノ)
“Now Saga is Locked in Full-On Battle”

If every episode ends up being this good, I think that this show might steal the spot of my favorite comedy of the year. The biggest thing this week had to be how Haganai is starting to slowly add some drama amidst all the comedy. Somehow, even though I’m laughing at least five times or more during each episode, the writing is still triggering my brain to care for all the little problems everyone is facing individually. This week, Kobato seemed to be the main thing the story was focusing on.

I thought I was seeing things when Kobato seemed upset with Kodaka and all of his recent antics; but the start to this episode specifically highlighted the point that Kobato’s jealously and need for attention has been building up. I personally wouldn’t categorize her as a bro-con but just a younger sister who’s feeling a little ignored by her beloved older brother. Throw in a lack of a parent figure and friends and it isn’t too difficult to see where I’m coming from, right?!

Toward the end of the episode though, I was battling between trying to laugh or trying to stop smiling when Maria and Kobato were battling it out. It’s been quite a while since I’ve seen little kids fight over things, but I don’t remember it being this fun to watch! Almost like a milder version of Sena and Yozora, it would seem Maria and Kobato are going to round out the Neighbors Club with another pair constantly fighting girls.

Like I said earlier, this show is becoming really good with all the jokes and bits of drama thrown in here and there. However, I think what really makes this show stand out from the crowd are all the IRL references it throws in. From gal-ge spin offs to outfits that remind me of a certain thief from a popular franchise, it’s all these small thing combined with spot on humor that are probably going to catapult the series into a whole new level. I hope.

P.S. Final update guys! This will be the last weekend that I need to go to California for the foreseeable future. I’m really sorry about how late these posts have been, and I personally think it’s pretty dumb how I have to group two episodes into one post. I’m trying to get ready to leave but will also try to get Kimi to Boku out tonight as well. For Shana and Horizon, those two shows will be put on hold until I get back Monday evening. But once everything’s all caught up and squared away, things should return to normal. Thanks <3.




  1. Clutching your stomach? Highly understandable. It felt like I did a 100 crunches when I was reading through the manga, and I think so far it (the anime) did a pretty good job of bringing out the flavour.

  2. Loving this so far, but it looks like it’s advancing past the manga really fast, seeing as the next ep is the karaoke part. Makes me more excited as now I have no idea what’s going to happen next, though I can probably expect more bitch fights from Sena and Yozora.

    BTW there’s a mistake in your post as Kodaka isn’t exactly her LITTLE brother.

  3. Episode 4 was a riot for any number of reasons, though Yukimura especially. Gender? Bah! Don’t be limited by such concepts!

    As for episode 5, damn Sena and Rika were looking good. Anyone else think they need to make a KamiNomi reference with her? Maybe they’re building to it. And she’s still hung up on the Blacksmith.

    Kobato’s very cute, and her fights with Maria should be entertaining in how much more…childish they are than Yozora and Sena’s.

    Actually, Sena needs to step it up a bit, she’s not half as cruel as Yozora is.

  4. BEST SHOW this season for me! Every episode so far is always good! Unlike other shows like Guilty Crown where some episodes are really not good, this series just proves that it can maintain it’s level awesomeness in every episode!

  5. This is such a fun show to watch. It has has that wickedly hilarious “douchebag mechanic” that Arakawa Under the Bridge had, and competently executes some of the dramatic element that Arakawa didn’t do so well with, along with interesting character dynamics. A quality comedy show thus far, for what it is…

    1. I do have to mention, though- this is such a geeky show, with all those JRPG and gal-game references. Probably not a bad thing, considering the target demographic- but I would imagine that some people who aren’t into those kinds of things might find it to be a tad inaccessible…

  6. outfits that remind me of a certain thief from a popular franchise

    Took me a while to figure this one out. I think you mean Rikku with her outfit from FFX-2 though it’s interesting to note that Rika’s outfit seems to combine elements of Rikku’s and Yuna’s outfits.

  7. Surprisingly, I liked the trap more than I thought I would. Seeing Sena and Yozora, at each others throats is always a riot to watch. Rika’s perversion is also hilarious. Maria and Kobato is a lot like Sena and Yozora, only adorable.

    Its refreshing to have a comedy where I find the whole cast funny.

  8. episode 05 is highly recommended, again Kobato (Mikan Yuuki) sneaking inside her brother’s room to sleep, episode 11 all over except she’s too clinging to her big brother.

  9. References I picked up:

    Welcome to [The World]! or Yokuzo, da WARUDO!
    Blacksmith that creates swords for battle? OMG, she played Fate Stay Night!
    Again, could the Guard Rose be Ahios from F/S N?
    Index Loli nun outfit AKA same voice actor Yuka Iguchi ftw! Kukuku, some Kuroneko cosplaying? PLUS, little sister similar to Mikan in TLRu. It’s a cross between Hanazawa Kana characters!
    Guy who mistaken for girl caught me off guard. (especially when you watch something where the opposite happens)
    Segoku Basara (maybe, not quite sure on this)
    And Gundam/Evangelion Mecha porn.

    All in all, loving this show!

    1. Blacksmith that creates swords for battle? OMG, she played Fate Stay Night!

      Err…no. This was a reference to Seiken no Blacksmith, which should have been really obvious considering the game she was playing in episode 3.

    2. Bleh 😛

      Darn it, well I can`t see through all of them. Not unless I watch everything possible. Though obvious to you guys, it`s completely oblivious to me when I didn’t watch those anime.

  10. “just a younger sister who’s feeling a little ignored by her beloved little brother” think u meant elder/odler brother…

    btw… :O i have seen the “if u r a virgin when u r 30 u became a wizard” on the net before… not quite sure how that got started :/ might have to find out more….

  11. “After listening to her turn a mech-battle into a ridiculously dirty sex scene”
    I’m pretty sure it was supposed to be a dirty mech battle to begin with, because it’s clearly doujin (has a Gundam (double Zeta I think?) fighting an Evangelion (Unit 02))

  12. FWIW, list of wizard’s magic as you level up. Would be cool to see in a real RPG.

    1. Believe in Tomorrow(the one in the anime): Effect – Nothing will happen if you just believe. If you want things to change, you must act first
    2. Cover your ears when someone talks about getting a girl pregnant
    3. Hard work can wait til tomorrow
    4. Hey, grandma. I’m going to play Pachinko so give me some money!
    5. Life will be over if you borrow money from a loan shark

  13. Thanks for the posts, Takaii 🙂 your hard work is appreciated!
    As for the episodes… I still like Sena and Yozura the most out of the bunch, even though the rest of the members are all interesting in their own light…
    mecha porn?! that has to be the greatest invention of 21th century…
    and lol at all the FF + sacred blacksmith reference…

  14. Almost like a milder version of Sena and Yozora…

    I think it’s actually MORE frantic than Sena and Yozora to be honest. The thing about Sena/Yozora is that Yozora typically gets the upper hand(the 5th ep, Sena actually gets her back evenly for once with the tickling thing). Maria and Kobato though seems to be straight even; both are ‘polar opposites'(light/dark) of each other and the ‘fighting’ was balanced. In other words, it was tic-for-tac, which made it FAR more enjoyable than the Sena vs Yozora parts. I mean take “Spy vs Spy” for instance. Black Spy will sometimes screw over White Spy and vice-versa, but you never know who’s going to ‘win’ until it happens. I only hope that the story continues to balance who ‘wins’ and who ‘loses’ between the girl ‘fights’.

  15. Thank goodness you’re back Takaii, even if it’s just briefly. And for a while I was wondering whether you’ve been KIA in the internet wildernesse. As long as you’re keeping us posted, we can wait for your articles to be more well thought-out rather than have them rushed.

    For episode 4, Rika definitely steals the limelight, with her rather “passionate” narration of G*ndam ZZ “thrusting its cannon beam” through Ev*angelion Unit 02’s “DT Field”. I shall never view mecha battles the same way ever again. lol

    For episode 5, biggest laugh has got to be the Wizard = 30-year-old Virgin-Otaku meme reference.

    It’s quite cute to see Kodaka have two “little sisters” vying for his attention, even though only one of them is the real thing. And each “sister” aptly represents “light” (Maria being a sister of the Church) and “dark” (Kobato being a self-proclaimed goth-loli of darkness). Should be a fun sideshow to the main rivalry between Yozora and Sena.

    Kinny Riddle
  16. maria is soooo adorable, i’m glad they added her in the rpg part (i don’t remember her being in the manga )
    kobato’s&maria’s fight is actually a lot more enjoyable to watch than yozora’s&sena’s fights. i’m also glad that this “harem” show doesn’t have a biased harem leader…you know, where the guy only blushes at that one and only girl, no matter what the other girls do.

  17. We won’t let their deaths go to waste! they will live on as XP in us!
    Oh and is Sister Maria voiced by the same Seiyuu as Index? they do sound VERY similar to me… (Or is it the game outfit that makes them so similar?)

    1. Omg most hilarious s*&^ ever! I swear whenever someone tells me something like that while playing a mmo rpg, I`ll have the perfect comeback.

      Also: correct my friend she is indeed voice by Yuka Iguchi who was the voice actor for Index.

  18. Kobato + Maria “fight” was funny. Still you’ve got to believe in tomorrow. Interestingly, i saw somewhere that the anime did not follow the LN/manga on the game because Kodaka’s useless ability had some sort of actual use. Still it was funny and cute enough.

    Zaku Fan
  19. Off topic:
    does anyone know if there will be a second season of saki and when???
    I miss the pictures comments in the saki first season in this blog and sad that some server did not have a backup and that it was been lost. I do not remember who blogged it but I do remember some of the great comments: “millenium eye” “foot fetish” “she came (feet picture)” etc

    1. Oh yeah I totally remember Saki man. It had some witty blogging style that made me laugh so hard that sometimes the posts were better than the episode itself.

      The blogger was Jaalin btw who is actually my favorite of all the writers (next to Omni) who also blogged the original K-On. That also had the caption comments(I think it was the first time he used it).

      Sadly, the blogger disappeared and no longer blogs. Someone else has to blog Saki if he doesn’t return and your going to have convince him to do Caption comments like Jaalin.

      P.S: I can understand why there was a foot fetish comment there. https://randomc.net/2009/03/16/freezeframe-a-miraculous-feet-to-witness/

  20. Kinda figured this show would burn through the manga material rather fast, but jeez. Also some parts are being out. Show Spoiler ▼

    Which normally won’t be an issue, but with out the latter some of the events that occur later on wouldn’t make as much sense. Assuming the series gets that far.


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