「ボイスメモ」 (Boisu Memo)
“Voice Memo”

Everything’s all right now – Amano Yukiteru is in the house.

I think it’s pretty safe to say that if you were bored with this episode of Mirai Nikki, this probably isn’t going to work for you. In actuality over half of the surviving diary holders were in the shrine complex at the same time, and it was pretty much a nonstop cluster bomb of insanity from start to finish. It’s easy to see now why it was such a good idea to split this story into two chapters, because I really think all meaning would have been lost on new viewers under the sheer rush of action and depravity otherwise.

It’s a good thing Asread is treating this with a sense of humor – and not just in the omakes – because as grisly as this show is, it would be insufferable if the absurdity of the story weren’t celebrated. You certainly had a bit of everything this week, including both a gang rape and at attempted gang rape, limbs being chopped off, exploding diary holders and even a full-on Super Sentai musical introduction complete with fireworks. I’ll miss you, Twelfth – you’re crazy as a loon, but you were never boring.

It was a big episode for Yukkii, too. He’s finally come to realize that Yuno is the perfect girl, except for that one nagging flaw – she’s a stalker and her house is full of bodies. I feel you, Little Brother – haven’t we all been there? Of course Yuno was exactly right about Sixth trying to trick him, and of course he had to spend some time cowering under the shrine to gather his thoughts and have a good cry. But in the end, when Sixth was trying to inflict on Second what had been done to her, First came to her rescue rather than let her be defiled. Not only that, it was his wits that managed to turn the tables on Sixth by using her mother’s hand ball and the dart of doom (fortunately Yukkii has a pocket full of those). Baby steps, I know – but a corner has been turned and while Yukiteru may be a virgin, he’s no longer an innocent (and I’m not talking swapping spit with Sixth).

Yuno’s overall kill count is already approaching Gimli’s and Legloas’ is in sight, but Twelfth was her first diary owner kill – and there, Yukiteru has her beat by one. After seeing her predictions borne out, seeing the depth of feeling in her diary entries, and seeing her almost work herself to death trying to save him the last thing Yukkii can doubt now is Yuno’s fidelity to him. Everything else in his world may be bewildering and unpredictable, but at least there’s one anchor – the love of his yandere.

And then there were nine. Three have been eliminated, and alliances are forming and dissolving all the time. Of course, in reality Sixth’s story was a tragedy – used by her parents to form a cult, orphaned, brutally assaulted after their deaths. You’d have to be heartless not to feel badly for her, but the surprising part is that Twelfth was telling the truth all along – he really was trying to use his Righteous Diary to defeat Sixth’s wicked plans. While we still haven’t met half the diary owners, we’ve learned enough from the six we have to know that none of the diaries is infallible – they all have a weakness. Rock blunts scissors, scissors cuts paper… It was certainly interesting to see Fourth set Ninth free in exchange for nothing more than her email address – a random act of kindness? Perhaps a crush? Hmm…

On balance, I’d say Director Hosoda and Writer Takayama nailed this arc’s conclusion – it was as close to perfect as I could have hoped for. The pacing was as breathless and exciting as I remember from the manga, the sheer brutality of events both past and present wasn’t glossed over, and the ludicrous depth of Twelfth’s craziness was brought to life in all its glory. There’s more than one speed to Mirai Nikki, as bombastic as it is, and the evidence points towards the production team having a handle on both the frenetic and more relaxed sides of the series. It looks to me as if the adaptation is just behind the pace it will need to be to adapt everything in 26 eps, so there might be some corners cut or speeding up of events down the line – but they’re not far behind, so I don’t think it will be insurmountable. I’m just thrilled to have two cours and thus to avoid another Deadman Wonderland disappointment, and even more to have an anime that so effectively captures the spirit of one of the best mainstream manga of the last decade.




  1. Yuno is ABSOLUTELY ape sh*t crazy! I like how they’re going with the manga and anime with this, thus far it’s doing fantastic. That kiss that was stolen from Yuki was about as wet as it gets LOL! Oh man as soon as I saw that I saw Yuno entering school days episode 12 mode.

    1. Beautiful, absolutely devoted, and nuckin futs… do they get better than that?! Yuno was already ready to axe Sixth for just touching Yukiteru, the kiss was just asking to get cut! XD

  2. Crazy and Crazier going Rumble in the Bronx. I can see it happening.

    I’m glad Yukiteru fought against his pansy-ass bitch side this week cos I don’t know how much longer I could take it.

    Do you think my girlfriend would be offended if I asked her to dress up as Yuno? ;D

  3. This episode made me feel horrible…

    The innocent one turn out to be a real monster. The evil one turns out to the a hero. And everything else in between.

    I want to hate 6th, yet I can’t because of the horrible past that she had to endure. Hopefully, now she at least find happiness in the after life. I thought 12th was evil, but now it was really a great guy. He died for nothing. I can’t blame Yuki, he is a noob and just innocent boy in a royal bloodbath. Even the insane Yuno seems not so crazy now. Something tell me she has her reasons for killing her entire family. From 6th and 12th, maybe her family was abusive and she have no choice but to killed them. So much angry, so much hate, and nobody to vent it out on. Deus is a real d%&k for putting all these guys against one another.

    If I learn anything from this episode, it would be “looks can be deceiving.” 4th is up to no good with 9th. Look like he is plotting his betrayal already. I am beginning to think that all the diary owner “suffer” something in their life. Now that I see it, Yuki’s life seem like the best one of them all.

    The ending of this episode said it best…”Yuki and Yuno come together. Happy Ending!”

    At least for now it is…

      1. 3 dead bodies in HER HOUSE!

        What were they then? The remain of her other stalkees? Her imaginary friends?

        They were are wearing night clothes. Seem like they all stay there. Her family is nowhere to be found.

      2. I don’t know if they were wearing nightclothes or if they were just covered by a blanket or tarp. I would imagine you would need to at least cover that to keep the stench down. But who knows anymore. This is Mirai Nikki – anything is possible.

      3. If you reaaaallyyy want to know who those corpses are…

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Jared Drake
    1. I am beginning to think that all the diary owner “suffer” something in their life. Now that I see it, Yuki’s life seem like the best one of them all.

      You don’t necessarily know everything there is to know about Yuki’s prior life yet…

      1. I think you need to point out to people that these are all people Deus picked and thought qualified to be God of Time and Space so it’s obvious there would be personalities among them.

      1. I dunno. They are both pretty crazy and they both would do anything for their man. The one difference is Shiro has superpower.

        Then again Shiro is notorious for tearing people limbs off especially their head and toss it around. Maybe we can see Yuno do something like that later on…

      1. @Ani_BEE – Lancelot!Yuno: Yuki’s Knight of Love! Once Yuno grabs hold of anything that can be even remotely conceptualized as a weapon, by her own recognition, with her hands and she recognizes that she wishes to wield it, it instantly gains the property of “becoming her Noble Phantasm.”

        Jared Drake
  4. Wow, I know I said it last week in jest, but Mirai Nikki really does set a new standard for “messed up” with every new episode. And I was kind of hoping Sixth would turn out to be the one normal character in the show (at least as normal as the “leader” of a cult could be).

    And wow, Twelfth really was “helping” Ninth when he drugged her and took out her eye. With friends like that, who needs enemies? lol

  5. The sad thing about 12th is he was really turned out to be righteousness, he helped 9th in removing her eye and probably stop it from being infected, he even let her go, plus he knew about what Tsubaki was doing and planning so he acted to stop it. It’s just that his views might be righteous but the way he acts upon it is seen as being crazy, sad really. Plus it was really sad what Tsubaki had to go through with the cult and all, she deserves to be a full fledged Yandere more than Yuno does, but I guess she cant be one cuz she doesnt have someone she loves.

    In any case, finally Yukki has done something manly and useful.

    1. There is another thing I forgot to mention, Tsubaki isn’t really blind but only have a really limited vision of only up to her arms right? Shouldn’t wearing glasses solve this? I know cuz I actually know someone whom can only see within 2-3 meters without glasses cuz past that he can only see it all as a blur, but with glasses he can now see far, so he really has an extremely near sighted vision similar to Tsubaki.

      Thanks for the new screencaps Divine, wow I actually missed that scene where Tsubaki was shown as extremely malnourished and thin, plus they most likely drugged her too, poor girl RIP, she’s probably the only diary owner whom i can really feel sympathy for and would deserve to win to reset her life.

  6. lol I LOVE NETORARE (search it if you don’t know it) BUT i still wont like it if you Yuno got you know… I’m Pretty Sure that Blind Girl was Pulling of AHEGAOs when she was raped DaMN!! would like to see that

  7. On the bright side…

    As Yuno herself stated, “I want Yuki to be my first…” So if Yuki ever feel frisky, just know that Yuno is ready and willing to give “it” her all. LOL 😀

  8. Bit saddened that 6th and 12th are already gone because they’ve been interesting. 12th’s backstory would have been fun to watch.

    Whatever the case though, the pacing of this episode was amazing. The brutality of the expressions on the characters’ faces were eye-candy.

  9. “It was a big episode for Yukkii, too. He’s finally come to realize that Yuno is the perfect girl, except for that one nagging flaw – she’s a stalker and her house is full of bodies.” -Enzo

    Wait, wait, wait. One, two. I think you meant to say she has 2 nagging flaws. You missed 3 or her other flaws. One, she is crazy. Two, she is Crazy. And three, SHE IS CRAZY!!!

    Plus her house have no electricity… :p

  10. @Enzo:

    I retook the set of caps. There were a lot of “juicy” images that I wanted to see included.

    (Sorry, I left you a message on IM, but you’re rarely on.)

    For everyone who’s viewed the post already, please force a refresh in your browser to see the changes (i.e. Ctrl+F5).

    1. So Divine, I never knew you were into that kind of thing…

      A bit of a repressed edge to the stoic blogger huh? Suddenly Divine has become a much more intriguing figure. mwahaha (creepy laugh and smile)

    2. Well, they were pretty significant scenes that people will surely be talking about, so it seems odd that RC wouldn’t have the images for them posted.

      I’m just very particular about screen caps and spend a lot of time taking a bunch before filtering them down to a good set. One of the goals is to ensure that all “key” scenes are included, and I felt some of those were missing for this episode. (No offense intended to Enzo.)

      I didn’t just add the “rough fan-service” stuff, but also shots of the sentai smoke, Yuno’s rage, Twelfth caught looking the opposite direction, Sixth’s missing hand, her tears just before disappearing, and Yuno’s tearful hug.

      1. I knew you’d add those shots XD Tsubaki is indeed crazy, but not as crazy as Yuno. Although in the end I feel bad for her. Ninth on the other hand, looks sexy in that bike. Honestly. XDD

        Oh by the way, I was hoping to see a shot of Tsubaki’s falling chopped hand, but sadly it’s…you know the drill.

        Show Spoiler ▼

    3. FTR, some of that was left out intentionally by me, especially the shot of Tsubaki being gang-raped. I thought that the point was made and there was a lot more to the episode than that, and I didn’t want it to seem as if that were the focus of the episode. It was highly disturbing and it was meant to be, but I don’t think it was intended as titillation.

      1. I figured as much, but I don’t think it’s up to us to censor what the producers decided to show. I think most readers don’t like censoring in shows to begin with, so they’re not looking to RC for additional content filtering. If anything, they probably want to see the show for what it really is. Of course, if you feel strongly about the scenes in some way, then it’s probably worth talking a bit about it in your post. e.g. How they were disturbing to watch, how you didn’t really want to take those shots, etc.

      2. To be fair, we’re always censoring – taking a selection of 36 screenshots from the 70 or 100 or however many (it could be hundreds theoretically) we pull is in a way an act of censorship. We choose the ones we think represent the episode the best and leave out the rest. But rather than call it censorship, I would call that editing.

        In this case, the editing choice I made was to refer to the scene, to show the aftermath (what was happening to Yuno) and to move on. Not the same choice you’d make obviously, but I don’t think it’s censorship in the pejorative sense. Censorship is one of those loaded words that get used when trying to incite a certain reaction, so I try to be sensitive about using it (and least when it applies to me!).

      3. Speaking of censoring, I am currently watching “Yosuga no Sora”.
        I actually watched the first 3 eps of the TV broadcast way back when they aired and remember also reading your corresponding blog posts, Divine. I then somehow stopped and am now watching the Blu-ray eps. Of course it saddens me that you had to take your blog posts down due to the nature of the show, which you explained in an other comment IIRC. You didn’t delete the blog posts and comments, they simply aren’t available right now.
        But is there no way to read your impressions else where?

      4. Divine,

        “I could make the (Yosuga no Sora) posts available without the screen caps…”

        This Anime makes some very powerful statements (ep 11 esp.) in contrast to its
        delivery method and I believe in years time this will be recognised as a classic…

        I hope you’re “allowed” to keep it available.

        Thank you very much.

  11. “It was certainly interesting to see Fourth set Ninth free in exchange for nothing more than her email address – a random act of kindness? Perhaps a crush?”


    Highlight of the episode was probably Twelfth on the roof; I could not for the life of me keep myself from laughing. It was really nice seeing so much of Tsubaki’s back story presented, too, since there were bits that you could only get from Paradox included. I have faith in the pacing of this adaptation.

    1. It makes me uneasy as well, but it can sometimes make sense in certain stories. Like for instance, here, it fits. Don’t get me wrong, I would personally prefer another reason for the Sixth’s messed up life, but it felt like a reasonable plot device rather than something placed purely for shock value.

      Not to derail too much, but I don’t understand how men can do what they did in this episode. Like it blows my mind because I know that it’s not just an anime thing and it’s had to have happened at some point somewhere to someone. With all the messed up s*** people do, that has to be somewhere on the list. When watching it in anime form, it’s not terribly bad then you start thinking about it and it’s f’ing horrifying. Ok ok, let me shut up before this goes on any further.

      Baby Choo Choo
      1. If it helps you can imagine a VERY misdirected hunting instinct that’s been suppressed due to a modernization of society. It falls along the lines of a victory where the gain is a feeling of domination and minor euphoria.

        It’s a very dangerous line of thought and very controversial =S but there’s not doubt there are gains that some people consider worth the risk. Obviously there are a lot of other factors that come into account like pathological cravings and personality disorders but screw it.

    2. “Rape makes me uneasy…” -You say

      Only a girl would say that. Ironically, it shows a lot of naive-ness as well. If I have a nickle for every time I have to choke a girl til she cum, well… I would have a lot of nickles. Add in some slaps here and there and what you have is a very grey line between rape and having fun. Why do you think people like latex and whip?!

      “Not to derail too much, but I don’t understand how men can do what they did in this episode…” -You say

      I must admit, rape in its raw form is very disturbing, but rape itself is not that uncommon. Women like to use different words than men, they rather say “ravish” or “taken”. It is all biology. Men tend to be sadistic and women tend to be masochist.

      “Like it blows my mind because I know that it’s not just an anime thing and it’s had to have happened at some point somewhere to someone.” -You say

      Yeah, it’s called third world countries. I know, I came from one. Try going to the Congo, also known as the rape capital of the world. People in developed countries like The US are spoiled. I have long forgotten the dangers that lies in other places where there is no laws. In some countries, women are treated below the common house cat.

      1. I don’t know what you’re trying to convince people of, but you’re not going to win over many supporters with that argument. Rape and masochistic fetishes are very different things. Women may fantasize about having a man desire her so much that he’d tear her clothes off to passionately make love to her, but the key difference here is “consent”.

      2. Allow me to pause for a moment whilst I consider whether your words are merely your own exceedingly poor attempt at humor; or, far more pitiably, whether you actually believe them.

        In any case, you have my utmost sympathy as one who has, in all likelihood, never known the love of a good woman save for, perhaps, your own mother. She has my sympathies as well.

      3. LOL, it is only the truth. Maybe there were some sarcasms here and there…

        Actually, Shinn wasn’t too far off. LOL! I did come from a very conservative family and was very strict on culture and norms. Severely beaten as a child and whipped into form to be successful, polite, and conservative. Mother wasn’t too affectionate, since she was the one doing most of the whipping. Mother #1 motto was “Money is king. If you don’t have it, you are worth shit!” Father was worse. Once in the US, I learn what freedom meant. I disown most if not all my relatives and disconnect from my main family.

        So maybe my past has something to do with my inability to see sins and absurdity in this world. But, I am a classist. What is a classist? If a sexist favors one gender over another and a racist favors one race over another, then a classist is said to favors one class over another. In short, I prefer rich, powerful elites as opposed to the commoners. I don’t believe in victims, only those who choose to survive to those who died. Kill or be killed as they say. I did come from a rich lineage, but after losing a war, we were poor. Now I am re-building my lineage in another country. The US is my home now.

        Sympathy is not needed…

      4. Ahem. Sadism and masochism take on a technical meaning in a sexual context. It’s not the same as teasing a girl on a playground. The reason that some people are drawn to latex and whip (or farther) is because they were very badly abused as children. In other words, they’re sick freaks because their parents were sick freaks, and until they learn how to have sex safely and constructively, they will just repeat the patterns their parents set out for them. This is well documented in the literature on sexual degeneracy and sexual perversion. These people have never learned to take charge of their own lives; on the inside, they’re just the scared little boys and girls who can’t separate their minds from mommy’s or daddy’s.

      5. Thanks Montagnard. Now I know why I never liked whip and latex…LOL! Learned something new everyday.

        So what does your documentary say about rope and handcuff?

        I always wonder why my girlfriend keep them in her drawer…

  12. Did the girl have no nipples to censor or something? I mean, that scene DID show her fully naked right…? Whatever, I was just surprised when all of a sudden they show her getting raped 3: wierd…

  13. Holy shit. This show is so messed up it easily fills my weekly dose of epic craziness. And best episode so far. I never thought 6th would be that mean, but her past was really, really too sad. I felt much more anger and grossed out seeing the rape and the attempted rape, both done on girls on this episode rather than seeing people got axed out.
    And actually it is such a loss to have 12th died already, although his righteousness is somehow messed up too. His intention is good but he sure doesn’t know how to convey them into actions
    Can’t wait for the next episodes!!

    1. Despite his weird behaviors, he was truly a good guy til the end…

      -He help 9th TWICE. Once in treating her eye and the second as freeing her from her prison that 6th locked her in.

      -He only want to kill 6th and the evil cult. SO why the HELL did Yuno axed him?!

      -That cult was truly evil. Now it great to re-watch them axed each other to death in EP #4. DIE! DIE! DIE you gang-raping bastards!

  14. This is really looking to be the best show of the season so far. I’m glad that Asread is doing such a great job adapting the source material. In fact, I daresay that they have even improved upon the original in many ways, such as including bits that weren’t in the original manga, but were part of the manga’s spin-offs, Mosaic and Paradox. The way they included just the right parts adds a lot more warmth, depth and characterization to the story, like back in episode three when Ninth was evading the authorities and her encounter with Twelfth, parts which were not in the original manga.

    I’m hoping that they don’t have to cut too much, though. Aside from potentially removing important details, it could more importantly derail the excellent pacing the show has as of now. Right now, the show is at the end of chapter nine in the manga. There’s 51 manga chapters left, and 21 anime episodes to go. It looks like Asread will be able to steadily do two chapters per episode, but they may have to jump to three or four every now and then.

    1. You certainly don’t see many adaptations that can do this kind of justice to the source material, going so far as to even improve on it in a way that only be called awesome. I extend my heartfelt appreciation to Asread on a superb job done thus far.

    2. I read almost all of the manga except the last 1-2 chapters, but it’s been a while, so I have to ask: Where those horrible flashback scenes and her motives also clear in the normal Mirai Nikki manga or were those exclusive sidestory (Mosaic) material?

      1. Yeah those were in the original too, they were just more spread out in the chapter. The only thing that we didn’t really see was her parents’ car crash and also how they led the cult as a con (she only mentioned it briefly).

  15. Yuki finally realised that Yuno is his best ally. He should have known earlier if he just considered what the hell the game was about. She’s as dangerous as a rabid dog but its his best (and only) way of reaching the finals rather than getting ganked in the quarterfinals. Die now or *maybe* die later. The choice is obvious

    4th is no baby in the crib i think. No one in this game is trustworthy. 12th might have wanted to be a hero but his way of thinking would eventually lead him down a road where his “right” becomes everyone else’s “wrong”. Have to say though, he met his end with no regrets, perhaps the best end for him.

    Zaku Fan
    1. I thought exactly the same! You don`t mess up with a Yandere`s object of affection and live to tell it… it was like her signing her own dead sentence for Deus´ sake… also 12th was nutjob but so epic at the same time! Looking forward to see more crazy characters… :3 also you gotta love Yuno! <3

    2. It was awesome to see Yukkii finally standing up for himself and coming to Yuno’s rescue, indeed. -Nod nod-

      Still, his confrontation with Tsubaki was little more than child’s play compared to what’s to come with Yuno herself. Yukkii’s still got a lot of growing to do, but I just can’t wait to see how he handles himself come the end.

  16. Holy crap, this was definitely an exciting episode to say the least. Idk where to start
    #1 I can’t believe 12th is actually fighting for justice, the power ranger part was just epic. It was a twist that I didn’t expect at all.It’s sad how he showed up two episodes ago and now he is already dead. It would have been interesting to have him interact with the other diary owners given his personality.
    #2 I thought the 6th should have reacted to the handball since that was her lost hope for the unseen world. During the scene, it seems as if she didn’t care for it til she died, which I find inconsistent for her character. Also if she was violated and claimed to be a sacrifice (to the men huehue) why does the Sacred Eye still follow her lead?
    #3 I am so glad to see that Yuki finally trusts Yuno. Although she is crazy, she is crazy in love. Also from the first episode, it seems she was normal in your daily/school life (Having good greats, friends, people looking up to her), it seems she only goes into berserk mode when she is jealous and or if Yuki is in danger. Yuki doesn’t have it all bad, Yuno is pretty much a girl and who is completely devoted to Yuki in every way possible.

    1. As for #1, he would be a pain in the ass after a while…

      As for #2, I didn’t think she was in control of the cult. She seem like a puppet than the master. She was more of the victim than she was the leader.

      She did care for the ball! Did you not see her tears?


      She said, “Why now?!” Then, “It’s too late anyway…” Those were tears of regrets and lost hopes.

    2. 6th didn’t react to the handball because she had really bad eyesight, so she had no idea what Yuki threw till it landed next to her, by which time she was already finished. The Sacred Eye probably followed her because she promised them eternal life/riches/etc…or something like that, anyway.

    1. LOL, this last two episode was about axe…

      AKA Axed-crazy Yuno

      I wonder if the next episode will include a chain-saw

      AKA Texas Chain-Saw Yuno!!!

      What are we missing?
      Bomb (check)
      Knife (check)
      Axe (check)

      Machine Gun Yuno (nope)
      Chain-Saw Yuno (nope)
      Katana Chopping Yuno (nope)


  17. In actuality over half of the surviving diary holders were in the shrine complex at the same time

    It was only when I read this and thought about it that I realized Show Spoiler ▼

    Talk about a place of interest in the Surviveal game

  18. As one of the anime-only watchers, some points in this episode made no sense to me.

    – Why did Tsubaki die so easily? I mean, her diary only got a small hole from the dart in it, is that really enough to consider it destroyed?
    – Why didn’t Twelfth try to avoid his Dead End flag, making a suicide move instead?
    – In the end, how did his hypnosis work? Did he just drug the cultists or something?

    At least Yukki is pretty lucky: the cultists were stripping down Yuno so slowly, she still had her panties on by the time he came out to Sixth.

    1. Yeah, even if you read the manga you don’t get sufficient answers to those questions lol. Basically:
      -Tsubaki’s Diary was a paper scroll, and I guess if there were any rips or tears in it, she wouldn’t be able to use that spot to write in her diary, thus leaving it unable to have a prediction in that spot. It’s a bit lame that her scroll couldn’t have been ripped in two, as that would have really rendered it unusable, but that’s the best explanation I have.
      -Remember that a Dead End flag is basically a checkmate. As in, you have already lost. That’s why it was such a big deal that Yukiteru was still alive after his encounter with 3rd. Dead End flags cannot be avoided, period; it would take nothing short of a miracle to do so. Both Tsubaki and Hirasaka had their flags triggered. And when Tsubaki tried to fight her fate, she still ended up dying. And another thing, they didn’t even know just how they were going to die: Hirasaka’s diary just said he would die, and Tsubaki’s told her that she was going to be killed. Yukiteru’s diary is at least nice enough to detail the method he will be killed in, so he has a little bit of an advantage with that (along with the huge advantage of having Yuno on his side).
      -Yeah, the how of Twelfth’s powers is never really brought up. The only thing that’s explained is that he infiltrated the cult and used its followers to give Tsubaki a hard time before trying to kill her.

    2. – Tsubaki’s diary was made of paper to begin with so naturally, it’d be a lot easier to destroy than a cellphone. It’s just part of the rules and there doesn’t seem to be a loophole around it. Even if a small tear wasn’t enough, Yuki had more than enough time to dash towards her diary and tear it in two.

      – Twelfth was mentally insane to begin with. He probably joined the game to fulfill his chance of becoming someone who fought for justice but as he said, he views justice as the victor. His diary caught Sixth plotting murder and he made it his goal to defeat her at all costs. Nothing else.

      – Hypnosis was apparently a power his diary had. Magic can’t really be explained so it’s best not to question it too much and just go with it.

      1. Speaking of which, have you guys notice that omake is only available for those who died or destined to die?

        3rd and 12th omake were revealed after their death. The only exception is 6th who omake revealed her death earlier.

        So given the pattern, any omake of any character will imply their eventual death/defeat…

        Thus, no omake for 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 9th yet…

      2. I’m willing to bet a bit of fraying/rips at the edges are fine but a puncture through the middle is a no go as explained.

        Also 1th didn’t avoid his dead end flag because is that something a man of justice would do? Just because he knows he will die does that mean he will avoid doing what is just? Of course not so go out with a bang.

    3. #2 The Justice Diary recorded good deeds that 12th did and would go on to do in the future. To try to avoid a prediction meant not following through with an act of justice. That’s why 12th made the suicide run even after the dead-end flag and told 9th that “[he] is only going to perform his duty” after he got the dead-end.

  19. Enzo, sorry to point this out if someone already has but many people seem to be habing problems with the pacing consernig the amount of manga chapters available, yet it seems noone has noticed that there was a long strech in the manga that the chapters where 32 to 35 pages long while the chapetrs so far done are 45 pages or so, in the overall I would say that they provably wont have problems covering the entire manga to anime (sorry for the long rambling)

  20. Speaking of 9th, don’t you guys find it odd how 12th, the defender of justice, let 9th, the mad bomber, lived?

    She killed hundreds of people in EP #3. If anybody is evil and deserved to died, it would have been 9th in this episode, not 6th and 12th.

    Maybe 12th is right about her. Maybe she IS a good person. Is that the reason why he saved her life TWICE?

  21. I recalled that somebody on here ask me to decipher the OP song…I found something interesting in it.

    Yuno is definitely crazy, but the OP reveal that every character has an object that represent them. Examples:

    -6th is the ball (made obvious by EP #5)
    -3rd was the knife
    -4th is the revolver
    -another is a pair of dolls of boy and girl (character is unknown yet)
    -Another one is the pair of hair comb and knife
    -then there is the bed of skulls, dead dog, and the pair of glasses

    -I assume 1st is the dart and the dartboard, 12th would be the belt, Yuno is unknown

    1. Oh you guys are noticing? They go in order, starting with the 3rd they go through all the objects that represent the diary holders with the one exception being the 9th whom is shown as herself. There’s no real need to show anything representing the 1st or 2nd as they are all over the intro to begin with but if you really want to then you can consider the dart board to be the representation of Yukki and the item representing Yuno is… well… Yukki… Among other things…

    2. Even if you haven’t seen the manga, you should know that the dolls are children toys.

      So obviously one of the players is a kid.

      Comb and knife usually mean two different people. Like the guess of one poster here, it represents one player slot having two holders, represented by Ares and Venus in the OP song.

      The Moondoggie
  22. If people thought this arc was messed up and it was I cant wait till the next arc. Im really glad that MN is two cour cuz were still in 1st gear. Also, I love Yuno but I cant wait till she goes Super Saiyan Psycho then will see who her true fans are.

  23. Psychologically speaking due to the divorce of his parents leaving Yuki with a constantly absent mother and no friends, wouldn’t it force Yuki to become independent? I know its just a show but seriously… WHY IS HE SO USELESS?

      1. He is Shinji Ikari without the psychological back-story.

        But look at this:
        Yuno is obsessed with Yukiteru for no reason.
        A Terrorist-bomber antagonist who wear maid outfits for no reason.
        Yukiteru does something brave for absolutely no reason.

        C’mon. Too many of these “no-reasons” to take this show seriously.

      2. Actually I do, but I really can’t talk about it here as it would be manga spoilers. And as far as “Yukiteru does something brave for no reason”, well – the reasons he did it are quite obvious in the episode itself.

        Oh, what the hell. The reason Yuno is obsessed with Yukkii is Show Spoiler ▼

      3. @Zammael There actually are reasons as explained further along in the source material.
        -Right now, half of Yuno’s obsession with Yukiteru has been explained: She’s looking forward to becoming his wife in the future.
        The other half (real spoilers here, so don’t click if you don’t want to know):
        Show Spoiler ▼

        -Minene wore that outfit in her first episode because of an encounter with a certain rookie cop (NOT FOURTH THOUGH), who suggested that she wear it since they were just in the rain and her clothes were cold and soaked. She kept wearing it because “it was comfortable”. Muru Muru also altered her hair into that whole poofy twintail look later on, too. She doesn’t usually dress like that, but she enjoyed her encounter with that rookie cop because it felt nice for her to act feminine for a change.
        -As for Yukiteru, he just purposely avoids confrontation. It’s not that he doesn’t have it in him to do something brave, he just acted like a bystander most of the time because he was afraid of getting hurt by people, so not acting or doing anything is his default mode. When push comes to shove, Yukiteru will end up making the right choice and try to save people he cares about or considers to be “the good guys” (like he wrongly judged Sixth in this episode). He’s just a normal kid, who gets overshadowed by how proactive Yuno is in fighting.

      4. I won’t spoil myself by reading the manga, because I started with the anime. So I’ll suspend judgment for two of the claims. However cliched/trope-like the maid-outfit is.

        But there was NO reason for Yukiteru to suddenly grow a sack and rescue Yuno. He had her cellphone, and the show established him as a spineless loser. Plus there wasn’t any indication that he actually LIKED Yuno — other than the realization that she did genuinely like him. Not much of a motivating factor, not enough to override the fact that Yuno is an obsessed stalker who lives at home with decomposing bodies, not for a spineless loser.

        Sudden, 180 degrees swings of established character is part and parcel of absurdist farce. The fact that you disagree says more about you than it does the show.

      5. @Zammael
        – Evidence suggests Yukiteru is capable and willing to fight whenever the circumstance requires it. ep 1 2
        – You don’t have to ‘like’ someone to want to help them. Knowing that they are dependable / comrades / nakama are reason enough. You don’t even need reason to help someone aside from the fact that they’re in danger. Obviously in Yuki’s case he needs a bit more push but as evidenced he is completely capable of acting through sheer will.
        – You’re extrapolating a fictional character’s emotional integrity from what little we’ve seen of him. He’s lived how long? You’ve seen him how much? What basis do you have to suggest he’s a ‘spineless loser’ <– a vague term btw.
        – Absurdist farce is completely relative and subjective. If you suggest otherwise you're kidding yourself. You're use of the term says more about your attitude than it does your logic.

      6. – Evidence….

        Go watch those shows again. He spends most of his time running away and crying. Any success he had was under Yuno’s direction. Yes, he can throw a dart. Doesn’t mean he has the spine to “man” up all of sudden by himself and take on a cult. Notice how easily they let him by? Pure absurdist farce.

        – You don’t have to ‘like’ someone….
        True enough, generally speaking. But that doesn’t explain the flimsy motivation all of sudden.

        – You’re extrapolating…

        That’s a double edged sword I wouldn’t be so quick to pull out 🙂
        We’ve seen 5 episodes. Up to that point, when has Yukiteru taken the initiative? Besides bemoaning his lack of balls?

        – Absurdist farce…

        It’s a term in drama, and it totally applies in this case.
        From wiki: Common elements in absurdist fiction include satire (12th Diarist), dark humor, incongruity, the abasement of reason.

        I enjoy Absurdism and other variants of existentialism. That you mislike the term is not my problem. 🙂

      7. – He spends most of his time running away and crying…
        This is a truth, undoubtedly. My point however is that he has shown motivation and and willingness to be something else. Does this not set precedence? Admittedly his turn-arounds are somewhat uncanny, but that’s where the issue of character guessing comes in.

        – That’s a double edged sword…
        Double edge sword indeed. I can’t give my opinion on his personality without being a hypocrite. But regardless, I can give examples of what made me think his 180’s are within the realm of possibility.
        Speaking of which, yes, he has shown initiative before e.g. episode 2 where he runs in to attack ninth; episode 3 where he refuses to go to the planetarium. Initiative is affected by reasoning but they are not the same thing.

        – Absurdist farce…
        Interesting. I didn’t know of this category before, I just defined the term with the literal meaning of the two words ‘absurdist’ and ‘farce’. Though… you make it sound like even with these issues you’re enjoying Mirai Nikki while at the same time calling it a farce?… Help me out here. xD

      8. @Zammael
        Haha, ouch, that kind of hurt, but I’ll take it in stride. Maybe I’m just more willing to accept it because I’ve finished the source material? I kind of find that’s pretty much the norm for people who are watching it now after finishing all of the manga; we’re usually the ones who say, “No, it’s okay, because [[insert reason or explanatory spoiler]]”. I am able to remember what’s coming next and then I don’t really judge it as it is now. I’ll be honest and say that when I said “It’s not that he doesn’t have it in him to do something brave”, I was thinking of events further in the storyline. And he does flip flop in his decisions, but it’s not like he isn’t called out on it either. Fourth told him not to let the girl kill Ninth and even Tsubaki thought that he wouldn’t show up to rescue Yuno. And he does keep getting called out on it even beyond this, so having that as a reminder probably makes it easier for me to accept.

      9. @Zammael
        Bravery isn’t about not showing any fear or not having it. Bravery is about overcoming your fear and act anyway. Yuuki have done so several times and this episode is just the latest time he have done so.

        Not showing fear doesn’t mean that you aren’t afraid. Not having any fear means that you are insane. It’s easy to forget these things when watching animes where they try and make the heroes as cool as possible.

      1. Not true. In WWF, a few random earlier knockout player make a comeback for a last-chance at fame. Even in the survivor game, eliminated players get a chance at revenge near the end…

      2. This isn’t reallife and certainly not like a pretentious show like WWF. It’s a real do-or-die survival game for the position and power of God.

        And here’s a spoiler rule for you:

        “With the power of God you CAN PRACTICALLY DO ANYTHING. Except return people who permanently died.”

        The Moondoggie
      3. ^ Yes, listen to Moondoggie. We’ve read the whole thing; we know, but we can’t say too much or else there would be spoilers. :> But this is a survival game, and Deus intends for the participants to die for his throne. He just doesn’t see any problem with it as long as he’s kept entertained and his successor gets picked. He won’t bring them back to life if they’re killed in-game. The only reason 3rd was resurrected is because he kept killing himself before the game even started.

        Show Spoiler ▼

  24. Pretty sure no one here will be able to answer it, but are front-fastening bras really popular in Japan? I’ve heard that they are good with kimonos coz they flatten your figure but I seem to see lots of females anime characters dressed constantly in Western clothing wear them as well.

    1. It depends…

      I doubt it. Front-fasteners are deem as more radical. So in a conservative culture like Japan, I highly doubt most women will wear them. Also they created more cleavage than back-fasteners. So a bigger bust size would prefer a front one over a back for convenience and sex appeal. Guys like the front one, too; it makes it easier to take off! YAY!

  25. After watching this episode I felt that Yuno could easily become one of my favorite characters for all time.

    I like how everything turned out for this episode, that introduction thing that no.12 did with all the costume and special effects was hilarious, overall its a good balance of laughter and seriousness.

    I hope Yuki will finally be a man and protect his girl next episode.

  26. Have anybody ever wonder why characters just warped and disappear when their diary is broken?

    I mean, if the diary get destroyed, don’t they just die like through cardio attack, too and not disappear. Their body should still remain. But it didn’t. It just seem very odd to me. I know Deus did that for special reasons. Maybe they ain’t really dead.


      1. Oh yeah? What’s with the spoiler then? <:

        I really meant it; I thought it was clever. That's actually a pretty big spoiler, but the way you worded it made me think about it for a second before realizing what you meant. So yeah.

  27. Curious…… I wonder how long the anime’ll be? I’d say to do justice far more than 12 or 13 episodes will be needed ESPECIALLY considering how if this stays true to the manga like it has sh*t is going to get REALLY convoluted as the insanity progresses. Curious indeed. I actually hope the anime takes a machete and chops to it’s own path, because I didn’t much care for the ending of the manga.. I want more of an Evangelion neon genesis “oh I can smell my brain cooking” kind of ending, they’re always that much more enjoyable.

      1. “Pfffff, most girls are yandere… B%^tches are crazy…”

        I’m Lol-ing. That’s so funny, I don’t have any comeback for that.
        Maybe if more men/men-wannabes think this, our now 7-billion population will stabilize and hopefully decrease?

      2. Pffffff, who cares about men to women ratio, start with the stupids and retards. They account for 50% of the population…

        Population-wise, I highly advocate a 60%/40% of female to male. Blame China and India for the population problem. They have like 70% males. Almost half of the world popluation is in those two countries. Like my buddy said, “When you have more d^&ks in the world than girls, chances are that they will poke in the wrong hole…” By wrong hole, he meant war. I like girls, there should be more of them.

  28. Divine, if you have issue with Google Adsense, just remove google Adsense, who cares? Last thing we need is moral and censorship. RC is already well knowed and there is no need of more ads, if i was you i surely re-upload all thumbs and remove AdSense.

    Director's Cut
      1. What’s about asking donation every year to cover the cost of the server? Really, you are forced to cut off content for these retards, autocensorship is much worse than censorship. Disappointed. =_=

        director's cut
      1. Oh, Divine your capacity is about 3 inches long…

        Bang! I couldn’t resist, you left yourself wide open for that one. LOL! Sorry, LOL. 😀 I think he meant the resource on the server. In other words, do more comments slow down the server or not?

  29. Someone please just inject some testosterone into this protagonist. I’m so sick of seeing him uselessly panic and make that – for lack of a more appropriate word – fugly face. He knows that he has the ability to defend and protect himself, and even quite capable of making an attack or kill.

    I also don’t understand why he hasn’t forced an answer from his yandere: “tell me what those corpses were doing in your house. You have three minutes to form your answer. If you don’t answer me, I’ll commit suicide and it’ll be on your conscious. Your choice.” Problem solved.

    1. It is a situation of perfectly sane boy trap in an insane world with lots of insane characters who try to insanely murder him and his only help his an insane “ginormous” girl. I don’t hate his character, just that he is not insane enough compared to the others to be declared the winner after every find if he will just wuss out every time. But he is changing…

  30. @ Chaos

    Chotto matte. Why are we talking about men to women ratio?

    But to get to your point, we don’t need any more women either. Theoretically, the globe does have a 50:50 male to female ratio, or pretty close to it. If we start having more women, harems (men’s greatest fantasy) will increase, which means more rapid population growth, which concludes the end of the planet as we know it.

    1. The current population ratio is 51% male to 49% female…to be exact.

      Why are we talking about this? I don’t know. Somebody brought it up and I felt compel to offer my opinion. It is an strong opinion like most if not all of my opinions are very controversial. Fun nevertheless.

      Women are more peaceful than guys. At worst, they just argue and pull each other clothes off. I am okay with that…unless they have saggy boobs then it should be illegal by laws. What is worse than saggy boobs?…hairy nipples. 😀

      Actually, women are comfortable with other women around as opposed to guys. Recently did I learned that maybe that is all makeup and lies to hide their hidden competition underneath. It just that history proved time and time again that when there are more males than females, wars tend to break out…

      1. @Chaos

        “No. To be exact, there’s 1.07 males for every 1 female,” according to the World Factbook. So we were both wrong.

        “Why are we talking about this? I don’t know. Somebody brought it up and I felt compel to offer my opinion.” No. I think you brought it up because you misunderstood my first comment; no one else brought it up but yourself.

        But why am I arguing with you? You’re person who wrote the “rape” comment. This discussion is over.

  31. Surprisingly there actually keeping on par with the manga, as pacing goes anyway. A few bits were cut, but nothing major. Hopefully they keep up this pace and give the manga the adaptation it should be.

  32. Excellent, funny writeup Enzo. Am I really the first person here to say that? Damn.

    Having not read the manga, I’m not sure what to think of this show. The show has a very dark sense of humor, crossing the line into psychotic at times. The show has never been boring, and at times I would say even exciting, but there are other times where it feels like “well crap, so much for recommending this to my friends…” when inexplicable things occur or when the show exercises, um, “bad taste” for a lack of a better phrase.

    I have REALLY enjoyed it so far though. It kind of reminds me of “Umineko no Naku Koro ni” because the music and energy level are through the roof, the story is excessively violent, and the story is unpredictable, if completely full of ridiculous holes. If the show were less memorable or less fun, I’m sure I’d hate it for all the ridiculous stuff it’s done that isn’t explained or doesn’t add up.

    But the thing about any story is that if you are having “X” amount of fun, you’re willing to forgive up to “Y” amount of bullshit. Right now there is sufficient amount of X to justify Y.

    The feels a bit like Death Note and Gantz went and had a retarded baby, but I loved those shows. I’m really enjoying this one so far. I’m glad it seems many others are as well.

    Super S
  33. Okay, so I loved 12th. All his insanity, all his humorous acts, and his over-the-top, blood boiling drive. Everything. Sure, he was a loon, but dammit if he wasn’t the most endearing loon in this series next to 9th (at least for me).

    I’m really hating Yuno as I did in the manga, mostly for being such a psychopath, “No one else matters but Yukki and if he doesn’t do/think the way I want I’ll just mnaipulate him – read: emotionally or even physically torture – until he does! <3" aaaand then there's Spineless McDumbass, our protagonist, ladies and gentlemen! I think it's twistedly fitting that I feel this way towards both the main characters, since it's like, "THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER!!" lmao

    It's funny to feel this way and yet enjoy the series at the same time.

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