Byakuya definitely does not disappoint this week, and I think it’s safe to say that he’s living up to his reputation even in the face of the absolutely ridiculous abilities of Tsukishima, who was clearly feeling very confident after being able to insert himself in Byakuya’s past. Even with his weaknesses being exploited and his attacks rendered ineffective however, Byakuya is able to release his bankai with a broken blade and attack within his own danger zone. The man is a beast, improvising and improving one’s skills on the fly and showing his skill. Admittedly though, it was a pretty desperate move considering he’s whirling thousands of blades at high speeds right next to his body. It ends up backfiring, but I don’t think anybody cared since, Byakuya immediately punches right through Tsukishima’s chest with one hand, and throws in some badass quotes to finish off the chapter. Epic.

Even though that attack should have instantly killed Tsukishima, this is a shounen manga, so I can’t say for sure if he’s defeated just yet. To be honest, Byakuya’s move was a little too sudden given that he was pretty much backed up against a wall with almost no options left, and I would actually be somewhat surprised if Tsukishima really was out of tricks and the battle ended just like that. Rukia’s performance on the other hand was just disappointing, though it’s still not entirely clear what Riruka did to her. Perhaps Byakuya will get to fight her though if Rukia really was defeated. Yukio should still be around as well, so depending on whether Hitsugaya finishes him off, he could still screw around with the dimensions and change things up.


  1. The only issue I have with Tsukishima is the fact that, yes he “trained” with Byakuya, but he was able to match the speed of Sebonzakura when it took Ichigo Shunpo + his bankai to get those speeds.

    Yes, Tsukishima knows all of Byakuya’s moves and how he attacks, but to still be able to match the speeds makes me think Kubo is merely trying to make the fights interesting rather than fodder.

    Though, admittedly Byakuya’s punch with blades was pure win and awesomeness..

  2. well let’s count on the fact that Tsukishima is human so a punch clean through his chest will kill him for good. Hopefully…besides Byakuya pulling Kenpachi out of nowhere was epicness

    1. You’re not the only one. At least Aizen was consistently established to be broken, and his abilities are always centered around his deception and hallucinations.

      But this guy is just keeps pulling stuff from his ass. What part of a bookmark makes you manipulate dimensions and their “memories”? Since when do inanimate objects have memories? How the hell does any of that make sense?

      Right now, I’m waiting for them to throw the entire arc out the window and declare it non-canon.

      1. they said right off the bat in this arc. everything has a soul. Thats how thr fullbringers move fas,t they interact with the soul of the ground. Ichigo’s badge held memories of all his fights, thats why he was able to use it for his fullbring. I don’t see Tsukishima hasn’t pulled anything out of his ass. He can insert himself into the past of anything he cuts. I find it rather cool how he has used that ability so far.

  3. That was nice. I loved Tsukishima and if he dies here right now I’d actually be satisfied. At least Kubo didn’t pull a “Kubo” on us and randomly threw in a trick or deus ex machina, instead this fight turned to be more creative with Kubo actually working with the established abilities of the character.

    Now with the Fullbringers being taken down one by one, I’m starting to get REALLY curious as to how Kubo is gonna handle Ginjo. It could go either way, whether he knocks him off to make way for the next arc, or he and his actions here will play an important role for the aforementioned next arc (I personally would prefer the latter).


    Though it is hard to make it from the pictures alone, and the various differences in translation, Byakuya didnt actually punch him in the chest. He grabbed a handful of petals and blasted them through him at point blank range.

  5. Awesome move by Byakuya! I just hope Tsukushima is finished for good and the rest of the FULL Bringers. Its quite gratifying seeing Tsukushima being crushed (hopefully once and for all), he was acting all too cocky the last few chapters!

    I just want the story to move on to be honest. This arc feel too much like filler for me.

  6. When I look at how high Naruto manga is flying and then loook at Bleach just plodding along its plain to see Kubo is just milking things and putting little effort into this series any more. Makes me sad how far its fallen. No effort at storytelling and huge plot holes never explained and they are just left as if they never existed.

  7. I swear, I hope he isn’t dead.
    He is the single most awesome part of bleach right now?
    Don’t you remember how He defeated Aizen?
    How he saved rukia?
    How he won the superbowl?

    I just hope he pulls a classic bleach move, and reveals some secret ability…Cutting himself? Or a fullbring armor? When did I ever say my Book End wasn’t a Soul Slayer?

  8. It’d be interesting if Riruka somehow managed to insert herself into Rukia and her ultimate goal was actually get closer to Ichigo using Rukia. That’d make an interesting romantic-comedy twist in Bleach.
    BTW, this chapter was quite satisfying.

  9. I think the suddenness sort of caught me off guard, but at the same time, I think that is what made it so appealing. There was no theatrical move being widely telegraphed as the fatal blow. It sort of spoke to the spontaneity and desperation of Byakuya’s position in the battle and having to improvise. The only thing I would like clarified is by handling the blades, did he just use the speed of them to punch so quickly as to ensure no dodging or blocking? That is how I understood the reasoning behind doing such a move. If it were just a standard punch, I suppose that would be useless.

  10. Their fight doesn’t look like it’s over yet. I hope Byakuya’s sword can be fixed like Renji’s sword before. And Rukia, it’s disappointing to know her first battle as a lieutenant is a loss.

  11. THERE. are you happy now??? yes, you with the cheap dress shirt and suspenders. This is not INSANITY. nor is THIS SPARTA! its SHOUNEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! did you really believe that sh!t characters such as yourselves has any chance of knocking off a LEAD original one?? HEY JUMP!!! can we change it up a little!? how bout a manga that totally BREAKS the RULES? for instance ENOUGH with the “smarter than you” bad guys with the smug looks, that always utter a line like “you will never” then gets whacked. manga exists in these characters reality’s…I suggest the bad guys read a little.

    BROOKLYN otaku
  12. Kinda hoping that last attack incapacitated the dude, or that the very least disrupted that ‘insert memory’ bs ability of his. This is bleach, so we all know a hole in the chest isn’t gonna kill him. ‘Pfft, it’s only a flesh wound.’


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