「魔境の森」 (Makyou no Mori)
“Evil Forest”

Any concerns out there about the action dwindling down should have quickly subsided, though I don’t think anyone truly expected all the Masters to simply cooperate once Risei ordered a temporary truce until Caster is eliminated. Kiritsugu is naturally on top of that list given his assassin mindset, and not without reason due to the suspicion of a secret pact between the Church, Kirei, and Tokiomi. In connection, what’s most interesting was the genuine fear toward Kirei, which he displayed rather uncharacteristically for the very first time. It almost looked like he was having a relapse of a traumatic experience when he asked Iri if she would run away with him, and it felt so out of place for a moment that I wondered if he had been affected by some spell or sorts.

I came across some tidbits about how Kiritsugu would come to fear Kirei — an enemy whom he doesn’t understand — but I would’ve never imagined that it was to this degree. It’s a completely psychological effect too, as Kiritsugu maintains his composure when pitted in a Master vs. Master battle against Kayneth yet is completely shaken at the mere thought that Kirei can seemingly see through his plans. What Kiritsugu still doesn’t know is that Kirei is actually at a loss as well, with the difference being that Kirei is a lot more driven to understand Kiritsugu in his attempt to find a purpose in the Fourth Holy Grail War. In the mental battle, Kiritsugu is evidently the first one to crack, so I have a very ominous feeling about how their first encounter will unfold. I can already picture a breakdown in Kiritsugu’s judgement once his fear consumes him, reiterating the thought that Kiritsugu and Iri’s dialogue serves as some great yet subtle foreshadowing even when Kirei didn’t show up in this episode.

The other eye-opening revelation was from Kiritsugu’s interactions with Saber, or lack thereof I should say. I had read that he rarely talks to her because of their clash in ideals, but I didn’t foresee that he’d outright ignore her opinion. It’s as if he doesn’t even acknowledge that she’s in the same room as him, which leads to some rather interesting pent-up anger in Saber. If it wasn’t for her knightly code of honor, it probably wouldn’t be too far-fetched to assume that she’d already be scouting out for another Master like Archer appears to be doing. She’s already swallowed her pride by putting up with his disrespect toward Ancient Heroes, and now she’s in constant disagreement with his underhanded tactics as well. The implication is pretty clear that Kiritsugu would have no problem sacrificing all of Caster’s hostages if it presented him with an opportunity to put a bullet through the back of each and every one of the other Masters’ heads — even after he’s shown that he’s softened up by helping evacuate the civilians from Kayneth’s hotel last time — which makes for one of the most intriguing character dynamics in this series. I mentioned last time how it would’ve been easier for Kiritsugu if he had summoned Assassin instead, but I never once said that’s actually what I want to see.

As a natural juxtaposition to Kiritsugu and Saber’s relationship (if you can even call it one), I couldn’t help but take notice of how Kayneth came waltzing into the Einzbern castle with his mercury-based Volumen Hydragram (Getsurei Zuieki 「月霊髄液」) Mystic Code, asking for an honorable duel between Masters, only to be met with a trap set up by Kiritsugu. From my perspective, that was clear indication why Kiritsugu doesn’t care to get Saber’s approval with his plans, especially after Lancer came to Saber’s aid as part of Kayneth’s orders to defeat Caster. It’s easy to say that Kayneth is defying the Church’s new rule so that he can eliminate Saber without dealing with her directly and regain a Command Seal in the process, but I doubt Saber would see it as such when she has the utmost respect for Diarmuid and would gladly fight by his side. I dare say Saber probably would’ve been okay with Kiritsugu answering Kayneth’s request for a fair duel, despite the fact that Kiritsugu isn’t well-equipped with a repertoire of abilities to face Kayneth head-on. I for one love Saber for her honorable conduct, but it’s interesting to see how it’s not always warranted against all the adversaries she faces. Just take Caster for example, who deserves a knife in the back at the first opportunity with his torment of children and use of the demon spellbook, Prelati.

Much like I’ve come to expect from this adaptation, the animation quality maintains its top-tier status. Kajiura Yuki’s soundtrack continues to bring out the scenes exceptionally well too, particularly during the battle sequences. Amidst all the developments, the production values were definitely the highlight this episode. The only thing that caught my attention just as much was Kiritsugu’s use of some magecraft, namely his own Reality Marble (Koyuu Kekkai 「固有結界」). His Time Alter abilities were no Unlimited Blade Works, but they were still a spectacle in their own right. Double Accel increases his movement speed outside the realm of time, whereas Triple Stagnate does the opposite and slows his biological functions. Both provide tactical advantages that compliment his assassination techniques at the cost of burdening his body, so it was cool to see how he best makes use of them. The last scene with Kiritsugu whipping out his single-shot Thompson Contender was a nice touch, so we should learn why he favors this old-fashioned gun so much. The thought crossed my mind as to why he doesn’t just Double Accel right behind Kayneth and put a bullet in him a point-blank range — faster than he can defend with the Volumen Hydragram — but this makes for a much more interesting cliffhanger since I’ve been curious about the gun as well.

* Waver and Rider get a bit of screen time after being noticeably absent last episode. How can anyone NOT like Rider’s t-shirt? Give the man some pants Waver!
* Kudos to ufotable for featuring some potentially degenerative tentacle fan-service without taking away from the severity of the situation.
* The screams of the victimized children was notably censored, so I can only imagine how horrific it’ll come off in the Blu-ray release.




  1. awesome post, Divine 🙂 thank you very much!
    The emotional breakdown was kind of odd and out of place… but I guess that shows that our man isn’t completely a cold-heart assassin type of guy only. should be interesting to see more of this…
    Saber is a bit Naive, but given her knightly code of honor, it is understandable…
    and nice cliffhanger… good to know neither side is completely owning the other 🙂

  2. The thought crossed my mind as to why he doesn’t just Double Accel right behind Kayneth and put a bullet in him a point-blank range

    Probably because the mercury will respond automatically like it did at the entrance, so that’s not the safest option to take.

      1. Kayneth describes his abilities as something that alters the speed of his biological processes, but it’s only internal. He doesn’t stop the time around him, so the mercury still runs in normal time.

        The problem with taking down Kayneth is that Kiritsugu has no idea just how fast the mercury can be, and it’s just too risky to figure out that limit.

      2. Kayneth’s mercury is nearly instantaneous.

        How Kiritsugu plans on defeating him
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Suppa Tenko
      3. @Suppa Tenko: Wow for complete spoilers, there’s a few details in his tactics that you didn’t mention though. I typed up a reply, but decided to save it for next episode to explain it all.

      4. I think he’s the kind of character who goes for the safest option, so he’s chosen to force Kayneth to stand still in order to ensure the Thompson’s bullet hits.
        Also he could accel himself but not the bullet, I think, and it is easiest to take aim if you don’t move.

  3. I felt Kiritsugu’s sudden outburst was a bit jarring. Interesting but completely unexpected.

    The scene with Blue Beard taunting out Saber felt a bit broken up as well, probably due to the censoring.

    AHAHA at the tentacle rape joke – I was thinking how it’d turn out really differently if it were a different genre. BluRay perhaps? jks

  4. Oh, Iskandar. He is definitely my favorite character. Waver is a perfect foil for him. That police man, though. “Hey, this thing looks like a giant sphere of mercury, one of the most toxic substances out there. I think I’m going to stick my hand in it.”

      1. Never thought about that, but you’re right she would be Iskandar’s buddy. I just love how she mixes her aristocratic arrogance with her more kind, compassionate side . Its definityle a unique take on a tsundere.

        And yes, love her voice. Hard to believe she was voiced by Cardcaptor Sakura

      2. Now I never played Unlimited Codes, but AFAIK, Saber Lily is just…Saber.

        And while Saber Extra’s daring clothing choices are a point in her benefit, the reason I like her so much is she’s got a great personality.



      3. I think you’re mixing her up with Saber Lily.

        Nope. Saber Extra is superior. Period. She isn’t dull, boring and derivative like Saber Classic and her incarnations. Every line of dialogue she has is either awesome, cute and hilarious. Sometimes a mix of all three. And she is shamelessly bisexual(“I like boys and girls equally!”). And she called Shinji a slimy rat.


      4. Now I never played Unlimited Codes, but AFAIK, Saber Lily is just…Saber.

        From what I know, she’s Saber if Saber never had to hide that fact she was female. I would imagine/expect she’d be different from regular Saber because of that.

  5. …Urobuchi Gen. What is with that guy and Cthulhu?

    From the comments on previous episodes, I’m getting the feeling that FSN is more of your cheery, friendship themed anime. Not surprising considering Urobuchi wrote this one. Still, the man is a genius story teller.

    1. Urobochi himself has confirmed in an interview that he is a huge fan of Cthulu Role-playing games. He also stated that Cthulu was his biggest inspiration for Saya no Uta. Makes a lot of sense really.

      1. I don’t know from any source, but it seems very logical for it to be loaded with an anti-magic bullet that will go right through the magic protection. The spraying of normal bullets was mainly to make sure the only protection was magical.

  6. Awesome episode! Has Double Accel been used in other manga/anime besides Freezing? That was the first time I had ever heard the term so hearing it in Fate/Zero kinda shocked me. I just figured it was a Freezing idea but now I’m guessing it’s not.

  7. Iskandar never cease to amaze me…..it is interesting to see him trying to fit-in in the modern world. I LOL when he is willing to battle a Servant just so he can get his XXXL pants and with such a serious face too!
    I like the battle music this time, it tops all the others so far, and it really gets me in the mood. Lancer and Saber is going to kick ass.
    However, the cliffhanger kills me, why, WHY?! WHY does it has to end when Kiritsugu is about to fire?!
    Again, the animation is wonderful as always.
    Also, why did Kiritsugu call out his name before shooting? Isn’t it easier to just shoot? The waiting is painful….

  8. Kiritsugu will ONLY “breakdown” in the presence of Iri. It’s basically an aspect of his personality that rebels against his assassin/ends-justifies-means mindset. He will always put on the cold killer face in front of the world, but in the face of his family (Iri and Illya), he can let out his human/family side.

    Think of it as badass Archer (Servant Emiya) at the end of UBW when his kind Shirou personality shines through a little.

    Also, this was me during the cliffhanger ending:
    *Kiritsugu throws away SMG, pulls out Contender*
    Me: “BOOM!”
    *episode ends*
    Me: “What! Aw…”

  9. While I really appreciate the complexity and depth of the plot…I have this inner urge to read a shounen-style fanfic where servants who get along well with each other (?) can actually become buddies and get happy ending ;_;. I’m utterly defeated by Rider and Saber combo…so manly ;_;

    Jellyfish Marine
    1. You’d probably enjoy all the random Typemoon Doujins. A lot of them pretty much are where all the characters are together doing random things and ignoring the war at least in F/SN case.

      1. I dont recommend ep 6. while im a sakura fan, that ep didnt portray her as good/interesting. she deserves better than that and it felt pretty dull imo.
        even mike(from beast lair) hated that ep.

        ep 5 is the hilarious and best so far.

  10. All hail Rider!! Gotta love every episode he is in, even for just cameo or comic relief!
    Isn’t it kind of ironic when compared to fellow kings, especially Gilgamesh, that Rider is willing to fight just to get an XXXL pants? Waver might never needs to use his command seal XD
    I wonder if this means he will come barging to the current fight of Lancer-Saber v Caster again.
    Kiritsugu’s breakdown moment is not that jarring actually, after watching the episode for the 2nd time. Actually it’s nice to see this human side of him. And also when he eventually let Saber fought Caster (probably for the sake of rescuing the children too?). Saber herself must be proud that Kiritsugu finally fights his enemy face to face, in accordance to her honor code. And Kayneth is pretty cool actually!
    I have a little protest for the censors. Are the scenes really that bad? Because I think the scenes will help to further emphasize Caster’s epic craziness, and especially build tense and horror. Caster’s moments always feel a little bland and empty because all the censors.

  11. Poor children. Saber sure must be glad she spared Caster. One thing great with Urobuchi is that he knows how to execute horror well. The tentacle Cthulu monsters came of as creepy, rather than erotic like the staple hentai fetish. And Kiritugug is as awesome as I puctred him in the novels. Its a treat to see him animated.

    Also I laughed at Wavers deal with Isakndar: Servants for Pants! It even rhymes.

  12. This this put to rest any doubt that Kiritsugu loves Irisviel. That moment on the balcony was so touching and foreboding.

    Kirei has Kiritsugu absolutely shook, it was a little jarring to see that sort of fear from someone who’s been so calm up till now. Though I think a lot of that fear is not what would happen to himself, but to Iri who’s in more danger than anyone else in this tournament.

    Since Iri and Maiya are going to be temporarily alone, it’ll be interesting to see if there’s anything to the possible love triangle relationship based on Maiya’s kiss.

    I wonder what will be the breaking point for Saber to outright refuse Kiritsugu’s orders. I have a feeling he’s really going to need all those command seals.

    Kiritsugu looked a little vulnerable at the end there against Kayneth, but that smirk at the end taking out his pistol was a nice reversal. It’ll be interesting to see what trick he’s got to put Kayneth away for good this time.

  13. I think that gun will blow a hole on Kayeneth’s face, making him even more jealous of Lancer.

    BTW, considering how powerful Keyeneth is, Kiritsugu seriously got work cut out for him….. Considering Tousaka is probably a lot more powerful than Kayeneth.

  14. This probably explains the running joke as to why Saber hates octopuses (takoyaki) or anything related to tentacles, lol.

    While Lancer does his usual honourable thing to help out Saber, the same cannot be said of his master, deciding to use this opportunity to ambush Kiritsugu.

    Was so used to seeing Kiritsugu use conventional weapons that sometimes I forget that he’s also a mage when he used his time-manipulating magic.

    For some reason, Kiritsugu reminds me of Akemi Homura, who is also proficient with time-manipulation magic, though coupled with conventional weapons for extremely devastating effect. In fact, I dare say Urobuchi Gen probably got his inspiration of HomuHomu from Kiritsugu.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. Madoka Magica is supposedly a project that comes into fruition 3 years before it was aired back in January 2011. While Fate Zero is a project that is even older, so yeah, I guess your comment that Kiritsugu inspired the creation of Homura is holding some grounds XD

  15. If that smile of Kiritsugu in the last is an indication of a victory against Kayneth next episode, I hope not yet, just not yet. The demonstration of the power of a mage in this episode is awesome in my opinion, I mean I never knew they are that powerful. At least from the masters of FSN/UBW none of them I believe demonstrated that level of power. This was actually the first time I thought that a mage can be as powerful as servants/heroes from the past.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      That’s because all of the mages in F/SN were newbs.

      Tosaka-not particularly skilled yet.
      Shiro-only knows basic magecraft
      Shinji- does this even count as a mage?
      Kirei- not really a mage but still underplayed
      Souchiro- not a mage either
      Illya- only uses basic magecraft

      Also, none of the protagonists in F/SN are particularly skilled strategists or actually smart at all. Most of them hold an idiot ball at one time or another.

      Suppa Tenko
  16. Does Iri know that Maya may have a thing for Kiritsugu? I mean what a pause! She was reassuring him that she and saber, and…….maya was here as she was hesitating to say it lol. Just wondering if this may play a factor later on, jealousy on Maya’s side perhaps? Seeing as Maya was tasked by Kiritsugu to run and protect her, which may run into complications later down the road since Maya is probably now aware of Iri and Kiritsugu’s relationship as well as the fact that Iri has drastically changed Kiritsugu.

    I find all servants interesting in this holy grail war EXCEPT assassin and caster, unlike the caster who we all like before (did you guys watch the Carnival Phantasm ep.7?~ Now that was funny and cute), this caster is just plain typical and disgusting, and for assassin, let’s just say he has no single character that stands out. I just want the two to be gone first, cuz the rest of the servants are more interesting to watch, especially Rider and Lancer.

    By the way guys, this always made me wonder and perhaps confused as well, in the ending song during the ending credits, it shows the past life of all the 7 servants, but somehow there is one more servant a long blue haired servant in the lake in the night facing the moon, is that some sort of mystery 8th servant? Since we can all identify all the 7 servants except that guy/girl, dont really know why.

  17. I found the role of Rider and Waver quite problematic at this point, they seem to be reserve for a good laugh, and the more I see their antics, the more its troubling me how they will prevail on this war. Show Spoiler ▼

  18. Just a question. What is the 3rd Magi power capable of ? – Fate stay Night heaven feel?
    By 3rd Magi i meant one of the 5 True magi.
    If someone know the answer please cause i did not really understand it when i have read it.

    1. The Third True Magic is ‘materialization of the soul’ – making a spiritual body able to exist in the physical plane without the need for a physical vessel or physical anchor to tether it to the world. Not the creation of a replica from a soul in the past, but the making of a high-dimensional (planar) being that can cause interference in the material world on its own while being a mental body. Servant summoning uses imperfect pieces of the 3rd. Giving form to a soul. The ideal goal is to make the physical body unnecessary to living. A living ghost. The Einzbern Dress of Heaven does enable materialization of the soul independent of the Greater Grail, but only for several seconds, and is used for transmission of a soul into another object (judging by many of Ilya’s bad endings). Angra Mainyu’s incarnation as All the World’s Evil is an example of a successful case of what the 3rd could accomplish, but that wasn’t as a result of the 3rd. The turning of the soul into an eternal generator.

  19. Again, Studeo Dean sort of lowered the humor with Waver and Alex this time. Waver was supposed to say “how does he know about Mail order.”

    On the interesting side, despite just munching on rice crackers and watch T.V like most out of shape people do, Rider really seems RIPPED. Damn, if I had that sort of body, I would be in the gym rather than watching T.V.

    Did Rider always had that belt and pants? It looks pretty modern to me?

    Anyway, Caster’s demons seem are going to be interesting at this point. Lancer and Saber are going to work together, this should prove to be NICE. I am going to also enjoy the modern (as in using things such as firearms) magi vs the old fashion magi.

    Just to let you know. Just watching FSN doesn’t show who lives and dies, to an accurate point. If you read the light novel, you will see who will live.

    1. I’ll probably pass on that. If I read the novels the most probable thing that will happen is 1 of them (either this anime series or the novels) will probably leave a not so good taste in my mouth. The experience wouldn’t be the same anymore.

      1. opps, sorry my bad. Well anyway, I do hope that we won’t cut things. I’m sure most people, who didn’t read the light novel, are wondering “WHAT’S RIDER’S OTHER BOOK.” The map is one of them, I guess they will save that for a new scene.

      1. Um. well technically the servants only gain a basic knowledge, knowing petty things such as Japanese, kanji, how to turn on a T.V, at best something a simple child knows. In the light novel, Waver stated it shouldn’t be to the extent of mail order. But, anyway, I’ll see what else the anime cut out in the future.

    1. That’s a bit difficult to explain. But the common analogy is: You have a jar with 100 Marbles. 99 White Marbles and 1 Black Marble. A Reality Marble is the ability to pick the black marble, from the 100, every single time. It’s the ability to impose your reality on the world. It’s difficult to use (basically impossible for most Magi) since you’re literally fighting the world every time you use it. Furthermore, everyone who can cast it was a “warped” view of the world. A sense of reality different from people.

      Or at least, that’s how I understand. Someone else might have a different interpretation. I looked it up on the type-moon wiki and I just scratched my head while reading it a few times. Explaining Heaven’s Feel is almost as bad.

      Jared Drake
      1. Hm, actually I think the whole “Pick the Black Marble” thing was the analogy for Arcueid’s Marble Phantasm. Manifesting a Reality Marble is more akin to turning all those 99 white marbles into black ones. You overwrite reality (The number of black and white marbles) with your own reality.

      2. Reality Marble

        固有結界 – Koyuu Kekkai

        Innate Bounded Barrier. Originally the alien \”common sense\” possessed by the creatures called demons. Primarily a power that only demons and elementals possess. However, some of the greatest of magi have attained it through years and years of research.

        A variation of Marble Phantasms. A barrier that materializes the user’s internal world and invades reality through magecraft theory or rather the world egg. The turning over of the world diagram inscribed on the soul. The closest magecraft to magic and among the forbidden of the forbidden in the Association.

        A similar and disimilar method of “world creation” as that of Marble Phantasms. Reality Marbles can force all things to obey their rules. Unlike Marble Phantasms, it is limited to one pattern. As just one aspect is put into form, the user cannot add his own will into the form of the barrier. On the other hand, as it can affect things that are not of nature, it can be said to surpass Marble Phantasms. However, should anything other than extensions of nature (elementals) create an alien world, the world itself will crush that other world. As a result, a tremendous amount of energy is required to maintain it, meaning that one Reality Marble can only function for a few minutes. On the other hand, Nrvnqsr is using his Reality Marble within himself which allows him to avoid adjustment by the world.

        Basically using the ball analogy, both Marble Phantasm and Reality Marble allow you to pick the black ball, but Marble Phantasm does it by allowing you to pick the one black ball every time while Reality Marble does it by turning all the balls black.

      3. Imposing one’s reality into the world – Hmm, this somehow sounds like the Personal Reality concept of espers in the Indexverse.

        Disclaimer: My knowledge of the Nasuverse is rudimentary at best, only limited to the ever excellent Type-Moon Wikia, so please don’t flame me.

        I’ve only casually watched FS/N in the past when it was aired on my local Animax, and I’ve not yet got around to watching Kara no Kyoukai, but I may soon now. 🙂

        Kinny Riddle
      4. Indexverse’s ‘Personal Reality’ is a similar concept, yes, specially considering how Kiritsugu use his “Reality Marble”. However, the Emiya’s family ‘Time Manipulation’ is actually not quite a Reality Marble, despite what Keyneth said. A Reality Marble usually can completely replace the surrounding ‘world’, with Kiritsugu’s is limited to his own body.

        Think on Fate/stay night!Archer’s Unlimited Blade Works to see the true thing (both previous fate animes had him activating it). That being said, a Reality Marble can be activated inside ones body as well.

        At any rate, according to the wiki, a Reality Marble never really ‘change’ the reality, but merely create a new one in a limited area.

        Oh, well, this technical stuff is meaningless here but (minor spoiler):Show Spoiler ▼

    2. Well, if the wiki entry Divine linked too is too hard to understand, it’s basically like summoning your own dimension. If you’ve seen the UBW movie Shiro uses his RM at the end. It’s also in the VNs. Kiritsugu can’t really summon his RM into the world, and it only effects himself. So when he used his RM on himself he increased the flow of time in his body, thus super speed.

      As for the ep itself, it was awesome as usual. Kiritsugu’s outburst better explained in the novel, but the anime did an excellent job getting his emotions across. I also liked the Kayneth’s display of power. Blocking anti personal mines and submachine gun sprays without lifting a finger. Competent magi are really a force to be reckoned with. Of course, Kiritsugu is not called the “Magus Killer” for no reason, and everything is going according to plan (Yes, he yelled out Kayneths name, but that was on purpose).

      In F/sn only Rin was a real magi with any firepower, and Studio Deen really downplayed her abilities. Well Shiro has hax power too, but again it wasn’t really show cased in the anime.

      1. I reckon that kritsugu can summon his RM, he probably just doesnt have enough prana/energy. shirou was able to materialize it in UBW and then had it in his body in HF.
        or is it like you can only choose whether its materialize or internalize, and that you cant change it once you picked?

    3. I guess the easiest way to explain reality marble is to think of it as a boundary field created by magus. It allow magus to use their magic more proficiently and use certain skill that normally not possible within the boundary.It also allow magus to affect thing within the boundary in a way related to their spell type. UBW from fSN is one type of reality marble.

      Usually reality marble require ritual and therefore hard to execute similar to UBW . In kiritsugu case, he create this reality marble within his own body thus making it the effect almost instantaneous. But creating this thing in one body is definitely not safe therefore it is taxing alot on his body.

      1. I pretty much get it now thanks. Like Kinny Riddle I have little to no knowledge of the Type-Moon games, so sorry for asking stuff like this.

        It’d be awesome if all the Masters are capable of generating their own Reality Marble. Can’t wait for next ep.

    4. A lot of glorious copy-pasta here.

      In my own understanding, a reality marble is simply a spell to superimpose your “mind” or “reality” onto the world. While this can sound so awesome, the World (Gaia, Counter-Force, etc) will try to correct/destroy it, as a Reality Marble is something that should not exist in the world. Hence, it can only last for a period of time depending on the user’s prana.

    5. Thing is, if I’m reading the LN right Innate Time Control is not actually Kiritsugu’s Reality Marble i.e. not the manifestation of his internal reality, but the way it is manifested means it may be considered a type of Reality Marble.

      The ability to separate the passage of time inside a designated space from the “flow of time”
      in the outside world; in some ways, Time Manipulation can be regarded as a type of Reality
      Marble. Although it is classified as a greater magecraft, it is definitely not “magic” which
      cannot be replicated. Compared to “time modification”, which can reverse cause and effect
      and change the past, this is merely the magecraft of “time adjustment” that can stagnate the
      time that had passed and accelerate the time in the future. Therefore, it is not a magecraft of
      extraordinary difficulty.
      The only problem one needs to consider is the size of the bounded field and the scope of time
      that needs to be modified.
      Kiritsugufs root, the Emiya family, spent generations researching and seeking the magecraft
      that controls time. The magic crests existing on Kiritsugufs back inherited the fruits of
      research from generations of men. But the amount of prana one needs to spend and the rituals
      needed in preparation to activate this kind of magecraft rivals in magnitude with the greater
      magecrafts. Therefore, it has to be prepared and used strategically. For Kiritsugu, who made
      up his strategies to just survive on the battlefield, it was originally a rather useless
      However, to use the “time control” ability hefs inherited at the maximum, Kiritsugu created a
      flexible way of utilizing this magecraft at a very small scale.
      A method that kept the scope of the bounded field within the practitionerfs body made it
      easier to establish a Reality Marble. Although it is impossible to completely isolate the flesh
      from the outside world, it can minimize the affect the outside world has on the body. Within
      this minimal bounded field, he “adjusts” just a few seconds of time; this is the magecraft that
      Emiya Kiritsugu created, Innate Time Control.

  20. Now, onto those tiny details:

    What year this event supposed to happen?

    According to this screenshot, it appears like Windows 95, so at least year 1995. But can Win95 handle that many live video windows WITHOUT crashing?

    So maybe WinNT 4.0, but it would be 1996 then…

    1. Argh! Need edit button, NOW!

      Should be “According to this screenshot”; and forgot to close the tag… 🙁

      BTW, can anyone identifies the items at the systray? Is it looks like Display Properties & RealPlayer there? What about the remaining icons?

      1. The laptop appears to be NOT bulky enough for that era;
      2. Is there any wireless pre-2000? IIRC, 802.11 standard began at 1997, so it now year 1997? Or is there any other way possible?

    2. It is inferred it was 1994, actually, since it happens 10 years before Fate/stay night and F/SN visual novel was released at 2004 (although the exact year is not clear, it is ‘present time’ there).

      Most likely, you shouldn’t think too much about it. The important thing is it happens during the 90s.

  21. Still loving this anime. I never expected that I would enjoy this so much. I thought I would watch a few episodes and drop it. Now I’m anticipating it every week, and it hasn’t disappoint so far.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼

      Suppa Tenko
  22. Not trying to ruin your fun, guys, but OMG, wow, seeing the screencaps it just keeps looking more and more like Cowboy Bebop ripped off nearly 1:1 in a lot of scenes… XD …with FF7’s Zack and a few X-Men characters thrown into it as well. ^___^’ Eek!


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