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OP: 「COOLISH WALK」 by 阿澄佳奈, 藤田咲, 喜多村英梨 (Asumi Kana, Fujita Saki, Kitamura Eri)
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「恋のバッドチューニング」(Koi no Baddo Chūningu)
“Bad Tuning of Love”

Rumor has it that a molester is hanging around the neighborhood but that doesn’t stop our characters from doing anything they usually do. We start off at Inami’s all female high school which is a departure from our favorite little family restaurant. There we meet Momoka (the blonde voiced by Yahagi Sayuri) and Ricchan (the brunette voiced by Mizusawa Fumie) who gives Inami this information while trying to prod her into taking action. They are well aware of her androphobia and try to take advantage of her monstrous punching strength. These two seem interesting and it’s too bad we only get a small dose of their personalities in this episode. They also don’t seem too familiar with where Inami works since I’m sure they would agree that not only are the men there weird but so are the women.

The rumored molester in question is Yamada Kirio (Hino Satoshi). He manages to stop Inami’s monstrous punch with his unbelievably fast reflexes to which he credits his karate for. The way he reacted to her punch is peculiar and made him look like a martial arts freak. That scene made me think of a shounen anime. Any other normal person would probably get punched and go “what the hell” but for Kirio none of this matters because it’s love at first sight. His heavy breathing while trying to refute being a molester wasn’t helping his cause and the way he paused before saying his surname was pretty suspect. If he really is Aoi’s brother (they do look very similar) then it would seem lying runs in the family.

The encounter between Kirio and Inami really bothers Souta. It leads him to once again question his feelings for Inami. I guess when Souta needs help analyzing his relationships, he reads books. In this case his trusty guides were books on pets. All this struggling doesn’t lead to an admittance to his real feelings but I wasn’t really expecting that to happen. It’s something that will continue to drive this show’s comedy. I find it as funny as Hiroomi does. All this guessing leads Souta to want to confirm that he’s not a masochist. He’s got Nazuna and all of us fooled especially when he’s banging his head against the wall to the point where he’s bleeding.

Not only does Kozue treat the fans to some service when she gets the waitresses at Wagnaria to cosplay but this was a great episode all around. They have continued to bring someone new and fresh pretty much every episode to stir the pot with our core cast. WORKING’!! brought the funny all episode long. Next week we will see Kirio visit Wagnaria so hopefully that will shed some light onto his relationship with Aoi (if it even exists).

* The opening sequence was altered a little bit to include Kirio (and the twins) this week.
* Check the customer’s reaction to cosplay.
* Full-length images: 8, 19, 20, 21, 22, 24



  1. Upon seeing another guy who not only could receive Inami’s punches, but downright stop them with his own hands, not to mention he’s fallen for Inami at first sight, it’s only natural for Takanashi to feel threatened of his position as Inami’s “pet owner”.

    Takanashi subsequently banging his head on the wall was just the icing on the cake. lol

    PS Inami’s classmates are cute.

    Kinny Riddle
  2. The love triangle that just formed is a very strange one indeed. her likes he. Him likes her. Him will be strung along by her. Her will be strung along by he. Him and her to leave out he? BUT her only has eyes for he and not him. Karate can you alot, but being a bada$s will only get you so far… Oh well, progress was made, and that’s what counts. I wonder what he’s sister thought hearing him moan like a wilda beast deep into the night.

  3. I cannot remember how short of an interval the jokes run within this show, cause those back to back (and to background) jokes are actually GOOD this time around.

    and the segment after the ED is pure fan-service material

    btw: someone must have a field day with the screen-stitching (probably Divine)

    @ Unlisted: the twins were also in the OP…I think

    1. Yeah you’re right. The twins were in the OP too. I happened to take a cap of that exact scene but didn’t post it. Maybe I’ll update it now.

      Also, when you say screen-stitching are you referring to the pan shots? If so, I merge all my screen caps myself. I also do P4’s screen capping so any full-length stuff there is my work. From what I know he and I are the only ones who take full-length captures out of the writers now.

      1. Now the twins are in the ED, it makes sense where Kyoko’s parfait comes from. Aoi’s looking around is balanced off with Kirio now, which is a nice touch. I just realised Inami’s normal rabbit hair clip is the WORKING!! logo too, which is kinda cool. I have to be honest, I really love WORKING`!!’s OP and ED, they really capture the essence of each character and their mannerisms, even just in the way they move.
        BTW Kirio’s in the ED too.

  4. let’s face it. We have had barely any progress between Souta-Inami
    this is pretty much heading towards a typical and horrendous OPEN END…
    unless the manga was to be finished before the series does, there will be no succesfull matchmakings, maybe if they plan an anime original ending, but of course that won’t happen either XD
    gotta love slice of life animes bases upon unfinished source material! >:D

    Helvetica Standard
    1. I don’t think the writer ever intended for the main driving force to be a love interest or even a love triangle. People watch the show for the character interactions and nonstop awesome comedy with maybe a bit of love sprinkled in to spice it up, but that’s all it was meant to be IMO, just a side dish to the main course of Working!!

  5. Good episode… I kinda feel like this is part 2 of a Takanashi x Inami arc (last episode they
    had a 1st disagreement). So I wonder if this series will follow its predecessor and end on
    a confession between Takanashi x Inami (or at least not approach her as a pet any more).

    Funniest part was the manager covering him in toys – he’s really love struck to feel that way.
    What makes this show, too, is its character consistency. For example, Takanashi doesn’t “trust”
    older women, and of his sisters, he is shown to confide in his youngest sister in this episode.

    I didn’t get why the one guy was laughing when asked if he knew anything — maybe that’ll be
    explained later (usually he know something – is this the 1st time he’s clueless)?

    I don’t see Kirio playing a significant role in the series except to drive Takanashi x Inami, IMHO.

    1. Souta was laughing because he’s evil.

      Might be worth mentioning as well, Yamada is quite a generic Japanese surname, much like Smith, which is why it’s quite obvious both Yamadas are lying about their surname. Of course, Inami doesn’t pick up on this.

  6. This episode was hilarious!!… especially the way it climaxed with Katanashi asking his younger sister if he was a masochist. He could have asked anyone else and his doubts would be cleared up, but he just had to ask the one person that thought he was. XDD

    It’s running the risk of turning too romancy though. I’m probably one of the few that hopes Katanashi goes back to treating Inami like a pet.

    The part where the manager tried putting Popurar on top of Katanashi was good as well.

  7. Incredible episode!! I really like Kirio and what he brings to the show- can Workinig!! do no wrong?!
    Except I wasn’t very fond of Inami’s friends, but that really might just be me. They… didn’t seem all that nice. Or genuine. However!
    I’m so excited to see more Kirio next week. Especially how Souta is going to react to his presence.
    It’s about time that someone recognized the princess’ cuteness!

    Otherwise, good job Kozue! I almost died when Satou started choking. That poor man’s life.

  8. lol the only couple i’m 1% hoping will get together is jun and popura lol If yachiyo having a picture of kyouko and a doll size version of her didnt creep him out I don’t know what will to be honest.

  9. I remember reading somewhere that Takanashi actually knows how to fight and is supposed to be pretty strong, wonder if there’ll be a fight between kirio and him, ending with kirio having more respect for Takanashi and saying “I approve” or something.

  10. OOOHH I hope Kirio ends up with Inami~!!!! I really don’t like Takanashi with her it just doesnt work for me. I mean come on Kirio is just the perfect solution to Inami’s androphobia!! I do hope their relationships develops deeper into the series ><

    1. That’s the main reason why it shouldn’t be the KirioxInami. It’s just to straightforward and totally not in Working’s nature.
      Then again (as I said earlier), I don’t really want any relationships starting. I like how dsyfunctional the whole setup is. To me, it’s the whole point of the show.

      Also, it’s downright unbelievable that this show only gets 30 odd comments each week.

  11. Takanashi should celebrate that he doesn’t need to bother with Inami anymore. Since Kirio is willing to get punched, Takanashi should let them get together. Yamada with nekomimi is great as was Kyoko’s “help” and Yachiyo’s kyoko doll

    Zaku Fan

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