「魔術師殺し」 (Majutsushi Goroshi)

The episode title said it all about how this would Kiritsugu’s time to shine and he does just that with the use of his single-shot Thompson Contender, loaded with an “Origin Bullet” created from his rib bones (and effectively, part of his soul). The first shot was a normal bullet that punctured through Kayneth’s automated Volumen Hydragram defense from sheer firepower alone, and was all part of Kiritsugu’s plan to make Kayneth increase the magical power in his defenses to maximize the effectiveness of the Origin Bullet.

As explained in a flashback of his mentor, Natalia Kaminski (Watanabe Akeno, as credited in the cast list), Kiritsugu actually has two Origins, i.e. Akasha’s very definition of his existence, which are known as Setsudan to Ketsugou 「切断」と「結合」, a.k.a. “Severing and Binding”. Since it’s a Conceptual Weapon, it has an increased effect on magi, in that it “severs” a mage’s Magical Circuit and “re-binds” it in a completely messed up manner to render them unusable forever. Magic Circuits are essentially another nervous system in a mage’s body, and are what allows them to use harness prana (a.k.a. mana) and use it for magecraft, so the effect Kiritsugu’s bullet has could be seen as destroying all the nerves in the human body without any anesthetics. The end result isn’t pretty, especially when he gets his opponent to exercise a powerful spell to maximize the overload effect on, as seen by the buckets of blood Kayneth coughed up and the excruciating pain on his face. Quite frankly, I find it amazing that Kayneth even survived after reading about Kiritsugu’s Origin Bullets last episode, because I figured he would’ve died from the pain alone. However, the implication is that he will be a vegetable from now on, and that Sola-Ui will be asking him to transfer Lancer’s Command Seals to her to continue in the war, as heard in the preview.

Interestingly enough, Saber and Lancer’s battle with Caster was also about rendering magic ineffective, as seen in their combined Strike Air and Gae Dearg attack, the latter of which viewers may recall severs magic from prana. I presume the effects of the spear didn’t render Caster’s Prelati completely useless — seeing as Saber’s magical armor still works — but the actual damage to the demon spellbook is another matter. This is a thought that only crossed my mind in hindsight, as I was pretty convinced that Caster would be finished off here. I would’ve actually preferred to see a swift death, going back to what I said before about how there’s an added level of realism and believability when fights conclud after only one or two encounters, much like we saw with Kayneth. It doesn’t seem like Caster and Ryuunosuke really needed any more character build-up, so they were primed for an early exit to the war in my eyes. Seeing as Caster survived, I’m kind of curious about what kind of bigger role he and Ryuunosuke will have. They’ve already proven to be a bit of a wild card with the way their serial killings brought about an order from the Church, so I can see them continuing to throw everyone’s plans off.

Last but definitely not least was Iri whipping out some homunculus-like alchemy out of nowhere. I actually found that really surprising, because I was led to believe that all she could do is heal when Saber fought Lancer. I don’t know if Iri simply didn’t want to reveal that she had alchemy techniques back then, or if they’re only effective against humans and not Servants, but I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter for consistency sake. After all, Kirei quickly proved that a mage can break from from her technique somewhat easily, so I would imagine it’s completely useless against a Servant. I did find it odd how Iri and Maiya just stared in awe as Kirei took his time to free himself from the tree, but I was willing to chalk that up to Maiya suffering from massive internal bleeding and not having a good means to harm Kirei to begin with. Whatever the case, the biggest thing to take away from that was Kirei’s refusal to believe that Kiritsugu has two women who would disobey his orders and die for him. Judging from his reaction, he wants to believe that Kiritsugu is just like him — a cold and indifferent killing machine that just does what he’s told — so I’d wager this is where he starts go into denial. Incidentally, this does seem to suggest why Kiritsugu fears Kirei so much. From Kiritsugu’s perspective, Kirei is just like him but without all the weaknesses that emotions can potentially bring.

Of course, the other thing to take away is that Kiritsugu asked Iri to keep Excalibur’s scabbard Avalon with her — concealed as a Conceptual Weapon within her body — since it provides immortal-like regenerative properties to the bearer when it’s within range of Saber to utilize her prana. What’s interesting is that he doesn’t want Saber to know they have it. Why that is I’m not entirely sure, seeing as it would more or less make Saber immortal (maybe even cure her thumb…?), but it could be that the Einzberns want to keep the genuine artifact for themselves. (I get the feeling I’m overlooking something, like how Arturia died at the Battle of Camlann because she didn’t have Avalon with her.) In any case, this did remind my why Emiya Shirou ended up summoning Saber again in Fate/stay night: Avalon eventually gets passed down to him.

* I get the feeling I’ll say this every week, but Kajiura Yuki’s music continues to bring out all the scenes in this adaptation, particularly the battle sequences.
* I wonder if the flashback of Kiritsugu had a zoomed-out shot censored out, showing how he had some ribs removed to be ground up for the Origin Bullets, since it looks like he’s in some discomfort.




  1. Having not read the novel and thus not knowing what happens until watching the anime, I was kind of disappointed when Show Spoiler ▼


    1. I think Iri won’t die until the very end. Chances are, she is going to be the vessel for the Holy Grail, similar to what happened in FSN.

      However, we already know that in FSN:
      Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I get the feeling I’ll say this every week, but Kajiura Yuki’s music continues to bring out all the scenes in this adaptation, particularly the battle sequences.

    They also do a great job of using silence to add to the mood. This scene in particular. The music cut out. All you could hear was the tree starting to break…I was literally on the edge of my seat.

  3. I wonder what the first bullet Kiritsugu shot was?

    It was probably not the same Origin Bullet, since it did not disrupt the magic circuit, just inflicted a normal wound. But at the same time, it was able to bypass the automatic defense.

      1. Kiritsugu’s Contender fires .30-06 rifle bullets, which is just shy of magnum rifle rounds.

        He chose the bullet for its power. A magi would need nothing less than tank armor to defend from it. So, if they use magic to defend then their circuits are ripped apart; and if they don’t use magic then the bullet itself rips them apart.

    1. Basically, the more magic is used the more painful and effective Kiritsugu’s magic bullet would be. His first bullet was just a normal shot, but it pierced Kayneth’s defense and forced him to use even more magic to reinforce his shield.

      So Kayneth essentially screwed himself over by using more magic and making an unnecessary “I will kill you” monologue.

  4. I noticed a lot of scenes with the potential to be altered in the Blu-ray version. One was definitely Kiritsugu’s flashback, while another was the actions Kirei took to free himself from Iri’s wires. Although I’m rather disappointed with the way they portrayed Lancer and Saber’s fight with Caster. It felt like they just took it all straight from the novel without incorporating a bit of explanation on Saber and Lancer’s tactic to defeat Caster. If they had showed a monologue of Saber formatting the plan she had, it would better explain to viewers who are not familiar with the source material.

  5. Another day, another episode where Caster doesn’t die…and we’re a third through the series.

    This series continues to please on the visuals, though. This whole episode looked like a continuation of Movies 5 and 6 of Kara no Kyoukai.

  6. Interesting how much better the battles with the masters were compared to servants. Casters retreat just felt like a Saturday Cartoon getaway. There was alot more tension and satisfying moments with the other battles. I was absolutely enjoying how Kirtsugu owned to stuffy, arrogant Kayneth. Kirei seems alot creepier here than the novels, thanks to the great visuals and direction.

  7. About Avalon. The novel says Kiritsugu just don’t trust Saber (not for an specific reason, but because he is just that careful), I believe (not spoiler, this was said at the same time it was reveled Iris had the scabbard). Also, while Avalon can be transferred, it can only be used by one person at time. I got the feeling Kiritsugu just don’t want her wife to be vulnerable at any time, Saber can take care of herself, Iris can not.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    Oh, the fact Arthur didn’t have Avalon during the Battle of Camlann is probably the reason she don’t have a copy of it with her. Unlike the other Noble Phantasms, Avalon is the ‘real deal’.

      1. Yes. But this doesn’t mean the scabbard ceased existing then. Arturia lost Avalon (or let it to be stolen). Centuries latter, the Einzberns found it.

        If you are referring to me saying “during”, it was merely a mistake of my part. My bad. =P

  8. The first episode where the fight between the masters are much more interesting than the fight between the servants. To be honest I liked the fact Caster is not dead yet, as I expect he shouldn’t be this weak (and lame).
    Kirei’s level of assery just shot up a lot on my bar this week. He is officially my most hated character in the series, yet we all know he won’t die at the end of the series. Damn it!
    Is that rider’s voice in the preview!? I want episode 9 NOW!!

    1. …Kirei actually…

      Show Spoiler ▼

      He’s one of my favorite characters. I really find him very tragic.

      Show Spoiler ▼

    1. well, Kirei’s entire clothing were kevlar-reinforced and, iirc, had some protection spells or such from the Church added in as well, standard equipments for Church Executors.

      Also, the calico is just a 9mm submachine gun, frankly it doesn’t pack all that much punch either.

  9. Like I said before I didn’t think Kayneth would die this episode. But I still think Kayneth is going to cause Lancer’s death, due to his jealousy of (his imagined fear of) Lancer manhandling Sola-Ui. There is no way the writer would choose this particular Lancer, with this particular kind of masters-servant setup for nothing. I think Lancer’s legend is going to be repeated here.

    1. Also I think I realized why Saber and Kiritsugu almost never interact in F/Z. I think it’s a matter of convenience.

      After watching FSN a bit I realized that Saber doesn’t really recall much about Kirei. But in F/Z it seems that everything is about Kirei and Kiritsugu. So probably the reason why in F/Z Saber and Kiritsugu do not interact may be to avoid plot holes.

      Nevertheless, this show is SO GOOD. The writer is incredibly talented.

      1. Kiritsugu already anticipated that he and Saber wouldn’t get along because neither of them would go with the other’s way of fighting. It seems like he originally planned for Maiya to protect Irisviel during the war, but he ended up changing the plan when he decided that Saber would be more compatible with Irisviel instead.

        So logistically speaking, Kiritsugu planned it that way. I think some thought went into why Saber tells Shirou that she and Kiritsugu spoke pretty much three times during the Fourth Heaven’s Feel rather than just trying to fill in a potential plot hole for Fate/stay night.

        Even when they’re in same room, Kiritsugu refuses to speak to her directly. He’s utterly brutal when he finally does, and maybe Saber’s only counting those moments among the “he only spoke to me three times.”

  10. To anyone who is wondering. Kirei didn’t use magic when he broke that tree. He used a unique martial art technique, from Baji Quan, to help him, which is known as “explosive force.” Though the animators exaggerated the power of the technique, Kirei really didn’t use any sort of magic and used brute strength, albeit more refined and used correctly with good coordination, to do that. Basically if Iri had tied the dudes legs and his hands, it would have been a complete victory, assuming Assassin wasn’t there at that time.

    It is entertaining how the magus killer operates. Emiya really is quite a rare breed, to be one of the few magi that uses modern technology and magic as a combo. Even primitive people, like daddy Tohsaka, refuses to use at least a phone or even a computer and use rather antics that no one even uses anymore, which I find SAD.

      1. To be exact, that isn’t Ba ji Quan. Though Kuzuki’s style is a martial art, specifically called the snake, it is not Ba ji Quan. And just to confirm to everyone, people like Miyako and Sougen learned something called Chinese kempo, which is another way of saying a martial art that stems from the Chinese culture yet there is no specific classification. For all non-martial artist, please don’t assume that Ba ji Quan is another way of saying Chinese martial arts. Like how Karate and Kenjutsu are both Japanese martial arts. Ba Ji Quan is one of the many martial arts in Chinese culture.

  11. Still keeping my at the edge of my seat. Though this time I delayed watching F/Z since ep6 and watched the last three episodes together. Works well.

    Whee action packed. Show Spoiler ▼

    But I don’t know what I like about this series compared to FSN/SnS. I just like it.

  12. Even though they didn’t actually die, Caster is fairly weak without his magic book and Lancers soon to be master is in love with him and probably wouldn’t like to see him in danger (bit like Emiya Shirou -.-”) SOOO I’m heaps looking forward to great finish where characters go desperate and crazy and die and of course the inevitable showdown between Kiritsugu and Kirei.

    1. I reakon that Show Spoiler ▼

      But it will be a pretty awesome scene 🙂

      Colonel Mash
  13. Ok this is getting really really ridiculous! What in the world is Kirei? Is he even human? If iirc he is supposed to be a mage executor kinda like Kiritsugu right? So he isnt really a mage, but how the hell can he just go through bullets from a submachine gun like that by simply crossing his arms? What does he have the same bulletproof black coat that Hei from DTB has? I mean come one! He is not even a servant and not a mage, this guy is being way too overpowered! Bet you he will be the only one alive cause he gets to keep Gilgamesh alive while he kills Tokiomi and take the grail for himself, I guess he and Kiritsugu will duke it out and he will win in the end cuz lets face it, as good as Kiritsugu is, his bullet is only good for mages, and Kirei isnt and really Saber is really really damn useless. I liked Carnival Phantasm a WHOLE LOT BETTER THIS WEEK for the appearance of Saber Red, the new and BETTER Saber IMO Umu!

    The Story You Don't Know
      1. You guys are forgetting that Ciel won’t die until Roa is killed. And as the 17th host of Roa, she was part vampire till Arcueid had to stop her. In true sense of the term ‘human’, Ryougi Shiki would be a better fit to be called ‘strongest human’ in the Nasuverse. Additionally, Shiki was the extra boss in Fate/Extra and she’s waaaaay harder than the rest of the Servants you face in the game as well.

      2. I can hardly call Ciel a ‘human’. I am not sure, but I think she is borderline vampire.

        Shiki comes to mind, too. But I have a feeling that 5th Magic is superior. Also, Aoko seems to understand the Mystic Eye of Death Perception well.

      3. It’s probably the guy who uses zeltrecth sword. It is said that the sword can summon little bit of power from every single one of unlimited universe. That sword even managed to defeat type-moon, the one who created arcruied and basically father of all vampires. The other possibility is the knight who uses slash-sword. The last but not least, I think, emiya shirou is one of the strongest if he can uses his UBW freely.

      4. I think Aoko will own Shirou very easily with her 5th magic. Or maybe even without it. Shirou is a good fighter by otherwise pretty useless against a magus.

        Isn’t the wielder of the 2nd magic dead already? As far as I know the closest to 2nd magic right now is Tousaka Rin. Even so she only has a small aspect of the 2nd magic.

      5. (Sorry for the double post as there’s no edit button :)) And the wielder of the 2nd magic, Zelretch, is not dead. It’s clearly said in the end of Heaven’s feel that
        Show Spoiler ▼

        For the strongest human, it’s probably Aozaki Aoko, as she does have the 5th magic.
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Or whatever, Starmine and Starbow are still devastating.

      6. Ryougi Shiki due to being the human personification of Akasha (the Origin, the Root). Namely her 3rd personality which can reshape, destroy, and recreate the whole of reality if she just wanted to.

    1. Executioner have to hunt and kill “heretic”( which include mage and vampire,all of them have power normal human couldn’t fathom, let alone facing them head on) as their job so they need every little advantage they can have. That enhanced priest robe is one of those. But Kirei is still a normal human, as tough as he is, so normal bullet still work. Kiritsugu don’t need to use Origin Bullet, a well placed head will do.

      About Saber. There is a reason Kirei stab Iri, it’s to delay Saber and force her to choose between abandoning Iri to die and chase after him or stay behind for Iri and let him go. Saber chosen the latter but if she choose to go after him instead, he will most definitely die even with Assassin assistance. Nothing he could do can even harm Saber not to mention the great difference in stats…He know that, that’s why he quickly retreat once he know Saber is coming.

  14. Well shucks. Superb episode… again. The tension was through the roof all throughout. One thing which did unintentionally make me laugh though was when Saber told Iri that she lost too much blood, since I kept thinking of Kayneth. Anywho, things do not look too good for Kayneth right now. Judging from the preview, there’s no way that his command spells aren’t going to Sola-Ui, who is absolutely smitten with Lancer. If you’re familiar with Diarmund’s myth, then you’ll know how damn uncomfortable Lancer is going to feel next episode.

    Out of the three battles being waged this episode, the best was without a doubt the showdown between Kiritsugu and Kayneth. Their conflict seemed like a battle between tradition and new-school practicality, with Kayneth being the former and Kiritsugu being the latter. Iris’ comes at a close second, showing off that she isn’t at all useless and hinting that Kiritsugu may actually care.

    As a side note, I feel that they’re doing a really good job making the audience hate Kirei and Bluebeard, without portraying them as irritating.

  15. Kirei wasn’t the best executor of the church for nothing. Caster’s escape wasn’t was well done as i expected, it became difficult to understand that he unleashed the rest of the magic to cause that explosion. Next episode, we’ll see how they adapt a chapter based heavily on internal monologue and narration. Also, Alexander. And maybe we’ll even get to see Show Spoiler ▼

    1. Internal bleeding is something you don’t want to mess with coz every time you move even if it’s only a twitch you’re gonna feel like you’re being stabbed repeateadly and it’s obvious that maiya has a couple of her ribs broken. It’s a surprise she could still reach out to her gun.

  16. Great episode as usual but there are two things I still don’t get…

    #1 How did Kirie block countless number of bullets with his forearms
    #2 How is Saber stupid enough to not realize about Avalon after witnessing what happen to Iri

  17. Sometimes I really don’t get the “honor” that Saber and Lancer claim to practice. It all seems fairly arbitrary. I mean the fight between Kayneth and Kiritsugu seemed pretty legitimate to me. Kayneth busted into Kiritsugu’s house and Kiritsugu responded by trying to kill the dude with any means available to him. What’s there to complain about?

    Seems to me that these warriors define “honorable combat” as being combat practiced in the exact way that they themselves are skilled and comfortable with, fought according to their own personal set of rules. And anyone who wants to fight a different way… why they’re just “dishonorable”.

    1. I completely agree. I was really amazed at the stupidity Saber showed in this episode. Actually standing aside and letting an enemy servant just walk right up to her master, and leaving him defenseless. The only reason it actually worked is because Lancer is a similar kind of honor loving fool. Something i wish they had added was Kiritsugu’s inner thoughts during that scene, after Lancer escapes. He points out a huge flaw in sabers decision to let Lancer go, which is what if Kayneth had still been conscious when Lancer arrived, and had used a command spell to force him to attack? Bam. Kiritsugu dead, Saber out of the war, and Iri and Maiya heartbroke, all just cause Saber decided to be an idiot over her honor.

      P.S. The fight between Kayneth and Kiritsugu was legit, however Saber doesn’t know that. She is stuck in honor stupidity mode, and assumed that Kayneth was an innocent little master who was lured into Kiritsugu’s “cowardly” trap. she doesn’t realize it was actually a fight.

    2. Yea I was getting sick of all that cheesy chivalry crap they kept spewing to each other. It was getting on my nerves with the back and forth of “You have my honour”, “Pride”, “We shall duel as knights!”.

      One reason I don’t like Saber in this. In F/SN Shirou was the one acting stupid most of the time.

    3. I believe the writer was trying to juxtaposed between master fights and servant fights. For masters, it’s a fight to death for the grail. There is no code of honor, chivalry or any of that. Kiritsugu way of life is an example of that. While for servants, some of them have different purpose to fight. Lancer simply wished to serve his master faithfully since he failed to do so before. We have to remember that these servants are “heroic spirit.” King Arthuria was recognized by the grail for her virtues and chivalry. It would not makes sense for her to suddenly discard the virtues she held once she summoned as a servant.

      1. Saber failed to realize that if she gets “killed”, she’d just return to hero heaven and hang out there until the next war. The masters however are human and when they die, they just rot in the ground. They actually have more at stake.

    4. You need to remember there is personal feelings mixed in. Bot Saber and Lancer want to finish their own battle, which is just not possible if one of their masters die. Furthermore, you might remember they don’t know what was going on. Saber didn’t know Kayneh stormed into the Einzberns castle on his own accord and lost in a fair fight. She probably thought Kiritsugu tricked him somehow and used dirty tricks to win (which, to be frank, is why Kiritsugu would have done, given time).

    5. Completely agree with you. This episode reminded me of everything I didn’t like about Saber in FSN. To make things worse, Shirou was as big of a fool as Saber was and it made the show painfully hard to watch. Contrary to the load of crap Lancer spewed to Kiritsugu, it was Saber’s stupidity that brought such danger to her master in the first place. The masters in Fate/Zero are a very good balance to their servants counterparts and it makes the show all the more interesting to watch.

      Seishun Otoko
      1. Play the visual novel, you’ll find Heaven’s Feel a very satisfactory route. Show Spoiler ▼

    6. I actually think she did that because she understand what type of person Lancer really is. Would she do the same thing for Caster? I highly doubt it. Also Saber is the type of person who have a noble personality but at the same time, she’s also very pragmatic. There were times when Shirou was just being stupid and Saber was clearly upset about it. In this case, she had talked to Lancer quite a bit. Fought against him quite a bit, and also owed him for helping her.

  18. It’s interesting how Kirei insists on thinking Kiritsugu is as empty as he is. It’s a good way of portraying his desperate search for meaning in his life; it baffles him how someone like Kiritsugu, who he assumes is just a machine, has people who would want to protect him out of their own will. I get the feeling he needs Kiritsugu to be identical to him (and I do believe he does say that in the episode) because otherwise he can’t justify his life, or his reason for being chosen by the Grail (the last bit is just my observation).

    As for Iri whipping out that homunculus alchemy, I didn’t really find that too sudden since it’s not like she’s had much opportunities to fight. Kayneth wasn’t even present in the fight between Lancer and Saber so it was unnecessary for her to use it. And not sure if this counts as a spoiler, but TypeMoon Wiki does state that Einzbern homunculi are not really built for fighting; they are good Magis, but are not meant to be on the offensive.

  19. Few details I want to nitpick on that they left out of this adaptation.

    -An explanation of Kirei’s Ba Gua martial arts that he used to BREAK A TREE!
    -I wish they showed Kiritsugu’s Origin Bullet’s effect in a more internal way. In FSN, they depicted Shirou’s magic circuits plenty of times, so I was expecting an x-ray of the effect inside Kayneth. I guess they squandered all the animation budget onto the mercury tentacles weirdly wrapping around the bullet. Oh well.

    I started little when Kirei stabbed Iri. Then, I remembered about Avalon. Phew. =)

    1. Actually I thought FSN’s rendition of the magic circuits a bit cheesy/stupid so I was glad they didn’t show that again.

      The animation quality of Fate/Zero looks far ahead of FSN, some people complain about ‘no motion’ scenes but they still look good to me.

  20. Kirei was already quite badass even before the final few episodes in FS/N, but now he shows why he’s earned that badass-ness, most notably yanking a tree out of insane strength. Wow.

    I remember reading somewhere that Nasu conceptualized Kirei as an “anti-Shirou”. While Shirou has a strong sense of justice and all that stuff, Kirei is the antithesis of that.

    And since Shirou got most of his values from Kiritsugu, Kirei would of course be the antithesis of Kiritsugu as well, or at least how Kirei came to represent the ultimate “darkness” in FS/N, seeing as he’s still quite an “empty vessel” emotionally at the moment.

    Kinny Riddle
      1. You forget that Kiritsugu’s original motivation is to bring peace to the world. After the Holy Grail war, he gets some more character development and becomes far more emotional and idealistic/regretful.

        Suppa Tenko
      2. Suppa Tenko, good point there. I think perhaps Kiritsugu sees in Shirou an ideal version of himself that he himself could never become due to all his “ends justifying the means” method to achieve ultimate world peace, hence he imbued in Shirou those values of justice in the hope that Shirou can fulfill them in his stead.

        Kinny Riddle
  21. A good analogy I hear elsewhere is to compare Magical Circuits to electric circuits, and Origin Bullets to water.

    Now imagine what happens if you charge up your electric devices to the max and then sprinkle water all over the sockets.


    Kinny Riddle
  22. I’ve nv read the viz novel so i dont know much but i have watched FSN so i know who survives or how it turns out. Seeing iri fight and stabbed made me spill my lunch. I wished the caster fight scene was longer. And kiritsugu was bad ass

  23. I’m pretty sure Kirei, having vast experience as an Executor from the church, will have extensive knowledge on dealing with magus like Irisviel

    The origin bullet’s effect was more awesome than i’ve imagined after seeing the anime hahaha

  24. I wonder if the English translation of the title wouldn’t be better as “Mage-Killers” (my japanese isn’t that good, but I don’t think they make a clear distincion between single and plural).
    After all I’m probably not the only one that noticed that the 3 main focuses of the episode consisted of: Kiritsugu (the mage killer) vs Archibald, Kirei (another mage killer) vs Iri & Maiya, and last but not least Saber & Lancer vs Caster (another mage, sort of, which makes Saber and Lancer also mage killers, sort of 🙂

  25. In the preview, when Iskander goes, “my Master is almost killed”, my thought immediately goes,Iskander must be thinking,”NO, that goes my XXXL pants!”
    Sorry, I think I have a horrible personality.
    Also, the BGM is AWSOME as always..

  26. “I don’t know if Iri simply didn’t want to reveal that she had alchemy techniques back then, or if they’re only effective against humans and not Servants, but I’m inclined to believe it’s the latter for consistency sake.”

    i’d like to think Iri knows that Saber wants a one on one fight with Lancer, and respecting that by only healing… i dunno…butthen healing would be interfering as well… :/ meh.. dunno

  27. Poor Kayneth… 9 generation magi family and now he can’t use magic at all (I think).
    Where is Waver? I know he didn’t do anything, Kiritsugu did… but I still would love to see Waver doing some spells in front of Kayneth now haha.
    Aww… I feel like a bully now.

    1. no no.
      lancer’s gae bolg is impossible to recover from. even avalon wouldnt be able to save him. it was thanks to rin using her pendant to let shirou “grow” a new heart that he did.
      shirou was nearly cut in half by that certain servant cause he wanted to protect saber. that was where the healing of avalon really activated.

      1. Nah, Gae Bolg is imposible to recover because at that time, saber hasn’t been summoned hence the avalon wasn’t activated yet. If avalon is activated not even the power of all magus combined can hurt the user (near saber). It is said that avalon is a bounded field, a portable fortress that not even five true magic can overcome.

      2. he was talking about shirou. the protection is absolute yes but not the healing. shirou’s head can be lopped off and he’ll die. he can be blown up and die. even if saber is near.
        what your referring is if saber calls out avalon’s name, then its a PROTECTION not a massive healing.

        nasu even says that arcueid cant survive gae bolg.

      3. I looked for it. In the chapter 22 of F/SN the curse of Gae Bolg on Shirou was lifted by Saber and that allowed him to start regenerating. If Saber got Avalon she should be able to remove the curse on the thumb at least and start to heal the wound. Though you’re right that the new Gae may be able of a worse curse that cannot be removed in such a way. At least that what happened in the anime version.

    2. The only reason Shirou survived was because of Rin using her pendant to save him. Chapter 22 of FSN in the manga? That manga isn’t even canon so if you reference from there it is most likely wrong.

  28. Very surprising revelations in this episode.

    Most probably figured out from last episode’s cliffhanger and Kiritsugu’s confidence expression that the pistol was special, probably had anti-mage properties. Now bam, he blows a hole in Kayneth’s shoulder after all his arrogant speech. That was great. Even better was how he planned to make him up his defense just to he can destroy his magic circuit. Genius!

    Im disappointed that Caster escaped as well. This would’ve been the perfect place to kill him. I dont understand why Lancer didnt just aint for Caster’s head or heart, since Caster clearly isn’t much of a close range specialist, not to mention Lancer is the fastest servant in term of movement speed. Now more children are gona die =/

    Kirei vs Maiya/Iri was kind of expected. I dont see how Maiya, as skilled as she is as a hitman, can defeat a church Executer. I was surprised Iri had some form of offense but it was useless against Kirei as I thought.

    Pretty good episode in term of action. Next episode looks like it’ll be good for more plot devices. I’m not complaining.

  29. “Why that is I’m not entirely sure, seeing as it would more or less make Saber immortal (maybe even cure her thumb…?)”

    I don’t think Avalon can heal Gae Buidhe’s wound. Gae Buidhe is supposed to be a curse on the soul. It was described as “Instead of doing damage, it lowers the maximum HP.” Even when Saber told Irisviel to heal the gaping hole in her hand, Iri couldn’t, because “she was already at full health.” Avalon wouldn’t have helped in that situation.

  30. I think you´re right Divine, Kiritsugu sees Kirei as a reflexion of himself, minus the moral part. If you look closely, you´ll see Kiritsugu as byproduct of necesity in the meaning he doesn´t really like the way he´s right now, even when nothing of his past has been revealed, it is obvious that all his talent as a mercenary came from the need to survive in a world consumed by war; it´s safe to say that the person Kiritsugu hates the most is not Kirei but himself, he acts the oppsite of what he truly and that´s killing him slowly. Irisvel might be a reminder of that because she can see through the harsh and cold surface he uses as a shield to protect his grieving soul.

    1. I agree. Having a thumb up/down on a website whose comments are all PURE opinions is silly, aside from the trolls going around thumbing down everyone, all the little immature kids will thumb down any comments that dont share their same opinion.

      RC Staff can you guys please remove this? Its just not adding anything good, only bad.

    2. It if means that we can vote down spoiler posts which forgot the spoiler space, then I am all for it. Maybe a report button would be an appropriate alternative but it would mean even work for Divine and his blogging team.

      Great episode btw.

  31. I had to rewatch the Iri screaming scene several times, it just hit home pretty hard and somehow it was strangely… believable. Like it was the best screaming I ever seen done in an anime, where her mouth was covered and screaming at the same time.

    I dunno why, it was highly re-watchable. I heart was breaking watching it.

  32. What I definitely want to see more of is Lancelot. His first time fighting against Archer was epic. In the opening it seems that he fights Saber eventually so I’m really looking forward to that.

  33. There are 3.5 liters of blood in the human body and yet Kayneth managed to throw up three times that amount, poor guy sure took hard this time. Next weekk seems interestinig with Sola-Ui aparently loosing her mind over Lancer, if anyone read the legend about the irish hero Diarmuid Ua Duibhne then expect things to turn really bad if the woman has fallen to his curse.

  34. In the Arthurian myth the excalibur scabbard are nameless, and Merlin warned Arthor about how valuble it was and he said if Arthur lose it, never will find it again, but Arthur didn’t listen Merlin and the scabbard was stolen by Morgan and thrown away, and Athur never found it. Their mystical powers in the anime reflect the actual description of the legend.

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