This battle seems to be winding down earlier than I thought as Yukio wimps out and dissolves all the alternate dimensions, aside from Ginjou’s. I’m not sure if I should be surprised that he gave in that easily, but most of the shinigami had won their fights anyway, including Byakuya. Tsukishima lost pretty badly and should be dead soon, and most of the rest of the Xcution are also out of commission. Riruka has disappeared, but she’s definitely done something to Rukia (possibly possessing her) and so it’s only a matter of time before we’ll see her again. I’m surprised Byakuya felt such strong loyalty to Ichigo since he’s never shown such sentiments before, but in hindset that should really go without saying given all that Ichigo has done for Soul Society.

By far the most interesting part of this chapter was Ginjou’s little speech to Ichigo asking him what he’s fighting for now. I don’t see any reason for him to lie; what he says rings true as well — unless Ichigo just fighting to avenge Ishida, there’s really no purpose to their battle. As Ichigo stands speechless, we are left with a cliffhanger about who the “true enemy” supposedly is, and will perhaps also find out what the fullbringer’s true motives were. There’s plenty of possibilities, so feel free to make your guesses. These fights did end more abruptly than expected, so it makes sense that there is some “bigger” enemy out behind all this.


  1. Soul Society. To be precise, things that have been done by the royalty or just high official Soul Society people.

    Here’s hoping Ginjou’s character motivations are similar to Sensui in YuYu Hakusho’s Chapter Black saga. 😀

    Honestly I don’t mind the overall pacing, although this chapter is making me like Ginjou more and more as villain so far. 🙂

  2. Haha I bet it’s some big plot about Urahara-sensei or Ichigo’s father. We do not know too much about their past, so obviously Ginjo is gonna say more about why he starts investigating his father anyway. Well, hope it’s not too much for Ichigo to cope with…

    Cannot bear to see Urahara-san being mentioned as the bad guy. Hopefully it’s someone else…

    1. Well, if I recall it correctly, one is considered dead when the Chain of Fate that connects the body and the soul is severed. And when Urahara helped Ichigo regain his powers back before the Soul Society arc, they severed that. Tessai broke it. After that camme the Shattered Shaft. So technically… he died there. So he was sort of using his living body as a gigai from there on. But then the Final Getsuga Tenshou happened, and I don’t know if the loss of his powers restored that connection between hs body and soul or not. Nobody knows. But then now they gave all his powers back… and I don’t see his living body anywhere. It’s like, it disintegrated when he regained his powers. And Isshin was talking about something like “taking away his son’s future” when he and Urahara were planning this…

      So actually, he might really be dead now.

    2. I’m given to understand what makes Ichigo unique is that he is in fact human and a shinigami. Given that all souls we’ve seen so far, both shinigami and hollow started as human, we can guess that Ichigo is in fact alive.

      Servering his chain of fate was nessacary for him to regain his powers, so once he returned to his living body, we can say it healed. Rukia did point out that she could use her kidou to restore a chain of fate IF it wasn’t servered all too long ago. The reason she couldn’t heal the Yuichi’s was because his was servered too long ago.

      Given that, I think it can be safely said that Ichigo is still alive, and that when he eventually dies, he’ll probably go to soul society and become a full time shinigami (probably a captain) for good.

      Skins Thunderbomb
  3. Why are you fighting for? The real enemy?

    As Tsukishima is about to die in ten minutes made me think of something. When Tsukishima dies, everyones memory will return to normal again. So maybe Ichigo was cut by Tsukishima in the past.

    And when Tukishima dies, maybe Ichigo will get his memories back and find the truth. The truth – well Ginjou has already said to Ichigo that he does not know about his own family, so maybe whatever Ichigo is figting for has got to do something with Isshin.

  4. Interesting chapter… Maybe there will be plot?
    Problem is if GInjou reveals he went rogue because he found soe beep dark truth, I am going to need to call YuYuHakusho…
    These odd ability people are like the psychics, and they even have a person that uses video games.

    1. Well technically, Sensui never really found a deep, dark truth. His sense of right and wrong was completely shattered because he witnesses a cult and the chapter black tape and learned about humanity’s dark nature. But honestly, he could’ve gotten that out of a history book. The holocaust, Rape of Nanking, Abu Ghraid (to name a few) have already proven that humans can be pretty messed up when they have the potential to be. Sensui wasn’t so much mad at Spirit World but at human nature and the ones protecting the humans (Spirit World). Ginjo, on the other hand, seems to be mad at Soul Society directly and doesn’t really have any feelings towards humanity.

      1. Yeah that’s true. While I’m getting vibes of YuYu Hakusha here as well, it’d be interesting how Kubo’s gonna play up that angle (if he’s willing enough to try something like that anyway).

  5. Hey I wonder if people on here forgot what Tite Kubo said. He said that following the battle of against Aizen, a short arc will follow and then a long arc would follow after. So this the short arc.

    Remember PPL
    1. If that’s true then it’s a total waste of characters and times. I see almost zero development in this arc, unless the ‘revelation’ that Ginjou is about to reveal is a major one.

  6. I liked this chapter. I hope Tsukishima dies, and soon. I liked him in the beginning but now he’s just annoying. And I suppose Riruka will survive this and become one of the good guys — she’s meant to be a sympathetic character. Meh.

    I’m looking forward to the next chapter. I hope it focuses on Isshin and/or Urahara and that we finally get to see exactly why Ginjou is relevant to the plot.

  7. No reason to fight?! Ginjou lied and cheated Ichigo out of his new powers then brainwashed his friends and turned them against him! I don’t care how he went about doing it or who actually did the deeds, Ginjou needs to die!

    Also, inb4 “true enemy is THE HEART”.

      1. “Oh, you’re right. You did kind of fuck me, my friends, my family, AND comrades over for your own goals AND you’d probably do the same to other people if I let you get away…but I got my powers back, so I’m sure I can just let it slide this one time.”

        Yeah, THAT’S the way a hero should do things.

    1. How about all the stupid melodrama and arbitrarily inserted bad guys? Ichigo would have gotten his powers back regardless of all of his “training”. They’re literally there for the sake of having villains, rather than occurring naturally through the course of the story.

      If this terrible arc doesn’t phase you, then obviously Kubo could shoehorn in mechas, dinosoars, and zombies and you’d still defend the writing.

      1. You know, Bleach has become such shit, I wouldn’t even mind. Hell, we already have zombies in Naruto, and a furry captain that STILL HASN’T BEEN EXPLAINED.

        At this point, I’m just here until I see all of the shikais and bankais. After that, I couldn’t care less.

  8. It is suspicious that Yukio has no idea what Riruka just did, I’m sure all Fullbringers know each others’ abilities, evident with how Ginjo knew how well Book of End works.

    Anyway, regardless what Ginjo says, we know full well that Ichigo will just foot stomp Ginjo down. Ichigo wanted to kill Tsukishima, so Ginjo is no exception.

    It is saddening though that Ichigo and Ginjo are NOW in equal levels. I was enjoying how Ichigo was having the upper hand until Ginjo’s fullbring had an upgrade

  9. I’ll give you a reason! Sure everyone will go back to normal and all but it doesn’t change how much of jerks the Fullbringers were to Ichigo, especially Ginjo and Tsukishima now since the latter is dying anyway whether it is a conspiracy or something from soul society it doesn’t change the fact that as a person with emotions Ichigo should feel the urge to maul Ginjo out of rage for all he was put through instead of listening to his nonsense

  10. I’m with you on the theory that Riruka is possessing Rukia. I also wonder whether Riruka will control Rukia the same way that Rukia controlled the doll she was trapped in. Also, I wonder if the weakness Tsukishima mentioned back in ch. 445 about breaking one of Riruka’s containers causes the contents to be ejected will apply to cutting Rukia to get Riruka out.

    So much for my theory that the Tsukishima/Byakuya is going to end badly for Byakuya. I expected that like in every other Bleach arc, Ichigo would have to deliver the final blow to save his friends. Still this might prove interesting. The reason I keep holding out hope for Bleach is that Kubo subverts the normal hero story. In normal hero stories, the hero and villain are created at nearly the same time and have personal link, whereas in Bleach, the battles have been going on for over 100 years and Ichigo just walks in at the end with no link to the villains.

    The one thing I’m still waiting on is Urahara’s sword giving out in Ichigo’s battle with Ginjo. At the end of Ch.448 and beginning of Ch.449, Rukia is meeting with Urahara and Isshin to prepare Ichigo’s new zanpakuto and mention is made of robbing Ichigo his future.

    Also during the Ichigo/Ginjo battle, I’m waiting for Ichigo to reconnect with his inner world. Back in the dream sequence Ichigo had at the start of Ch.425. If one of the voices is Ichigo’s hollow, than the other two must be his zanpakuto. Ichigo might turn out to be dual wielder, which I think is something rare and special in the Bleach universe as only Captain Ukitake and Captain Kyoraku currently possess that power.

    Being as the Fullbring absorbed Ichigo’s reiatsu, I wonder if something like in the 2nd movie, “The Diamond Dust Rebellion”, comes up where multiple people aren’t allowed to use the same zanpakuto. It would be kind of cool if Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit could reach out and pull all the Fullbrings’ powers back into Ichigo to repower Ichigo.

      1. Voices in 425 were confirmed to be Renji and Rukia in the anime.

        Thanks. I haven’t been watching the Japanese language version. I usually only catch the Bleach anime if it airs dubbed on Adult Swim. Still something in Ichigo’s inner world could be using Renji’s and Rukia’s voice for its (or their) own purpose. That’s my view until proved otherwise.

        Like I said, I’m waiting for Ichigo to reconnect with his inner world. If sparks are going to fly in this story, its going to be then, since I doubt Ichigo will be open minded enough (or smart enough or level headed enough) to process anything Ginjo will say about the Soul Society and how true or false said information is.

        Movie 2 is non-canon, so there’s no chance of that happening either./blockquote>

        Normally I would agree with you, but Bleach’s manga and anime have an odd relationship when it comes to filler. Normally the manga artist doesn’t or doesn’t seem to have input on the anime filler. Ashido is considered manga canon even though he only appears in the anime. So, whose to say what rules are or aren’t going to be used in the manga. That’s why I said it would be cool if Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirit could reach out and pull all the Fullbrings’ powers back.

      2. Ashido is considered canon because that arc was originally intended to be in the manga. Kubo had nothing to do with Movie 2, besides that special chapter that had nothing to do with the movie’s plot and was just fleshing out a character’s past.

        Anyway, I doubt a lot of the developments you speculated will come to pass. I guess we’ll see in the coming weeks.

  11. I’m most positively certain that the main antagonist is gonna end up being the Spirit King. Considering the fact that Aizen went through all of those lengths to gain godlike power to kill the Spirit King, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ginjou is trying to do the same. I have a feeling that Isshin Kurosaki is a former member of Squad Zero, and knows more about the Spirit King’s origins. If Kubo plays it right, he could perhaps end up portraying the Spirit King as mysterious, sinister, all powerful being that views humanity as expendable. The Spirit King is obviously the god of the series, so he could end up being an antagonist similar to Galactus from Marvel Comics, Cthulu from H.P. Lovecraft, hell even the Anti-Spiral from Gurren Lagann. In which case I suppose that the Spirit King will eventually grow sick of the human world, Soul Society, Hueco Mundo, and (possibly) Hell and seek to destroy everything. Aizen tried to oppose him since he wanted to become the new God of the universe, so it doesn’t mean that Aizen was good, it means that he’s evil yet has goals that conflict with another evil being more powerful than him. Squad Zero is said to be the ones who guard the Spirit King, but it could also mean that they are charged to protect the universe from the Spirit King. Squad Zero may end up being overpowered and enslaved by the King and may end up as other antagonists who follow the King’s bidding. Isshin could have possibly used Mugetsu against the King to seal him and thus lost his powers. Also, I can see Ginjo joining forces with Aizen and restoring his powers through Fullbring and create an uneasy alliance kinda like Madara and Kabuto. But they only want to kill the Spirit King so that they can enslave everyone, so it becomes a matter of who kills the Spirit King acquires his power and decides what to do with the universe, which is why Aizen won’t ally himself with Soul Society.


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