Ginjou reveals the much-anticipated “truth” after a little build up, and it’s nothing short of a conspiracy theory: apparently, Soul Society issued the shinigami badge to Ichigo only to monitor him and control his reiatsu. And of all people, Ukitake is the mastermind behind the plan. It’s implied that Ginjou is not lying though, especially with the bit in the beginning in which Urahara hints at the “truth”. At least, Isshin knows as well and has also been purposely keeping it from Ichigo. If what Ginjou said really was completely true though, it would be a serious breach of trust between Ichigo and the shinigami, but I wouldn’t go as far to say they are the “true enemy”. However, Soul Society’s actions are often quite unsavory, illogical or just plain wrong, and this would just add to its status as a very dysfunctional organization, nothing like what heaven should be. It’s just hard to imagine some of Ichigo’s closest friends keeping this from him, and I’m hoping they have a good reason for doing so. Ginjou’s choice to reveal this now is definitely questionable though, and it’s hard to tell whether Ichigo is devastated by the revelation or just furious. Either way, it seems the action will be kicking in again soon as Ichigo goes bankai, but surprisingly, I’m actually looking forward to seeing more explanation about this substitute shinigami stuff.


  1. so… Bleach has actually become the matrix… there’s a fanpic of that somewhere… I think this chapter was rather interesting, especially since it’s going to lead up to the long-awaited bankai

    Rise~N Seraphim
  2. I don’t see how this is wrong by any chance. At the time, Soul Society issued it, from an organization’s perspective, you have a talented individual and you don’t know how the person will turn out. They could be good or they could be evil and abuse their powers on innocent people. By implementing this system you can give people with potential a chance to prove themselves by constantly monitoring their actions and limit any possible misuse by restricting their reiatsu.

    1. Thank you for taking the words right out of my mouth.

      Soul Society has much more to consider than the feelings of one man. At the time, Ichigo was nothing more than an intruder, who not only wrecked half of Seireitei, but also had the unknown hollow side. It would be natural to want to limit the threat that Ichigo posed to Soul Society and the real world, with his uncontrolled powers. It is already amazing that they allowed him to live, much less serve on their behalf.

      So what if Ukitake did not tell him? He only had the best interests of everyone in mind.

      This is NOT a twist, just logic. If you think back, Urahara pulled the same thing on Ichigo, sending him in to save Rukia without telling him anything about Aizen or his part of the story. And Ichigo was fine with that afterward. If Ichigo suddenly decides to angst and complain now, then that is just inconsistent writing.

      1. EXACTLY. Regardless if it was via the shinigami badge or some other means (via Urahara, his father, who knows), I completely expected Soul Society to keep tabs on Ichigo and his powers. His relatively uncontrollable hollow transformations should have been reason enough to “research” him. So what if they gathered info on his reiatsu and suppressed it in the real world for him? He should thank them for not letting him grow horns and a mask at a moment’s notice (i.e. whenever he feels the inexplicable need to protect someone).

        I mean, they do the EXACT SAME THING to captains who visit the real world, or have we forgotten that already? Maybe his reiatsu needed to be suppressed, like a captain’s would, to protect the average joes of Karakura Town.

        If this is the only “revelation” the arc is going to provide, I will be seriously disappointed. Not only is it a completely unreasonable and uncharacteristic motive for Ichigo to have a falling out with Soul Society, it fails to add anything interesting to the overall plot line. I am seriously getting fed up with Bleach. This arc is even more anticlimactic than the endless Aizen battle. Seriously, when did this series become so cliche?

      2. I think that everyone also forgot the fact that it was Ichigo’s unchecked reiatsu that was causing more than normal amounts of hollow (including stronger than normal ones, ie grand fisher) to invade Karakura town.

      3. i couldn’t agree more with all of you… and i couldn’t help but feel confused when i read his so called “shocking” revelation. ichigo was more than a liability for soul society in the beginning. being simply monitored is pretty pathetic and in no way stirs a strong negative reaction

        and how do you position this revelation as a plot device when he has the respect and support of the highest ranking members in soul society. byakuya literally killed his mentor of sorts tsukishima(sp) cuz he was an enemy of ichigo last week

        that man has tried to kill ichigo on two separate occasions in the past. now he revers him as a friend. those types of bonds aren’t taken lightly

    2. Not to mention they gave control of the badge (and Ichigo’s reiatsu) to the kindest, most benevolent, and sanest captain in Soul Society. The fact that Ukitake had control over Ichigo’s reiatsu just shows that SS never meant any harm to Ichigo in the first place.

      If the control was given to Kurotsuchi, then that would be a different story.

  3. I’d say that however this Fullbring Arc will be resolved will either make it or break it for me. If the revelation of this new “truth” still pushes Ichigo to simply swat down Ginjou like he was nothing and decides to deal with said “truth” for later on (like for the next last arc), then I’d actually feel iffy towards Kubo.

    Basically, if the whole point of this Fullbring Arc was to just get Ichigo to find out about this “truth” and nothing more (the regaining-my-powers-back was already a given anyway), then I’d be disappointed if this is it for Ginjou and he doesn’t get developed as a proper villain for later. =/

    I just hope that Kubo is actually willing to work outside his comfort zone and try something new rather than go typical Shonen route (I feel as if we’re at that point where he can either make his story more interesting or just stay the same). Now admittedly this new “truth” surprisingly feels more believable than anything Aizen ever planned “from the beginnning” so points for Kubo on that

      1. But yeah exactly, which is why Kubo needs to flesh out Ginjou more. If Ichigo simply takes him down here and now, then whole arc would’ve felt like a sorry excuse for Ichigo to learn these new “revelations” as opposed to actually developing his character by presenting a moral conflict.

  4. i think it’s pretty reasonable for soul society to give ichigo the badge tho whether he is beneficial to soul society or not, it is reasonable for the organization to monitor him
    as for suppressing his reiatsu, i feel that is definitely necessary coz they can’t have ichigo’s reiatsu go on rampage whenever he is angry
    i have always thought soul society’s actions are quite reasonable although sometimes lack morals as it is in this case it’s trust issue but sometimes it is need to maintain the whole system

    really looking forward to see ichigo’s new bankai

  5. Oh yeah, tracking my movements and keeping my crazy protagonist powers under control is waaaaaaay worse than MANIPULATING ME AND MY FRIENDS, TURNING THEM AGAINST ME, TAKING MY POWERS AND JUST BEING A CLICHE BASTARD.

    That said, I am a little interested in the new bankai. As long as it wraps this arc up quick.


  6. To be honest I think ichigo shouldn’t be angry. If he does, that would be… Kind of unreasonable. Soul society was just being really careful and trying to monitor people like Ichigo, and isn’t that actually really part of their job?
    Besides that, it is unlike they are really forcing Ichigo to fight alongside them. Ichigo himself is the type of person who would do anything to save his friends. All the fights he went through, didn’t he do that voluntarily?

  7. Its not just supressing his reiatsu, its analyzing it to determine its weaknesses in case he ever rebelled. Its a severe breach of trust.

    As an example, i’m not so sure that many people will be saying “oh thats fine” if the companies they worked for made them carry 24/7 a company issued handphone that acted as a evesdropping device and gave you a painless (and undetectable) injection of nanobots that they could use to give you wracking pain when/if you ever disobeyed a major directive. All the while not telling the employee all this beforehand. Your closest collegues all know about it too but they never told you (and they don’t have the evesdropping device nor nanobots either).

    The company would no doubt tell you stuff like “don’t worry, we won’t make activate the nanobots unless you do something ‘bad'” and “oh its just to ensure we know where you are and who you’re associating with to ensure the company’s trade secrets aren’t revealed”. From the company’s point of view these are perfectly reasonable measures to protect its interests (kind of like QB)

    Zaku Fan
    1. When you know how gotei 13 works, seeing what Aizen did, or seeing how shinigamis are not exactly the sacred saints who will save those poor human souls, something like that is expected and can be considered obvious to do. Is not a good reason to hate gotei 13.

      But if they are tracking Ichigo for some other reason like experiments like Aizen and Urahara did, that’s another different thing, but now we know nothing more. At first sight after this revelation, Ginjo is a pussy and Ichigo will be too if he reacts like Ginjo.

      1. Like i said
        “From the company’s point of view these are perfectly reasonable measures to protect its interests”

        However this assumes the employee’s views are worthless and they are pretty much cattle (QB again) or slaves.

        I would be very surprised if anyone who was treated to the example i used only felt “a little upset”. I would also be very very surprised if said person was fully accepting of the things done behind the employee’s back, if it was explained to him/her that “it was just to ensure the company’s interest was looked after”.

        Personally i would expect the employee to move whatever thunder and lightning they could. It might be possible if the employee was as human as QB or Ichigo decided to go the Spock route

        Zaku Fan
    2. Either that, or Ukitake is actually Sosuke Aizen’s minion in disguise! He was a good guy, then he turns evil. Kind of like Aizen, right? Either that, or I’m completly wrong, and Soul Society really is on Ichigo’s side.

  8. Ichigo should not align himself with Ginjou and attack Ukitake just yet. The problem is, Ginjou said everyone in the Goeti 13 knows about this secret. That means shinigami like Rukia, renji etc knew what Ukitake was doing, and to be fair, Ichigo powers grew very strong in a short amount of time so it would make sense fo Ukitake to observe him.

    However, we still cannot rule out Ginjou comments. Ukitake has been suspisious in the past since when Kaien was killed, and that criptic message he spoke with Aizen when he Gin and Tousen left the soul society. He was also the one who sent Rukia to the human world as well and gave Ichigo his shinigame badge.

    Im going to assume that Ginjou will say that Ukitake has been giving info to Aizen – although we still need to find the link between Ginjou and Isshin. That’s pretty much the whole point of this arc.

    1. I have the feeling that Ginjou’s revelation is just the beginning. Since its going to expose who exactly is Isshin (no run of the mill afro shinigami) who has used and recovered from a final zanpakuto techinique and his real reason for being Ichigo’s “dad”.

      This revelation will tie into Hichigo, whose presence and words have never been truly explained and whenever Ichigo has taken his full hollow form, has been capable of immense power but never Hichigo’s brains. Isshin is his jailor but probably has really accepted him as his son over the years

      My own guess is that Ichigo is a sort of prison/gigai/reincarnated Hichigo and Orihime ties in with this somehow. Her power has never been explained either other than a simple line of how her power is similar to Hichigen who originated from the Kido corps

      Zaku Fan
      1. Explaination of Hichigo: Ichi is a Vizored.

        Reason he never has not sane while in Hollow form: Hichigo just wants to destroy, as do all hollows. The only reason he talks to Ichigo is to get him to doubt himself and take over.

      2. Hichigo was already there well before any references to the existance of the Vizored. Also prior to pre-shinigami Ichigo had no inkling that Hichigo existed. Another thing to note, full hollow Ichigo did not harm Orihime at all even though she was actually closest to him, something that a being bent only on destruction would not do.

        Personally, from the trailing clues from way back in the early parts of the series, i believe Kubo already had a general idea on the final ending of the series but kept putting it off to make a steady income, inserting detours and other stuff to extend the series lifespan. It seems from the current flow, some of the old clues are beginning to be tied up, perhaps signalling we are near (as near a slow series that has only a few pages a month can be) the ending of the manga

        Zaku Fan
  9. Why does this remind me so much of the Aizen arc? You have the nice looking captain who suddenly turns out to be the new ubervillain. So the one question is will Ukitake instead of getting rid of his glasses start wearing glasses to become a badass?

  10. That badge is actually the best thing that ever happens to Ichigo’s life. Think about it, he said it that he wanted a peaceful life and this whole dealing with ghosts schtick was actually annoying him slightly. Had he been given the badge, which utterly suppresses his reiatsu while in his human body, he would not have attracted hollows with his massive reiatsu leaks, his house would not have been attacked and the whole shebang would not have happened.

  11. The manga has become so drawn out it’s boring.
    Though I still read it along with naruto.
    I’m having a hard time keeping interest in naruto…

    I haven’t watched bleach anime in so long.
    In over a year, probably 2 years actually.
    The last movie sucked too :(.

  12. Though I can understand why Ichigo would feel a little upset, since it’s almost like betrayal. But I don’t see the reason why he gets so furious over it. Like what other people said, it’s not surprising that Soul Society would do such a thing. I hope there’s more to this “truth” than what it really is.

  13. I really expect the author gives a good reason behind ginjo’s plan in the next chapter because the “they are bad because they want to control you” reason is the lamest thing I have seen in this series so far.

    Let’s see, a little human becames a shinigami representative for the gotei 13 and this little human doesn’t expect the gotei 13 will keep an eye on him? Ginjo really didn’t consider that it’s OBVIOUS they want their little shinigami helper tracked and controlled?


    Lame and pussy. I really hope author fixes this.

  14. Something about this whole revelation seems too convoluted. I see this as ginjou trying to save his ass from certain death and if what he says holds some truth i can understand the soul society’s reasoning. Captains and other high level shinigami have limiters on when they are in the human world so that they don’t distort the place with their spiritual pressure so why not have one for ichigo and the whole thing about not telling him was for his own good cause he would have destroyed it at some point to fight a powerful enemy. I would more point my finger at captain commander as the culprit and call ukitake the messenger.

    Hell Disciple
  15. Actually I can’t see anything strange about monitoring Ichigo’s actions and blocking his reiatsu. Like c’mon man, he defeated nearly all of the captains and was fighting Aizen 1 on 1 and cut him in two! You should be a complete idiot to let such a person to walk freely and let him do what he wants. So all this “truth” seems too obvious to really shock someone.
    Kubo should stop makin villains from captains and try something new already. Aizen was quite enough.

  16. I’m losing hope in Bleach since the end of the Aizen arc because that’s what’s Bleach was all about. Aizen becoming the bad guy and Seireitei fighting him and winning.

    Now the fullbringer arc.. i cant find it intresting in any kind of way.

    1. You gotta at least give Kubo a chance to build up a new villain and get the main character back into the picture, what, did you want ichigo to have his powers back on chapter 1 of this arc and have some random ass antagonist appear like in the bleach movies? <.<

  17. I think bleach has actually been stepping it up lately, like its actually picking up lol
    But in this last chapter i understand that yes, everybody kept a “big” secret from him about his powers being supressed and gauged, but i dont understand how that makes the Ukitake an “ENEMY”. As mentioned before, the captains and vice-captains alike all have their powers supressed on ‘earth’ as well, however he(ichigo) was merely just deceived for his own good, but besides that there’s really no need to make him an “ENEMY”. Just my thought….obviously there’s prob. more to it( i hope)….

  18. I think Kubo has been reading Bakuman. This whole “twist” seems like Ashirogi’s new technique to make up a long standing storyline by linking past events that happen to coincide.

    The “revelation” was weak. I had the same opinion as Ichigo. Shut up, Ginjo!

    1. Haha, a standalone that’s not a standalone. I got that feeling too, but I think that it’s technique used by actual mangaka. I’m pretty sure something like that did not originate from Bakuman, but kudos to Bakuman for actually educating me about it.

  19. The revelation was rather interesting, although it makes sense that Soul Society would moniter Ichigo after destroying half of Sereitei, shattering Soukyokou, etc…

    I really hope Ichigo rebels against Soul Society after this (though it clearly won’t happen). Would it be stupid? Yes. Would it contradict Ichigo’s personality? Yes. But it would be SO.MUCH.FUN! Most likely more so than whatever Kubo has planned, anyway.

  20. Hmm, supposedly everyone knows about the true meaning of the badge right? Then the Afro guy should have recognized it regardless of what it meant.

    It’d make sense if the Afro guy was some gag character who doesn’t know anything he’s supposed to. (Which was most likely his original use.) But Afro guy can’t be used as an example for justification at the same time. If the Afro guy really is just some nameless, nobody who doesn’t know what he’s supposed to… then why is it shocking that he’s never heard of the badge at all?

    It’s intended to be surprising that everyone knows about the badge… and at the same it’s surprising that Afro guy doesn’t know about the badge?

    That’s Bleach for you I guess.

  21. UKITAKE WHY. just kidding. Anyway, Ichigo is fully aware that the soul society has good intentions for that, it’s really no different from how Urahara didn’t told Ichigo about Rukia and his little secret orb thingy.

    Though that still doesn’t explain why Ginjo rebelled or how he is the first soul reaper deputy in history. Anyway, for a sec, I thought Ginjo was going to say Soul King, but I was wrong.

  22. Ichigo is a rash guy, and loves to take things his way. Just hoped he’s more determined to shut Ginjo up than to vent his anger on him. Well either way Ginjo would just die…

    SS is NOT bad, you know. It’s no wonder the Spirit King rarely appears, and even things managed in SS are controlled by the shinigamis themselves. Let’s see what next chapter says, before anyone before me just scolded Ukitake or SS for anything. Seriously, you guys think it’s wrong?

    P.S.: I already found out what the badge intention was when Ginjo started mentioning about it…

  23. I really hope that there is more to this “revelation” than that. While I think it’s a good start, not only is it not enough to turn on them cause they are monitoring Ichigo….it’s just not in Ichigo’s character to do something like that. Sure he’s rash like your average shounen hero, but to turn on his friends? He’s no anti hero. IMO This kind of explains why they didn’t want Ichigo do enter Hueco Mundo in the first place, cause it’s supposed to affect your hollow powers like it did for Sato. (Hope i’m not giving Kubo to much credit :P)

  24. I’m also interested to see them talk about the “Zero Squad” I believe is what they refered to it as, and the King of SS. But that’s probably something Kubo has in store for the “10 more years of Bleach” (Paraphrasing) Kubo mentioned. 😛

  25. Next week it’ll turn out Soul Society are the bad guys and Aizen was the good guy all along! Him losing was all part of his plan to reveal the truth to Ichigo so he can join him!


  26. i wonder if ginjou is capable of doing bankai as well or has a hollow side since he supposedly copied and pasted ichigo’s abilities. I think this whole revelation is pretty solid. Kubo is writing this manga for young adults not logical thinkers that analyze everything like we do. The ‘truth’ was ginjou’s ploy to either shake ichigo up or rally him to Excution’s side (which i doubt since Ginjou did try to kill him before the others arrived.) I guess the Fullbring Arc six more chapters then we move on to the zero squad.

  27. HOLY SHIT!!!! I just realized this, while i kno a lot of ppl have thought about it before, but look at the substitute shinigami badge. It has a skull on it. I think that this is given to those that have a hollow inside of them. Think about it, skulls in this show are only referenced with hollows, not shinigami. This goes along with what was revealed in this chapter too.

    Also why was none of the other humans giving a badge, even though they only have human dna, their powers could of raged out of control even though its not as powerful. But a hollow is a lot more powerful. I find it strange that after the soul society arc, ichigo was let go even though he has a hollow inside of him. Also, the only time that was shown ichigo with the hollow was when fighting byakuya. Byakuya is smart and probably could have identified it, and also witnessed first hand how ichigo reishi increased dramatically compared to his given power level.

    So what do u guys think about the whole hollow on the badge thing?

    Also if this is right, than ginjo also has a hollow, which u kno hes gonnna have no matter what!!

  28. Scratch what I said last week, this got interesting this week.

    First off, ever since Isshin appeared during the final battle with Aizen, I have always wondered why he never released zanpakuto. Also, after Isshin was battled the Grand Fisher and talked with Urahara, there was mention made of Isshin not taking his shinigami form for 20 years. Maybe Kubo, with the latest “useless” hint, will give us a clue as to Isshin’s true nature.

    Now as for the combat badge revelation. That minor mystery has been hanging around since ch. 182 and I personally never expected Uryu’s questions to be answered. If the way Ginjo explained the badge is accurate (and I understood the explanation correctly), then that shoots my ‘dream equals inner world’ theory in the foot, because the voices Ichigo was hearing weren’t from his inner world, but feedback from his reiatsu picking up conversations his observers were having on the other end.

    Now, as to the Ukitake revelation. That is not so clear. There are six ways I can think of taking Ukitake’s action.

    1. Ukitake came up on his own with a benevolent way to keep track of powerful humans who obtained shinigami powers. Malevolent forces within the Soul Society may be using his general captain reports on this method to further their own corrupt ends.

    2. Ukitake was advised by someone else of a benevolent way to keep track of powerful humans who obtained shinigami powers. Malevolent forces within the Soul Society may be using his reports to said person to further their own corrupt ends.

    3. Ukitake was advised by malevolent forces within the Soul Society of a benevolent way to keep track of powerful humans who obtained shinigami powers. Ukitake believes he is helping maintain the health of the Soul Society, while said malevolent forces are using his direct reports to further their own corrupt ends.

    4. Ukitake was advised by someone else of a malevolent way to keep track of powerful humans who obtained shinigami powers. Ukitake is as much about spiritual purity as all other shinigami and anything to keep humans under the Soul King’s power. Ukitake doesn’t know about corruption within the Soul Society or that he is a puppet of it.

    5. Ukitake was advised by someone else of a malevolent way to keep track of powerful humans who obtained shinigami powers. Ukitake is as much about spiritual purity as all other shinigami and anything to keep humans under the Soul King’s power. Ukitake is in on the corrupt acts with the other malevolent forces and is a lower echelon member of this group.

    6. Ukitake came up on his own with a malevolent way to keep track of powerful humans who obtained shinigami powers. Ukitake is the main bad guy, end of story.

    Now you may have noticed that I assume there is already corruption within the Soul Society. I look no further than Urahara for that proof. Urahara was accused of hollowfication experiments and yet when Ichigo meets him in the living world, he has been in the living world for 100 years and is currently openly running a general store with black market dealing in the back of said store (a.k.a. how else would he have a dangerous experiment like Kon just lying around in storage). Think about it, if someone or some group that was both powerful and corrupt wasn’t protecting Urahara, wouldn’t Central 46 have already sent punishment squad agents to collect him. The Soul Society has no problem committing mass genocide against the Quincy for their alleged acts of impurity, yet can’t catch and bring to justice one shinigami sitting out in the open for his alleged acts of impurity.

    How Ginjo found out about the combat badge and Captain Ukitake is also important. There are three I can come up with Ginjo finding out the truth.

    1. Ginjo stumbled on this by accident. Ginjo got some reiatsu feedback and tracked it to the guys on the other end observing him. Ginjo, upon learning the truth, went rogue.

    2. Ginjo was told by a benevolent member of the Soul Society. Just because the whole Soul Society knows about the combat badge, doesn’t automatically mean they agree with it. Ginjo, upon learning the truth, went rogue.

    3. Ginjo was told by a rogue malevolent member of the Soul Society (a.k.a Aizen or Gin). Someone with their own corrupt plans for the Soul Society saw an opening to make a diversion for the main bad guys and took it. Ginjo, upon learning the truth, went rogue just as said rogue malevolent member planned.

    This week opened up a lot of possibilities for the Bleach storyline. We will have to wait until next week to see how Ichigo handles it. As I stated last week, I doubt Ichigo will be open minded enough (or smart enough or level headed enough) to process anything Ginjo will say about the Soul Society and how true or false said information is.

  29. For better or worse, this arc has finally become more interesting. I look forward to next week’s chapter to find out how negative kubo will spin the situation with ichigo’s monitoring as I’m seeing that as more of a logical thing.

  30. this chapter makes you realy think like for ex: Ichigo’s family are they realy family? Aizen said he was watching and Ginjo asked if he realy knew his family(dont know what Ginjo realy said)and Ichigo’s friends WTH they’re part of this shenanigans? idk but what ever happens in the next few chapters we all are not gonna like it one way or another beside the fights of course.

  31. So how is it a bad thing that the badge restricts Ichigo’s reiatsu when he is human? That just means that less hollows will be attracted to him. So what if they lied about its purpose, did it kill him, was he ever in danger? No! So screw of Ginjou

    I swear to god if Ginjou has acquired his Bankai I’m calling bullshit!


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