Ichigo’s new bankai form is awesome, with what seems to be a longer, toothed zanpakutou and some modifications to his clothing. There’s no real reason why he needs a new form other than to revitalize the manga, but it could also be explained by the fact that a bunch of the captains contributed reiatsu to restore his powers. The power from his release alone is apparently able to crack open Yukio’s dimensional space, and I’m looking foward to seeing it in action, whether or not there are any functional differences.

Things don’t just stop there of course: Ichigo complements his makeover with a badass attitude as well, the kind of stuff that draws us (or at least me) into reading shounen. In response to Ginjou’s revelation of the “truth” and attempts at trolling, Ichigo simply tells him to shut up and explains that he actually already knew that his substitute shinigami pass did not work as stated. But evidently there’s another layer to the “truth” that Ichigo figured out — that Ukitake meant for him to find out about everything. I don’t think this pardons Soul Society from wrongdoings like “invasion of privacy” or “lack of informed consent”, but if Ichigo holds no ill will then I don’t think its an issue. In the end, he chooses power anyway, and it is a deal that I would probably take as well. After that is cleared up, we get the standard “I will protect my friends” speech before the excitement kicks up another notch as they get ready to fight again, with Ginjou also releasing his bankai. Unfortunately his release is way less awesome than Ichigo’s, and looks something like a botched arrancar crossed with a skeleton in tights. We still don’t know much about his motives or back-story either, but I’m sure there will be plenty of that after he gets his ass kicked.


  1. I have only 3 problems with bleach right now…
    1 – with the over-usable of single-panel double spread, the chapter felt too short
    2 – the manga feels more like a colouring book than a shounen manga
    3 – the chapter felt 30-seconds long recently, both reading-wise, and passage of time during a chapter.

    Finished with the rant, sorry if it annoyed anyone. I wish there had been a point to the previous chapter, it almost felt like the revelation wasn’t well received, so KB decided to have Ichigo ignore it, and troll Ginjou. Also, do Fullbrings have bankai? or is he an actual shinigami?

    1. Bleach has loooooong been suffering from having less than 5 minutes of actual time progression per chapter, indeed the manga feels more like an artbook nowadays than an actual story.

      The lack of time progression also explains why the anime needs seasons of seasons of filler, when just 1 episode can cover an entire month’s worth of manga releases.

      1. I don’t think the anime’s issue with filler is in response to Kubo’s coloring-book style, but is a result of the anime just catching up. We can see this with Naruto Shippuden, where the dialogue-chocked chapters don’t seem to affect the massive amount of filler.

        WaterDragonMan(I think)
    2. Its very obvious that Kubo is MMIILLKKIINNGG it for all he is worth. Stretching it out big time. Just big giant panels that have next to nothing in them (substance wise). His storytelling is awful. When an arc is done he leaves behind many unanswered questions and he never looks back to address them.

      For example look at the last arc, Ichigo was willing to give his life to keep Nell safe and BOOM its like she never existed. Ichigo never says “I wonder what Nell is doing?” Also the business with his father and him being a former officer of SS. Whatever happened to that? Of course it will be explained “someday” even tho the arc finished months ago.

      The best thing Kubo did was creating a world filled with unusual and amazing characters like Yorichi, Kenpachi, Matsumoto, and the other officers. Since the end of the SS arc its been kinda downhill ever since with some nice arcs but they dragged them out way too long and killed the arcs.

    3. Bleach is a collection of half faces, side profile, mouth, nose, eyes and lastly, stop motion action.

      Akira Toriyama would face palm and jump off a building from boredom of the supposed “action”.

  2. I kind of hope that Ichigo’s new bankai form comes with some new abilities. Just like Super Saiyan 1, his original bankai has gotten more and more useless over time. This seems like the perfect time for that natural shonen manga progression to the next level.

  3. Im glad raw power has prevailed over the “special unique” powers so completely. Now all we need is for Bleach to bring back a good old Kenpachi vs “Similar simple minded character” battles! Preferably with Ichigo to test out the new level of his strength, because I doubt Ginjou is going to be up to the challenge.

  4. WHY SO SLEEPY??? Zzzzzzzz ZZzzzzzzzzz. ZZzzzzzzzz ZZzzzzzzzz. ZZzzzzzzzz “yes that was a period after that last snore….go figure” it aint ur fault proof, ur working with Trash. can we get some WEAPON on WEAPON ACTION, and move on from kubos attempt at a plot??…please?

    BROOKLYN otaku
  5. So four captains couldn’t kill that dimensional space and Ichigo did it just by yelling Bankai? Well that pretty OP even for Bleach.

    It’s pretty cheap that Ginjou develops a Bankai just because he stole Ichigo’s power. I wonder what happened to his zanpaktou though.

  6. I feel bad for whoever that makes the bleach games,If bleach continues for another 10 years then the amount of costumes they would need to design for ichigo would be quite big.

    We already have:
    Rukia format (the sword with a hilt)
    Shikai format (the butcher knife)
    Bankai format No1 ( Him with his first bankai release)
    Hollow format No1 ( him with longer hair, a tail and the standard hollow hole)
    Vizard format ( Ichigo with his hollow mask but human body)
    Hollow format No2 ( Ichigo with his Horns and arrancar body)
    Evil format ( him being black and white with yellow eyes)
    Final getsuga format (him with longer hair and shit load of physical power)
    Fullbring Format
    Fullbring bankai format

    Just to chuck in some standard miscellaneous:

    School uniform format
    Beach format
    Naked format
    ripped shinigami robe format

    1. You forgot

      Half-masked Hollow format
      Vizard Verion 2 format (Double stripe mask Ichigo)
      Pre-Final Getsuga format (The long hair sword stuck to hand Ichigo)
      Hell Ichigo format

      Azul Flamed Samurai
  7. Ichigo should come up with a new move too. I mean listening to him say gestuga tensho for over a decade or so can become old. But don’t get me wrong, it’s exciting when character development kicks into the plot.

  8. Interestingly, like Rukia said, the captains should be able to take down the cube but seemed to be waiting for something. I’m guessing they were waiting for Ichigo’s decision. This number of captains does seem to be like overkill unless Souol Society had no idea how strong a full bringer was, Ginjo is way stronger than expected or (more likely) the captains are there as insurance in case Ichigo really joins Ginjo.

    I would agree that Ukitake is smarter than Ichigo so perhaps the explaination of him giving Ichigo a choice might be true. I’m not sure if he can exit his body without Rukia’s glove or his badge when he first got the subsitute badge(he definitely couldn’t when Rukia was weak but he climbed up a lot powerwise from then) so perhaps the choice could be to forever be unable to use his spirit form as no one would release him from his body.

    Zaku Fan
  9. Show yourself, Vasto Lorde, as none of the Espada were this class apparently. Show yourself Zero Squad, Show yourself papa ichigo’s backstory, show yourself soul king, lets prey what was said about the soul king at the end of aizen’s time isnt forgotten.

  10. I really hope Ginjou in the future reveals some super horrible truth, but this isn’t likely. This is more like a transitional arc to show how much everyone got stronger for upcoming battles to come.

    I also found it funny that the next chapter after, everyone all believed in Ichigo and that he would be the one to take down Ginjou.

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