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With the end of the fall semester comes the beginning of a budding unrequited love! As I’ve said many times before, Chizuru’s flamboyant attitude may be his biggest pitfall. While it may add a bit of humor and variety to all the little pranks he pulls off with Yuuki, I’m pretty sure that it may be undermining any of his attempts at trying to get closer with Mary Masaki.

When I first said that Chizuru might have feelings for Masaki, it was almost an afterthought, just something that I thought would be interesting to think about. But after watching his jealously for the relationship Shun and Masaki share grow to the point that he nearly admits how he feels about her, it excites me to think about what implications this could bring in the future. As unlikely as it might be, I for one would love to see the whole group dynamic get thrown for a loop should Chizuru choose to follow his hormonal instincts.

And should that group dynamic get thrown for a loop, I bet that it’d be the perfect outlet for side characters like Shizuna and Hisako to get more screen time! Honestly, Kimi to Boku has had some of the most interesting side characters this season and I would not mind getting to see more of them. From Kaname’s overly loving mom Youko; to the socially awkward, Yuuki idolizing Ryunosuke; there’s quite a range of personalities to pick from.

That said, I could be completely wrong and we may not even see them for the remainder of the season. But I still have faith that there’s a lot good material left for this show to cover. Judging from the previews for next week’s episode, I honestly have no idea what’ll happen. But is it me, or could that last person in the preview be Yuuki and Yuuta’s mom?




  1. I want more screen time for Shizuna and Hisako as well 😀
    It is so true when you say Kimi to Boku has such interesting side characters!

    Also ever since the fireworks episode I knew Tachibana’s feelings would grow even stronger and be the focus once again. I would like to know where it would lead to even though Mary is already in love with his friend XD

  2. Show Spoiler ▼

    their mom. That was a great arc as well though.

    Incidentally, arcs like this one, the one with Yuta’s little love story, and the next one all make me very aware that these “boys” are written by a women. The very reason Marmalade boy ended up with the switched sexes. (Natsume also has this going on)

    Of course, these are some of my favorite manga along with “Mashiro no Oto” and “Massugu ni Ikou”….wait…

  3. I wonder if Chizuru & Shun could get into an argument as Shun doesn’t seem to like Masaki chan that way, for now at least…
    My fav side characters has to be the girl Kaname likes and her sis ( Yeah they’re my favorites and yet I can’t remember their names…). I wanna know if she’s so kind to Kanamegane because she likes him too or think of him as a little bro.

    1. I was thinking about that as well. Since Shun seems totally clueless about these things that is going on I think if anyone were to start an argument it would be Chizuru, but seeing how much he is in pain right now I think right now he is just accepting how Mary likes Shun because Shun is his friend.

      And yeah, so hard to remember side character’s name XD I like the little sister. LOL we also have a love triangle going on here his Kaname and he big sister.


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