It’s too bad Ichigo and Ginjou don’t fight much in this chapter, since I’m sure that’s what we all really wanted to see. All signs are pointing to a pretty cool battle though, especially now that Ginjou reveals he has some hollow powers as well (mask against mask would be awesome). His release does seem a lot more hollow/Aizen and much less shinigami already though, and he’s also got the inverted eyes like Ichigo’s hollow. It takes a while, but they finally wrap up their pre-battle showdown and clash together in an epic ball of energy.

Other than that though, the majority of the stuff here was explanation, from the Gotei 13’s point of view. It’s all very ideological, but I guess this does explain most of Soul Society’s actions. Initially, they did intend to kill off Ichigo, but after Rukia came into contact with him and Ichigo became intimately involved with the affairs of Soul Society, SS itself “changed”. Now, they decide to share power with him, let him figure out the truth, and decide for himself. I don’t really see how “all of Soul Society’s unwavering rigidity” were completely turned around, given that the Central 46 is still around and still completely full of themselves, but at least the captains are acknowledging all the things that Ichigo has done for them. Still though, it feels that Soul Society has a tendency to kill off liabilities without much thought rather than protect people.

Ginjou on the other hand didn’t seem to have the same goodwill shown towards him, as he is pretty mad at Soul Society and out to get revenge. I think he wants to have Ichigo as an ally since they were somewhat in the same boat, but certainly attacking his friends and stealing his powers wasn’t the way to do it, and what he did just didn’t make sense. His defeat is pretty much guaranteed already, so the only thing left is to hope that he goes down spectacularly.

Note: I realize I’m way behind on the anime again (due to finals), but hopefully I can get the posts out soon now that I’m free.


  1. I feel bad for Ginjou, he was actually a decent bad guy and his motives/actions are more believably than the “just as planned” stuff Aizen was pulling all throughout the series.

    I just hope he lasts longer though, it’d be shame if now he’ll just get swatted down.

  2. I hope you did very well on those finals. A person like me has to WORK TILL I’M 3/4’TH DEAD, for any hopes of just surviving in those annoying things.

    Anyway, on the interesting note, Byakuya is telling everyone to “go back” when they were likely sent to not only give Ichigo’s powers back, but also to possibly arrest or execute Ginjo. Byakuya notes that Ichigo is a very lenient person who doesn’t take someone’s life so casually. Like Naruto, to anyone who reads that manga, Ichigo also has a knack for changing people. So I take it, much like Byakuya and others, Ichigo may “change” Ginjo.

    I am interested what the hell was Ginjo’s plan to begin with. No matter how you look at it, it was a fail. And Kubo now needs to get a new antagonist.

    I am also interested if Ichigo got a little stronger since the “King Bradly” and Jackie died. If I am guessing right on the Fullbring logic. If they died, their stolen powers return to Ichigo. Not to mention if Ichigo would get his powers back from Ginjo and Yukio, which I am wondering where he is.

    I am going to wonder if Ichigo would master his Fullbring, to the extent of sharing it with people like how Ginjo did. If so, I hope that Ririka would keep her upgrade. Then Ichigo may share his powers to all the girls in his harem. I am going to make a prediction that Ichigo will have at least 15 girls in his harem, dubbed “Ichigo’s 15 Angels.”

  3. I felt as if Ginjo and Ichigo’s fight represented too much of Grimmjow and Ichigo’s fight. Ginjo’s thought-dialogue resembles Grimmjow’s thought-dialogue from when he fought Ichigo in Hueco Mundo. Ahh, even if Kubo is rehashing old ideas, and character personalities, the fight still looks promising. After all, that’s all Kubo’s good for nowadays; cliche, but badass fights. Don’t expect anything thought-provoking, though.

  4. You could argue that Soul Society does protect the people. It sounds cold, and indeed it is but responsibilities of what Soul Society has to deal with are pretty serious: giant energy spewing monsters called Hollows and potential insurrections like Aizen. One could see how Soul Society may favor the more expedient option in dealing with internal affairs.

    Killing off the liability from 1 guy or a small group could be seen as a small sacrifice for protecting a hundred or so people they could jepaordize.

  5. Meh, despite what everyone says I actually still like Ginjou and don’t want him to go away that easily. I hope he, Riruka and Yukio will become regular sub characters.

    Also it’s nice to see how much Rukia has faith in Ichigo, as well as Ichigo having faith in the Shinigamis and Soul Society. It seems like the Captains are leaving but I hope at least Rukia (and maybe Renji) will stay. I want Bleach to be back like how it was when it was good.

  6. I don’t think it’s over with a slash as everyone has agreed on. If it was, then we’d be treated to the “If we only met earlier, we might have been friends” manga/anime reflection moments before death by massive blood loss. Always happens with these two-sides-of-the-same-coin characters.

  7. Dear Bleach:
    thank you for being so terrible lately, it makes it both possible and cathartic to give up on the series now. Nostalgia for the Soul Society arc can only go so long, and now you are nothing more than pretty pictures. in closing, good bye.

  8. I don’t think people should be complaining just yet. Recent chapter actually shows that Kubo somehow knows not to drag this one and it seems like he TRYING to actually give Ginjou some decent development among the Fullbringers.

  9. I dont understand where kubo tite is trying to get us, i mean yeah okay ginjo is a actually a victim of the circustances and bla bla, but so.. what is next?, i hope there’s a true badass boss hiding somewhere, it’s about time.


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