As it turns out, Ginjou isn’t really a match for Ichigo any more than the other fullbringers were to the shinigami they fought. It’s a flashy fight and they exchange a few blows, but Ichigo quickly cuts down Ginjou, which is rather surprising actually since Ginjou is no mere human full-bringer — he is shinigami and hollow as well. Things take strange turn though as a severely injured Tsukishima attacks Ichigo from behind,and is intercepted by Rukia, who in turn is intercepted by Riruka. And yes, Riruka has been hiding in Rukia all this time (I guess she thought Rukia was cute). Riruka ends up taking a slash to the chest, but Tsukishima seems a whole lot more concerned about Ginjou. This is where it became a little confusing: it seems that Ginjou was the one who “saved” all the fullbringers and brought everyone together while he was a shinigami, but now by defeating Ginjou, Ichigo has apparently “saved” him in turn. And since Bleach will always be Bleach, we’ve just about reached the right time for the flashbacks and sob stories to kick in and for the bad guys to explain exactly why they are so bad.

In general though, barely anything happened in this chapter; Bleach progression in the manga has always been sluggish, and I can’t help but feel that things would be more interesting if we read several chapters at once, rather than one per week.


  1. LOL everyone thinks Rukia is cute ^_^

    I quite liked this chapter. Things took a nice turn and I can now definitely see Riruka as a potential regular character in the future of Bleach.

    And Ginjou looks WAAAAAY better in his Shinigami outfit than the FB outfit he is now wearing lol

  2. I can tell that Ginjo told Ichigo that Tsukishima “died” to save him, giving him a chance to run away without being hunted by Ichigo.

    Anyway, it was also interesting that Tsukishima, a much weaker version of Aizen, was showing some OOC responses. His scream was really out of character there.

  3. I guess Byakuya showed some mercy in his fight. I bet he would be regretful for doing so since it could have led to Tsukishima hurting Rukia. Why didn’t Renji do anything to help?

    1. The way I interpreted that “different slash” thing was just a more dramatic way to say normal slash. His memory-changing slash does no physical damage, but if he turns his power off it becomes a normal sword.

      Doubt that she would die though. People in Bleach don’t die even if their heart is stabbed, and Ichigo needs more girls for his harem.

      1. I agree with you… Ichigo would like to add Riruka on his harem… and then they make an arc or movie where Riruka is kidnapped, and then Ichigo will save her just like the other two girls! what a lucky guy.

    1. It would be so much better if it was. If the Shinigami guy = Ichigo’s dad and little kid = Ginjou (I could only dream). This whole arc could just be used as a transition into the past of Ichigo’s dad. *sigh* Oh well though….

    1. Bleach’s ranking gives me a headache. It will jump from mid level, to bottom 2/3 every other week. If this was a new manga though, These rankings would have gotten cancelled so fast.

      1. Um…no. A number of series have survived their early chapters in Jump doing what Bleach has done over the last year or so (Sket Dance and Medaka Box for example). Of course it is rather embarrassing for a series of Bleach’s level.

  4. Someone tell me why Ginjo has a puny wound on his shoulder, causing him to fall to the ground but Tsuki has a hole in his chest and is able to sneak attack Ichigo without getting Epically PWNed?

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  5. I found this chapter’s last panel (also this chapter post’s image) really sweet. Ginjou’s smile and Tsukishima’s baby-cry face was really refreshing from what those characters have become.

    But…It is a pity there isn’t enough substance to make it an emotional scene, like it could have been. Bleach has been plain stale since, like, a year ago. I wish Kubo could just tackle fans’ questions with the story in the following arcs. What’s the deal with Ichigo’s dad and all the plotholes? Is Ichigo’s Mother really dead? What happened to the Vizards? Nell? I guess Grimmjow is dead? What about all those Soul Society forgotten characters, like the woman without an arm and his brother, who helped Ichigo and friends enter Soul Society and made fireworks? The giant who guarded one of the four entrances to Soul Society? What about that blonde 3rd Seat guy with glasses, who used to write diary entries in the Bleach manga?

    There are so many characters in Bleach, gee. It’s a pity Kubo doesn’t use them to their true potential. This manga could be so much more, but it’s as if Kubo refused to let it shine. Personally, it’s disheartening, but it’s the perfect example of the things NOT to follow when writing a story.

    So baby now that you are number one, shining bright for everyone…

    1. What does any of these characters have to do with the currect arc?
      You DON’T need to cramp every character into every arc. People say Kubo forgot about Grimmjow, about Neliel, but there is just no reason to show them, because it would be stupid to show them when they have nothing to do with it at all.
      It’s annoying to see you guys complain and complain every week because it has become fun to complain about Kubo and his “lack of substance”, even if the chapter was actually good.
      While I was on the edge of my seat reading this chapter because it felt like I was watching a movie scene that left me with the feeling of wanting more, more, more, reading Naruto felt like a chore because the chapter was so disjointed, and the only thing that came out of it was “Whut new powas will Nurutu get?!!”. One Piece was words words words as usual.
      Out of all three, Bleach was the most fun reading, and I don’t care if there is so little content with each chapter, as long as I get to read this cinematic style.
      Explainations will come when they come, and I wish people would understand that already.

      1. Not gonna lie, I thought this was actually the one of the best chapters from the Fullbring Arc by far. o_O

        I thought Ginjou, even though a villain, seems much more believable than Aizen ever was with all his plans “from the beginning”. I love how despite being a tragic villain, Ginjou is still a villain nonetheless. Someone you “can” sympathize with but someone you can also truly hate. I can tell Kubo actually seems to enjoy writing some good quality stuff for Ginjou due to how he’s handling this arc, so I’m waiting to see if he’ll do more interesting stuff like this.

        Honestly I almost lost hope last chapter when it turned into “Ichigo Appreciation Day” as the main Shonen protagonist has another lengthy climactic battle with the cackling villain of the arc. As it would turn out from this chapter, Kubo actually surprised me in doing something with Ginjou, Tsukishima and even Riruka.

        This chapter was a really pleasant surprise for me (especially how it quickly cut through what I thought was gonna be another classic lengthy Shonen fight), and I can’t wait to see more regarding how Ginjou and Tsukishima started out as friends/allies.

      2. You complain about Naruto getting powers when you know full well Bleach is most egregious offender of this trope?

        And same with One Piece. “DUrr herr HeRR, I want moar action gaiz!” This past FI arc has been handled rather clumsily; look what vapid, gratuitous action got us. These last two chapters on the other hand, have actually done well in grounding the plot because they’re filled with important things called “words”. I know you must not be used to them, seeing as how half the panels you buy into are completely devoid of absolutely anything.

        Do you read Hunter? Toriko? All four of these series are doing better than Bleach.

        If you’d actually bother to quit nuthugging its “coolness” for a moment you’d realize you’re standing on a fucking sinking ship. It’s painfully obvious why people are making fun of it. Kubo is literally going out of his way to make it easy for us. And funny that you even acknowledge the lack of substance in Bleach. “Cinematic style” lol. Inadvertently admitting that you’re 100% fucking shallow.


      3. Virox,

        First and foremost, I do not think cramming every character into the story is a magic formula that makes your story better. Sure, if forgotten characters like Neliel or Grimmjow were to appear later, of course there’s no need to make them show up now.

        But for Goodness’ Sake, at least answer us some questions Kubo. We only get to read Ichigo’s dumbest thoughts, like “I wonder where he will appear next” when in a fight, or “can i trust Urahara?”…What about your friends, dude? Following with the Arrancar good guys’ case, if Ichigo at the very least said something regarding what happened later to Neliel or GJ, or if he was worried for them because he didn’t know anything about them these days, that’d be a lot more likeable. It shows us readers that Kubo did not forget them; the story obviously can’t follow those characters all the time, and now it’s time to focus on other things. Cool.
        But God, if Kubo doesn’t ever speak about them later, it’s almost like an insult: making us get to care about people, like the Vizards or many other characters, only to never write anything about them. Let’s hope that doesn’t become the case, of course…

        …In other words, it’s very hard to sympathize with Ichigo because of these reasons. This manga follows his adventures, but it’s hard to get to like this main character when you barely know what he’s thinking, besides him wanting to ‘protect everyone’. Thinking simple stuff like “I wonder what happened to this or that guy…” would make him much more human and likeable.
        You may imagine my thought process some chapter ago when Ichigo explained his thoughts regarding the Combat Pass conspiracy. His argument was of course reasonable, but it totally came out of the blue…We never saw of Ichigo thinking these matters not even this arc!

        Oh, and Naruto being all about power-ups? Seriously, have you been reading that manga lately? When you argue saying Naruto’s like that and Bleach is not, when the latter’s current arc is all about getting the main character’s powers back, that argument seems pretty invalid to me.

  6. Possibly what was meant about the saving part was that Ginjo helped prevent the fullbringers sadness (possibly Jackie), rejection (possibly Riruka) or guilt (possibly Yukio) from destroying their lives while Ichigo did the same here but against Ginjo’s obession for vengeance. If so, Riruka’s motivation for going along with a plan she’s not really interested in woule be due to her feeling she owed Ginjo. Tsukishima seems to be implied to be in the same boat as her.

    Also its true that bleach is best read with several chapters at once, as the mixture of big pictures and few pages makes the entire story slow

    Zaku Fan
  7. And everyone saw this image and went…. Fuuuuuuuu
    I mean seriously…Aizen? Fing Aizen? really Kubo?
    Ya know this is like a game called 8 degrees of Kevin Bacon, only in Kubo’s case, it’s 8 degrees of Sosuke Aizen, where for Kubo everything has to come back to Aizen. I’d laugh if it wasn’t so sad.

    1. It’s called transition and Animation effect. It compels you to search for minor changes of major significance. A good example would be page 8, after Ginjo goes down and tries to get up again.

      1. I’ll accept Kubo wasting time by doing close ups of eyes, if you can actual draw complicated scenes, and/or backgrounds.
        Having decent/cool character designs posing for half page shots over and over again isn’t good art.
        ~why me sad

  8. Actually Prooof I recommend reading several chapters of bleach. One post you wrote earlier you said that you enjoyed the manga better. For example,

    The progression of this manga is too slow. I mean even this chapter there are several questions (including past questions) unanswered…
    I am confused too… why would Tsukishima save Ginjo..? I thought Tsukishima was more devilish, manipulative, and selfish.


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