This chapter made things a little confusing as to what Kubo is trying to get across. All the fights are over, and all the fullbringers are scattered or dead. Although I see an attempt to make things a little dramatic, there’s absolutely no emotional impact here unfortunately as development tends to be more puzzling than hard-hitting.. Tsukishima (who managed to survive) shows a side of himself that completely breaks with his character as he wails in anguish over the death of Ginjou, and as a result I really don’t know what to make of his character now. For one, the effects of his abilities have been completely reversed for some reason. Whether he’ll continue plotting his next move against Ichigo and his friends or fade off into the background is up in the air. As his ever loyal minion Shishigawara carries him off into the sunrise, Tsukishima gives a little philosophical monologue that suggests that he has seen the “light” and may try to redeem himself, but we’ll have to see if he continues to be relevant to the story.

Surprisingly there were no protracted flashbacks that I had been expecting, instead showing the remaining survivors of the Xcution accepting their defeat and slinking off to unknown places, with the exception of Riruka who is undergoing recuperation in the Urahara shop and busting out her usual tsundere-ness. I guess this puts her firmly on the “good guy” side, as was expected from early, but other than that it’s not clear where Kubo wants to take the story from here on, especially involving the fullbringers. This arc is coming to an end (rather abruptly) and Ichigo’s powers have been restored, so things are probably going back to Soul Society again. Whatever it is though, hopefully it is able to generate some more excitement than this very mediocre fullbringer business has been able to.


  1. Bleach has been way too helter-skelter since Hueco Mundo started. Kubo can’t decide where he wants to take the story, and there doesn’t seem to be a logical direction for it to go, but there’s no way Jump will let him end it and move on to something fresh.

    1. Not entirely. Kubo has said in interviews and whatnot that he has enough material for another 10 years worth of manga. But I think a more accurate assumption is he has no idea where to take this arc, not the entire story.

      Skins Thunderbomb
    2. You see, I’m completely confused here.

      We now know that Ginjo was the substitute shinigami. What exactly happened to him? Because obviously the story of Tsukishima killing the Sub-Shinigami was a lie. Was Ginjo forced to lose his powers by Soul Society or something? Did he refuse and was there an attempted assassination or execution on him? Anyway, he lost his powers. He decided to do the whole ‘memory change plan’ to trick Ichigo into gaining fullbring powers and stealing it off him. But even after, he said that he had no problem with Ichigo and started to walk off. So why did Ichigo want to fight him after? Ginjo hasn’t killed anyone, has he? I’m not sure but was he planning to exact his revenge on Soul Society after he stole Ichigo’s fullbring powers?

      This is really sloppy story writing by Kubo. Then again, we’ve known this sloppiness for many years now.

  2. This chapter was a bit fail in my opinion. It just left me wondering wtf was going on, and how it shifted from a possible flashback to Tsukishima ranting like a crazed lunatic. :/

    Oi Bleach, get back off this arc so I can get me some Grimmjow again.

    Skins Thunderbomb
      1. Actually, from what I understand while Harribel and her posse are confirmed to be alive, Grimmjow’s status is still unconfirmed. You’ve gotten this info from Unmasked Official Character Book 3 right?

      2. I originally got the information from the mangafox forum:

        The first post stated his status was not confirmed. This forum seems to be spot on with what’s stated in the databook as they have scans to support a lot of what they’ve stated.

        I understand there is an argument about what the book says about Grimmjow but sadly no one has posted a specific scan of the page saying he’s dead. Unless there’s a full-page scan of the page saying he’s dead I will personally consider his status unknown.

      3. That’s probably a good idea. I didn’t like him just dying off-screen like that anyway, I just figured I’d have to come to terms with Kubo trolling Ichigo and the readers out of another potential nakama/rival.

    1. This was THE WORST arc ever for Bleach. It was a mess and didn’t make much sense and now that its over it STILL does not make a whole lot of sense.

      We still have so many unanswered questions like:

      Whatever happened to Nell (Ichigo was ready to die for her and since HM arc has never said a single word or reference to Nell)?

      What’s Ichigo’s Dads Past (How could Ichigo get the shit shocked out of him and just wait patiently til his dad decides to tell him all about it)?

  3. I felt like they skipped a chapter when I first saw it. At the end of the last chapter, it clearly looked like Tsukishima was next to Ginjou…but then suddenly, at the beginning of this chapter, Tsukishima has somehow escaped, Ginjou is dead from his wounds without any parting wounds, and somehow the rest of the Fullbringers have made it outside of the radar…

    …but whatever. I’d rather not see this group again, which is why I was hoping they’d just ALL be killed off, but knowing Kubo, they’ll be forgotten pretty soon anyway.

  4. Confusing chapter indeed, also there’s this wait for me for 3 years, meaning it will either be forgotten like other Bleach characters (miss you Nel Tu) or Xcution will be back which I don’t like.

  5. Had the arc and characterization been done well, this would have actually been a nice end. To bad Kubo cant be counted on when it comes to writing, he should just draw on his next project.

  6. Ichigo was supposed to be the kind of protagonist whose raw talent was enough to take on anyone. And when he faced sudden enemies stronger than him he would train and power up in no time with side effects. The only time which showed his epicness was during the rescue of Rukia. But afterwards, he just go his ass handed over and over.

    Maybe Kubo should have read Bakuman on how much better it is to end a story short and in a epic; rather than dragging it forever.

  7. My opinion, i find that this whole arc has actually been a waste. Yes, i did have some hope at some point, not ganna lie, however the battles were abrupt, there was practiclly nooo emotional impact whatsoever for me, and kinda boring. Being such a fan of the series im dissapointed with kubo and im hoping this manages SOMEHOWWWW to pick up. Still have some faith left. After all, there has to be some point to inchigo gaining powers, matter a fact, ..there has to be a point to them growing in the first( now that i think about it >.<).

  8. I quit Bleach today. I got about 5-6 pages into this chapter and just finally snapped. It wasn’t even anything in particular. I though Bleach was nothing but downhill after the Soul Society arc but I swore I’d stop reading once they beat Aizen. For some reason I didn’t and with the drivel it’s become I just cannot keep reading it; even when it’s free and on a site I visit consistently for the purpose of reading manga I will no longer stoop to reading Bleach any further.

      1. The solution is simple, just stop struggling.

        Like if you are stuck in quicksand, with no way out. Trying to struggle, like expecting a good story out of Bleach, just makes things worse. So it is best to just accept that Kubo has gone off the deep end, and let your expectations sink into the quicksand as your memories of the series die a slow horrible death…and I think there was supposed to be an analogy there somewhere…

        PS: I know that is not how quicksands actually work in real life.

  9. I expected more from this arc. Ginjou had great potential yet was swept aside so easily. In the end I felt like Kubo wasted such a great opportunity with Ginjou.

    Heck looking back now, I honestly found Tsukishima’s character to be more enjoyable now that this has all ended and at least he served his purpose as a badass “right-hand man”(especially his initial mind games with Ichigo’s friends/family which in my opinion dealt a heavier blow than anything Aizen ever pulled).

    Still it’d be funny to see Riruka stick around, it’d be interesting to see a tsundere added to the main good guy cast. XD

  10. Tsukishima, Ginjou and Shishiqawara’s story was actually touching, except I think it wasn’t that well done in the manga. This chapter was too rushed IMO. I was expecting some sort of flashback to understand what kind of relationship and history Tsukishima had with Ginjou, yet we skipped all that forward and went straight to where everyone was going their own way (Yukio and Jackie)

    I’m also finding Inoue’s crying annoying. At first I didn’t mind. But she cries over how delicious a doughnut is, she cries because Ichigo is hurt and now she cries because Riruka is awake.

    This is really disappointing because when she was talking to Riruka and Ichigo she mentions how much her and Chad became stronger for Ichigo sake, and her crying feels like it just reverted back to square 1 again. Not to mention, when Ichigo was hurt all she did was cry along with him. Kubo really needs to figure out what he wants to do with her. Does he want her strong? Or does he want her innocent and sweet and cries for everyone?

    1. Lock eyes from across the room
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      Make our way through the smoke and crowd
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      Our bodies touch and the angels cry
      Leave this place go back to yours
      Our lips first touch outside your doors
      A whole night what we’ve got in store
      Whisper in my ear that you want some more
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      Do things alone now mostly
      Left me heart broken not lookin’ for love
      Surprise in my eyes when I looked above
      The check out counter and I saw her face
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      Cuz Cry like a bitch

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      Inoue Orihime
  11. Guys, guys, I don’t know what’s so hard to get.
    Ginjo already died in the last chapter, and everything that happened afterwards is merely wrapping up, something Kubo usually doesn’t spend two chapters on, because he really doesn’t need to. If you think about it, everything falls into place.
    Tsukishima obviously fled the battle, Riruka collapsed, Jackie buried Giriko off-panel, probably before the fight Ichigo vs Ginjo was even over and once Urahara came, they took care of the rest.
    There are only a few things that I have to guess, firstly, I assume Hitsugaya removed Yukio’s ice when they were about to leave to SS, they don’t have to take care of him, since he is a human on Earth. Ishida… well, he was neither injured nor unconscious, so I guess he just left with everyone, it’s just strange that we didn’t get to see him during the last couple of chapters.
    If Kubo spent a whole chapter showing all these things, you guys would just go “oh, boring chapter, Kubo lost is grip blah blah blah”, just like you do now.

    The only thing that I really require an explaination of is: What the hell is up with Ichigo. He is now back to being a normal human, so I guess he didn’t become a permanent Shinigami, but where did his body go when he became a Shinigami again? Same plothole as in the beginning, Ichigo gets stabbed, becomes a Shinigami and apparently transforms his own body instead of leaving it, and it goes back to normal, later. Next chapter, he will need Kon again. That never made much sense.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    One more thing. Unlike the other arcs, Kubo actually wrapped up what happened to the new characters afterwards. People constantly complain that Kubo forgets characters, but with this, there should be no problem in never showing the other fullbringers again, because he actually wrapped them up nicely.

    What I am trying to say is, it’s not always as bad as people make it out to be. It’s simply that it has become a habit of the “fanbase” to complain about everything Kubo does, backgrounds, forgotten characters, plotholes etc.

    1. I actually liked this arc quite a lot. I’m glad it was nice and clean-cut unlike the Arrancar Saga which dragged on for god-knows-how-long. It’s just I wish Ginjou’s character was elaborated on a bit more than what we got considering how great he was going, but hey at least he had better characterization as a villain than anything Aizen ever got so I guess that’s enough on its own. Honestly this is by far one of my most favorite arcs from Bleach.

    2. Except that the only thing of value he got was the new powers. And the complaints are valid. Blatant plotholes, forgotten characters and lack of background to be artsy are bad things in any manga.

      Plus, I don’t know why the “fanbase” is in quotes. Fans complain because they care about the show and want it to be better, not just blindly go along with whatever the author does.

  12. I’m pleased that Riruka made it.

    I think everyone arc should have something to remember it by. I know the Fullbringer arc isn’t exactly popular. But it did happen. Now anytime Riruka is around we will be reminded of that fact.

    Neliel and Grimmjow are probably pissed off. Lmao.

    1. She’ll just be another character that will get trolled just like the rest of Ichigo’s friends and will be forbidden from ever actually contributing something important to the plot.

      Nel and Grimmjow are much luckier.

  13. Uh, did everyone completly miss the fact that Tsukushima is DEAD?

    Dead as a dodo.

    1: Every page had background unlike kubo, except for the final scene with tsukushima where everything turned white and he let out a final sentence saying he wasnt alone after all.
    2: Some chapters ago Ginjo said that killing tsukushima would disable his power and return everyone’s affected memory to normal.
    3: Riruka asked Orihime if she remember tsukushima, where she replies “who is that?”. Ergo he is dead, the effects of his powers = gone. Thats why Riruka started to cry because she knew that that implied.

    He is dead, we will never see him again.

      1. How about when Renji said that the reason he doesn’t fight Jackie properly is because she’s weak? He says that gender is irrelevant.

        The very next chapter Renji says men who fight women are trash. Please, rationalize this contradiction.

        Or how about the last few chapters that try and paint Ichigo as unwavering when his track record so obviously says otherwise.

        Maybe the entire arc? All of this godawful training and melodrama in order to get stabbed by Rukia. Ichigo would have gotten his powers back regardless of all this fullbring nonsense anyway. lol at the “sexy Rukia”. Like Ichigo’s powers, you would get your Hanatarou fanservice without the fullbring crap.

        And you actually list Riruka as a reason for the arc? Haha, you don’t make it very hard to prove you’re superficial. “Durr heerr y dont u gaiz liek the story nemore? Its so preeeeeetty.” I’ve got a list of a few artbooks I can recommend. They’d serve you better.

        Also what does “fanbase” mean to you? Are you not a fan of something unless you like it unconditionally? Because being irrationally fanatical is something you probably don’t want to condone. You praise the good and scorn the bad, and Kubo gives way more bad than good. You don’t see people bashing Toriko or Hunter or One Piece (and lately even Naruto) as nearly as often as they do with Bleach. But whatever, keep insisting it’s the audience’s fault.

        Try and stay condescending… the irony.

      2. Ironically, the original comment I was replying to is a great example of what I was critizising in my earlier post.
        “Hey guise, I fail at reading comprehension and can’t even remember what happened a few chapters back, so Imma just gonna blame it on KUBO the TROLL because that’s what we always do (@/@)”
        Try thinking about it, instead of diving into quicksand head first, why don’t you stop that idioticy and wait till you stop sinking? People who purposely try to find stuff to pick on are what call themself “fanbase” of Bleach nowadays.

        Regarding your “contradiction”, Renji never said he doesn’t fight Jackie because she is weak, once again, another example for what I described earlier. He said, in 465, that he won’t attack a women first, and that it doesn’t matter if [she is] weaker or stronger.

        Rukia wouldn’t have stabbed Ichigo if Ginjo hadn’t shown up, why is that so hard for you to grasp? I feel like talking to someone with the attention span of a dead fly. Soul Society only acted because of Ginjo.

        “Sexy” Rukia = Hanatarou – Fuck you, I don’t care for your opinions, and you are not making any point with just that.

        And no matter how hard you are trying to be condescending, without this arc, Riruka wouldn’t be there right now and we wouldn’t have an explaination and a new user of fullbring powers either.

        Irony indeed.

      3. Ahhahaha.

        Renji goes out of his way to explain his recently introduced chivalry by denouncing Jackie’s notion of it at the end of the chapter. He turns it into a generalization using Aizen as a standard of comparison (men and women are both weak). The very next chapter he spouts that moldy-grandma bullshit about “being scum” to contradict himself. Funny he says that when people like Unohana or Yoruichi can go around and fucking give him a run for his money. (Oh Kubo if this is how you really feel, why have any fighting women at all in your story. Wait, now I get why Jackie lived! If Kubo killed her off he’d be scum too!) Which brings up more bullshit concerning Renji. 17 months of training and now he’s become this, lol. He must have been dicking around his entire life as a shinigami.

        And my god are you really trying to tell that Rukia wouldn’t have given Ichigo his powers back if he wasn’t attacked by Ginjou? If that’s true then why did she give him his powers back at all? Rukia and her friendship group should have just dealt with Ginjou/etc. Nope! We gotta give Ichigo back his powers too! Fucking contrived and you know it. There was absolutely no reason they had to give Ichigo’s powers back in order to deal with Ginjou. The shinigami pretty much just curbstomped Ginjou’s group i.e. even without Ginjou, they intended to restore Ichigo.

        Oh and I am making a point. You list Hanatarou and Riruka as reasons for an arc. “Without this arc, Riruka wouldn’t be there”. You are justifying an arc on a completely superficial basis. I don’t know how to make this any clearer. “Anything thing is ok as long as Kubo throws some cute girls in it!”

        And you just sort of happily lap it up without realizing that it’s just Aizen urinating on your face.

      4. You are misinterpreting Renji, and the rest you said to “refute” is just bullshit assumptions and opinions. Not to mention that you completely disregarded every other point I made. Go back to 4chan and watch some more K-ON

      5. Wow, and I thought I was the only one who started long argument threads about bad stories…

        Nonetheless, I completely agree with the points made TOP2NE1. So many screw ups here. No one who genuinely cared Bleach at ANY POINT would excuse how this turned out.

        Hopefully the anime will correct the pacing like it has so far.

      6. I didn’t misinterpret Renji. It’s just another case of Kubo not knowing what the fuck he wants to say/do.

        Bullshit assumptions? Pfft. The shinigami group pretty much didn’t even break a sweat. For what reason did they need to give Ichigo his powers back? They didn’t. They gave him his powers back because they like him, not because he was in dire need. This is a legitimate observation. Get it straight son.

        What other points? The bulk of what you said earlier is just reiteration/bitching at the readers. Were you talking about the shit under your spoiler? I’ll respond to the rest too then.

        “The badge/Ichigo and the SS”

        Since this whole thing was appearantly a ploy to nab Ginjo, I once again feel it is appropriate to point out how much of their damned sweet time the SS took to get here. With the badge listening devices, even if Ginjo somehow had turned his off, there is no excuse for why SS didn’t descend from the heavens and toast the greasy fucker when Ichigo handed him his bag. I mean what were they doing? They were obviously watching Ichigos bogus training session, Ginjo had contacted Ichigo just like they had predicted, and yet…nothing. Not a damned thing. Kubo you take this whole Ginjo stakeout plan and shove it firmly up your digestive system.

        I mean christ, after all this, they’re leaving! They’re not even arresting Ginjo! Somehow their plan devolved from “use bait to lure out criminal–>capture criminal” to “deploy bait. Do nothing. Let crimnal trick bait, become more powerful than ever, and leave the bait powerless. Give bait a spare battery, leave, and hope everyhting sorts itself out”. Yeah, the latter makes so much sense!

        But wait! This whole thing was not about Ginjo at all! Appearantly, the captains only mission was to oversee Ichigos “choice”! Fighting the fullbringers, that kinda just happened. Again, lacking any better explanation, I’ll just make a guess and assume that Ichigos choice was the incredibly profound decision of “choosing to protect stuff”. In which case:
        – There was no choice about to happen that you could oversee. YOU guys pumped Ichigo full of soul jizz, without asking him. No choice involved.
        – It was clear from the second he got his old threads back that Ichigo was going to stomp some fullbring ass. If a re-affirmation of Ichigos righteous nature was all you needed, theres no reason to wait around after this point.

        “Urahara and Ishin” You made this a point? Seriously?

        Urahara and Ishin know more than they let on. This is a revelation to you? This was a whole bunch of nothing. How is this any different than before? We’ve known this for hundreds of chapters and nothing has changed.

        “New powers” You mean Ichigo’s state-of-the-art costume? Yep, saw a whole lotta that. Now that you mention it, all those new vertical and horizontal slashes were pretty cool!

        And you fault me for disregarding your posts, when you yourself skipped straight past everything I said and dove into insults. Accusing me of 4chan lurking and K-On obsessing no less! The guy who is busting a nut over new hairstyles and generic gothic lolita pigtail tsunderes is telling me this stuff… Dude cmon. You’re getting all backwards man.

  14. At first I was confused by this chapter as well. With the surprise revelation in Ch. 474 that Ukitake was behind the badge/tracking device and the no-surprise-here in Ch. 476 that there is a plot to kill all substitute shinigami[1], I sure we were headed for a rip-roar’n arc. But then Ch. 477 became ambiguous and Ch. 478 just stopped cold.

    Then I noticed that Yukio mentioned 3 years. That was how much of a time skip Naruto had and the anime used that time to tell roughly 6 years of filler stories. I also remembered that Kubo mentioned that he watched the Bleach anime. Kubo is probably giving the anime guys room for 5-6 years of filler while he does more of the more of the actual manga. Where Kubo left that year and a half in the manga, Ichigo was powerless and that would have made it impossible for the anime staff to much with so little material. Now there is plenty of ambiguous and delayed material to work with.

    [1] Anyone not believing in the plot to kill all substitute shinigami is in effect should think again. I fairly sure some ‘purist’ group (probably the Royal Guard) will turn up before this is all over.

    1. If it was, then the shinigamis wouldn’t have helped to give Ichigo his powers back and they would’ve taken care of Ginjou by now instead of letting him roam free for as long as he did.

  15. Well, if he needs a new “Arc Idea”. Why not spin the Story deeper, into what are the Soul Society. There was so many Hints now.. a Key. A “M.I.A” Captain Guardians or a Secret Squad, just only to Defend the “Core” of this all. The King or Queen of this holy Universe. But then, if he finish this arc. then Soul Society Universe is out of Stories… The 3 Old Captain’s Background, not all of them are unfolded. The Commander Captain. Is he only the Powerfully one of the Captains? Is there not a General? is not someone above him? Why he is he “guarding” Soul Society. Just a Duty that he forgotten the reason over the Time?

    There are many streets for Kubo. But if he chose to ride them, there only One way Trips, this time

    1. The two Kids with Uharara. What are their Story? I dont remember have seen a Love Story with him. Or that he took these two Kids into the Human World. Or Ichigos Sisters.. Or Orihime’ Karate Friend (She can see all things like Ichigo.. Why?)

  16. I am a little surprised that Tsukishima shows such a mental break down. This really reminds me of Light Yagami from death note, where that dude totally broke down when dying. Of course, even Aizen showed an interesting mental breakdown when being sealed but quickly recovered afterwards.

    Anyway, much like the hollows such as Shreiker and Grand Fisher, these guys were nothing more than minor antagonists. Now, like Aizen, Kubo is now going to show us his main antagonist, who may suitably replace Aizen. I do hope that Kubo won’t make a really predictable move, like making Aizen come back as the antagonist. After all, the reason I like bleach is that it is somewhat hard to theorize. For example, in Naruto most were able to theorize that Tobi isn’t Mandara, where Bleach is more unpredictable.

    I do hope that Ichigo’s new Tsunedere girl will show us some interesting things.

    code fan
  17. No, Mr.Bond. I expect you to die.

    On the related note, the chapter is really jumpy on the beginning. I literally had to read the previous chapter to make sense what happen. Althought, I guess i should be glad that the arc ends. And the fact we get a tsundere. I think Kubo should just change Bleach to a Harem manga already…

  18. Kubo should have made the Xcution members all former substitute shinigamis. Making Ginjo the only one felt forced and illogical, and if we’re going to completely ignore the vizards now, a group of rouge substitute shinigamis is actually borderline interesting.

    1. Especially when we still have no reason for why he went rogue, and I pray to god it’s not because of the badge being a one-way-radio.

      I’m surprised Ginjo didn’t get a “death by flashback” moment, because we all know that Kubo loves those.

  19. This arc kept me interested, though I have to admit that the ending was pretty mediocre. From what I here though, Kubo is setting the series up for one final arc. I remember he said in an interview that there would be one more short arc (this one that just ended), and one more long arc. He also said he was gonna elaborate more on Isshin’s past. This arc was a little more self contained, but I am highly anticipating the next arc. I’m betting that it’s gonna focus on the Spirit King and Squad Zero.

    1. I don’t remember him saying there would be one MORE short and long arc, just that there would be one. I’m hoping it’s the end, but there’s simply no way to confirm that this is close to the end. So far, the ending of the arc hasn’t made anything clear that it’s being set up for the end.

      1. Yeah I agree that this arc felt a lot more self contained. Anyway, that’s what Kubo stated in an interview about a year and a half ago (about a month before the beginning of the Fullbring arc). Considering Aizen and Urahara’s description of the Spirit King, I’m pretty sure that he’s gonna play a huge role within the next arc. Kubo also stated that the two hanging bodies that Mayuri Kurotsuchi (12th squad captain) found in the lab of 8th Espada Szayel Apporo Grantz are very important in the story (in the last chapter before the timeskip, Mayuri was said to be concocting several experiments in Hueco Mundo, so we’ll see. Hopefully we’ll see the return of Nell, Grimmjow, and Halibel (Nell and Halibel were revealed to be alive in Unmasked, while Grimmjow’s status is unknown), lol.


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