The conclusion of the Xcution arc continues and the various surviving members scatter, including Riruka who leaves without a word after recuperating. Ichigo goes to Soul Society to ask for the body of Ginjou so that he can bury him in the real world. He doesn’t really explain why but the captains and the vizards (yes they are there, dressed in their old captain garb, for some unknown reason) balk at the idea. There doesn’t seem to be any problems between Ichigo and Soul Society though, so I think they’ll probably grant his request. Ichigo’s also keeping his shinigami badge out of trust for Soul Society, and like Kyouraku said, he’s definitely matured a lot too over the course of the series. Other than that, there’s no significant development in this chapter as things are just wrapping up; there’s not much to say that I haven’t said already, so I’ll leave this here as a shorter-than-usual post. Bleach is going on break again too, so I gather that there will be some fresh material and a new, longer arc to look forward to when we get back.


  1. Kind of glad this arc is over now. Felt like nothing more than a filler even though there were some highlights. Hopefully the next arc will be good.

    I really hope from here onward Kubo will focus on Shinigami and Shinigami related story only such as Royal Guard/ Family and Isshin’s backstory. No more introducing new groups like Arrancars Full-Bring pleeeease.

    Also 3 week break. Oh noes! I want to see all the Fukutaichou’s new looks before they went of a break!

  2. I guess it would make sense that the Vizards that were already captains before being hollowfied would be reinstated to fill the gaps…I just would have liked to see Shuhei or Kira in captain garbs…

    And they’re going on a longer break than after beating Aizen?! We still don’t know what the hell Ginjou was hoping to accomplish! Was he trying to take over the Soul Society with Ichigo’s powers? Kill Ichigo for being his replacement? Doing random crap for shits and giggles?! Hell, even the filler arcs gave more explanation that this arc did!

    At least we won’t be seeing Xcution for a long time, if ever.

    1. I don’t know why people keep saying this.

      Sure, she was in a rooftop with the drama and all; but the last two panels clearly tell us she uses Fullbring-Shunpo-thingy.
      And to top it all, being the shounen Bleach is, just how many good guys have died recently(did anyone die at all, ever)?

      1. No good guy dies in Bleach, unless it’s in a flashback. Only villains die, but if they live, they were actually good guys all along. The only exception I’ve seen of this so far would be Gin. Aizen’s been imprisoned, but he’ll likely be freed to help fight the final big bad, and redeem his character through that.

  3. I thought this was the best chapter of Bleach in recent memory. For once, we finally get some answers as to where the crap the Vizards were. Still, I don’t see it reasonable that Yamamoto and other authorities have seen them as criminals thousands of years ago, and now these guys are Captains. Hopefully that matter will be adressed. I do like them being Captains though, I’d prefer that than to have more new characters. Guess the other, unseen Vizards must be their Vice-Captains or something.

    Oh and…

    “Because no matter how many ways I tried to say goodbye…you’ll always remember us anyway.”

    …Wanna bet?

    1. Yeah that’d be great, if the Vizards were the focus of the arc instead of the Fullbringers. This chapter should have been about Ichigo asking about Ginjou’s past, and why he went rogue, but instead he just asked for the body, like he even owes Ginjou anything, let alone common decency. That guy can rot in the Sereitei for all I care. His character deserves no sympathy until I get some answers.

      1. -I still don’t quite get how Ichigo’s asking for Ginjou’s body from a Spiritual-Particles-Made World, to bury it in a material world…

        -What irritates me the most, is that I’m sure Ginjou’s past will never be explained…I’m patient and everything, but the fact they’re taking 3 weeks off doesn’t give me much hope Kubo will ever reveal what Ginjou’s goal was…At best, it was the same as Aizen’s, something about the King…
        I’m sure next chapter will start off the new arc with Ichigo just having fun in school/work, while something evil is being plotted in the backstage. Again.

        -In a more positive tone, the anime will hopefully flesh out this whole thing and give it more meaning and backstory. And as regards to the new arc, so long as they focus on existing characters, like Vizards or Chad & Orihime or Ichigo’s father, and the chapters give decent info per week, I would be more than happy…

      2. I agree on all points. 1. I know SS isn’t supposed to be heaven, but it might as well be in this case.

        2. Yeah, pretty much. This arc only answered the “how’s Ichigo going to get his powers back” question that was in the back of every reader’s head from the moment the idea of him losing them was mentioned. We can only hope that Ginjou at least shows up in a flashback arc or something so he doesn’t stay “that Sensui-Ripoff who had a giant sword and no reason for being there”.

        3. And yes, the anime has been good about the pacing of this arc so far, so hopefully they’ll be able to clear up some of the things that happened, like how Tsukishima got away from everyone after slashing Riruka, or maybe a longer and clearer indication that he died. As for new scenes actually explaining what the manga should have, I doubt that will happen. But a man can dream…

      3. Kubo has ALWAYS been a lazy storyteller. Whatever happened to Nell? Or the young blond girl from that rich family arc? Or Ichigo’s Dads backstory? What happened in Hecco Mondo after that arc finished? Who is ruling that place? Halibel? He always leaves huge plot holes and then never goes back to cover them.

        Compare this series to how well done Naruto is. Naruto has been flying along for years now and just keeps getting better as the series progresses. Kubo just seems to be milking Bleach for all its worth with huge panels that have next to nothing happening in them. This arc was terrible at best.

      4. >and just keeps getting better as the series progresses
        no. I could rant for hours about how fucking stupid every other plot devlopement is. The fact that this arc has good momments is just gluing back together the shattered remains of decentcy. It is not good.

        On another note, yeah. bleach is lazy. But not because he doesn’t mention every character every chapter, stop saying that. It is retarded. Like with the vizards, if an instance where it would make to show the character, he will show them.

        The problem is Kubo draws 10 close ups of eyes every chapter, so it takes 3 years to get the chance to show the characters agian.

      5. @Derp…! About having a chance for a Ginjou backstory in the anime, like Da5id said, “A man can dream…”

        @Karmafan! I share Derp…’s view on this: it’s not that Kubo should include them ASAP, but that it takes too long for them to show up, giving the pace Bleach has.
        However, I think another problem is the fact that Ichigo has a hamster in his brains. We never get to see his thoughts regarding OTHER people besides him wanting to protect everyone. If we read something like “I wonder what happened to this or that guy…”, it would show us readers that Kubo did not forget them; the story obviously can’t follow those characters all the time, and now it’s time to focus on other things. Cool.
        But if Kubo doesn’t ever speak about them later, it’s almost like an insult: making us get to care about people, like the Vizards or many other characters, only to never write anything about them. Let’s hope that doesn’t become the case for the still-left-out-characters, of course…

        @Da5id! When was it hinted Halibel survived? Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think that woman’s dead, given how she was slashed by At-That-Point-All-Mighty-Aizen…Her fracciones were burned to smithereens too, by Yamamoto no less…

      6. There’s only so much an anime can do to add filler, they need enough info in order to flesh out Ginjou’s backstory and not just 1 page of Ginjou meeting Tsukishima as a child.

      7. “…but instead he just asked for the body, like he even owes Ginjou anything, let alone common decency. That guy can rot in the Sereitei for all I care. His character deserves no sympathy until I get some answers.”

        It wasn’t about sympathy. It was about Soul Society’s cautious attitude towards Ichigo and the badge’s abilities they didn’t tell him about. He simply says Ginjo is “a mere Shinigami Representive.” Obviously, so is Ichigo, so it’s clear he’s trying to make a point that he’s proven his loyalty to SS, and he’s no less a real Shinigami than any of them are. Ginjo is a human, and a Shinigami’s job is to help the souls of humans pass on. Ichigo identifies himself by his powers, and wants to do his job.

        This was the best chapter in a while.

  4. I feel like Kubo really wants to start a new series, but Jump won’t let him so he’s just cramming weird ideas into Bleach.

    I feel like Kubo knows how to design decent characters, but he has no idea how to incorporate them into a cohesive and compelling plot. There’s a reason why we’ve got like 50 Shinigami, 12 Vizards, a handful of fullbringers, the arrancar and the hometown friends, but no real story in sight.

    Anyone who complains about not knowing Ginjou’s motivations should remember that we still don’t really know what Aizen’s were.

    1. After seeing so many others offed so far? Not really.

      Besides, if you wanted to get technical, it’d be manslaughter, since it wasn’t premeditated. And even then, considering that Ginjo was trying to kill Ichigo at the time, any jury would find him not not guilty on the grounds that it was self defense.

  5. And thus, nothing has changed in this entire arc except Ichigo getting his powers back. All the new characters are dead or gone, all the old characters are exactly where they were before, and all the unanswered questions still remain unanswered.

    Which makes this entire year worth of Bleach manga…entirely pointless…

    1. My God, it’s been a year? o.0
      Filler arc is filler arc. Wasn’t there an atricle saying that after the Fullbring arc, Kubo will finally focus on the Spirit King/ Squad Zero stuff? I hope the 3 weeks break is worth it.

  6. I’m wondering if there really was any need for a timeskip…Nothing has changed. Everyone’s still the same. Sure, the Vizards are back in SS; so what? That wasn’t relevant to this plot.

    Actually come to think, why are they in SS in the first place? Was all that tense banter during Aizen’s attack just posturing? I thought they were angry with SS as well as Aizen :/

    I can’t believe I got suckered into this thinking Bleach improved x_x…

  7. You know, if it wasn’t for Proof reviewing this manga every week…every other week. A lot of people would have probably stopped bothering to keep up with this series, myself included. (Admit it, you know it’s true) The fact is this series has no longer has the shine it once had. in fact it’s gotten to the point that it just needs to be put out of it’s misery. What ever Kubo was trying to accomplish with this arch, failed. Nothing was really gained, except Ichigo getting his powers back. (though he shouldn’t have lost them in the first place.)

    Sadly the events of this arch, will probably never be mentioned again. Unless Riruka decides to become a main cast member…or at least a re accruing character. Though she’ll probably be swept under the rug and eventually forgotten, like what happened to Nel in the last big arch.

    ugh! why do i keep reading this series, despite my dislike of it as of late.

    1. Nel had it far worse than Riruka in this case. What happened with her was she kicked some ass, powered down at a pivotal point to build suspense, but the exact moment Kenpachi appeared and killed Nnoitra, she disappeared. Literally blipped out of existence. Not even Ichigo noticed her. She wasn’t mentioned again or seen again even at the end of the arc, so she may just still be wandering around in Las Noches for all we know. Same with her two brothers and even Grimmjow, who was supposed to be set up to be a major antagonist.

      Riruka, Jackie, and Yukio at least got a proper send off, even if their character development was erratic and ended up changing nothing except for realizing HOW GREAT ICHIGO IS. Ultimately, they couldn’t even stand up to any of the captains, which is key in Bleach if any character wants to be taken seriously. They had little to no power, they contributed nothing to the plot, and they had no lasting effect on any of the characters, so I’d rather they had just been killed off, but I’ll be just fine if we never see them again.

    2. Not gonna lie, the only thing I thoroughly enjoyed in this arc was Tsukishima. His mind games against Ichigo was some of the best villain moments Bleach has ever had, not to mention I personally find that his tactics were more effective than anything Aizen tried to pull.

      1. All Tsukishima did was troll the human characters, and Kubo is already doing that with Ichigo’s friends. Too bad Kubo turned him into a whiny bitch crying over Ginjou, Kubo just had to ruin everything.

    1. If she joins with the rest of Ichigo’s friends she’ll just be trolled as badly as they are and she’ll never get to contribute anything to the story/plot. She probably left because she realized she was in Bleach, lol.

  8. I’m extremely glad this arc is over. Now maybe I’ll start paying attention to this Manga again and see it through to the end.

    ….ugh. I’ll be 32 if it keeps going for 10 years. I’m not sure if my interest will hold that long. @_@

    Skins Thunderbomb
  9. I am unshocked that Riruka would just leave like that, in a sense that is basically bleach’s “cool” idea if saying goodbye to one character until they decide to come back.

    On the interesting side is the Vizored are no longer being outlawed shinigami. Though I do wonder where are the other Vizoreds. At this point I do hope none of those guys were “promoted” to squad zero.

  10. The 3 weeks break seems to tell me that the mangaka has no material to go on and was forced to pause and think.

    Not very good. He might as well start a new series and put this one on hold (*cough* HxH *cough*)

  11. Kubo is closing off the Bleach manga in the upcoming arc, or so I’ve read. This completed arc started up strong and then I simply lost interest when we find out that Ginjou was bad and the rest of them were bad and they made Ichigo angry and they were all going to die, or at least be grievously injured. This arc accomplished a couple of things: Ichigo regained his powers (no surprises here)and then revealing the fate of the regular characters (Rukia, Renji, Chad, Inoue, Ishida and the Vizard).

    I’d really hoped that there was something to all the build-up around Ichigo’s fathers past but it just fell flat and nothing more was explained. Maybe even Kubo doesn’t know what to do for Isshin Kurosaki’s past. The significance of the Shinigami badge was pointless as even Ichigo didn’t mind that he was being monitored.

    I only really continue to watch/read Bleach for sentimental value (it was the 1st anime that I watched, consciously knowing it was anime). I hope Kubo finds a satisfying way to end his series. In my opinion, Bleach should have been: the intro arc, soul society arc, vizard arc, turn back the pendulum and then the finale with Aizen. The Orihime captured in Hueco Mundo was pointless. If they’d end it with Ichigo losing his powers, it would have had a nice bitter-sweet feeling to it, but then Kubo ruined the mood with this arc.

    With Kubo on hiatus, I get the impression that he’s really only trying to buy time to formulate a new arc. I hope he comes up with something really good. Perhaps he can just explain Isshin’s past via a flashback in the style of the turning back the pendulum arc and end things there.

  12. I still think bleach should have ended with the Soul Society arc, that was hands down the most exciting and well done. I also hate Orihime with a strong passion, awful awful awful character, especially as he is meant to be with Rukia. As Kubo has already screwed those two things up (Orihime’s existence and also hand in hand with that, the fact that Rukia and Ichigo aren’t together (their dynamic is what made the story so good in the first place)) I don’t really care about all the mistakes he has made since then, they all pale in comparison to those two monster mistakes.


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