Episode 357

「忍び寄る脅威…月島の能力!」 (Shinobiyoru kyoui…Tsukishima no nouryoku! )
“Creeping Menace…Tsukishima’s Ability!”

Ginjou contains the power of Ichigo’s transformation as his full-bring is completed, and he welcomes him to the Xcution. Inoue and Chad leave Yukio’s video game and head to school as Ichigo continues training. Chad wonders if Tsukishima is actually trying to force Ichigo to develop his full-bring powers. Inoue states that she realized Tsukishima now exist in some of her old memories.

Ginjou tells the other members of the Xcution that Tsukishima will likely attack soon, and they will all be in danger. At school, both Chad and Inoue notice traces of a strong reiatsu on their friends, and wonder if Tsukishima was be involved. They attempt to investigate, but run into Riruka who tries to tell them to give it up. They are also unable to contact Ishida, and attempt to find Sushigawara instead. That also proves unsuccessful, and Riruka, who had been following them, is stabbed by Tsukishima. Chad and Inoue fight Tsukishima, but their memories continue to change to show Tsukishima as an old friend, and eventually they fall unconscious.



Episode 358

「激突!?銀城を襲う 」 (Gekitotsu!? Ginjou o osou)
“Clash?! Xcution Attacks Ginjou”

Ishida arrives at the scene, but Tsukishima, Chad, and Inoue are gone. He goes to their school and runs into Keigo and Mizuiro, and senses another reiatsu on them, deducing it was the same one who had attacked him and contacted Chad and Inoue. He goes to Ichigo’s house to ask if anything was wrong, but Karin denies that anything unusual happened, and he also finds nobody at the Unagiya shop. Inside Yukio’s fullbring, Ichigo completes his stamina training, and Ginjou explains that his shinigami powers are also beginning to return. Ichigo releases his complete fullbring, and he easily defeats the hollows summoned by Yukio. After he leaves however, Ginjou is suddenly attacked by the other members of Xcution.

Ichigo arrives at home, only to find Tsukishima sitting in his living room, with his sisters referring to him as their cousin “Shuu-chan”. Shocked and furious, Ichigo confronts Tsukishima, just as Ichigo’s friends arrive. Tsukishima calls Inoue and Chad as well to ask them to come, and Ichigo punches him, to the horror of the others. He runs out of the house, and Ikumi picks him up and takes him to her shop. However, Tsukishima arrives as well and Ichigo flees again in confusion. He runs into Ginjou, who reveals that Tsukishima had also gotten the other members of the Xcution.




They may be trying to work together to find out what’s going on, but saying “it’s nothing” to each other every time they sense something wrong is also not helping. It may not have mattered either way though, as Tsukishima’s powers kick in and his highly-crafted scheme works just as planned, but at least Ichigo would have an inkling about what’s really going on around him, instead of being left completely mind-fucked as all his friends and family now casually refer to Tsukishima as an old friend. It’s pretty clear now that Tsukishima’s power is to insert himself into people’s pasts by stabbing them with his fullbring (yes that is a ridiculous ability).

The episode really brought out the horror Ichigo was feeling, with the color tone changes and dramatic frames, and I don’t really blame him. Luckily for him he’s not completely alone as Ishida and Ginjou aren’t affected yet, but they are still neck-deep in a very large pile of crap. Of course, Urahara and Isshin will show up whenever they feel like to save the day, but for now expect things to continue going downhill. It’ll be difficult for Ichigo to duel it out with Tsukishima since he has all his friends and family under his control, and this issue is made clear by their reaction to Ichigo attacking Tsukishima. The fact that all the fullbringers besides Ginjou are also on Tsukishima’s side now complicates things further, and Ichigo is left looking very pathetic as he is completely out of options.


  1. At least it got better animation-wise! Loved how the studio handled the mind-fuck scene in episode 358. So long as the fights’ visuals can keep like 357’s (Chad and Orihime versus Tsukishima was pretty cool!), I’ll keep watching.

    Manga spoiler-rant regarding these events:
    Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I think Ichigo has grown up a lot since the very beginning of the series. I like that everyone in appearance seem a lot more mature too. 🙂 I’m following the manga so I already know what happens but still great to hear the voices and movements in action and watching the funny omakes.

    I heard that BLEACH series was ending. Is this true? :/

    It’d be so sad! Out of the three supposedly never ending shounen series (One Piece, Naruto, Bleach)I loved Bleach the best!

    1. I honestly wish Bleach ended after the Aizen arc. In Reality ALL of bleach from the start (minus fillers) has been about aizen. He was the BIG bad guy. He was more than just the “current stepping stone” that the good guy had to beat. It cost ichigo and the soul society a lot to beat him. It was a perfect ending to the series. The entire fullbring arc is just silly. They create dumb new characters who apparently are strong enough to challenge captain level soul reapers. So where were these people during the entire aizen arc.

      Their “oh he killed a substitute soul reaper he is really evil!” also completely puts a bullet in ichigos character. Ichigo went to extreme lengths and it is incredibly rare for the position he got. To hear that some no name character also got the position and was just killed off by humans kills some of the “bad ass” that is ichigos character.

      And I won’t even go into the whole “loophole” to get ichigo back his powers. But hey if Bakuman is any clue I wouldn’t cancel my “single digit” ranking series either if the alternative was to attempt to create a new series and hope it is as popular.

      Now hopefully they will release the bleach “digitally remastered” version that reorganizes the episodes so there aren’t any of the horrible filler breaks cutting into the main story.

  3. These two episodes should have been called “Invasion of the Nakama Snatchers” Part 1 and 2.

    Also, THIS IS HOW YOU DO GOOD FILLER. Showing scenes that compliment the events in the manga so characters don’t suddenly change rapidly or show up randomly. I liked how they showed the prolonged effects of Tsukishima’s powers on both Orihime and Chad AND the fullbringers. They even showed an extra scene with Ichigo’s Fullbring so that we can actually see what the hell it does in battle.

    And now the anime’s biggest challenge comes: Making sense of the battles to come that the manga could not.

      1. Show Spoiler ▼

      2. Kubo leaves a lot of things out because of lack of space or time in the manga. If he had Ginjou’s reasons in mind and they are not linked to a future event (and that’s why they werent shown yet), then we will most likely see it fillered into the story.

        That’s how it has been going lately.

  4. They’re this close to the manga already? They’re going to need two entire seasons worth of filler just to give the manga enough time get ahead! Hell the manga is on a break right now as it is so they lose another 3 weeks of content. I remember the year of filler hell from Naruto (original series), this might top it. And it’s going to be weird inserting an arc or two into the current stuff. Do they use his new powers that they haven’t had enough time to flesh out? Will they use an older timeframe that’s going to stick out like a sore thumb? I think this show needs a year long break.

    1. Well, there ARE plans to air some weird Rock Lee spinoff during Bleach’s timeslot, but we don’t know for sure if that means the Bleach anime is going on a break. They could simply move it to a different timeslot, now that it’s entering it’s final arc

  5. Am I the only one that cringes every episode? Or is it just me getting finally fed up with the overused pattern of Ichigo sucks-Ichigo evolves-Ichigo wins? The scenes where he just stands and listens to people yelling at him were the worst… and there are more in the next episode! So stupid.

    Jonathan Strange
  6. This is why I love so much shuu-chan. He managed to troll Ichigo in such unimaginable ways. Also, glad that the anime is taking their time explaining what Kubo didn’t in the manga.

      1. How could I not love him? If it wasn’t by Shuu-chan, Rukia wouldn’t have met Ichigo. And Shuu-chan helped Rukia decide to give Ichigo her powers for become a substitute shinigami. Certainly, Shuu-chan has really helped Ichigo and all his friends.

  7. It’s a little hard to believe that the next arc is going to be the last one. I don’t really mind though, I haven’t watched Bleach in mounths, and I also ditched the manga for 2 months ago…


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