The plot is finally starting to develop into something meaningful, though for now it’s still threading in separate (but hopefully parallel). Ichigo’s interaction with Ivan continues to be rather offbeat, but so far Ichigo does seem to intend to fight him even though he hasn’t revealed his intentions yet. The poor guy was trying to make a dramatic entrance, but none of Ichigo’s friends seem to care one bit and he ends up getting kicked out the window. Instead of being an arrancar as I speculated last time though, the pendant he produces plus his clothing suggest that he might be Quincy, which adds on to the possibility that the Quincies will take a bigger role in this arc. Unfortunately, given Ishida’s track record in this show, I’m not sure how much I look forward to that.

Back in Soul Society, the investigation into the disappearing residents of Rukongai continues, but the most interesting development would be the group of masked figures in white showing up in Yamamoto’s barracks and declaring war. When I first saw them I was hoping they would be the elusive Squad Zero, but it looks like it’s not them. Again, I’m tempted to guess that they are Quincies, but that’s not certain yet. If that is the case though, they certainly have a good reason to harbor hate towards Soul Society. My only reservation is that I really can’t imagine the Quincies as the villains; in addition, the Quincies were pretty much wiped out many years ago so it would be impressive if they could rebuild that much strength in such a short period of time. Whoever this group is though, it’s likely they are related in some way to the incidents in both Soul Society and the real world. Ichigo will certainly be closely involved again, and I get the sense that it’ll be following the same formula as all the previous arcs again. The most obvious example so far: the new two new characters are proving to be utterly useless, and will probably not be contributing too much in terms of anything.

For those following Bleach, I’m looking for some feedback on my posts and writing, so if you have anything you want to say about what you like, don’t like, would like, or just about the general format of posts, feel free to leave comments below. Also, please mark your current status on the manga and anime. This poll, along with another anime-specific one, will also be in the next anime post (hence the “anime-only” option).


      1. What makes this harder to understand (or believe) is that this leaves 5 episodes left. Episodes usually take up approx. 2-3 chapters worth of material.

        We have 19 chapters left in this arc. Either this rumor is bunk, or we have some serious cramming in store.

      2. LOL? This is BLEACH. They can easily adaptate 19 chapters in 5 episodes of anime. Why do you think Bleach has so many fillers and…for example…One Piece doesn’t? The manga is incredibly slow, Kubo even wasted an double-spread in an almost all-white page some time ago.

      3. “Why do you think Bleach has so many fillers and…for example…One Piece doesn’t?”

        Because One Piece has fillers incorporated into the canon in the form of horrible ammounts of DragonBall Z levels of “the planet will explode in 5 minutes” overstretching. Out of the two kinds of fillering, I’d rather choose Bleach’s approach, because I can just DELETE the filler arcs and pretend that they never happened; the canon is not touched. One Piece shits on it’s own source material, which is disgusting.

      4. “A recent television program listing in Japan reports that the Bleach television anime series will end its run in TV Tokyo’s 6:00 p.m. Tuesday timeslot on March 27. When a Twitter follower of Bleach animation director Hiroki Takagi sent him an image of the listings, Takagi responded by saying, “So quick. I was going to paste it… /(^o^)\””

        It’s pretty much confirmed.

      5. @DovahkiinGGGGG
        It just stops airing on BS and TV Tokyo and will only air on TV Osaka from now on. TV Osaka has episode 367 listed for April 04. Things like this happen in Japan.
        ANN isn’t really a reliable news source. 🙂

        And Oda has 17 out of 20 chapters dedicated to clusterfuck filler dialogue but Toei still cannot manage to pull the series through without filler stretchings, even after having a 2:30 long OP, 5 minutes of recap, and Gold Roger’s monologue which technically shortens down the new material to about 10 minutes each episode. You want to talk about filler? The entire One Piece anime has been one stretched out filler since Arabasta. True story short.

      6. >2:30 long OP,
        There is no ending song,buddy. It is less than Bleach,
        >5 minutes of recap,
        Bleach has this.
        >and Gold Roger’s monologue
        >which technically shortens down the new material to about 10 minutes each episode.
        Now you are just being an idiot.

        Over 90% of this bleach arc has been filler material dude. EPisodes dedicated to “character development” for the fullbring.
        Entire episodes dedicated to Uryu running around going, durr- “Are you is badguy?”

        This arc would have only lasted a month if it didn’t cram filler conversations ever 5 minutes.

    1. It is indeed sad that Bleach is no longer getting the good popularity. Which is surprising since one would imagine, like Naruto, Bleach would go at a good long distance. Anyway, it seems that this war won’t be animated, unless like Naruto Shippuuden, Bleach will come back with a new name.

      I am going to take my bet that the this, like Ichigo, is a Quincy that got hollow powers. Maybe that is why Ishida was so off.

      Also, Prooof, just to let you know, this is just my opinion, but I don’t think your writing has any problems. But that is just my opinion. Please don’t mind what other people say negatively on their comments. As we notice in both the anime and manga, Bleach hasn’t been going into a good plot, which is sad and upsets many. Though I like Ichigo’s character, how he just add his selfish demand like “get off my bed” and then kicks Ivan, Kubo really puts him in a horrible plot. I liked the Bleach anime filler though regarding the Kasumi clan where Ichigo did something epic like saving a princess. The reason why Bleach was so good at first was because it have “love” where Ichigo saved his princess in the last arcs- Rukia and Orihime. But now we are getting no where with the current arcs. Kubo is kust lacking imagination to get a girl for Ichigo to save. So don’t mind what other people say Prooof, it’s really the Bleach plot’s fault so far, since Kubo isn’t showing a single decent plot as his current one lacks love.

      On the unrelated note. To those of you like me, who likes Ichigo’s character yet hates the current Bleach Plot, please read this crossover fanfic where Ichigo epically gets a new girl to add into his nankama
      This is a plot that has love.

    1. Fufufu…what makes you think this will all be over. You are still dancing blindly in the palm of my hand.

      Just when you think your suffering will end, it will suddenly be prolonged. You shall taste a hell of worsening plot holes and useless new characters, for all eternity!

  1. I know I shouldn’t but I still compare how the anime posts and manga posts are done. With manga I know you can’t use many pictures because it may be seen as spoilers so it can’t be helped. Is that the same with not putting in headings like summary/impressions for the manga posts when it’s done for the anime posts? Anyways, for now I think the formats for both the anime/manga posts for Bleach are good enough to satisfy me at least.

    random viewer
  2. Quincy! So this really is going to be an Ishida arc huh? XD

    Looking forward to it. But Kubo’s pacing is horrible. 3 chapters into this arc and finally things are moving forward. Even though this is the final arc I can sense it will be a very VERY long arc with horrible pacing at the start and everything comes to you in the end.

  3. Bleach leaves so much questions than answers throughout the whole series. It was anime that started me watching it subed and got me into manga. How things seems to be unfolding I realised how much better Naruto is written. At this point Bleach should be answering questions not creating new ones. Where did his father get his powers from, who is this king, what’s squad 0 things like that. Instead we get the introduction of new character that I dont wish to get invested in or care to.

    1. I’m 100% with you. I feel like there’s far too many things , both major and minor, left too open ended or just not addressed at all. For instance, I’m fine with Aizen being put in jail or whatever, but the way that ended, I was just like “that’s it? He has to come back eventually right?”

      Then you have a good number of Arrancar, particularly Espada, still alive. Grimmjow, Halibel, and Nel come to mind. Grimmjow and Nel played semi-important roles so for them to just be ignored, like they seem to have been, just seems odd.

      Then you have the whole Orihime x Ichigo thing that happened before she was kidnapped/forced to leave. I get that this is a shounen manga, but that seems like a pretty damn huge thing not to address.

      I had a few other questions too, but I’m currently drawing a blank. Anyway, I know there’s still time for them to address some of these issues considering this arc has barely started, but at the rate things seem to be going, I wouldn’t be surprised if they just flat out never addressed any of these and just ended the series. And for a series I actually enjoy from time to time, it would absolutely suck (for me, I can’t speak for anyone else really) if the end came and instead of tears of joy and/or sadness, I’m sitting there wondering what the hell happened to all these other people.

      Baby Choo Choo
      1. I know that something like “millions of years in jail” can be considered a harsher punishment than execution but considering that Aizen was so dangerous and it’s not the first time Soul society kills off unwanted people, they really should’ve just killed him off after he was sealed.

      2. Kubo said in an interview that all these plot holes will eventually be answered. After all, he plans to continue Bleach for 10 more years, I doubt they’ll tell us everything only at the beginning of the arc :/. Isshin’s story will be explained, Aizen will come back, and I heard Grimmjow will be back also.

  4. Who’s to say that a Quincy couldn’t be a member of squad zero? Also, in regards to the anime, they will probably bring it back later minus the filler, ala Hunterxhunter and Fullmetal alchemist.

    1. “Who’s to say that a Quincy couldn’t be a member of squad zero? ”
      Who ever said Espada were numbered from 1 through 10?
      When were you under the impression you were under the impression?

      1. Oh yeah, the Bounts. You know, that wasn’t a bad arc. All the characters got backstories, the character motivations made sense, and it actually made you feel something for the opposition.

        But Cyber, that was a filler arc. Kubo may be desperate, but I don’t think he’d make an arc that introduced powers and characters that would never be seen or mentioned again and never contributed anything to the plot!

        At least, I don’t think he did…

      2. Ah, yes. That must have been it.

        The Bount arc was certainly a horrible filler arc, but at least it was anime only. Can you imagine if something like that was canonical in the manga? Why, we could have humans with poorly explained backgrounds and motives running around with ridiculously outlandish powers, serving absolutely no purpose to story advancement.

        Luckily, it is only my imagination. Silly me.

  5. I have long since stopped watching the Bleach anime, so this rumour doesn’t really bother me all that much (although it was somewhat interesting to see what kind of filler arcs they can come up with). My interest in Bleach is low compared to other series out there, so I will follow it just to see it run its course.
    It seems somewhat disappointing that the youngest (newest) of the Big Three is ending first.

  6. Meh, it wasn’t a big surprise for me. Chapter 480 hinted heavily that the new threat must be Quincy-related by mentioning “the only ones capable of removing Hollows from existence itself.”

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the anime will simply be on hiatus. This is, after all, the last arc. Perhaps they have just decided not to make anymore filler arcs, and will just animate this last arc when there is enough source material.

    Bleach is far from the best anime/manga I have ever watched/read (though I pretty much only read the manga). Like somebody said above, I think the pacing is terrible. Still, I think it’s entertaining enough to read till the end. Kubo did promise recently that issues such as Ichigo’s birth, Isshin and Ryuuken, Squad 0, Aizen coming back, etc., will be addressed in this arc. So, I’m cautiously optimistic.

    I think your posts are pretty good. Maybe you should do two, or maybe three chapters at a time, though. They are short and not much happens — perhaps it would be easier for you to comment on them in bigger chunks.

      1. I’m serious, guys. It’d be like in Avatar: The Last Airbender. The Earth King had never seen what regular life is for people other than royalty, so I think that Don Kanonji snuck out somehow when he was young, wound up in the World of the Living, saw a super sentai show and decided to become a Protector of Justice with a TV show.

        I mean, that would be a pretty cool twist, right?

  7. uhhmmm I would prefer the anime to go on hiatus…
    I don’t want to deal with another filler arc.
    I did heard Warners Bros may produce a live movie. [that I am dreading]
    I haven’t catch up to the anime, but with Prooof’s post the anime is getting closer to the manga.

    I’m sad Kubo f**ked up Bleach so much… the whole deal with the Quincies honestly I’m not interested. I want questions answered!
    I’m down with theinnocent’s comment and learning about Ichigo’s dad’s past hell some bits about Byakuya meeting Kisana would of been hella awesome! And…
    -I still want to know if Nel’s alive…
    -What happen to Ganju?? I miss that fool…
    -I want Grimmjow back…
    -Is Aizen going to be involved in this Arc?
    -I want to know about Ichigo’s dad seeing Misaki…
    I’m just hoping to see Bleach finish with a big movie.

  8. Another dumb story arc. At this rate it really will drag on for another decade, rather than just continuing with the main story line. (Aka Zero Squad, Spirit King, Isshin & Urahara mystery).

  9. If the Quincies can master their burn out problem, they can be really strong like Ishida’s battle vs Mayuri. Given their Arrancar look, they might have done exactly that and its probably due to getting experimented by Aizen. Maybe the missing souls got eaten by the Quincies for a power up.

    Zaku Fan
  10. i just hope that these new quincy’s didn’t become so powerful through fusing with arrancars that they dare to start a war.
    Although i guess it would open up a few weird possibility’s like a resurrecion or maybe even that letz still of them.

  11. I’m not a Bleach hater. I just hate idiots who know that they are wrong yet still try to put up a fight for a lost cause. I used to be a Bleach fan. That was before it became the rediculously pointlesss garbage that it was become. If you are truly a Bleach fan, you should be happy that it’s ending, because the only direction it can head if it continues is further downhill.

  12. “For those following Bleach, I’m looking for some feedback on my posts and writing”

    You’re pretty good at talking about chapters/episodes that don’t have much in terms of content. And with grammar… Well, I’ve figured you’re not a native English speaker. Your grammar isn’t the best, but for quick reviews of chapters/episodes, you’re doing fine. If you wanted to improve something, the only thing I’d recommend is grammar. But really, it doesn’t matter all that much.

    And Bleach chapters are starting to become almost drudging to read at this point. I’ve just been following the series for so long now… I want to see what happens at the end 🙁

  13. Man i have to say,

    given the impression that the Quincys are a bunch of hardcore calculating OCD obsesseriods. (based on Ishida + his pops) they didn’t half pick an incredibly poor time to lauch their mighty assault on Soul Society.

    Surely a better time would have been right after the chaos of the Aizen escapade when SS was in a tits up condition… rather than waiting impatiently like the rest of us for the full-bring arc to draw to a close…

  14. Well, whatever they are. They must be powerful, and can Hide their Reiatsu. How comes they Sneak with so many Peoples to the General Commander, without being noticed?

    So, we saw Shinigamis cross over with Hollow (Aizen experiments). Why not Quincy with Hollow cross over “Prototypes”.. You can say it, thats they are some Aizen “leftover” experiments too.

    Or these 2 “Empty” Bodies, where the Crazy Science Captain found them, under the Rubbish.

    Are we given all lose strips an End?

  15. Quincy + mask I’m guessing the story is Quincys got butchers by Soul Society, they died and cause of regrets ended up in Hueco Mundo becoming hollows. They evolved because of their Quincy powers into this masked Quincy version who now seek to get revenge. Another thing that really bugs me is the fact that Ichigo had already reached a level where he was able to overpower Aizen, and considering what revived his power was a sum of almost everybody’s reiatsu from SS I don’t see how anyone is even able to look at him and not die…meh…

  16. I think its quite obvious that:

    1) The masked people are 0Th Squad/Royal Guards
    2) Royal Guard members might not be Shinigami.


    Quincy is a teaching. Humans who eventually became a quincy bloodline adapted that teaching from “older race of those who hunted the magic”.

    Quincies have a STRONG religious motif, starting with cross as weapon, the fact that weapon is a bow(another thing associated with angelic entities) and especially the fact hat “final form” of Ishida’s had what looked like unfinished Angel Wings.

    What if to become a Royal Guard member means you forsake your previous power or merge it with the original form of Quincy teachings? So you would have King’s army litteraly consist of shinigami, arrancar and human spirits who all accepted that teaching.

    It would make sense for them to mask their identities if Royal Guards members have been(like Kirio Hikifune) a part of formal SS and etc. Or whats even more interesting – if some of them are still in SS acting as part of SS, hiding their true allegiance – which would explain Ikaku’s note that “the citizens were gathered by one of their own” as well as Aizen calling Urahara “an agent of soul king”.

    Why would they declare war? Ichigo.
    The previous arc showed how much effect Ichigo had upon SS and SS is becoming more and more liberal straying away from the teachings of the old upon which it was based upon.
    When one thinks about it – same happened in Hueco Mundo – Due to Ichigo the whole place fell down, SS now has science facilties there and Halibel and Nel(two arguably good persons) rule of the place.

    Ichigo literally led everything away from conservativism that would be preferable to Soul King so it would make sense on if Soul king wants to “clean up” both places, so to say, and restart it with new authorities there. Something akin to what Colonial Britain tried to do to USA when USA started the whole independence thing.

    Also there’s a fact a mistery of Ichigo’s birth. I am beginning to think that Ichigo is SS version of Kwisatz Haderach” – some secret project of SS with intent of toppling Soul King or something similar. That would be right in the line with them declaring war upon SS and would even explain why Quincies got exterminated(if quincies were loyal to King and got their hands upon the info).

    It would also explain why Aizen “knew Ichigo since he was born” as well as why Ukitake and Shunsui talked that way about “Ichigo having grown up” as if they have known him for a while.

    This arc IS supposed to contain Ichigo’s birth, Ryuuuken and Isshin backstories as well as Royal Guards, so such thing would only make sense.


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