There’s not too many new clues this week as to who these new enemies actually are, but the intruders confronting Yamamoto insinuate that he already knows who they are and why they are there, which supports the idea that they are a group that had been mistreated by Soul Society in the past. It’s also revealed that they have the ability to…. do things involving bankai, which suggests that they may have hybrid abilities like Ichigo, and maybe even traces of hollow. This is obviously related to Ivan’s attempt at taking Ichigo’s bankai, since in Bleach powers are apparently entities that can be extracted and re-used with the right tools. With these turn of events though, Ichigo has naturally become very interested in what’s going on, but his new foes have plenty of more tricks up their sleeves and also mysterious shadows helping them escape (which even Yamamoto’s wall of fire can’t stop). It is definitely time for Ichigo to make a trip to Urahara’s place.

I’m really hoping that this will all involve the Royal Guard and the Spirit King in some way, but their ultra-secretive nature makes it rather impossible to predict exactly what role they’ll play. The white, trench-coated peeps also have desolate, icy kingdom of their own, with characteristics that makes it quite analogous to the Hueco Mundo of the arrancars. They have a emperor of some kind too, who is a tall imposing man with an epic beard. Apparently, he is bad-ass enough to slice off a subordinates arm while sitting down with his hands clasped. Clearly this guy is a tyrant, but also one that seems obsessed with “peace”, whatever his definition of that is. There’s nothing shocking or ground-breaking yet, but I am somewhat looking forward to seeing if these people will make things interesting.


  1. It been stated by translator that the statement does not mean they can use bankai….

    but something to do with bankai and only commander could hear what he said…. my guess is they can nullify bankai’s – kinda like they tried to do to Ichigo.

  2. “They…they can….bankai…”
    They can use bankai??
    inb4 that’s not what it means.

    Kubo’s art really doesn’t change you know.
    These new villains, at least the ones with the faces, all look similar to past characters.

    1. I assumed it meant that they could take and use bankai’s
      something like what Ivan tried to do to Ichigo

      but now I read it again… the guy was dying so he may have left out some words xD

      1. Original japanese text says “… Ya… Yatsura…… Yatsura ha Bankai wo———…!!”

        Which translates approximately to:

        “… Th-… They…… They [BLANK] Bankai———…!!”

        You might want to edid that out from your article, before accidently miseading a lot of people. Whoever scanlated this chapter did a major fuckup. At least let’s inform people about that in the “press”.

  3. And apparently his official english name is Ebern.

    You know this chapter wasn’t bad. It’s shaping up to be on the level of the beginning of the other major Bleach arcs, but that’s certainly better than recently.

  4. Hey now, it doesnt mean your necessarily evil if you have a long beard, and your sitting where a shadow is cast over you.. oh wait he just cut someone then i guess hes bad then

  5. They can “absorb” bankai. Is my guess.

    Notice how Ivan had a hollow mask too partially, what if he was able to somehow absorb hollow powers? Might be the same with bankais / shikais.

  6. This does raise the question of how the first lieutenant knows what they can do to the bankai. It is highly unlikely that he experienced it first-hand, since he most likely does not have bankai. And it is not like they would spill the secrets outright.

    Plot holes, thy name is Kubo.

    1. There’s nothing surprising about it. Sasakibe might have learned how to use bankai after the time-skip. Don’t forget Renji learned his bankai fast too. Ichigo learned it in 3 days.

  7. That’d be my assumption also. Judging by what happened to Ichigo in his fight and it being completely cliché, lacking any real thought, being completely lazy writing and seemingly being predictable, one would assume they can steal/absorb/etc a bankai then use it against whoever.

    P Ko
  8. So, the Quincy absorb ambient spirit particles from the environment to form their weapons, right? So wouldn’t absorbing bankai and hollow powers just be an upgrade of that power?

    Speaking German(ish)? Pseudo Quincy cross? Possible absorption powers? I’d say we’ve got Super Quincies.

    Cloud is Not Amused
  9. Every villain is Aizen. I mean I understand that an artist will tend to have unique ways to draw their characters, but this is almost like he’s taking Aizen’s template and changing his hair and clothes. It’s almost like that episode of Gintama where they revealed everyone was Shinpachi, but much less subtle.

  10. I read somewhere in the net that Tite Kubo said that in the final arc a lot questions will be answer and all the bakai from the captain´s will be shown. This more or less what he stated:

    1.-All shikai and bakai powers will be shown.
    2.-Isshin Kuroski´s past will be revealed.
    3.-The King of Spirits and the Zero Division will an apearence and they´ll be develop.
    4.-Yoruichi and Urahara´s secrets revealed.
    5.-Character relationships will be further develop and have a decent closure.

    All this was something I read in some forum, I´m entirely sure of its veracity so if anyone has a different infomation or something to add up please do because I´m eager to know what to expect.


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