「激闘!死神vsXCUTION!」 (Gekitou! Shinigami vs XCUTION! )
“Fierce Fight! Shinigami vs. XCUTION!”

The multiple fights happening concurrently make things fierce indeed, and I’m glad that they are not being dragged out, but the mechanics behind the whole set-up is just ridiculous. There’s no reason for Yukio to allow the shinigami to exit their alternate dimensions once they defeated their opponent, especially not if he could just erase them all together, as he tried to do to Renji. Given that he has close to absolute control over his dimensions, the way Yukio acted was simply irrational as there’s nothing stopping him from just pushing the “I win” button (he himself stated that he was the omnipotent god of his worlds). No explanation is given as to why he can’t just reduce the other shinigami’s strength to zero, boost his allies powers, or simply kill all the shinigami by pressing a couple keys on his arm. It was a bullshit ability in the first place, and now to prevent the battles from being completely trivialized, there’s a huge gaping hole left in the plot.

I suppose it could all be waved away by the fact that Yukio is just a really stupid brat, just like the other full-bringers, but this is again inconsistent with their meticulous strategies before with Ichigo. Of course now they are all drunk on Ichigo’s stolen powers, and reveal themselves to be over-talkative, arrogant assholes. It’s nice to see that most of the shinigami are stronger or at least act much cooler now and are able to take advantage of the Xcution’s folly. Everyone else pairs off with their natural opponents, the prime example being the brute-force muscle-heads Ikkaku and Sushigawara, who engage in a hilarious fist fight. Ikkaku hasn’t changed all too much and is still pretty much a miniature version of Kenpachi, able to take a lot of hits without too much problem. A quick clean battle is always good to watch, and the way he finished the fight with an epic headbutt was awesome too. Renji finishes his fight with Jackie pretty quickly too, though I was rolling my eyes at his “honor” and patriarchic attitudes.

With Yukio also trapped by Hitsugaya, that makes three battles down in one episode — pretty good progress given the usual pacing of Bleach. Most of the annoying speeches were quashed quickly, saving us from the torment, and we are left with the more significant fights (besides Rukia and Riruka’s). It’s quite fitting that Ichigo and Ishida get to fight Ginjou, but the fullbringers clearly are no match for the shinigami; the only person who’s really going to have trouble with their fight will be Byakuya, and that’s only because of the troublesome nature of Tsukishima’s ability.





    1. This what what I did not get about the FB Arc. The villains were the most pathetic villains ever that they feel like such a waster of space just for an arc to show how Ichigo gets his Shinigami power back.

      I mean seriously, what did Kubo want to achieve in this arc? The only important thing that happened in this arc was how Ichigo became a shinigami again (despite all the fuss about his FB power) and how much stronger his nakama and the Shinigamis got. But he could have totally done this some other way instead of putting in this filler arc.

      1. It’s kinda sad because Ginjo and Tsukishima alone could’ve been written in such a way that they could’ve been so much MORE. No not in firepower (well Ginjo had that potential), but at least in terms of mental manipulation/damage to the heroes.

  1. Did anyone notice the minor changes in the episode opening? Like Ichigo’s appearance changes after each time he gains new powers and the inclusion of the captains near the end.
    Hitsugaya really kept his cool in his battle and he looked cool. Renji’s battle was amusing and I liked how short it was. Ikkaku was unbelievable, really. Rukia looks like she’s having fun. I’m excited to see the next episode for Byakuya’s fight.

    random viewer
  2. I really like Ichigo’s character but this current plot really makes people want the anime to end. They even put a majority of fights, a complete weeks worth of chapters from the manga, into this one episode.

    I pity how Ichigo is such a cool character yet Kubo fails to put a decent plot into this.

  3. i am actually enjoying this arc and instead of taking the FB villains as being the worst villains, I take it as they were as tough or tougher than past villains but it just shows how much stronger Ichigo and the shinigami have gotten.

    It’s also nice to see some fights going at a quick pace instead of a month or two of fighting the same battle, haha.

    1. See, I actually agree with you. Unfortunately because of how Kubo quickly cut off Ginjo and Tsukishima’s role as proper villains was what frustrates since they had so much potential.

      I think what I hate about Bleach is how a lot of things that happen in one arc feels almost inconsequential to the next.

    1. You know, that’d be easier to believe if we ever got to see a fight that helped compare their strength to other characters. We saw them fight amongst each other, but that didn’t give us a good, accurate impression.

      All we do know is:

      Soul Reapers > Fullbringers

      Fullbringers > Uryu

      Show Spoiler ▼

      In terms of Kenpachi, Ikkaku, Histugaya and Byakuya, there probably wasn’t any reason to expect anything like fighting Espada last arc. They’re captain class pros going up against some kids and an old man.

      Renji, however, was usually the first to go down in the later Arrancar fights, so to see them take Jackie with no damage whatsoever didn’t really say much about Jackie’s own power. It just said Renji was stronger, which, given his reputation, is actually kind of an insult.

      Uryu’s in the same boat as Renji, but only goes up against Ginjou, losing twice. It’s possible he could’ve at least been on equal ground with the others, but that’s never explored.

      Show Spoiler ▼

  4. I actually don’t think the fullbringers would have any chance against the pre-power up shinigami. Apart from Ginjo who was a substitute shinigami, the rest of them were just humans with special abilities. In terms of fighting prowess, the shinigamis should be much stronger than them with or w/o the power-up.
    The only fight I’m looking forward to is Byakuya’s…


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