Episode 365

「一護VS銀城!代行証の秘密 」 (Ichigo VS Ginjou! Daikousho no himitsu )
“Ichigo vs. Ginjou! The Secret of the Substitute Badge”



Episode 366

「変わりゆく歴史、変わらぬ心 」 (Kawariyuku rekishi, kawaranu kokoro)
“Changing History, Unchanging Heart”

The final phase of the battle rolls in, and all that’s left is for Ichigo to wipe off that smug grin from Ginjou’s face. Ginjou reveals that he can also use Ichigo’s other powers, including Getsuga Tenshou, but he decides to stop the battle and explain that he isn’t Ichigo’s enemy (yeah, right) and that they were both used as pawns of Soul Society. Instead of turning against Soul Society however, Ichiga realizes that Ukitake, and Soul Society wanted him to find out eventually and make his choice then. Both Isshin and Urahara, and even Ishida, know the truth already themselves, however, and I don’t really understand their rationale for not telling Ichigo earlier and letting Ginjou reveal everything to him. However Ichigo decides that he wants power, and that is reason enough. Soul Society really didn’t do anything that terrible to Ichigo, at least not compared to the amount of crap that Ginjou and his crew did. Whatever motive it was for though, thank Ichigo for cutting short the chit chat. He releases his bankai in an epic blast of power that breaks the very dimension containing them, and reveals a new form that’s even cooler than his previous ones. On the other hand, Ginjou turns into some mutant fairy, and I think we all just want to see him dead as soon as possible. Even with that in mind though, their battle is surprisingly shor, and he gets is cut down before he gets to show much of his power, including his supposed hollow abilities.

Ginjou quickly dies without much fanfare — a huge contrast with Tsukishima who is still standing and screaming with a hole through his chest. The aftermath of the battle is spent on closure for the Fullbringers, which was sentimental, but not explained very well. Jackie survives with the loss of her fullbring powers, Riruka recovers at Urahara’s place before secretly leaving, Sushigawara carries off Tsukishima into the sunset, and Yukio goes off on his own way as well. Ichigo pays a visit to the Captain-Commander (where he also meets several of the new captains) and asks to bury Ginjou in the real world as a fellow substitute shinigami. In the end however, Ginjou’s role remains unclear. The fullbringers view him as their savior, and he’s portrayed in a redeeming light after his death; yet I can’t help but remember his desire to subjugate and destroy people, his sadistic and psychotic treatment of Ichigo, and his arrogance and cruelty. Ichigo did not “save” Ginjou in any way, aside from maybe “salvation through death”. Other than that though, their final fight wasn’t terrible, and the way the episode wrapped up this arc was done well. I’ll admit I got chills near the end, and the production in this last episode was great too. Overall however, this arc was quite deficient, and even more so as a finale.

Ending Sequence


Final Impressions:

Never did I think the day would come when I could put (END) into a Bleach post. This anime was not very good, the main reason being that it suffered from a severe case of Never-Ending Shounen. The very first arcs were not bad, but things began to go downhill quickly after that. I truly hoped that Kubo would put an end to the story after Aizen’s defeat, but this did not happen and for one reason or another this show continued to crawl forward long after its prime. No doubt Bleach does have its great moments and there are definitely some epic highlights I could point back to; however it has also been chronically plagued by fillers, which in turn have suffered from shoddy writing, poor production quality, and a general lack of appeal. These problems have been extended to the canon material as well, manifesting in a very inconsistent quality and suggesting a production budget that varies wildly from week to week. It came to the point where my standards fell so low that the only thing I hoped for each week was decent animation, no major plotholes, and a good fight to hold my attention. When even that success rate dropped to a substandard level, watching Bleach each week became a huge drag.

Granted, Bleach battles for the most part have been successful in holding the tension and excitement that make things interesting, but the explanations of powers or motives are often ridiculous or completely absent. Cheap plot devices, nonsense character abilities, dull/dragged-out scenes, and illogical developments abound. In addition, the inundation of shounen cliches throughout Bleach quickly grows tiresome, and many things become quite predictable. Unfortunately, the abruptness of this finale is really just begging for a sequel to finish off the final manga arc (which is still ongoing), so I don’t think this is the last we’ll see of the Bleach anime. I’ll leave these brief final impressions here, but if you do plan to continue following Bleach or wish to start, the manga is by far a better choice, even if only for the fact that the latter takes less than 3 minutes per chapter/week instead of 25 for the anime, and that you can avoid the dreaded filler arcs. Whether or not this last arc is animated, I intend to read Bleach until the very end as it does hold a special place for me as one of the shows that got me into anime initially, and also happens to feature some of my all time favorite anime songs. If you also desire a more complete conclusion than was provided in episode 366, chapter 480 of the manga is where to start, but all in all, I find this a very difficult series to recommend to anyone, so a thank you goes out to all of you who’ve been stuck with me for the past two years \( ̄▽ ̄)/


  1. Although the animated series was tedious at times and riddled with fillers, I actually felt a bit sad at the end of the last ep. I always liked to see the fights animated so I’ll definitely miss the animated series in a way.

  2. I really wish they would have done more with Riruka. I really liked her character. To bad this arc in general was not very good. It was a pretty big cop out how he got his powers back, they could have done that at anytime for him. But what I really want know is if his dad got his powers back the same way and why his did needed to lose them in the first place, who was he fighting?

    1. This fullbring arc was terrible. Clearly it was meant to just milk the “Bleach” machine for more $$$. In the manga the final arc just started and its great (so far). Kubo stepped up his game and is slowly forming a great arc to hopefully awnswer all the questions fans have been asking for years.

      Naruto is in its epic World Ninja War arc and is great. Over the past couple of months I compared how great Naruto is doing and how terrible Bleach has become. Polarizing opposites of the quality level…

      Guess Kubo has listened to all the criticism of the fans and has put together a final “epic” Bleach arc.

  3. Unbelievable.. to think it ENDED..8 years if am not mistaken..am happy and sad at the same time..thou make me feel old..well bleach had its ups and down since the aizen arc..

    but hey its bleach…. it will be miss and never forgotten..haha it sounded like it ended for real since theres still the manga..


    1. Don’t forget about Kyouraku’s and Ukitake’s Bankai, I’d love to see those.

      Also, the story about his father never got explained, just so many wasted potential…

    2. Remember, it’s not actually over. The anime was simply 2 episodes from passing over the manga, and this time the studio decided to take the high road and go on hiatus, rather then pollute the show with yet another terrible, drawn out filler arc.

      The show WILL be back in a year or two when the manga has gained some running room(See Shippuden, although there wasn’t a hiatus for that, or Gintama’ and likely other examples) perhaps “Bleach: Blood Wars” or something, off the top of my head.

  4. It ended!!! But then again the new ‘Thousand Year Blood War Arc’ in the manga will most likely appear as the new Bleach anime arc in a year or so…

    BTW did anyone notice that Riruka’s butt was showing? End of Season fan-service?

    Mixed Milkshake
  5. A few years ago, if someone told me the Bleach anime was going to end soon, I would have told them that they were nuts. And yet here we are. It’s impossible to blame the anime for the canon material, so it seemed like they did a decent job in that regard. Some of the anime filler arcs had potential (ie. the most recent one), but they never broke free from the “shoddy writing, poor production quality, and a general lack of appeal” that plagued the series.

    Thanks for covering this, Prooof. I stopped watching the anime a long time ago, so it was nice to see what kind of shenanigans Bleach was up to.

  6. Yes, Bleach’ storyline went down the drain. Lots of rage moments from viewers and readers. Most filler arcs were boring…
    But for me, Bleach will remain the show I’ve followed the longest. True, I’ve given up many times on the manga and its anime but then I picked it up again. They’re like friends you can pin point bad traits or ticks from…But I can only do so because I became close enough to them. I keep hanging out with them because either I care (no past tense here) for them (knowing it’s not really their faults) or simply because I see a greatness they could have achieved…I’ll even give the reason of nostalgia (aka the first arcs).
    Bleach ending touched me only because I I’m sure the void will be filled with better anime but I will remember this anime with at least a little smile. In my eyes, Bleach should have ended after Rukia’s rescue. Everything after went from weak to weaker. I hope the manga’s end will redeem the stretched annoyance I felt reading/watching. It is really all I could ask for. Maybe, it’s due to the fact I am still a Bleach fan.
    Sorry for the bad grammar and I hope this makes sense. I felt like I had to post this. ^^”

    1. Bleach ending touched me only because I (not sure what happened…sorry) will miss seeing characters I have seen almost on a weekly basis for the past 6 years (caught on later than its original start date).

      1. For everything that has happened, I will miss the characters most. Their personalities, their chemistry they share with others. That’s what I liked the most about this show.

  7. na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye bleach anime.

    now we have also dub bleach can also relax now some more eps & finally after 10000 years i’m free it’s to conquer the bleach dub.

    unless pull a more new fresh time-skip new season of like Shippuden & etc long-runners anime aka pokemon & case closed?!


  8. When it comes to a lack of explanations about powers, I find Fairy Tail to be much more at fault. The whole concept of magic isn’t explained at all (like why there is “card magic” or the other 500 different types of magic – there’s no system that ties them all together like Devil Fruits in One Piece or chakra in Naruto)…and the constant use of nakama power infused Natsu to win every battle is extremely irritating for me.

    Granted I still enjoy Fairy Tail (often more than Bleach), but I think it’s a bit unfair to call out Bleach for it when FT does tons of it too.

    Overall I don’t think Bleach is great, but just as you said, it does hold a special place in my mind due to ie being my first long shounen series. 😛

  9. 366 episodes = 122 hours (no OP-ED) = 5 days and 2 hours = Bleach anime quickest marathon time

    It goes without saying I don’t understand how you were able to put up with this for so long. I had my time with both the OP and Naruto anime for around 100 episodes each, then my brain developed a strong resitance to the I had to quit.
    With Bleach a single -the first- episode put me down, but being curious I try the original version, it wasn’t very good at all in the beginning but still managed to be a lot better than its anime counterpart. By the time it reaches Soul Society it was definitely a good shonen, then the quality flee along Aizen and the whole point was crushed with his defeat.
    Now we are at the point where fillers are moved to the canon.

    There’s a limit to arrogance but Kubo doesn’t get it.

  10. bleach really ended on a fizzle with no pop. kinda sad, as the ichigo vs byakuya fight (esp ichigos bankai reveal) is probably one of my most memorable moments in anime for me. watching ichigo go bankai for the first time brought me back to when i watched goku go super sayajin for the first time when i used to watch dragonball z as a kid..

  11. Wow, the anime actually ended. Guess even the marketing guys could squeeze no more ratings from the domestic Japanese audience from endless fillers.

    There was once a time when I used to look forward to every new Bleach episode, but that was way back in 2005. The first filler arc about the Bount, which lasted nearly a year, drenched those passions, only to be reignited again when it followed the manga once again for the appearance of the Arrancars.

    But then, the show kept going on and off fillers that watching the show became a meaningless chore rather than a passion. Upon realizing that, I dropped it for good about 3 years ago.

    And sadly, as Prooof has pointed out, the shoddy plot quality has extended itself to the canon material as well. I got so sick and tired of seeing Aizen coming off unscathed from some epic combo-attack for the umpteenth time that I just threw the manga book in my hand to the floor and said “ENOUGH!”

    Still, Bleach was a large part of my anime life prior to my discovery of the anime world beyond the usual “Never Ending Shounens”. It was an enjoyable escapade for me while it lasted, so credit where credit’s due, here’s a grudging thanks to Kubo Tite for all the better memories.

    (Must remind myself to copy and past large parts of this post when RC finally covers the last ever manga chapter. lol )

    Kinny Riddle
  12. I’ve been watching this thing since 2004. Every single freakin’ week and now they’re take it out to air a cheap and bad Naruto comedy spin-off? C’mon…

    I don’t like filler but even fillers are MUCH better than what they are going to show. LOL.

    I hope to more Bleach in a few months because I’m not going to read the manga. lol.

    Bleach is freakin’ awesome.

  13. & now also those seiyu who stuck on bleach so many years can also be free more other anime that want really doing so long yea time find new anime voices roles to do now.

  14. They’ll have to do some “Bleach: Brotherhood” to make this good as it should. I’m already seeing a movie with the last arc, the one and only Bleach movie I’ll watch.

    Thanks Bleach, and farewell

  15. wow, The End, I really had no idea it was ending with this arc at all @_@
    I confess I haven’t been following the anime for a while now, because of the filler arcs: I used to watch this series every week in 2005-2006 I think? but then came the fillers…more fillers……mooooore fillers, and so I decided I would only watch the canon material from the manga, and ended up watching nothing at all in the end.
    It really has been a very long journey, but unlike FMA, I don’t feel this gripping nostalgia and my eyes blurring at the sight of all those ‘friends’ leaving forever… I guess part of it is because the manga is still on going aha~ the other as said is bcs I haven’t been following for a while.
    I believe Bleach marked an era and had many original concepts that made it truly unique.

  16. The only thing I’ll miss from this show is the music. God… its just that awesome.

    The series itself? It became generic after they entered Soul Society the 1st time.

  17. Prooof are you still going to be around writing for another show?
    You have been writing for bleach ever since Omni left, and I grew attached seeing you post every week^^
    and thanks for completing the anime which this site began with (366 episodes wow)

  18. While I agree that the anime wasn’t perfect it was definitely a good entertaining series (save for the filler arcs.) I also felt that series had a good place to end with the defeat of Aizen. All in all I think both the anime and the manga are great. While they both manage to drag in some places (what manga doesn’t do that at some points) I feel that the good outweighs the bad.

    1. After the SS arc ended, the show only had great moments on occasion.

      – The shinigami missionaries in Ichigo’s class and where they decided to stay over in the World of the Living.
      – TheBeachEpisode. Yes. Yes.
      – The final duel with Ichigo and Aizen, which managed to be even more epic than the SS Arc!

      I will miss this anime for the characters and their antics. Not the story, or the animation, or the fillers.

  19. Granted, the anime had faults. Bad animation quality on some episodes, shitty filler arcs [though I give props to the zanpaktou one] and the canon-material that animators had to use.
    I haven’t watched the anime after green hair girl’s arc, so time will tell when I feel like watching this arc.

    I can tell even you, Prooof, didn’t enjoy posting this anime/manga, but you are right to feel that way since the anime did suck (notably this arc); consequently, you wrote that bleach became “a huge drag.”

    I’m grateful that animators put bleach on hiatus than endure another filler arc. Referring to the manga, I was disappointed with Kubo WAY back at Huenco Mundo when he used the same damn plot device. I read this arc, and I didn’t like it. The characters were not interesting, even I questioned the manga quality of what Kubo drew, and I hated Tsushi-blah. The only aspect I liked from this arc was Ichigo’s angst over losing his powers; however, I would’ve wished Ichigo got his soul reaper powers in a more bada$$ fashion.

    I was frustrated how bad the manga was but to bash on the anime is a bit unfair. I mean, the animators had to work out this show using the shitty material Kubo made. I’d watched the anime just to see it animated from the manga, the animated fights, and the cool Openings and endings.

    The anime Bleach wasn’t good, but it wasn’t bad. I really liked the characters, so Kubo gets a thumbs-up. I thank Bleach for bringing my otakuness, and it is part of my childhood; it was long, bumpy ride. I don’t regret watching the anime. Would I watch this again? Ha, heck no. I’m only curious how this ends in the manga.

    Though, I’ll miss those “BANKAI(s).” See you around Bleach.

  20. I dropped this anime about three years ago and the manga about 9 months ago. I still wish for Rukia and Ichigo to get together.. although I really doubt that happened.

  21. Well, at least this final episode was much better handled in the anime than in the manga. They even gave us some epilogue, where we get to see some forgotten charactes like Kiba or Hinamori do something (I found their cameos hilarious too, haha).

      1. Perhaps Kubo, will break out of its “Draw only Bleach Mangas his long Life!” and want try something a new. Or he got “OutBurned” from Bleach Manga that he needs a Time Out to find his Inspiration

  22. What? It ended? I thought it was going to finish adapting the manga? Oh well, I stopped watching Bleach years ago. Every now and then I skim the manga, but nothing was as good as the Soul Society arc.

  23. I’ve stopped around 316 where Aizen dies or something (can’t even remember, don’t care really…). Seeing how it ended at 366, you guys think I should watch the rest of 50 episodes?

    But really, I’ve lost interest after Aizen arc so yeah…

  24. Hahaha Finally. The final slash from the right shoulder to left hip hahahah. No originality there. I glad it’s done, maybe this “brand” can redeem it self with the final arc, but i doubt it hahahaha.

  25. Wow, this is finally over. The ending was actually pretty decent for having to end the series. I thought Riruka was gonna jump off the building and commit suicide XD, lmao.

  26. What a bunch of disgusting and heartless fools. Throwing up shitty comments is as easy and spontaneous as breathing for them. Why aren’t they already lsuccessful and adored writers ? Did it ever cross their minds how difficult it is to write a long story ?

  27. I don’t think this is a permanent end for the Bleach anime. The manga is still ongoing in Japan and is still widely popular. Bleach has been climbing back up in the weekly rankings lately due to this being the final arc and sold over 4 million copies last year, putting it in the top ten bestselling manga of 2011. Bleach is not only still popular, but it’s still profitable for Weekly Shonen Jump. Therefore, even if Studio Pierrot decides not to hold on to their rights to animating Bleach, I’m sure that a new anime project for Bleach will come about in the future. Also, the anime was way too close to the manga at this point and needed to give Kubo more time to write more material. Rather than losing money by making more lackluster fillers, it’s good that they’re stopping it here to save money. For all we know this could simply be a hiatus, but if it’s a permanent end to this project, then I’m sure that another anime studio will jump on the opportunity to animate Bleach. To be honest, I’d REALLY love to see the team behind Fate/Zero from Ufotable animate Bleach. Now THAT would be awesome.

    In the meantime, I am definitely gonna miss the Bleach anime. I’ve been following Bleach ever since the anime premiered on Adult Swim six years ago, and despite the series’ admittedly bad pacing and a couple questionable plot devices, Bleach will always remain dear to me as one of my all time favorite anime/manga series. At least the manga will hold us over for hopefully more Bleach anime in the future. 😀

  28. I can just hear the squishy sound of shounen.J executives squirming in their sh!t coated drawers. I CAN’T WAIT to see what ridiculousness the NEXT BIG shounen will be!!! what will the next Younger generation find “good”

    BROOKLYN otaku
  29. I can see them pulling an Inuyasha with Bleach once the manga actually finishes.. Inuyasha went through a lot of the same motions and benefited from the multi-year break, only to animate the final arc when the manga finished..

  30. I honestly was very fond of Bleach until the end. I stopped watching it for a time but jumped back on board eventually.

    I love Bleach, will always love Bleach, and cannot wait for the eventual return of the anime. 🙂


    Skins Thunderbomb
  31. I don’t see one image of Ichigo’s new bankai form here. I thought there would be one to be talked about at least. I’m still in disbelief about the animation of Bleach being over. The final battle had it’s quick end (as usual) and Ichigo finishes everything with a “See you again.” Maybe a movie will be coming out in the future. I’m left satisfied about it being over, but not completed at the right time. I agree with the idea of it being over when the whole Aizen series finished. But not right when I started to get accustomed to the characters’ new looks and knowing I won’t see anymore of them in that way. (Other than the suggestion of seeing them in black/white from the manga). Also, Kon wasn’t even in the last episode.

    random viewer
  32. The anime should have taken gone on hiatus instead of all those filler arc’s [the spirit sword arc was interesting] but when you bow to corporate pressure this is what you get. It was also neutered by it’s time slot. But you can never take away that first season from me. It was and always will be great. Now we can go back, edit out the fillers, and watch it all again. In what ever fashion we so choose. Now we start back to where it all began THE MANGA. This is how it should be. Where Kubo has his last chance to finish strong. Regardless of where you stand on Bleach. He gave the world of anime the best reference ever!


  33. The only things I’ll miss from Bleach are the openings & endings. This show seriously has some of the best songs. Despite dropping it back in Hueco Mundo I would always check the new OP/EDs every once in a while. Now what series will I stalk? 🙁

  34. Am I the only one that felt that ep 366 was rushed? (or should I ask if I am the only one that seams to care?)

    I thing they should have done one last 367 episode as a special tribute for the anime series that many did/do love; 2 mins of the last ending sequence felt short.

    I guess we’ll only see more of bleach animated if the manga manages to redeem itself.

  35. I have been surfing ur website( randomcuriosity) since ep 40 and this is my first comment in the past 6 years . First i would like to thank OMNI for blogging about bleach for many years ( thank you PROOOF for blogging after OMNI left ) . Bleach was the only anime i saw . It feels like the end of an era .

    tej narayan
  36. I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since Proof started blogging Bleach. While most of us have lots of qualms about the series, none of us even imagined it would actually end. It’s kind of sad since Bleach was one of the anime that reminded me that Omni used to be a blogger in RandomC.

    From a personal standpoint, Bleach was one of the foundations of my Anime fandom and it’s sad to finally see it go (though I have no doubt this will still get a sequel ala Inuyasha Final Act)but then again it has been dragging for so long it has to be stopped. It’s definitely due to a combination of finally dried out fillers and terribly low ratings.

    Bye bye Bleach, see you later I guess. . . For now, it’s time to stick to the manga which looks like its entering the final arc with its weaving of all major plot points (in a terribly plote-hole way).

  37. Wow, not even making the fight scenes better could save this mess of an arc. A real shame that this is what they ended on. I’ll be rooting for a continuation, if only for the reason that we can finally bury this story once it’s over.

  38. …END? An anticipated April’s fool or is that for real? I can say that I’ve grown up with bleach…I got married in the meanwhile and now it’s ending…and I wasn’t even aware of that watching the episode…

    definitely April’s fool.

  39. Bleach was one of my favorite animes that I couldnt stop watching. It did have its flaws such as unexplained plots and the annoying filler, but despite all of that, I guess you could call bleach my guilty pleasure because it was so fun to watch but yet stupid at the same time. There were so many characters that I loved, I even learned most of their names over the years. Even though I know that the next arc might be a little stupid, I’m still looking forward to it and I’m hoping that it will come out on the anime after a few years.

  40. Bleach needs to come back with a brotherhood/kai animation where all the fillers are cut off leaving only 100 episodes to watch. And this series will be called “Tide”

    Azul Flamed Samurai
  41. Hopefully in a coulpe of years they will create a remake of the series with better animation and no filler. Just like Hellsing Ultimate and FMA Brotherhood. The downfall of this series was it’s half-assed animation and it’s failed attempt to extend the content of the manga into a 24 minute episode. It just felt as though they were prolonging the episode with non-sense, particularly unneeded flashbacks which where starting to get repetitive. Also the inconsistency of the story was fatal to the series. A thing that really bugged me, was how Ichigo never had any questions about what he is, right after it was revealed his father was a shinigami. The same thing also happened in his fight with Ulquiorra, the story just ignored the fact that Ichigo turned into this ultimate hollow form, leaving the readers question whether there is some deeper meaning to transformation or whether it just put there on a whim with no real importance. I just hope the manga explains all of the questions left unanswered, and once it’s done it will be followed by a well done animation, somewhere in the quality of the Evangelion remakes. I prefer that they would release them as OVA’s, with each episode approximately 50 min to an hour long, because they tend to be produced better and it is better than having 300+ episodes. But, i would be fine with a reqular series as long as it’s done well.

    1. Even if they did that, the series (if we’re including an animated version of this new, final arc) would still be over 200 episodes long. That’s a lot of time and money to go into a show that everyone got so sick of that they ended it early the first time around.


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