My suspicion that Ichigo and the shinigimi will form an unlikely alliance with the arrancar continues to grow, and the developments in this chapter also support that possibility. Ichigo and some of his friends (including Urahara, which is a pleasant surprise) enter Hueco Mundo to rescue Dondochakka, but he purposely goes out of his way to help a nearby group of captive arrancar. As Urahara points out, they were not long ago his enemies, and this goes to show that Ichigo is willing to help anyone as long as they aren’t trying to hurt him or his friends.

There are a bunch of glib-looking guards with their captain in the usual white military garb preparing to execute the arrancar, who turn out to include some of the fraccion who had served under Aizen. It becomes quickly evident that they stand no chance against the Vandenreich however, and leads me to wonder whether they really are that strong, or if they simply have some special power that they discovered recently. Even the most experienced captains were not able to take on the Espada and arrancar with such ease, so it seems unlikely that a new group this powerful could arise so suddenly. Explanations about their background and their connections to previous events have not been given yet however, so I continue to await answers. Harribel’s fraccion have also arrived on the scene, but it’s unlikely that they will be too successful. If Ichigo and his crew decide to engage the camp as well though, as they probably will, we might be able to get a more accurate gauge of how strong these people really are.


  1. I CAN’T BELIEVE THAT KUBO MADE THE ARRANCAR SO WEAK. Those look at least Vaste Lorde Arrancar yet they were being slaughtered. Mmmmm, on the interesting note is that Grimmejaw isn’t making a big fuss.

    Oh please be alive little doggy of Yammy, you beat Kon in terms of cuteness for being Bleach’s mascot.

    1. I think you’re mixing up Vasto Lorde with Arrancar. Vasto Lorde still look like Hollows but with human shape (except for Barragan for some reason). Check out Harribel during her flashback episode for an example. Arrancar look like humans with half-masks.

      So I didn’t see any Vasto Lorde there, only Arrancar.

    2. Vasto Lordes are the highest evolution of menos grade hollows. They are not Arrancar, nor do they look human, but are extremely powerful hollows that are generally the same size as humans.

      Arrancars are hollows that gain shinigami powers by removing its mask. They do not have to be vasto lorde hollows though. Vasto lordes hollows are extremely rare.

      Grimmjow, for example, was a Adjuchas class hollow (higher than gillian, lower than vasto lordes) before he became an arrancar.

      1. Right. From what I can tell, and based on their Ressurecions and info they let slip during battle, the Espada’s hollow level was like this:

        0./10. Yammy Riyalgo – Adjuchas (Beast like released form. Exact strength ranking not known, but at least stronger than Ulquiorra, despite being lower in level)
        9. Aaroniero Arruruerie – Gillian (Says so himself during fight with Rukia, says he’s the only one of the group)
        8. Szayel Aporro Granz – Adjuchas (stronger than a Gillian, weaker than Grimmjow, released form doesn’t look very human)
        7. Zommari Leroux – Adjuchas (see above)
        6. Grimmjow Jeagerjaques – Adjuchas (is confirmed as one in flashbacks, released form is beast like)
        5. Nnoitra Jiruga – Vasto Lorde (maintains human like shape while released, stronger than 6-9)
        4. Ulquiorra Schiffer – Vasto Lorde (maintains human like shape while released, 2nd form)
        3. Tia Harribel – Vasto Lorde (confirmed in flashbacks, maintains human shape while released stronger than 4-10)
        2. Barragan Luisenbarn – Vasto Lorde…? (doesn’t look human while released or in flashbacks, but was formerly king of Hueco Mundo and is stronger than 3-10)
        1. Coyote Stark – Vasto Lorde (completely human form in flashbacks and while released, strongest Espada of his time)

        But some of this is just my guess and will likely never be confirmed.

      2. If what you say is true Ichigo may be the only Vasto Lorde we’ve seen. His full hollow form was a complete mask with horns with a humanoid body. I think Aizen may have reached that state as well in the final battle with ichigo. I hope we see more of these Vasto Lorde if that’s what those transformations are.

    1. ._. Sadly, they won’t accomplish anything, because they’re women. As sexist as it sounds, it is the sad truth in Bleach’s universe: I think it’s correct to say that not one woman has ever single-handedly defeated a man in this manga (Soi Fong needed Hacchi’s help). Not even Yoruichi, and as far as I know, she’s the one that has always had the most aces up his sleeve 🙁

      Ichigo will have to save the day again with his bankai, which is a shame really: you’d think that Kubo could let him win a fight without the use of his bankai for once, to make him look even stronger and cooler, or even let other minor characters take the much-needed badass spotlight for once (female arrancars, Chad…)

      1. Chad should have owned in hueco mundo since his powers derived from there (i think). I also remember Rangiku shined a little she beat Kira the shinigami and one of Grimmjow’s henchmen. Rukia beat an espada by herself and harribel was gonna beat hitsugaya. I think Harribel’s fraccion are a step up from others. They survived Yamamoto’s flames so I believe they may be able to do something.

      2. Ahh, forgot about Rangiku and Rukia’s victories; good one there, Kain.

        Rukia beat an espada by herself and harribel was gonna beat hitsugaya.

        :s Really, when? When it was 1vs1, Hitsugaya froze her in that flower-pillar, and when it was 3vs1, now with Vizards on his team, they were easily cornering her until Aizen showed up and decided to kill her to save up some time, correct?

        Still, I stand by what I said: these three Fraccion will not accomplish anything useful (unfortunately). After all, the only women that have beaten a guy are Rukia (most important/main female character…and she only beat one guy once) and Rangiku (the only guy he beat was one of the lowest class hollows…and barely too. You could argue that these Nazi-Quincy guys may be the lowest class of these new enemies too though, mm…).

    1. More Harem? He doesn’t even know girls exist apparently. He is oblivious to how much the beautiful Inoue loves him and shows no interest in Rukia either (or any other girl in the series except Rangiku and he considers her dangerous).

      1. Ichigo is oblivious to anything that isn’t related to fighting or save his friends. Remember when Yoruichi was naked and she was teasing him?; Ichigo instead of follow the teasing forced Yoruichi to put on clothes. Or when Rangiku tried to bribe him with her…

  2. I did like the transition in this chapter to Hueco Mundo, no running through a tunnel or waiting for Urahara to conjure up a portal in his basement, just bang right there…beautiful. Does Nel remember that she’s an espada? Or does she lose her memories when she goes into child form?

    1. That reference is so obvious. That officer of the “Jagdarmee” was behaving way too familiar.
      I like how they think that Aizen is dead, though. They are in for a nasty surprise.

  3. If this wasn’t announced to be the final arc, then the next one would be “let’s rescue some Vandenreich girl from some unknown force who would happen to come from the dark side of the moon while the imperials are giving a hand”. Did Kubo got his hand on some Hellsing manga before starting this crap rather then giving some proper closure following Aizen’s defeat?

  4. I love the fact that Aizen is mentioned again.. I have a feeling he will be back…
    I get the feeling that this arc will not be as powerful as the Aizen arcs… I have a feeling nothing will beat Aizen as the main villain 🙂 He was incredibly deceitful but also charming in a villainous kind of way 🙂

  5. Was this already mentioned? It occurred to me that initially it seemed like the vice-captain that died was saying these new enemies had bankais, but judging from Ichigo’s first encounter, it seems more likely that he was actually saying that they can seal bankais.

  6. haha, you know i REALLY NEVER thought it would be possible! but kubo has managed to come out with a group of “BAD GUY” protagonists that I could give even LESS than 2 sh!t’s about more so than ANY OTHER ONES THAT CAME BEFORE!!!! *******APPLAUSE UPROARIOUS CHEER*********** sir are a “genius”

    now show me the head captains BANKAI and end this shit already!!!

    BROOKLYN otaku
      1. i wouldn’t be surprised if they raise aizen to see if he has any info on the new enemy. I mean they weren’t on earth or soul society. They had to have been hiding in hueco mundo waiting for the time to strike and aizen probably knew about it since he ruled over all hueco mundo.


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