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This sure is “another world”…

I thought it would be nice to introduce you to the live-action adaptation of the very famous Mirai Nikki, considering the fact that the Ouran High School Host Club drama was covered here, from beginning to end. But I won’t cover this drama at all. I’m just giving you a little introduction because I thought it’d be nice to have some more Mirai Nikki.

First of all, this is nothing like the Mirai Nikki you’re used to. This is technically a completely new story with new characters, but the concept is pretty much the same with a few small changes that I’ll get to in my summary.

Show summary ▼

I usually don’t write long summaries like this, but I thought that it might be nice to have the whole episode written out in case you don’t feel like watching it.

As I mentioned before, this is quite different from the Mirai Nikki we’re used to. I’ll point out some things that are very different from the original story:

  • Deus is different.
  • The characters have different names, some of them are new, and some of them are new versions of the old ones.
  • People’s diaries aren’t changed into future diaries. Instead, people who have the Chronus phone are automatically in the game. It seems that only the Chronus phone has this ability.

I’ll be honest, I don’t like this drama and I won’t watch any more of it. I’ve never been fond of Japanese dramas because I find most of the acting very awkward. There are some funny, good dramas though, but those are usually not based on manga. (Editor’s note (Divine): Except maybe Hana Yori Dango and Ouran High School Host Club.)

If you look at this drama as a different story, unrelated to its source material, you might be able to enjoy this. I tried to do so and managed to watch the whole episode. It was interesting but it didn’t interest me enough to keep on watching. There is nothing wrong with an original story but this was very poorly executed. This Yuno seemed so unnatural to me. She is supposed to be creepy but she was portrayed as a sweet, happy-go-lucky girl here, so it was quite hard to understand what kind of person she is (she is supposed to be like that but there should be some eerie aura to her), but on the other hand, this is just the first episode, and I’m sure it’ll get more interesting.

I’m not saying that this is bad; it’s definitely worth a watch, plus there are some well known actors in this, but on the other hand, it’s not going to be good if you expect too much from it because of its poor quality. But that’s just my opinion.

With that being said, I’d be very happy if those of you who intend to watch this tell me if the rest of it is good. I already have too many anime series on my list right now, but if this turns out to be better with later episodes, I might pick it up.

Also, just a fun thing I noticed in this episode. Arata was trying to call for help with the planetarium’s phone that wasn’t working, but he held his cell phone in the other hand. Hmm, logic!




  1. Getting pretty Higashi no Eden there, Mirai Nikki. Sugoi! Doushio?

    I guess I’ll track this thing down and so I can settle my own judgement, but it doesn’t look like something I’d follow.

  2. Judging by screencaps, the acting may be awkward, but those expressions look pretty hilarious.

    I’d watch it with friends and drinks. That’s how I watch Hana Yori Dango, and it became 10 times more good.

    The Truth is in the Axe
    1. Wait so Narutaki is in this!?

      You know IMO Narutaki is the most pointless antagonist to exist in anything I’ve ever watched… I’m not even sure if he is an antagonist!

      Suppa Tenko
      1. no is this is all DECADE doing.

        yea since series is reveal twist of paraeel world indeed & etc must been really ONORE DECADE.

        or that deus & DECADE are secretly doing this mirai nikki.

        B KLAC-Gata H KLAC-Kei
    1. It’s the flattened, elongated nose and full lips. (Which is also why they look more like girls too)

      I don’t want to associate Yuno with this actress. To me, this live version doesn’t exist.

    1. I can’t imagine her says Arata’s name in that sweet yet creepy way. Yuukii is a name just built for it. And I miss the pink hair, but I know that’d just be silly in live action….

  3. Like I said, it takes a special kind of person to pull off what Hitchccok and Esuno did with Psycho and the original Mirai Nikki. Without Esuno’s touch, there’s just (next to) no way for the original’s contradictory charm to be retained- that’s assuming that you have writers that are good enough to write a compelling story in the first place, which from what I’m reading here, doesn’t seem to be the case…double-trouble for this production, it seems…

  4. *Looks at first 6 screenshots*

    Yeah… No. Just no. But kudos to Stereo for making the effort to blog about it. It must have been tough, writing about something that looks like a silly set-up bound for failure.

  5. Looks like I’m the first one commenting that enjoyed this.
    I definatly preffer this Yuki,he’s actualy not a loner!He’s just a bit of an airbrain.
    As for Yuno,there’s no need for her to be creepy right away,she can get get creepier and creepier as episodes go by,the anime played up her creepyness right away more than the manga.

    It’s also interesting how the phones don’t give them the future that much in advance,that should make things interesting,there’s also no talk about anyone becoming a god so I guess we won’t get anything close to a manga ending.

    For anyone who’s curious the writer has worked on the live action gantz and 20th century boys movies as well as the bloody monday live action drama

  6. Hmmm… Let me watch it 1st then I will judge.
    Also, Yuno hitting ppl w/h her bat while smiling is not cree3py enough 4 u!?

    Arata dad: Dead at 1st episode!? At least I didn’t stab my wife.
    Manga Yuki dad: At least I am being jerkass for a few ep. and then die.

    Soooooo, will Rui be the Akise or Kohsaka??? And I think Deus look cute?

  7. Thanks for blogging this drama… And you’re right, it’s different from the anime/manga!

    Of course, this Live-Action Drama could be worse when they’ll encounter Sixth… Y’know, the rape backstory and attempted rape stuff that is too hot for TV.

  8. Let me guess, the reason why they can’t have Yuno or Yuki actors in live action cause
    A) No one can ever mimic Yuno’s extreme Yandere facial expressions
    B) In the perspective of Yuno, a “handsome” Japanese boy actor would never look as “cute” as Yuki
    C) They can’t find a girl who would have the same amount of STRENGTH, let alone mimic the combat abilities, of Yuno.
    D)There are plenty of girls that find Yuki’s voice and nervous reactions “cute,” where a “handsome” japanese actor wouldn’t make it sound cute, if he were try to mimic them, but CREEPY.

  9. People’s diaries aren’t changed into future diaries. Instead, people who have the Chronus phone are automatically in the game. It seems that only the Chronus phone has this ability.

    Whoa, so it’s all a Chronus marketing ploy?! Damn…I’m curious though: surely a large number of Japan’s population will have that same phone, and not just 12 people…How are they going to explain that?

    Total agree with @The Truth is in the Axe: These shows are most enjoyable with friends and drinks.

    1. Wow so early in the game.

      So I guess they can keep the white hair due to realistic factor?? Hopefully they won’t butcher too much of Akise character….. Will be interesting to see how they play the Show Spoiler ▼

  10. Oooo! I didn’t know you decided to watch this =X I haven’t seen it yet, but I guess I’m less likely to now >_< Stereoman, have you seen Liar Game? That one was a manga to drama adaptation and I really liked it =) (although it's pretty old now) More recently, Skip Beat! got a Taiwanese drama adapataion with Korean male leads <3 watch with me!

    1. I’m not watching this. I just wanted to check out the first episode and write an introduction for RC.

      No, I haven’t seen Liar Game, but I’ll check it out. It must be good if you like it so much. :]

      To be honest, I’m not very fond of Skip Beat!, but if you like it, I’ll give it a shot, although, the male leads don’t interest me. I’m much more interested in Kyoko!

  11. I must not watch this, I must not watch this, I must not watch this, aww too late… This will probably waste 36 minutes of my week since I’m somehow unable to drop live drama :/

    Ray Stanz
  12. I couldn’t imagine Third becoming even more… expendable, but they actually did it. Direct confrontation with him is supposed to be instant, very painful death, but Yuno manages to hold him off with just a baseball bat for, what, half an hour? And, of course, Third doesn’t kill her when she’s just lying on the floor.

    I will watch more of this, but right now, it feels like a cosplay impression instead of a proper spin-off.

  13. When you put Mirai Yukki in the name of any form of entertainment, it has expectations to meet.
    The drama doesn’t meet it….
    The expressions and reactions aren’t extreme enough, and “Yuno” just seems cheerful and abnormal, not obsessive and insane.
    Here’s my thoughts if you care to read.
    A drama shouldn’t be made of most manga, epsecially this one, because Mirai Nikki utilizes extreme expressions and actions that cannot be mimicked in reality.
    The actor playing Yuno cannot re-create her insane mannerisms and ruthless decisions, nor can the other actors playing the diary owners create such skilled, bloody combat scenes.

  14. And I mean come on, Yuno hits 3rd in the back of the head with a baseball ball and he’s knocked out cold?
    He’s wearing bulletproof armour for goodness sakes!
    I know this wouldn’t stop the impact, but it’s just not rational.
    I’d much rather an OVA or if somehow possible a season 2, rather than this drama.
    That would be incredible.
    I have a suspicion that the news on the 29th will be about “Big Order” or this…
    “Next project” could be very misleading……..
    I really hope I’m wrong. Hopefully I am.
    Drama- Subpar in relation to Mirai Nikki.

  15. I’m just done watching the drama series, and I must admit… Whilst I was really disappointed by the anime, this was great. It’s not the same as the anime at all, but the characters are just so much more likeable. It’s very hard to like a story if just about none of the major characters have a remotely normal/understandable behaviour that you can identify to. This story allows this.

    The one negative point I see – how the diaries are all the same (no particular functioning) and how there is relatively little fighting/strategy regarding the survival game, compared to the anime (but then again, 11 episodes, eh).

    However, unlike the anime which is pretty straightforward with most surprises being expected or guessed, there’s a twist that all of a sudden makes the story much more interesting. Not spoiling ~

    Anyway, if you really loved the original, you might not like Another:World because they’re really different. However, you might just as well like it if you stop expecting the anime in the drama, and see it as a new thing, a new story entirely.

    There are many dramas and animes that start out good, and whose interest decreases as you watch it and it gets predictable or repetitive in a way… But Another:World is just the contrary. I started watching it seeing it as decent, but this one, it just gets better and better until the end. And then you wish you’d had more.


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