Conspiraces swirl in the air and suspicions are voiced as the shinigami attempt to make sense of the recent mess of events accompanying the Vandenreich’s declaration of war. Kira discusses the investigations with the other vice captains, and he deduces that Mayuri falsified the report about the disappearance of the Rukongai citizens. As it turns out, their disappearance was indeed Kurotsuchi’s doing, who essentially had the 12th squad massacre almost 30,000 residents. Even though Mayuri has always been the paradigm of mad scientists, and observing ethical rules has never really been a priority for him (putting it mildly), I was still somewhat shocked that he would order the deaths of thousands of Rukongai residents so lightly. Through history however, the Gotei 13 have proved themselves more than willing to perform mass exterminations as necessary to preserve order. Soul Society has never been anything like the paradise that is usually associated with the afterlife, but it truly seems quite miserable for the souls who live there, especially in the higher numbered districts farther away from Seireitei. The shinigami show little concern for the residents, and many districts have languished in poverty for centuries, as evidenced by Kira’s statement that nobody from beyond the 50th district has had shoes in 550 years.

Heartless or not though, Mayuri explains his actions as necessary to level the soul balance. He hints that the imbalance was due to the Quincies (probably due to the way they destroy Hollows), and directly accuses the Captain-Commander of being responsible for the mess. Given Yamamoto’s thousands of years of history, it comes as no surprise that he would have unresolved quarrels and enemies looking for revenge — in this case, the Vandenreich king who he failed to kill a thousand years ago. I’m assuming this was around the time he became the captain-commander, so there’s concrete yet nothing to suggest that the Vandenreich leader’s motivation is related to the enmity between the Quincies and Shinigami due to the extermination of the Quincies several hundred years ago. Regardless of the reasons for his actions however, this revelation does give some enlightenment as to why the Vandenreich king and his underlings seem so ridiculously powerful — I don’t think it’s absurd to propose that his power level may actually approach Yamamoto’s. It’s not clear how personal their feud is, but now hundreds of beings on both sides have been dragged into the conflict.

Back in Hueco Mundo, Ichigo has problems of his own as he battles the Vandenreich captain Kirge Opie. The Quincies are already aware of him as a wildcard weapon, and seem to be prepared to deal with him. Even with Ichigo skills, I think that they will at least be able to keep him occupied for the time being, as the Vandenreich take the chance to begin their invasion.


  1. You gotta wonder what the Vandenreich’s endgame is. Or what Quincies in general were hoping to do unless they didn’t understand the temporal imbalance just using their powers causes. We’ve now established that the Soul Society has to take a hit out of THEIR OWN FORCES in order to balance the body count and keep everything from going to complete shit. Though the leader looks pretty much off his giant stone rocker, so who knows if he actually gives a crap what repercussions his actions have on all of existence.

    But I guess this explains why Uryu was allowed to go nuts in Hueco Mundo when they were rescuing Orihime, since Ichigo, Chad and the rest pretty much voided any damage he could have caused with his powers.

    1. My guess is their goal is something like that of the Bounts (more specifically Jin Kariya) or the Dark Ones from the first movie.

      They just want revenge, even if it means destroying the whole world along with themselves.

      Kubo is yet again rehashing another old plot point, one that he himself has done several times before.

  2. Uryu Ishida: ‘Quincies always use a bow and arrow’

    Kirge Opie is clearly using a rapier! It might seem that it has the ability to fire off energy blasts, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s a rapier!

    Uryu Ishida, you liar…

    Mixed Milkshake
      1. When Cirucci Sanderwicci accused Uryu of that, he retorted that Seele Schneider is not a sword, but an arrow. He then proved his point by shooting it at her.

        BUT, you will not see Kirge Opie shooting his rapier at anyone any time soon.

    1. Funny, how Ichigo picked that exact line to wonder about in the new chapter.
      Also, one has to wonder how the Quincy leader survived for a thousand years, when he is supposed to be human, right?

  3. Zaraki Kenpachi will get them all owned!! He doesn’t have a bankai, so their little tricks won’t work on him 😀 But really, I think he’ll be also one of the main keys in this war

    1. Those with bankai are supposed to be badasses even without their bankai…in theory…*looks at Sasakibe*

      Anyway, Kenpachi’s a main key just by being Kenpachi. ‘Nuff said.

    2. When is Kenpachi not a major key? I even remember that in some of the filler arcs, they had to make up an excuse to take him out of the story for a while so that the bad guys could power up. Otherwise, he would just destroy everything before the arc even began.

  4. I really think Ishida should have been the main focus of this arc. Ichigo could just hold the line in the living world or in Soul Society, while Ishida pretty much tries to deal with his own kind. Like how Ichigo met Renji and learned that Zanpakuto have names. This arc could be about Ishida realizing this new form and then trying to learn about it more as he and co fight against these Quincies.


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