What really piqued my curiosity in this chapter was the mention of five “special weapons”, one of which is Ichigo. Knowing nothing else, Inoue or Urahara might have made good candidates for “special weapons”, but there’s no mention of them, even though they are there in Hueco Mundo with Ichigo. Regardless of who the other four are though, distracting Ichigo temporarily is apparently a good enough opportunity for the Vandenreich to begin the invasion of Soul Society.

As for the Captain Opie that Ichigo is fighting, the Quincy’s initial attacks are no more effective than Ishida’s (although Ichigo claims that Ishida’s arrows were even weaker). The setup for the fight is mostly pretty standard as the two exchange words/preliminary blows, and Kirgie boldly claims that he will kill Ichigo immediately. While it is obvious that will not happen, his “complete form”, a ridiculous, circus-like pair of wings and shoes, may actually give Ichigo some trouble. Ichigo actually hasn’t released his bankai yet, but if he has learned anything about his earlier fight with Ivan, it is that his vizard powers will probably be a better bet. The most interesting part of this battle so far though is what Kirgie refused to talk about, e.g. that Ishida could not be weaker than he was. Of course this again brings back the question of the role Ishida and his father will play in this war, and also raises the possibility that Ishida may actually possess hidden power that surpasses the level he usually displays.

For now though, the biggest concern is the imminent attack on Soul Society, and I get the feeling that the shinigami will not fare well.


  1. Ishida is supposedly stronger than that captain who can beat Fraccion’s with ease?

    Seems like something Kubo just pulled out of his ass to be honest for this arc. Oh well, let see what his real power level is in the future.

    1. Fracciones are normally at Lieutenant level shinigami powers, whereas this guy is at the level of a Captain. You don’t really read this series that often now do you?

      1. I was REFERRING to the fact that ISHIDA, who could barely even beat Fraccion level enemies, is supposedly stronger than that quincy captain, which I call BS.

        Your comprehension skill isnt all that high, is it?

      2. @YanDaMan
        Are you an idiot? We’re talking about Uryuu Ishida, he can barely handle fraccion? are you serious! He took on The 0/10th Espada Yammy, took on that flamboyant Espada and Won, took on a ex-espada level Opponent (girl with the yoyo zanpakto)and WON, took on and BEAT Mayuri, a CAPTAIN. Took on Bounts without powers and won. I’m not saying that he is stronger than Ichigo(spam power levels) but he is atleast Captain level and by far the strongest of ichigo’s human friends. My prediction in that Uryuu’s family are like a pure bloodline of Quincys or something, how else would they have those artifacts?

      3. Ok first Mayuri won due to the arrancar’s lack of energy and Mayuri’s potions. Second he didn’t lose to Ginjo, he was caught off guard and cut, which only happened due to the manga needed an example to show how powerful the new villains were and to have a plot twist. Also considering Ginjo is on the level of Ichigo and Higher Captains, plus he was wanted by Soul Society and seen as a dangerous enemy that needed to be executed on site. Yeah if he could cut Ichigo, he definitely could cut Uryuu.

    2. I think Ishida is going to or already has figured out a way to unleash the Quincy Final Form without having to use the glove and without using his powers. This seems to be what the guy Ichigo is fighting just did.

  2. Don’t tell me that by casually revealing the Quincy Letzt Stil, Kirge Opie is hinting to Ichigo the Quincy Vollstandig can be used multiple times by those of the Vandenreich, unlike the Ishida’s version which is single-use…

    Mixed Milkshake
  3. Yay! The Blitzrieg army is charging to Soul Society soon! But seriously? Soul Society- Japanese, Arrancar- Spain, Vandenreich-Germany, so where’s the Italian faction then?

  4. Oh for fuck’s sake, Kubo. Does every superpowered group in your comic have to have released forms?

    Why do I have a feeling that “complete forms” are just going to end up like it did with the Arrancars? That being that whenever one of them pulls it out, it means they’re going to die in that same fight. Kirgie’s just an elite mook anyway, so I doubt he’ll be making it out of there.

      1. Except that it was a better plot device as a “last ditch effort” type of move…which now that I think about it, has been used several times in Bleach anyway. “THIS ULTRA SUPER MOVE WILL MAKE ME POWERFUL AND TAKE AWAY ALL MY POWERS FOREVER….until the next arc when I get them all back.”

        Anyway, my point was that it was fine when only one character was using it, but now that every damn Quincy is using the move that’s supposed to effectively cripple them, it becomes INCREDIBLY CHEAP. Kind of like how in the Original Trilogy of Star Wars, there were only 3 people using lightsabers, but in the prequels there like 300 on screen at one time.

      2. And what do you know? Heck, maybe he really uses it as his final move, maybe he doesn’t beat around the bush like all the other enemies, because he knows he can’t beat Ichigo anyway this way, and he knows that his majesty will rip him. We don’t know, maybe he’s got a different personality from your average big bad, maybe he really doesn’t care as long as he fulfills his objective.
        People should really stop complaining ahead.

      3. He’s actually not that different from the first few enemies from the Hueco Mundo arc. He looks like and acts like a human version of Rudbornn Chelute, and I care about either about them the same amount, that being not at all. Either way, it’s a dumb turn of events. If he’s doing a Kamikaze when he wasn’t doing that bad in the fight, he’s a bad tactician. If he’s just pulling out a released form, then this is how it’ll be for the rest of the arc against the rest of the mooks here. Soon after this fight, they’re gonna reveal the TOP 10-13 BEST QUINCIES that will take the place of the Gotei 13 and Espada for this arc. Yadda yadda yadda, they also have their own elite teams, Ichigo and co fight them, someone IMPORTANT gets kidnapped (besides Dondachakka or Haribel), kill of them, fight old boss, end of manga.

      4. Ishida’s self sacrificing move was dumb anyway. Mayuri killed a shit ton of Quincys, studied them, experimented on them, etc. Yet not one of those Quincy’s except for Ishida revealed some sort of last ditch special technique? Well, other than Ishida. And now here come along an entire group that can.

        That contrived last minute power up is the only reason Mayuri lost anyway. After all the Quincy’s he’s dealt with, Ishida was the only anomaly. Imagine if somebody told you to fight an ant. Most of us would be like “wtf an ant, that’s stupid”. Now imagine if that any pulled a rocket launcher on you. See? Most of us would be surprised, just like Mayuri. Mayuri didn’t take Ishida seriously and Nemu even gave him the antidote.

        Kubo’s treatment of this final technique thing and the importance of the Quincy’s was mishandled from the getgo. For example that conversation between Mayuri and Yamamoto should’ve been shown 300 chapters ago during the SS arc. But no! Kubo made it so that chapter 489 was the first ever mention of it. This means rather than planning out a story, Kubo went and spontaneously reworked some past concepts in order to lazily churn out some much needed plot.

        But whatever, so long as Mayuri gets some spotlight it’ll all be good. Mayuri’s fight in Hueco Mundo was easily the most innovative fight in the series with its humor and over the top cruelty. He wasn’t trying to act needlessly cryptic or painfully cool either, which is a trait that plagues most other characters.

    1. Watch the language please. My 10 year-old cousin was reading the posts with me just then, it was quite awkward when he asked me the meaning of the word ‘fuck’. This is the second time i have reminded someone that this is a free-for-all site where younger children can easily access, we are setting very bad examples. Now i have to think of a way to prevent him from asking his parents the meaning of that word…

      Mixed Milkshake
      1. well, explain it that way. thats something similar like “shit” or other “strong” words. but you dont need to explain the real meaning of this. And you hurt other peoples with this Word. So he should use it with extreme care or never

      2. Okay, sorry about the language, but I suggest you look at the content that’s covered on this site an reconsider whether or not you should be showing this site to a 10 year old…

    2. To quote TFS!Freeza:

      “But I have one (power-up) that’s nice, fresh, and ripe for abuse: Transformation. And, spoiler warning, it’s not getting old any time soon.”

    3. What did you expect? Look at it this way, Soul reapers have weapons derived from their souls, that grow stronger with their resolve. They have 3 forms, sealed, Shikai, and Bankai. They can use them whenever they want when they attain them. How the fuck else is everyone else in the world, all of the those other groups, Hollows, Arrancar, Bounts, Zanpaktou, Fullbringers, and Quincies, supposed to keep up? If any group in Bleach had to have release forms it would be the Quincies, Humans evolved and trained to fight hollows from birth to compete with the Soul Reapers. In other words their RIVALS, take into account every factor before you start hating on an author who puts his all into something you enjoy obviously due to you reading and posting on every Bleach post.

      1. That creates a consistency problem. If there is always this strong power lurking in somewhere in the world then why didn’t they ever come out to stop the current “Strongest”. For instance, Aizen basically took over Hueco Mundo, if the Quincies were there why didn’t they stop him? Kariya Jin of the Bounts kidnapped Uryuu becuase he needed a Quincy and wanted to destroy Soul Society, why didn’t the fullbringers help them since there all humans with powers that have a grudge against Soul Society? Consistency and Continuity, All the villains are not simply stronger they had years to develop skills to rival Soul Reapers. Kubo probably thought it would be easier if they all had different forms.

  5. I really hope that if and/or when characters die during this arc, it’s worth it. We’ve known and cared about most of these characters for more than 10 years. Killing them off isn’t something you just do. At this point, if some of these characters die, it’d better be in the most spectacularly grand way possible that no one will ever forget.

    I’m just scared because I’m not 100% confident in the writing of this series to make every death seem worth it. Like, Sasakibe is already dead and, let’s all be honest here, no one cares anymore. He should, in theory, be one of the strongest characters in the series and he got virtually no screen time so when he died, it was more of an “uhhh…okay” and not so much of a “OH S***” or crying or anything like that.

    He was one of the least developed characters in the series and suddenly I’m supposed to care. This arc already seems to be off to a bit of a janky start so when the bloodshed starts, I’m really worried if fallen characters (assuming there will be of course) will be treated with the proper love and respect fans expect them to be.

    Baby Choo Choo
  6. Show Spoiler ▼

    1. My Bet here is that Orihime’s Friend (the Karate Girl) are a member of the Squad.. Why she can see them? No one ever asked it?.. Ichigo’s Sister can see them, because it’s in the Family.. Perhaps even they have some “Secret” Gengais…

      How knows

      This Manga has so much “Secrets” and unused Peoples, that they can make some “Spinoff’s” but that will risk to lose to split the Bleach Fans into the “Spinoff’s” Fraction Fans…

      Oh, looks like i drifted into business Talk again, sorry. But it’s up to you to take the idea…

      1. Tatsuki’s normally low spiritual abilities were enhanced by always being around Ichigo’s constantly overflowing reiatsu. Just like the rest of Ichigo’s friends and family. It’s a pretty old plot point.

  7. The only thing i found instresting so far was the special weapons made me think the five could be
    – Kurosaki Ichigo(of course)
    – Urahara Kisuke
    – Kurosaki Isshin
    – Yoruichi Shihouin
    – Either Catapin Yamamoto, or Aizen (no doubt he’ll play a part in this) 😀

      1. and, can i just recall on the Scene. When Inoue where healing Ichigo after his fight with Bakuja (when he was rescuing his Sister from execution).. the Healing Squad Captain saw in here “something special”? It’s old.. but perhaps thats the Old ties that cannot be cut off, from Kubo

      2. Show Spoiler ▼

      1. Ukitake for the brutal raw strength? Kenpachi is more fit for that since he only uses his brutal raw strength and zanpakutoh to fight where-as the other captains all use kidou to augment their fighting power.

  8. It’s funny that he mentions there’s no way that Ishida should be weaker than himself. Makes me wonder what the deal is here. Could Ishida have been plotting something after all against Soul Society? Maybe he was holding back on purpose, and his father somehow knew about it. I don’t think Ishida is a bad guy, but he might’ve been putting up some kind of act. We know his dad is extremely powerful as well.

    ALTERNATIVELY: They might also be thinking that since Ryuken is his father, that he might have taught his son similar abilities, indicating that his father might actually be far superior to most of these ‘bad’ Quincies. (Much like Isshin and Ichigo).

  9. Several possibilities on Ishida i think
    i) Ishida’s personality is just a fake implanted personality
    ii) Ishida was created as a living weapon but rescued by his “dad”
    iii) Ishida hasn’t learnt how to utilise his full potential
    iv) Ishida’s bloodline is some “noble” bloodline or such as he’s expected to be powerful
    v) Ishida’s dad deliberately taught him wrong things to prevent him from becoming a full Quincy

    Zaku Fan
  10. Sad in Uryu’s part. These quincy are able to use that final form so freely,if Uryu could do that then he should have been able to fight at least in Grimmejaw’s level when they invaded Las noches.

  11. Can somebody explain to me why was Aizen so caring about the existence of Ichigo again? It seems almost every main villain of an arc somehow do knows about Ichigo and seems like always bothered by him. I get that Ginjou wanted his power, but I can’t really recall Aizen’s reason. And now the emperor even wants to avoid clashing with him together with SS….

    1. Aizen’s reason was that he considered Ichigo to be an observational experiment. Since he was aware of Ichigo’s human/shinigami heritage, he was expecting for Ichigo to turn into a powerful hollow (either to be used as a weapon or for Aizen to ‘consume’ to make himself more powerful). In the end it backfired, as letting Ichigo go allowed him to harness the power of his inner hollow and zanpakutou to fight Aizen.


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