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Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? OF THE DEAD – 09

「ああ、マイダーリンはロクデナシ」 (Aa, Mai Dārin wa Rokudenashi)
“Ah, My Good-For-Nothing Darling”

This week, Ayumu meets a busty, red-headed doujinshi artist by the name of Naegleria Nebiros (Koshimizu Ami), and Sarasvati turns on the deredere. Fantastic.

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Sakamichi no Apollon – 08

「ムード・インディゴ ジーズ・フーリッシュ・シングス」 (Mūdo indigo jīzu fūrisshu shingusu)
“Mood Indigo These Foolish Things”

And lo, with the simple question “Would you like a persimmon?” was the fujoshi movement born in Kyushu, 1967…

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Acchi Kocchi – 08

「宿題の夏⇔祭りの夏」 (Syukudai no Natsu to Matsuri no Natsu)
“Summer Homework ⇔ Summer Festival”

Unless you haven’t noticed, the amount of humor and fuwafuwa moments seem to be inversely related. Whenever an episode doesn’t have some sort of over the top joke that tries to break the rules of physics in some way, there tend to be a lot more cute and sometimes heartbreaking moments.

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Medaka Box – 09

「やり過ぎなけりゃ正義じゃねえ!」 (Yarisugi Nakerya Seigi ja nee!)
“It’s Not Justice If You Don’t Go Overboard!”

And so the battle arc begins.

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Mouretsu Pirates – 21

「決戦! ネビュラカップ」 (Kessen! Nebyura Kappu)
“The Final Battle at the Nebula Cup”

Don’t mess with the girls of Hakuoh Academy!

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Another – 00 (OVA)

「アナザー OAD」
“Episode 00″

If the OVA of Another conjures up anything in my mind’s eye, it’s the realization of just how tragically the final two episodes of the TV series missed the mark.

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Jormungand – 08

「モンド・グロッソ」 (Mondo Gurosso)
“Mondo Grosso”

Yes, Jormungand is an action adventure. But like someone mentioned before, there’s also a lot going for it being classified as as a slice of life too—a slice of the arms-dealing life that is. Not that it’s a bad thing.

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「形見の行方」 (Katami no Yukue)
“Where the Memento is”

First. World. Problems.

Barring the last five minutes, this was an enjoyable roller coaster ride.

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Naruto 588 – We Are The Kages

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Nazo no Kanojo X – 08

「謎の感覚」 (Nazo no Kankaku)
“Mysterious Sensation”

Warning: some images NSFW


Apologies for the delay: Fanime was unforgiving in regards to time and energy.

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Fate Zero – 21

「双輪の騎士」 (Sourin no Kishi)
“Knight on Two Wheels”

The word tragedy might not be sufficiently depressing enough to describe this series.

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Hiiro no Kakera – 09

「大地の鳴動」 (Daichi no Meidou)
“Rumbling of the Earth”

“Getting bigger” jokes aside, hooray for heroes that possess viable brain cells!

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Gundam Unicorn – 05

「黒いユニコーン 」 (Kuroi Yunikoon)
“Black Unicorn”

I haven’t kept up with a lot of anime since my indefinite hiatus from blogging, but I fully intended to cover this fifth episode of Gundam Unicorn — especially considering the cliffhanger the OVA series left off on six months ago.

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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia – 08

「追憶乙女」 (Tsuioku Otome)
“Recollection Maiden”

Love is in the air, and now I’ve got that song stuck in my head…

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Kuroko no Basuke – 08

「改めて思いました」 (Aratamete Omoimashita)
“Now That I Think About It”

One thing I feel confident of is that mangaka will never run out of esoteric explanations for the weird stuff that happens in sports manga.

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