In shounen manga, all ultimate attacks must be eventually topped by even more powerful ultimate attacks, and Bleach has proved to be no exception. Releasing his “final form” (Letzt Stil) has put Kirge into a grandiose mood, and he begins bragging incessantly about how frightening and unnerving his powers are. However in manga, final forms tend to be powerful only when they are one time use (as in the case of Ichigo or Ishida). Supposedly the greater the sacrifice, the greater the strength, and this raises some doubt to Kirge’s claim of his Letzt Stil’s overwhelming power. Though in some ways it seems like any other bankai or resurreccion, it does share the Quincy characteristic of reishi absorption, allowing him to draw power from the environment of Hueco Mundo itself, including the ground, trees, and even Inoue’s Santen Kesshun. This seems to grant him an insanely high defense, though it’s not actually clear whether he dodged Ichigo’s Getsuga Tenshou or just blocked it.

Ichigo can probably see that this guy will be much tougher than Ivan, but I do have to agree with his assessment of the aesthetics of the angel-clown Nazi’s costume. Before Kirgie can release his “divine power” though, Ayon shows up again, courtesy of Harribel’s three Fraccion. From the few panels in which they are shown, it’s difficult to tell whether they had to sacrifice more body parts to summon him, but they certainly are a tenacious bunch. The last time Ayon made an appearance he went on a Hulk-like rampage, displaying ridiculous brute strength until Yamamoto cut him to BBQ strips, so I’m very curious as to how this fight with Kirgie will turn out.


  1. “The last time Ayon made an appearance he went on a Hulk-like rampage, displaying ridiculous brute strength until Yamamoto cut him to BBQ strips, so I’m very curious as to how this fight with Kirgie will turn out.”

    I dont know why but that line made me laugh more than it should have.

    I do kinda want to see this thing pwn Kirge though. Make sideline characters useful for once please.

  2. Hey Prooof,

    Just wanted to say to you that these last couple of weeks I’ve been enjoying more and more your Bleach posts. Some could consider it short, but seeing how little the plot moves with each week, your writing is damn fine. But above all else, I think each week you’ve been bringing up some interesting points of discussion. Bleach manga has been stale and dull for quite some time, but it’s nice to see a writer bring some life to it with their posts. Keep it up!

    I was midly amused to see the three Fraccion girls do something useful. It’d be /awesome/ if their beast crushed this guy much like Hulk did with a certain villain in a recent movie. Just, please, move away from Ichigo and focus on other people that aren’t Hitsugaya or Urahara being mysterious. Show me some Chad, Hinamori or Kiba, you know, the ones sitting at the bottom of the power level pyramid. Oh well, at least we’ll see Ishida more in this arc.


  3. The hell is Chopper doing there?

    Also “How about aiming before you slash?” Ichigo chopped that fool in the neck. I don’t think his aim can get any better than that lol. Even still, what is Ichigo supposed to aim for? The weak point that he supposedly doesn’t have? No matter which way you slice it, this insult doesn’t work.

  4. He’ll probably wreck it one hit just to show that Bleach has “advanced” in the sense that nothing at all has actually changed but the characters are at least stronger than the last time they were in literally the exact same situation.

    Wyatt Derp
  5. Bleach: it’s just like the Avengers! But without the teamwork…or the character development…or the good fight scenes…or the well crafted story…

    *Everyone*: “Okay we get it! You like the Avengers! Bleach still has a lot of things going for it, like-”

    The Avengers has Scarlett Johansson’s ass in leather.

    *Everyone*: LET’S GO SEE THE AVENGERS!

  6. oh come on man I don’t get this…this guy’s got nothing on Aizen and Ichigo absolutely pwned so with his powers back he really shouldn’t have much problem with small fry… Angel Clown Nazi indeed…

    1. not necessarily, he only beat Aizen due to the literally EVERYONE weakening him, the Hogyoku rejecting Aizen, and Ichigo giving up his powers, just to not kill him and have him imprisoned for 10,000 years (or 100,000) which i personally think is a stupid idea, It’s never stated how soul reapers age, and it was stated that Aizen is immortal so why give him a sentence with an end date??

    2. i thought urahara beat aizen. all ichigo did was fight him on even terms, but after mugetsu aizen was still ready to keep going and ichigo’s powers were fading.

      zero hour
      1. Ichigo was far superior to Aizen in -every- way after the training was completed. Regardless of Aizen having fought people before him at that point. Ichigo didn’t even need Mugetsu to beat him, but he chose to show off this newfound power anyway, knowing it would be the final battle.

      2. @Ryudo

        Actually I don’t think so. Aizen was still able to damage Ichigo’s arm when he launched his nuclear-cero so I suspect that Ichigo just didn’t want to risk it any further so he used Mugetsu as quickly as possible. It proved to be effective anyway, as it weakened Aizen enough for Urahara’s seal to actually start working.

  7. I love how this Bleach post turned into an Avengers fan-girl club o.o…
    Anyway again with this Ayon guy, what was Kubo thinking putting this guy in the fray, we only saw this guy fight lieutenant level Soul reapers, and judging by the way that Yammamoto “cut him to BBQ strips” he could have been beaten easily by anyone of Vice-captain level or higher. People are giving Ayon more credit then he deserves. More than likely he’s going to be used to show us how devastating Kirgie’s most powerful attack is. oh yeah I wonder how are Ichigo, Chad, and Orihime going to react to Ayon considering neither of them have seen it?

    1. Actually, Vice-Captains still had a pretty hard time fighting Ayon if I recall correctly (Hisagi, Hinamori, Rangiku etc.) Also in Bleach-verse, Lieutenants and Vice-Captains are pretty much the same.

    2. Ayon defeated half a dozen vice-captains with hit each. Granted, Ichigo has also pulled off a similar feat, but I don’t think Ichigo would still be attacking his opponent after being sliced completely in half by Yamamoto.

  8. Aside from the crappy chapter Ichigo can easily beat Hulk. And I’m talking about current Fullbring/Shinigami merged Ichigo. All Ichigo needs is Blitz Hulk before his rage kicks in to infinite level. Also If somebody notifies Ichigo on Hulks rage level, then it would be no problem for him. Even Mugetsu-Ichigo could just weaken him tremendously. All Ichigo needs to do is cut off his Head and the healing factor will not work. My speculation is when the final arc of the series is finished, that Ichigo will on Thor’s level. I hate the Bleach Franchise after the Soul Society Arc (True Bleach), but I’m being realistic here. I hate Hulk fanboys that say Hulk can beat ANYBODY in fiction/Marvel when you take him out of his universe and he can easily be handled depending on the fictional universe. Bleach’s Top Tiers (Definetely Isshin) can bring down Hulk in there own way ESPECIALLY KENPACHI.

    Corey Lucas

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