I’ve been quite curious since last week as to how the chimera and hunting captain’s fight would proceed, but after reading this chapter, it seems I should have already known how this would have turned out. Unsurprisingly, Ayon and his glorious mullet give the Quincy captain an extremely vicious beatdown that shocks Ichigo and his friends. But, again somewhat predictably, Kirge survives. Not only does he survive however, he stands up immediately and impales Emilou through the bottom of her throat, before casually mentioning how the “Blut” needs to be strengthened. He himself seems largely unscathed — a bit ruffled from the brutal beating, but definitely in better condition than Loki was after his encounter with the Hulk.

As is the case with almost every Bleach villain, Kirge is an arrogant asshole, but he does manage to prove just how ridiculously high his armor’s defense is. I’m pretty sure that Ayon’s barrage would have pulverized almost anyone else he went up against, and luckily for Kirge the laws of physics don’t really apply in their universe. The relative power levels of the characters are becoming more and more difficult to believe, but granted that’s difficult to remedy given the constant need to one-up opponents. The three fraccion have been relegated to stormtrooper status – easily expendable and easily defeated. They can barely get up off the ground before getting cut down again, though it’s debatable whether they ever held any real significance to the story. Of course Ayon is still standing and will probably continue to attack until he is utterly defeated again, but Ichigo will have to step in again very soon.

There’s also a little blurb in the middle of the fight that confirms what we already know about the Shinigami and the Quincies, while adding some musings about how there is no right side in the war. I found that section rather distracting though, as it had almost nothing to do with the ongoing fight and did not flow well with the rest of the chapter.


  1. I… almost felt really bad for the Fraccion, despite how bitchy they are. I mean this was like… the second or third time they’ve gotten their asses kicked? :S

    Tbh I’m more interested in the Soul Society stuff than a battle where Ichigo will inevitably win, so hopefully the focus switches to the captains struggling against the Quincies before Ichigo arrives to save the day.

  2. “Kirge is an arrogant asshole” I agree on that, that guy has a rather strange aura where it makes readers think “I REALLY want Ichigo to cleave him quickly.”

    I agree, Bleach’s current plot is rather uninteresting. It really lacks love. The previous bleach plots were thrilling due to how they had a “knight saving the princess theme.” The first plot involved Rukia, the Hueco Mundo one had Orihime, and now there is barely a “princess.” Though I get the feeling that Tier may be saved by Ichigo, Kubo should do something worthwhile to her and make her “shrink” the same way Nel did.

    Strangely I don’t see Grimmejaw at this point. That should get readers attention.

    1. I agree with you. If the author expanded on RukiaxIchigo alone, it would have been more interesting that all of these drag-on forever meaningless battles. Rukia and Ichigo were the best comedy duo too.

    1. The neck reminded me of when Ishida fought against Mayuri, he was paralyzed by the venom and how he was able to move again after releasing his final form? Using his powers to control reishi to move his paralyzed body like a puppet.

  3. I can’t help but feel the ‘Blut’ is just another version of ‘Ransōtengai’ Ishida used when he was fighting Mayuri Kurotsuchi.

    I do agree that Bleach is rather lacking in plot right now, but at least we’re tying off some loose ends and unanswered questions. Rather than reading Bleach because it’s entertaining, I would think mostly the readers still follow it for the sake of finishing what they started.

    Mixed Milkshake
  4. Kubo said he wanted to do the longest manga arc of Bleach with… “this”. But I guess if the story continues like that, Shounen Jump’s chief editor will end the series earlier. And I want to know the true ending of Bleach!! (well, I guess Kubo doesn’t know how to end Bleach yet…)

      1. yeah but I believe they are connected: I think he means that if this keeps up with this quality Shounen Jump’s editor will not let Kubo reach the quantity he is aiming for. This may sound out of place but personally I think if Kubo wanted to continue after the Fake Karakura town battle he should’ve turned Gin into the new antagonist or end the story then and there with a higher quality final battle instead of an ass pull training regimen that allowed a teenager to catchup to a few hundred years old powerhouse like Aizen who single-handedly pummeled all the captains and Vizoreds altogether. Instead we’re treated to this…a new villain from a race that was established as extinct without any prior allusions or build-ups and with a Nazi motif.

  5. Even Aizen would shake his head with disbelief to this chapter. Ironically, I got especially pissed at Kirge when he mentioned that Aizen was nothing special. I despised Aizen’s ability, but to hear someone insult Aizen in such a way is just wow.

  6. Aside from the crappy chapter Ichigo can easily beat Hulk. And I’m talking about current Fullbring/Shinigami merged Ichigo. All Ichigo needs is Blitz Hulk before his rage kicks in to infinite level. Also If somebody notifies Ichigo on Hulks rage level, then it would be no problem for him. Even Mugetsu-Ichigo could just weaken him tremendously. All Ichigo needs to do is cut off his Head and the healing factor will not work. My speculation is when the final arc of the series is finished, that Ichigo will on Thor’s level. I hate the Bleach Franchise after the Soul Society Arc (True Bleach), but I’m being realistic here. I hate Hulk fanboys that say Hulk can beat ANYBODY in fiction/Marvel when you take him out of his universe and he can easily be handled depending on the fictional universe. Bleach’s Top Tiers (Definetely Isshin) can bring down Hulk in there own way ESPECIALLY KENPACHI.

    Corey Lucas
  7. This is how boring Bleach is: someone makes a passing Avengers reference and half the comments are “This is why Ichigo could beat Hulk” as opposed to anything related to the boring nonsense Kubo is trying to sell.

    Wyatt Derp
    1. At this point people are most likely done debating the inconsistent power levels or the whole Rukia or Inoue bullshit so the current situation is kinda like “Kubo is still drawing that?”.

  8. The only good thing is that Aizen is gonna come back at some point in this arc. The new novel, which takes place during the timeskip, mentions that the seal on Aizen is already breaking and he’s just waiting til the time is right. Also, several other, possibly key characters, either escape before him or will be with him once he escape.

    So I think mentioning Aizen is to likely setup for him to resurface and easily beat them. Though, the novel mentions that the Royal Guard and Ichigo are his only true threat.

    Mania Lyssa

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