「形見の行方」 (Katami no Yukue)
“Where the Memento is”

First. World. Problems.

Barring the last five minutes, this was an enjoyable roller coaster ride. Lots of loops and dizzy drops. But whew… those last five minutes? Well. Sticking to my roller coaster analogy, the final portion of the episode would probably be that last unnecessarily crazy loop that causes most of its riders to vomit as soon as they stepped off the ride.

ZETMAN was on a warpath last week, bringing most of its characters up to speed on everything and forcing them to face the reality – and this week is no different, blitzing on ahead with the dramatic steam from its last episode. Really, the progression of the plot happens at a breakneck pace that the audience has to pay close attention to catch all the players involved. Jirou continues to play a large but obscure part in the grand stage, acting as a puppet master by orchestrating all of the unfortunate events that continue to befall Jin and Kouga. The non-stop action that results from his involvement is great, but I’m really hoping to see some sort of development from him; not as a convenient antagonist, but as a character. ZETMAN has such great, nuanced characters that it would be a shame to see such an omnipresent one like Jirou to get the shaft in favor of bubble-packing more material into the remaining episodes.

It’s clear Jirou has a beef with the Amagi Corporation, but beyond that is the great unknown. His fascination with Kouga is understandable from a sadist’s point of view since what sadist wouldn’t want to break those hopelessly optimistic ideals? But character-wise, it’s hard to understand that drive. I still have faith in the producers though and since it looks like Seiji and Jirou are shaping up to be the final bosses, I’m guessing we may be in for a big reveal to explain the latter’s motivations and why he’s targeting Amagi Corporation.

Looking at Amagi Seizou’s douchy attitude though, it’s not hard to imagine why anyone would have a grudge against the conglomerate. The family has issues, and it’s painfully clear how broken it is in all fronts. Aside from Konoha and Kouga and their mother’s relationships with each other, no one in the Amagi family has functional relationships with one another and it’s easier to view them as complete strangers than as one cohesive family. The problems feel real enough and although slightly overplayed sometimes, nothing about the family makes me question why Konoha and Kouga act the way they do. It doesn’t feel like they tacked on the dysfunctional family aspect just to make the two seem more tragic and it goes on to help explain some of their personalities, as backstories rightfully should.

Hanako on the other hand… dear God this girl. The brief flashback several episodes ago made me think she was just being a brat, but that short glimpse into her life really wasn’t enough to make any definite impressions so I’d held off on making any further judgment. Her upbeat attitude was also reminiscent of Akemi, who I dearly missed, so I was hopeful another strong, likeable character would be brought to the table. Unfortunately, Hanako is… difficult to sympathize with at the very least. Her parents seem like decent people and there’s nothing to suggest a justification for her deeming family unnecessary, unless wanting attention counts. The impression I get is that Hanako is the one shutting them out, which doesn’t help her establish any rapport with the viewers since it squirrels her into the role of a brat acting out against her parents. It all feels superficial and I have to say I’m a little disappointed at the one-dimensional feel of Hanako’s character amidst an entire ocean of solidly-developed, dynamic characters.

It seems like the producers are pushing on ahead with her and Jin though, as that lights-off scene has some pretty obvious implications. Maybe they’ll be able to salvage something out of the relationship after all.

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  1. That confession scene really made me wish I muted the sound and looked the other way.
    It was so forced and fake, it wasn’t even funny anymore.

    The rest of the episode was okay though. The action was great once again.

  2. you can tell their budget with this show was really low, when they zoom in on the characters it looks as if someone is holding ctrl and slowly spins mouse scroll wheel, it seems like it gets closer but quality gets worse as it goes, ROFL.

    derpy derp
  3. This should have been an ongoing series that could take over the bleach time slot properly. Ramming 17 volumes into 12 episodes is a really bad move. Everything is badly rushed or removed. Kouga wouldn’t be so naive and corny and Hanako would be more tolerable.

  4. Ditto on the Hanako part. I must sound like a broken record by now, by as I keep saying every week, she’s just randomly thrown into the plot with no purpose with an annoying bratty attitude that makes her really detestable.

    Ok, her actual purpose was to make Jin learn about the emotion of love but again, as pointed out, it was so cheap and one-dimensional that no one can take it seriously. Apparently acting bratty and entitled is the way to make someone fall in love. Yeah ok.

    Besides, she’s not even necessary. Konoha could’ve easily fit that role, like her or not, she has way more relevance to the story and at least her love for Jin is way more natural. But of course the author felt like just making her the victim of multiple unfortunate event that she doesnt even deserves.

    Plotwise they definitey crammed alot into this episode. From the revelation of the pendant to the Zet clones (Kouga tried to fight one without his suit? Pretty daring, oh and that didnt even happen in the manga lol).

    Seems like next episode will finally start Kouga’s ordeal that I kept mentioning weeks back, which was supposed to happen before he get his Alphas suit. From the preview it looks like they are changing things up though, Konoha seems to be involved, she wasnt in the manga.

    The leader of Evol asking Zet for his cooperation against Haitani is also new. Seems like the anime is headed towards an anime-original ending. Im fine with that, just stop showing me Hanako. Kill her off please. That’ll get the anime so much bonus points in my book. Honestly cant stand her in the manga, or here.

  5. Whats with Hanako headaches? is she a player? For those who disaproves that relationship at least its way better like to reject the busty knightmare pilot and be raped i meant impaled and killed by your friend at the end, so Jin will not die virgin like the britanian prince.


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