It’s been a while since the action has been truly exciting. The Vandenreich have begun their invasion of Soul Society as they descend in pillars of blue fire. The shinigami quickly mobilize, but vice-captains and seated stand absolutely no chance against them. I suppose it was to be expected given the over-9000 power levels (enough to break the instruments) we have seen from the Vandenreich so far, and really anyone below the strength of a captain can no longer hope to play significant roles in current battles. Several of the seated officers of the 3rd squad are introduced, but the purpose of doing so was very questionable as they are defeated nearly instantaneously and off-screen. Even Kira gets no chance to fight as he gets a huge hole blasted through his torso, making it difficult to believe that he will survive.

About 7 members of the Sternritter “Star Knights” are shown, and they, along with the other quincies, immediately begin massacring the shinigami at dozens of different locations – a thousand dead within a few minutes. It’s a one-sided battle, and Soul Society is on the bleak side. Hopefully the captains will fare better, but many of them will probably be defeated as well, and Ichigo might not be able to assist anytime soon. For now, it’s just wait and watch what happens; forgetting about relative power levels, I’m certainly looking forward to some story exposition soon too to explain just exactly how these quincies have so much reiatsu, especially after showing up from seemingly nowhere. With such a large scale war though, Kubo will likely take his time showing the fights, and there’s no doubt that we are in for a long ride.


    1. And Orihime’s ability to reject/reverse even death shall never be mentioned again.

      Seriously, we saw her bring Menoly back after her upper body was vaporized, but she never thought of using it to heal the other captains. For crying out loud, she did not even heal the arm of Captain Commander Yamamoto, like she did for Grimmjow (who is probably still lying in a pool of his own blood and forgotten).

      1. I think if the person that did the damage is too much stronger than her, she can’t heal it.
        It was hard for her to heal ichigo when Ullquiorra stabbed him chest the first time. And it was impossible for her when he blasted him with the black cero.

  1. And whats with the title ,,Closing Chapter Part one“? Does that mean that the story will soon come to the end? Because then there wont be plenty chapters, since it would be ridiculous to go up to 20+ chapters just to give every battle a chapter or two, and then suddenly end it… Or does this ,,Closing,, have some other meaning? I cant figure it out 🙁

    1. From what i can see, the title of this chapter may refer to the probablity of Gotei 13 being annihilated and Soul Society being captured, thus ‘closing’. However, some captains, vice-captains and seated officers may survive and escape to the human world. And from then on, we’ll have the ‘Invasion of Soul Society Arc’ all over again, except with Ichigo an Co. + Shinigami this time round against the Vandenreich.

      Mixed Milkshake
  2. Let’s hope everything has a purpose:

    The prescence of Kira and him impaled by a Quincy arrow would mean he would be rather useless for the time being. Hope it doesn’t show the weakness of anybody above him, in power.

    The introduction of 3rd Squad seated officers would mean Kubo is trying to bring in as much people with power as possible into the war, so that it wouldn’t be “13 versus many many quincies”.

    A large scale war would mean Kubo would take his time to explain everything. Of course, it’s the Last Arc already, isn’t it? Of course he’ll take his time.

    Guess we all be patient for the time being? At least new zanpakutos are getting me excited…

    1. Bloody hell, Ichigo and Aizen working together to fight the Quincies will be glorious.
      Then once they are all dead, Aizen will eat the king(or something like that) and the final battle will commence.

  3. Kira will be fine.
    If Hiyori can survive being sliced in half then Kira can survive that.

    Also, with the pic you’ve used. The chick in the center looks exactly like the big boobed chick Ichigo works for in the Fullbring arc :/ recycled character designs ftl.

    P Ko
    1. Unlikely. Kira is probably going to die. The full bringers all biting it is the sign that there’s no more sailor moon “die but get resurrected” style anymore

      Zaku Fan
  4. Ah Prooof, there’s a section in your post I’m not too sure about:

    I’m certainly looking forward to some story exposition soon too to explain just exactly how these quincies have so much reiatsu…

    The thing is, Quincies themselves have very little reiatsu to speak off, the bulk of their power comes from the amount of reishi they can gather in a short amount of time to form their weapons. When Kirge Opie activated his Vollständig, he released no reishi at all.

    Also, in an environment like Soul Society where everything’s made out of reishi, it’s just a synonyme for Quincy Arsenal. Ishida demonstrated that in his Quincy Letzt Stil form when he began decomposing nearby buildings into condensed reishi to form arrows with. The Quincies outragerous power should not be related to their reiatsu levels.

    Just wanted to point that out. Sorry if I’m mistaken or anything.

    Mixed Milkshake
  5. Soul society must stop this massacre otherwise their world and hollow world will be crumbled very soon, it is just matter of time for the zero squad showing up. I cant wait for this.

  6. So Aizen, with all his planning, didn’t manage to kill a single named Shinigami (cannon fodder doesn’t count), and yet this cannon-fodder Quincy managed to kill one vice captain and (hopefully) Kira?

    Wow Kubo… wow…

    Bad story telling is bad story telling.

    1. Aizen’s goal was more to be free of the Spirit King and not be enslaved by it anymore as a Shinigami. He wanted to take the King himself down and stand above it.

      My guess is that the current Gotei 13 will definitely be at least partially wiped out, which might FINALLY draw out the Zero Squad. The Zero Squad will probably wipe the majority of the Quincies invading, which will lead into the new arc – The Zero Squad Arc and the Spirit King Arc.

      That’s just my current predictions on things. Don’t have much further details right now.

  7. So I see Kubo is going with the Harry Potter method in which he will kill of as many characters as he can so that he does not have to right them an ending after the series ends. He’s even taking it a step further by introducing new characters and killing them off in less than 3 pages.

    Anyway, it seems pretty obvious that the only way these Quincy are going to be dealt with is with zero squad.

  8. ok man remind me again how in the world these people lost to the shinigami in the past??? seriously…wth man seven quincies decimated an entire city of shinigami within seven minutes? Also: Recycled typical use: Heart girl >>> Riruka, White haired guy >>> Ulquiorra (notice the same behavior) Mucho muscular guy >>> Yummy

    And seriously about introducing people who died. I guess Kubo wanted us to know who they were before they were all trolled.

    1. Well, Shinigamis World and their Bodys are Reheitsu. And Quincys can manipulate this. So in other Words, Quincys are Gods. Thy can manipulate their World. And if Zero Squad are Shinigamis, they will have the same problem..

      just Watch the Fight between Ichigo and the Captain closer. Even his Buddies lost Blood to his “Sklaverei” skill. Quincys are in Reheitsu Wonderland and everywhere is candy

      You only can counter this if your Body is not of Reheitsu. But you saw what happen to Ichigos friends… Or special genkais (This Bodys to move on the Human World)

      I am just wondering, how they will counter the Quincys…

      1. See? That’s exactly what I’m talking about! With this much hax power how in the world they got annihilated by the shinigami in the first place? They’re making people like Aizen or Barragan who was the king of Hueco Mundo look like pansies…

      2. They probably used the last hundred years to improve their spirit particles absorpion abilities.
        The dude Ichigo is fighting insulted the version of the super form Ishida used.
        The are a lot stronger than they were than when they were wiped out.

  9. I’m guessing the seated characters are brought in as sacrifical lambs to let people see that even 3 seated characters together are no match for 1 and get killed faster than yoruichi can flash step

    Zaku Fan
  10. i think with all this ruckus going on in soul society Aizen might get freed from his prison. That will make everything worse to have him and the quincies to deal with. Either Urahara will stop Aizen with his bankai or a member of the Zero Squad with show up and cut Aizen down in one hit to show how much stronger the Zero Squad is (Isshin was out of practice with just getting his powers back and still gave Aizen a challenge)

    zero hour
  11. Did Kubo seriously just went and killed off Kira with no significance at all? Im not that big of a fan of Kira’s or anything but come on, that was just, bleh.

    Just let me see Yamamoto own house already/

  12. The thing about that surprised me most about this chapter was how so many new characters were introduced and then immediately introduced…and how little I cared.

  13. The quincies have some reasons to hold a gudge against the shinigami, it´s as that shinigami said justice is subjetive idea in this situation but hell look at it this way, if the quincies continued destroying hollows they eventually will destroy the world because the circle of reincarnation will seize to exist.


      I agree, JULIET SPOTTED, finally we get some sort of lovely female character; though we do not have a princess, much like Rukia and Orihime, we have at least a Juliet- my classification of a girl that is an enemy but will soon be an ally, much like Riruka. I am going to enjoy if Kubo ever plans that girl to ever meet Ichigo. Let me guess. Riruka is tsunedere. From the look of this new girl, she has one of those sexy military caps, she is a dominatrix with a FULL fetish for things such as slaves and, like how Kirge Opie uses a sword as a weapon, she likely uses some sort of whip.I will throw a party if my guess is on the target.

      @Suppa Tenko – Umm, I think Kubo may be using the idea of “Asian people have similar faces.” I’m technically asian, yet people have trouble discerning me from other asians. Annoying but is a fact.

  14. fu*k it! this series should end long ago, fu*king people says it end with the last arc, im so happy.
    but now it continues and bringing more stupid story to it, it repeats the same old shit every times, just end this already. stupid f*ckin bleach


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