「怨念乙女」 (Onnen Otome)
“Malice Maiden”

It seems that Yuuko didn’t recover all her memories – only her feelings for Teiichi and some emotions concerning him – some of them are: anger, jealousy, loneliness, and self-consciousness (the “ecchi” label has been switched). I’m glad my favorite trait remains – Yuuko’s childishness. She’s so adorable! Momoe sure knows how to kill the mood. I felt so sorry for Yuuko when her tamagoyaki fell down, even though she did the same to Momoe last week, although, I didn’t feel sorry for Momoe at all. Am I a mean and biased person? Hmm…

When I finished this episode, I was a bit confused. I understand that Shadow Yuuko wants Yuuko to recover her true memories, but if that’s her goal – why does she linger around Kirie so much? It seemed like Kirie was in trouble for a while there. Nice save, Momoe! Kirie can see Yuuko, and she probably knows some things about her past, but how can that interest the shadow?

Leaving that and moving on to the highlights of this episode, Teiichi and Yuuko’s relationship hasn’t really progressed much. It’s pretty much like it used to be except he has now admitted his feelings for her, both orally and on paper – probably not something you should do on a test paper.

Staying on the same track, I found it really nice to see Teiichi return to Yuuko when she was feeling so lost. It made me realize that Teiichi really cares about her. Even though he has confessed to her, we haven’t really seen him take any initiative in this relationship. It’s always Yuuko who moves things forward. But Teiichi manned up and saved Yuuko from the shadow, who apparently can reveal Yuuko’s past on impact.

Now that Teiichi is stuck in Yuuko’s memories in her body, I assume that next week, we’ll see the flashback episode that we’ve been waiting for. I’m dying to know what will happen and I almost flipped my desk when the episode ended with a cliffhanger.

I’m trying to guess what kind of history we will see next week. This whole concept reminds me a little bit about Jigoku Shoujo Futakomori. I won’t go much into it in case of spoilers, but those of you who’ve seen this – do you agree with me?

Anyway, next week will probably be an emotional ride and I’m going to prepare myself mentally for whatever cruelty I might see. I don’t really want to think about it…

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Random thoughts:

  • “First touch” on the breast again?
  • Now, where have I seen this before? Oh, right, now I remember!

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    1. Damn, you managed to beat me to it

      Next week on Tasogare Otome X Amnesia:
      The story rears up as Yuuko fondles her voluptuous breasts.
      Teiichi blacks out and finds himself having fun in an extreme SM -orgy.

      1. Shadow Yuuko must be watching Black Rock Shooter too much. I realize that they some similarites aside from that flaming eye, the same thing goes with Yuuko and Mato.

        Teiichi must be feeling lucky to be inside Yuuko right now. Though I wonder how he will react when he finds out the truth.

        As for the boob grab, I do not think it is being overused. And for a moment, I thought we are going to see some yuri selfcest.

        I am so cannot wait for next week!

        John Hayabusa
    2. Is Yuuko being selfish for refusing to let Teiichi live his life and be around her 24/7?

      Is Teiichi being selfish of refusing to accept the memories that represented his good times with Yuuko because it contained her darker emotions?

      Is Shadow Yuuko a victim of another tortured “victim” who wants to run from their pain? does that mean that her actions are justified then!?

      I don’t know who to root for anymore but one thing for certain, Yuuko is a spiteful person, a vengeful ghost even seeing that she will not hesitate to make anyone Teiichi included SUFFER her bouts of jealously and picking on Momoe and slapping Kirie after Teiichi already confessed his love for her is downright unfair!

      Perhaps Yukko herself and not the SHADOW pushed Teiichi down the stairs that day with the intent of killing him so to “permanently” suppress those negative emotions from surfacing ever again. Almost makes me wonder if Teiichi was the only “object of Yukko’s affections” over the years before he start attending that school since she is always “wiping” her memories, who’s say that were other boys before Teiichi that could see her and went down this same path… don’t know if they LIVED to regret it though (I haven’t read the manga so I guessing all over the place)

      On another subject. I wonder if the people who watched this show for the slice of un/life fanservice jumped ship since the story got more serious and less “showy”?

  1. Yuuko is still adorable and sexy as always. More so that she shows a variety of emotions now. Shadow Yuuko is also hot too with her scary voice.
    And seems like anime-original stuff here. Don’t remember most of the things here. I most definitely do not remember those fast flashbacks about people ganging up on her. But it’s still interesting on its own. Let’s see how they do this.

    Still can’t get over the revelation about Stereoman though orz

    1. Definitely Anime original (I’ve kept up with manga quite closely). I suppose I shouldn’t keep my expectations high, but rarely do I see an Anime adaptation on unfinished original material so well fleshed out as Tasogare Otome x Amnesia. Despite skipping so much material, they’ve kept the feel of the original story and tweaked the humor a bit, but as a manga fan who has been disappointed more times than not, I can honestly say so far so good. I only hope *crosses fingers* the ending is coherent and satisfying. With the direction they are heading, it would be hard to screw up, but too many Anime studios have gone that path. Silver Link, don’t make me eat my words!

  2. Yuuko is still worth everything even if she now hates being seen naked!

    Emmm. Anyways, can anybody tell me if this is starting to be an anime original ending? I’ve been reading the manga (always trying to be behind compared to the anime, because I hate watching the anime and then reading the manga but don’t mind it the other way round) and I’m like 6 chapters away from the latest manga chapter released and still nothing of what happened in this episode is there.

    Just wondering if I should keep on reading the manga or stop. I’m at the end of chapter 26. Perhaps I already spoiled myself with what will happen next episode…

    1. Well… the manga is sort of heading to this point, but everything from this ep. onward is more anime original since the Shadow Yuuko in the manga is still the fanged distorted shadow form.

  3. Oh silver link. I used to hate your Suka Chibis. but now i find them adorables. I loved the bandaid on the skull after Yuuko threw it at Teiichi XD.

    If Teiichi asks himself why he is where he is next ep I get to facepalm. “Well you dove headfirst into it >___>” twit.

  4. “I didn’t feel sorry for Momoe at all.”
    ^I see no problem with this statement.
    Well, as for me though, practically after only watched several first episodes, Momoe Okonogi was getting on my nerves with her crazy admiration over Teiichi. Everytime she appeared, I’m itching to skip it a few minutes to wrap this Okonogi business.
    Well, I guess I am a mean and bias person too…

  5. I wonder what happened to Yuuko :O.

    on the side note, I like Momoe, but it gets annoying that sometimes she just doesn’t read the mood even though she was around when Teiichi confessed -___-

  6. All girls’ tits are an emotional switch, programmed to several different actions.

    For most- it’s a kick in the nuts and a restraining order.

    Others (mostly pornographic material)- it equates instant sex.

    For Yuuko- either Undead Girlfriend or Emotionally Traumatic Flashback.

  7. I believe shadow Yuuko shows herself more to Kirie since we know that she would be directly related to Yuuko as her grandmother would be Yuuko’s sister.

    As for the interest.

    Show Spoiler ▼

    that will be revealed in later episodes I hope 🙂

  8. Aww maan…I don’t care if this show is flawed ad-nauseam…Yuuko’s personality compensates always for it. And I don’t care if she’s selfish/spiteful…she’s still great and I love her.

    Hououin Kyouma
  9. Tasogare is seriously one of the best anime this season on my list…. and that’s because of the latest story

    Can’t wait for the next episode and please dun make an ending where she will disappear T.T

    1. That’s a sad way to end the series, but you do realize the main reason Yuuko can exist is because of her lingering “Grudge”. I recall in the Manga, Kirie asks Teichi what he knows of ghosts and for what purpose they linger in the world when they should have moved on.

      Gah! that would definitely be a bitter sweet ending if Yuuko resolves her grudge,but has to move on as a result T~T

    2. How about a necrophilia ending with a zombie kid?
      And that is not bitter sweet. Well, bitter for Yuuko-san and sweet for shadow. not bitter sweet for the same person, I mean individual, i mean,,, you get what i mean.

      Perhaps shadow Yuuko would disappear with the grudge but not yuuko-san?

      1. Something like American Horror Story? (Google that show, it’s fantastic!). That would be epic.

        I personally want an ending in which either Yuuno disappears or Teichi decides to study to become a teacher at the school if he can’t solve the mystery.

    3. @Devastator001
      Well yeah I know the chances for the bittersweet ending is high
      But I can’t help it…. I feel really sad for yuuko and of course for teichi XD

      Zombie girl or Ghost girl? I personally prefer ghost girl XD
      I hope so T.T

      Well I guess yuuko’s past will give the clue for the ending (happy or bittersweet or bad)
      Arghh can’t wait for the next episode

  10. My “guess” is that Shadow Yuuko wants to possess Kirie and steal Teiichi away from Yuuko.
    Also, that once Teiichi manages to save both Yuuko and her shadow that it will release her soul from being bound to the school/real world. But then in the end Yuuko’s only attachment would be Teiichi and she will stay with him in the finale.
    I need to prepare myself for next week’s episode as well; I feel disturbed when I see horrible things happening like in those flashbacks.

    random viewer
  11. It’s interesting to see who quickly Yuuko’s mood swings now that she has more of them back. She really is a free spirit with neither a body or brain to help her process things.

    For the longest time I was confusing Enma Ai and Yuuko cosplayers as the character deigns are identical as well it’s just that Yuuko is older and has a black collar on her school uniform. lol

  12. Im really loving this show. From the various faces of yuukp to the various antics of yuuko. Im glad that silverlink’s the one producing this though… Not sure how other studio might do itthough no doubt how shaft might do it though… Plus if they’re the ones to do it, i’d be guessing that it’d be hitagi x koyomi pairing =D

    Oh and black rock ghost… Nice touch silver link

  13. wow! i love it, yuko is being sacrificed and gang raped at that, this is HOT, you can expect that, i mean she was so sexy and with teichi she is so horny all the time, so this is expected, but i think she might be betrayed by her best fren or something, her little Sister is still small as you see in flashback, and old picture u see, always have shadow of 2 teen, if u see it correctly (1 pic of her an dsaid person infront of school, 1 is under a tree). teiichi might be the descendant of that said fren. since now kirie (granddaughter of sister) , and teiichi (granddaughter of fren?) prolly like in Jigoku Shojo 1st season.

  14. forgot to add, teiichi might be the descendant of that said fren. since now kirie (granddaughter of sister) , and teiichi (granddaughter of fren?)”is the only one that can see her and touch her” prolly like in Jigoku Shojo 1st season.


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