There’s not a whole lot to say about this chapter, as it follows the Bleach tradition of a set-up period before the actual fights begin, and all things point to the usual way battles progress – one vs. one galore with some smack talk before and during the fights. The vizard captain Rose faces off against the quincy knight Nanana Najahkoop (try reading that out loud). Rose seems to be a lot slicker than I last remember him, and is giving off completely different vibes than his former goofy self. This could be attributed to his talk about his crying “Flying V”, which reminded me of a certain other guitar-wielding super-priest undertaker. Hopefully, Rose’s fighting style will just be as bat-shit insane.

Several of the other captains also arrive on the scene and attempt to stop the slaughter. Komamura intercepts Bambietta Basterbine, and they make fun of each other as little puppy and little girl, respectively. On a side note, I do think it’s established that all members the Sternritter have very strange names – probably the most creative part of this arc unfortunately. As Nodt, a creepy Quincy with a mask and horror-movie size irises, impales dozens of shinigami with spikes until Renji tells them to retreat. He tries to attack As Nodt, but with no luck, and is also ambushed by a giant bald Quincy with no irises. He’s still alive, though that probably wouldn’t be the case if Byakuya hadn’t showed up in a timely fashion. As for the rest of the characters, Hisagi, Kyouraku, Soifon, Ukitake and Hitsugaya also face off against their respective unnamed opponents. Several captains are missing still, but even without them there are so many concurrent fights already that we could be watching this battle for a very long time.


  1. I laughed when Komamura mentioned how they use little girls to fight and they have Yachiru themselves XDDD Oh you funny puppy Captain.

    Nerveless, good chapter. I hope this will be an epic fight.

  2. Finally, Bleach gets interesting again.

    However, the only fights I’m looking forward to are the ones with captains who haven’t shown their bankais yet, namely Kyoraku, Ukitake and Rose. If they can get Hirako and Kensei or even Unohana in on this as well, that’d be good too.

  3. Blargh…how exactly does this site have people willing to blog about both the Bleach anime and manga and the One Piece manga got dropped? I would find it strange but bearable if it just happened that nobody reads it/is current it depresses me that this garbage gets blogged and One Piece was just unceremoniously cast off :/

    Wyatt Derp
      1. I would get a terrible kind of amusement if the reason nobody picked One Piece back up is because there’s actually stuff happening in it as opposed to Bleach’s utmost mastery of having entire arcs where no one chapter seems to have had anything happen at all but somehow the arc meets all the shounen story beats before its over.

        Wyatt Derp
    1. I find this funny because I personally think One Piece is stupid, highly random, trash. Not to say Bleach is the best thing ever, far from it in fact, but I would read bleach over and over again before I would consider picking up One Piece again(yes, I did read the manga, up to chapter about 250 I believe, I didn’t just watch the 4kids dub and base it on that)

      Zero Hour 17
      1. I don’t want to come off as a complete troll but calling One Piece “random” is one insult/criticism that is objectively invalid. Oda is on record saying that he goes back and reads his own work thoroughly to keep disparate threads together and to not forget characters. It is by far the best planned Jump series currently running. A major reason why I hate Bleach so much is because it clearly is not planned very well and nothing ever pays off. For being a story about fighting with interesting art design aimed at 15 year-olds Bleach is a fine product but it’s badly written and stupid. I know exactly where someone is coming from when they say One Piece is weird, ugly, far too much of an investment, and maybe even boring but if you think it doesn’t have direction then you weren’t paying attention at all to anything you read.

        Wyatt Derp
      2. Lol how did I miss this joker?

        Bleach is still around because witless doofs like yourself refuse it its euthanasia by pumping money and attention back into their should-be cadavers. It was tolerable up to SS but went straight to shit immediately after. You may get an occasional entertaining scene with people like Kenpachi or Mayuri but by and large the series fails. Granted it entertains in ways not intended, like Aizen’s completely ridiculous trolling or the sheer stupidity of Ichigo during the Fullbringer nonsense.

        Look at how the FB and Nazi Quincy crap came around anyway. None of them were properly foreshadowed at in slightest. All Kubo did was lazily rework some past concepts in order to churn out some much needed plot. Proof that Bleach never should have continued past Aizen.

        Hell, Bleach fails on its very premise.

        The only way someone could like Bleach more is on a completely superficial level. And even that doesn’t hold up well seeing as how Bleach’s regular pages and color spreads are 100% devoid of effort.

      3. it’s funny because I keep getting replies saying I’m wrong for liking Bleach and hating One Piece. Because liking art is completely dealt in rights and wrongs right?(and before you say, “Bleach is not art derpy derp da doo”, it’s more artistic then anything you, or I for that matter, have done) Thats why I said I think, again “I think”, One Piece is trash. I don’t deny all the fans of it, nor do I deny how many fans Justine Bieber has, doesn’t mean I have to like it. No I’m not directly compairing Justine Bieber to One Piece, I would read every chapter of One Piece 100 times over before I would listen to any Justine Bieber(except the snl 100th digital short, that was funny) Point is art and media is objective.

        Also people say Bleach fails, but I consider failing to be setting a goal and missing it. Bleach’s goal is to be a story set around interesting Characters(again wether they are or not is objective) and their fights, which it succeeds at 100%. One Piece seems to focus on telling the story of interesting characters on a grand adventure, but for me(remember “For Me”) it fails, because while Luffy is entertaining and Zolo is pretty cool, I hate the rest of the crew, 95% of the side characters and villains I saw in the chapters I read, and could not care less(OK, I could probably care less) what they want from the adventure and wether they live or die.

        Zero Hour 17
      4. My only comment was that One Piece isn’t random. I even said that I understand people who think it’s ugly, weird, or boring but slamming it for not having direction or planning is outright wrong and that the obvious lack of foresight in Bleach drives me crazy. And again, I even said that Bleach is fine for what it does (and what I pointed out is exactly why you seem to like, albeit phrased less kindly).

        Wyatt Derp
      5. that was way more directed at the other guy. Also let me clarify, I didn’t mean that the whole story was random, I don’t think I read enough to make that claim, I meant that within a given chapter, the events that occur just feel so random to me, not that Bleach, Naruto or pretty much any other manga isn’t guilty of this too at one point or another (I’m looking at you Air Gear and Tenjou Tenge) but I feel it happens way more(and too much) for my tastes.

        Zero Hour 17
  4. kubo seriously needs to stop with introducing so many enemies all at once. If he hasn’t noticed the fights are better when least individuals are involved i.e Ichigo or Kenpachi vs…anyone. He always pits the captains,lieutenants and other shinigami against enemies at the same time. Every fight has a few panels and switches to another fight or a short skirmish between secondary characters that are just page consuming with no progression for a long time. I can’t wait to see Ikkaku be forced to reveal his bankai to everyone (idiot let a pillar get destroyed last time because he didn’t want to show his real power…that was dumb). Ultimately all this fighting will lead to Aizen being set free and he wipes out all the Quincies in Soul Society to show his dominance.

    zero hour
  5. Haha, well said Prooof!

    …On a side note, I do think it’s established that all members the Sternritter have very strange names – probably the most creative part of this arc unfortunately.

    …there are so many concurrent fights already that we could be watching this battle for a very long time.

    Hilarious to see your own thoughts written as if your mind was read…Keep up with the entertaining posts, sir…

  6. Hey, someone above me brought up a good point……….

    Where is the One Piece coverage? Is it not the most popular manga in Japan by a wide margin? Bleach isn’t even top 3 anymore.

  7. Byakuya! Single greatest part of the chapter, at least for me. Um… that’s not all I noticed though, I swear!

    Anyway. I really hope Komamura gets a bit more to work with than the Aizen Arc… he feels like the most shafted of the captains when it comes to power/luck of opponents. Maybe Kubo will kinder to him this time?

    One last thing: Nodt is creepy. Funny how Byakuya gets all the creepy ones.

  8. it seems kubo can only draw 1 on 1 fight scene. every arc, kubo introduce more villain and the only way to kill this villain is by one on one fight? i dont think i’ve seen group fight in bleach. or is it just me?

    1. Aizen vs. ‘The Entire Gotei 13’ was a group fight in the Fake Karakura Town mini-Arc. Not that it mattered because he stomped them anyways. But it had some nice combination of skills and techniques. (Kyouraku kiting Aizen while Shinji switches the senses and Hitsugaya stabs him from behind.)

      The problem is that there are very few enemies in Bleach who are strong enough to force the Captains to cooperate. They are the Captains, the ruling body of SS, for a reason.

      Maybe these Quincies will be different. From the get go they seem to be far more problematic than the Espada, except for maybe Barragan. Just think about all of them being abl to use the Final Form and that reishi enslaving technique. That’s a ton of hax.

    2. First off, if someone can draw 1 on 1, they can draw ? vs. ?(? being numbers) so it would be more that he doesn’t WANT to draw more then 1 on 1. Second, as the person above me stated, there was the Aizen vs. Gotei 13, then vs. Urahara, Yorouichi(can’t remember how to spell) and Ichigo’s dad. Then there are the 3 espada woman who only fight together, which we saw during the war and just recently. Also Renji, Ishida and Nel’s friends vs. that one Espada. Third, most of the captains who do the fighting are far too proud to want help in their fights. Lastly, it’s probably because Kubo himself likes 1 on 1 fights, that push the fighters to and beyond their limits allowing them to show off all their powers, fighting moves and tricks or gambits.

      Zero Hour 17
    3. In bleach the shinigami are samurai, fighting style is one to one, a fair fight. Fighting in groups is hard, you have to have coordination, they also have techniques that are difficult to use if there are colleagues involved, as Byakuya and Senbonsakura. the enemy can also use techniques devastating if he feels the pressure of a group, it is best to look and interrupting the fight when necessary.

  9. Not bad. Definitely enjoying it so far. The interactions are what’s making this pretty damn solid. Also gotta say that random guy had some serious balls for standing up against the Quincies so props to him for that. Now let’s see how the Shinigami fair this time around because honestly, there’s barely ever any tension if no one gets hurt in these battles. On a random note, that Quincy girl was rather cute even if a bit sadistic (I think someone called it right when they mentioned that she’d probably have a whip-type weapon and a potential dominatrix vibe.)

    1. I too also enjoy that quincy girl. My guess was right on the dot. Anyway, I will wonder if Ichigo will be doing his fighting in the soul society and if Kubo REALLY intended this to be the “final battle” with the enemy.

    2. I think there may be a withdrawal of Quincy and has a second meeting, this can happen if Ichigo returns. Or maybe not and we have a full arc fight after fight in this invasion. I lean more to my point, because this is the final arc, Titekubo must want this to end better than the arrancar and Aizen-war arc, and also make it longer. Another option might have many flashbacks and explanations between the invasion, which is also not bad.

  10. That masked guy Renji’s fighting is a dude right? (If someone can judge from the pronouns. He looks like Karasu) It’d be hilarious if the mask threw Renji off and he’s really a she. Then Renji would be subverting his own awful chivalry.

    Anyway screw these captains/vice captains. Liking the set up, but where the hell are Mayuri and Kenpachi? Get the certified entertainers in there.

  11. And we hereby start the four-year-individual-pointless-battles.

    Kubo’s goal must be to finish his manga after Naruto with such little content and so many battles each arc.

  12. Come on Kenpachi, I know you’re out there somewhere, no way he would miss this fight.

    I’m sure he will make some epic entrance saving one of the captains along the way.

  13. anyone noticed the captains and gangs are already at shikai/ bankai release straight into the fights?

    even kyouraku has shikai ready beginning the fight.. maybe there’s a slime chance to finally witness some new bankai action!

    1. I thought it would be names in German, with a crazy last name, after all the Quincy are human and use words in German. Will also have a special meaning as the arrancar?, Or just will be codenames? that’s better.

  14. For some weeks now prooof’s take on bleach has been as close as prose can come to a long belabored sigh. Heh. I don’t think he’s enjoying the manga much these days.

  15. As soon as I saw the dude with the floating daggers I was like yup, thats Byakuya’s opponent, then Renji showed up and almost fooled me, but I was right in the end. Will be kind of fun to watch them “team up” in the last arc, and maybe have Renji get some recognition from Byakuya, considering their problems in the SS arc.

    Zero Hour 17
    1. also two things I really want to see from these fights;Yachiru fight and Rukia use a Bankai. Also I’m taking bets now on which power up Ichigo will get to beat the main bad guy, will it be A:A new level of his Zanpakuto above Bankai, B:Something involving his hollow powers, C:Something completely new that he pulls out of his bum, that despite the captains being thousands of years old, no one has ever heard of before, or D:All of the above?

      Zero Hour 17
  16. Most of you guys went like “Oh, well “that’s new””, but I like it. It’s Kubo style and I probably get ranted at for saying that it’s somewhat classy. Just like the anime, the way they stand up in the sky and the “camera” slowly passes by from their faces. I love that. It’s a lot like Kill Bill movies, with the difference that Kill Bill’s transitions from one fight to another were incredible, unlike Bleach’s. Then again, Bleach’s fighting scenes, to be honest, are on of the best in my opinion.
    These Quincies are awesome, I knew that Ishida can’t all there is to Quincies. I’m pretty sure we can expect Ishida to do the same and go apeshit about this Reishi stealing.


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