「困ります」 (Komarimasu)
“It’s Worrisome”

Note to viewers: BakaMochi and I have decided to do a handoff (cyclone pass might be better) with Kuroko no Basuke. My schedule is packed right now, and while I’m enjoying the show, I don’t feel as if I’m able to give it the blogging treatment it deserves. I’ll be watching and stopping by to join the conversation, but BakaMochi is going to be taking over and I’m glad KnB will continue to be covered here at RC. Thanks for your support and comments for these first 9 episodes, and I know you’ll continue to support the show as BakaMochi covers it.

Guardian Enzo

So, there it is, folks – we pulled a Kagami and Kuroko and made a magic pass while no one was looking! Bad jokes aside, I’m extremely happy to be picking up this show, so thanks to Guardian Enzo for passing it over!

Now, although I haven’t seen legendary sports anime like Cross Game, or the entirety of Slam Dunk, or even the pretty-boy fest that is Prince of Tennis, I do love the genre – there’s a sense of adrenaline rush in anime like KuroBasu that you can’t find anywhere else. It captures youthful spirit at its best and I can’t help but find myself biting my nails at each crucial moment in a match. Basketball is one of those high-paced games that fires up the players as much as the spectators, and KuroBasu‘s tenth episode brings all the goods to the court in the tense match-up between Seirin and Shuutoku.

Before I dive into that, let me say this first: finally. Thank you for shutting this asshat up. I knew he was getting his comeuppance, but Seiho’s loss was just so. Good. To. Watch. Now that that’s out of the way though, on to the main attraction: Midorima vs. Kuroko (and Kagami). I find the three members of the Generation of Miracles that have been shown so far – Kise, Midorima, and Kuroko – to be very layered characters, and although Kuroko’s encounter with Kise was great, I have a feeling his encounter with Midorima will be the first “real” step forward in proving the “winning isn’t everything” philosophy. The Generation of Miracles’ number one shooter is aloof and dismissive; he seems to take the “victor stands alone” policy, if the dynamics in his team are an indication of anything. While you do need a good offense/defense team, the way Midorima plays doesn’t necessarily require the whole Shuutoku team to be involved in the way every member of the Seirin team has a role. It’s very much an independent sort of play style, one that does not portray as much teamwork as say, Seirin’s, Seiho’s, or even Kaijou’s. I suspect that’ll be a weakness for Midorima and the rest of Shuutoku, although I’m sure that as one of the three Immobile Kings, they’ll put up a much stronger fight.

I really hope the Seirin vs. Shuutoku match will be as exciting and ambivalent as the practice game between Seirin vs. Kaijou… now that game I really didn’t know who to root for! Kuroko and Kagami made some lofty speeches pre-game though, so I know they’ll be bringing their A-game – whether or not that nets them a victory is still up to chance though. And if that horoscope reading is any indication, they’re in for some harsh luck…

There’s my first coverage of KuroBasu! My style is certainly different from Enzo’s, but I hope you will still find it an enjoyable read!

P.S.: I don’t claim to be a basketball guru, but that score of 113 to 38 has got to be embarrassing.

Terminology of the Day:

  • Alley-oop: Originating from the French words “allez-hop!”, the term “alley-oop” was actually coined by an NFL player in the 1950’s. In basketball though, the technique involves two people: the player that throws/passes the ball, and the player who dunks it. It is a difficult skill that requires a high degree of coordination from both players (Wikipedia)

Full-length images: 2, 5, 7, 9, 17, 20, 26, 27, 36.


ED1.9 Sequence

ED: 「Start it right away」 by (Hyadain)


End Card


  1. Hmmm, so it was like that huh. I was wondering why the post wasn’t out yet when Enzo is usually on time with this. Well at least sabermochi is gonna continue covering this. Thanks for picking this up o/

    As for the episode, well I’ve been waiting for the faceoff of the 3 Onos(Daisuke, Yuuki and Kensho). And it started off with a bang. Though if Midorima continues with 3 pointers and they retaliate with 2 pointers there’s going to be trouble. As I can only remember bits and pieces of this part of the manga, I’m just as eager to see how this goes.
    Good episode.

    1. Hahaha 3 Onos! I actually hadn’t noticed that before, but now that I think about it, it is pretty funny! XD

      And yeah… those 3 pointers are going to rack up and as Kuroko said, Midorima never misses if his form is left undisturbed. That’s probably the key point, though.

  2. If you have enjoyed Seirin vs. Shuutoku, then you can expect that you’ll enjoy more the next matches as every match is always a step up from the previous one (ok, most).

    Also, I gotta give Production IG the credit for making Kuroko’s passes more believable than the manga since the latter always shows beam-like-kame-hame-wave-like lights.

  3. At the end I felt as if Kuroko went all air bender on Shuutoku when he did that pass. Also for some reason the way that kuroko passes the ball makes me think he would also be a pretty good volleyball player.

  4. Random Terminology of the day part 2!: Alley-oop in skateboarding means to rotate in the opposite direction of where you’re landing. This can be applied to snowboarding as well as probably other boarding sports (I wouldn’t know, I only do the former :P)

  5. Bakamochi, that was very amusing to read. Especially the ‘asshat’ part. 😀

    On to the episode, I replayed Kuroko’s pass quite a few times. It was absolutely incredible to watch.

  6. I was thinking there will be no more RC for KuroBasu. Great to know that someone pick it up. Thanks a lot, BakaMochi!

    This episode is just awesome. I’ve been a fan of the manga since I started reading it, so I was worried how they will animate KuroBasu but seems that Production IG is doing a great job.

    That pass at the need makes me want to kiss my pc screen (to be honest) LOL.

  7. I know this is off topic but i have to say it. Why hasn’t their been a summer anime preview posted yet? I’ve seen some of trailers for the summer season and i can honestly say that most of it is moe crap. With that being said i could understand why you guys are so hesitant to post one up because barely nothing meets your eye.


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