「出撃; Activation」 (Shutsugeki)

A week later and Accel World is back…

I was expecting this week’s episode to start the confrontation with Chrome Disaster, or at the very least, we would get to see him. What a surprise when the episode ended and it seemed like it was all a ploy from Yellow Radio. A large portion of the episode revolved around the history and background of characters as well as further explanations of Accel World. I actually didn’t mind since I find our main cast a lot less 2D and more complex now that they actually have motives and reasons for being the way they are. With recent additions in characters, it also makes the story interactions much more fun to watch. I like seeing the sliceoflife elements, which make the character reactions and faces more amusing to watch.

One of the first issues brought up is Chiyuri’s desire to download the Brain Burst program. We see the issues of becoming guardian and protégé and what surprised me most was how you can only have one protégé in your lifetime. And Kuroyukihime chose Haruyuki? That’s definitely something I was not expecting… especially when I wasn’t feeling the confession earlier on. I’m not going to spend this post bashing or cheering for this pairing though since the issue is actually revolved around Takumu (and whether or not he would be the one giving Chiyuri the software). I already spoiled this for myself and I think it’s very obvious from the OP what’s going to unfold; but what I find most intriguing is how Takumu and Chiyuri are still “in a relationship” despite Takumu realizing how Chiyuri feels about Haruyuki. Clearly he still likes her a lot, and where are they headed? Well I only hope that it’s a good ending for Takumu since he deserves his own happiness too.

Adding to Haruyuki’s harem this week, we see a lot of bickering between the girls (Kuroyukihime and Yuniko). There’s a lot of jealousy coming from Kuroyukihime, whereas Yuniko seems to be purposely provoking her by clinging onto Haruyuki. When they’re alone, I can see that Yuniko and Haruyuki actually get along very well (as I’m sure Kuroyukihime and Yuniko do too given last episode’s finale) and their conversations can get very deep as they both try and understand one another. When Haruyuki started talking about never-ending games, I can actually relate since I’ve played MMORPGs (like WoW) that don’t have a definite ending and eventually people move on and start playing other things… (like SC2!) I wouldn’t say that it’s a lonely feeling, but a game with a finite ending definitely encourages you to reach that point sooner rather than later (or never). At least from my semi-gamer perspective, those are the games I rather play.

I’m never surprised anymore when Accel World chooses to end their episodes with cliffhangers. If I wasn’t blogging this show, I could probably easily finish it all in one sitting since each episode leads into the next so well. I’m assuming (from Yuniko’s reaction) that Yellow Radio set up this confrontation for the main characters knowing that they were hunting Chrome Disaster. Whether or not Yellow Radio is actually associated with Chrome Disaster – I’m not too sure. It doesn’t seem like a controllable monster, so I would bet that Yellow Radio simply ambushed them on their way to it.

With that said, I’m loving this new arc – with the new characters and history lessons of their world, it adds a whole new dimension to the story. It beats episodic shows that revolve around a new enemy every week; I enjoy the continuity between episodes and arcs.

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  1. Yuniko’s accusation accuses Yellow Radio of being the one to give the Chrome Disaster gear/equip to Cherry Rook. Only Kings were present during the previous Chrome Disaster hunt, so only the Kings would have inherited the equip drop item. Therefore, she deduces that Yellow Radio was the king that lied to the other kings and kept the equip item.

    Hopefully, I’m not spoiling anything since it was discussed previously.

    Anyway, the Unlimited field looks awesome when animated. I can’t wait for the battle royale next episode…until Show Spoiler ▼

  2. I think I would have found it even more amusing if Yuniko had tried to kick Haruyuki across the room for holding her foot and been unable to budge him because he’s a heavy guy and she’s a tiny little girl. Seriously, she’s tiny! She can bluster all she wants, but if she tries to go around smacking people in the real world, she ought to hilariously fail.

  3. I chuckled at the sight of a helmet-wearing female maid on a motorcycle rolling around Ikebukuro. Reminds me of a certain Dullahan who rides around the same area at night.

    Also, this episode sort of begs the question on why there aren’t more than seven Level 9’s. It’s a bit odd, but there may just be steep leveling curves. Even so, I’m curious as to why the remaining five kings (with Snow Black being out commission). Stood by while Yuniko became leveled up to 9. I’m curious.

    1. Well you have to remember that the level 9s came out almost at the same time and that was 5 years after the game started(the game is 7 years old and KYH became AWOL 2 years prior to the start of the series).
      Coupled with how leveling up to level 2 costs 300 points, same level battles wins you 10 points, killing those large monsters costs barely 10 points too and there’s a non-agression pact in the whole AW, it’s pretty hard to reach level 9.

      As for how Niko reaches level 9 herself, it’s suppose to be mentioned in this episode but I’ll just put it in a spoiler tag. Show Spoiler ▼

    2. each additional level requires more BB points to level up. Plus once a player gets access to unlimited field after lv.4, BB point usage will also increase as a result. along with what belatkuro said, currently there are not many lv.9 around. But Show Spoiler ▼

    3. The reason why there aren’t more lvl 9 is remember with greater power comes greater risk, if a bunch of lvl 9 pop up then chances are they will try to kill each other and reach lvl 10, but remember if a lvl 9 get kill by other lvl 9 they will loose all bb points in 1 shot, so is not all fun and game being lvl 9. Which is why the main villians of this anime/novel is very smart they all probably stop at lvl 8 and didn’t try to get higher, not because they are not strong enough but they know the risk of being lvl 9.

  4. The body of a child and the heart of a man. If you see it from that perspective Accel World is no longer just a fighting game but a deep influence in Burst Linker mind.

  5. And I was wondering is there any other way the Burst Linkers can rack up points other by beating each other up? Providing that just using burst link cost you 1 point for each use already: level up also consumes points, and the point pools is limited by number of players, the pool will dry up eventually.

    Now we know that they can hunt those monsters and there is no time limit in unlimited burst, so as long as you don’t run into other players, you can farm the points from them. So, Brain Burst is actually more like MMO instead of VS Fighting game.

    1. Well like a what Kuroyukihime said, it’s more of a PvP game rather than a PvE game so the main focus would be one on one fights. Farming monsters looks like a pain. I don’t think there’s any higher level monsters.

      1. Enemies have four ranks, starting from the lowest we have: Lesser, Wild, Beast and Legend. Even Lesser are Enemies that require a full team of capable hunters to hunt while Legend Enemies have power on par with Kings. The only ones capable of hunting Legend Enemies single-handedly are the Blue King, Blue Knight and the Green King, Green Grande who carries the nicknames ‘Legend Slayer’ and ‘Invunerable’ respectively.

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Mixed Milkshake
      2. There’s also some benefits in hunting down those high level monsters besides the points, even if they are very powerful.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. worthwhile only if you are a M… hunting enemy is extremely difficult and terribly low yield as these awesome people have pointed out…
        As to blue knight and green grande… all I can say is that Show Spoiler ▼

      4. well, first it depends on the field. some field has little to no enemy, while others has many of them… and you know it takes a few days game time for change… and who knows what field will come up next?

        then there is the whole drop rate stuff… Show Spoiler ▼

        not to mention the extremely low BB points yield…

      5. @jrj
        Show Spoiler ▼

        Show Spoiler ▼

        Mixed Milkshake
      6. @Mixed Milkshake,

        I know what they are, it is a mere translation difference… Chinese LN called them the star gears because they are named after the big dipper. as to the other points you mentioned, Show Spoiler ▼

        and about enemy: don’t forget that Show Spoiler ▼

  6. Huh? But Chiyuri only sees Haru as a friend. Takumu was jealous because he thought Chiyuri would like Haru more than him but Haru assured him that it was just friendship.

    …or did I just misread things wrong?

    Also, I really love Accel World’s cliffhangers. Especially with a good song like unfinished as the ending theme.

    1. Yeah, Chiyuri was on the verge of stating that “had Haru expressed interest in her in the past, she would have accepted his feelings”, but finally decided that it’s not something she’s allowed to say. Seems to me she’s invested in her current relationship enough not to get swayed by Haru’s ‘charm’. Since they haven’t broken up yet, it seems Takumu took it that way too, after all. And he probably did hear the entire conversation.

  7. Well, the past two episodes revealed a lot about Haru’s thoughts and his imouto/onee-san desires. Also of Kuroyukihime’s rough and tumble past as well as her apparent inability to cook

    Such great character development makes you wonder if anything like this would happen again.

  8. ok, I vote accel world as the series with best cliffhangers 2012… both the LN and the anime have great cliffhangers… though kind of wish they don’t do it so well… (20 minutes goes so fast…)

    I have to correct a minor thing in the post… Chi-chan, Taku, and Haru are now in a strange triangle relationship… Chi did not officially break up with Taku, but they are in a very awkward situation due to the things Taku did to Chi. It is true that Taku still have strong feeling about Chi, but whether the reverse is true remain to be seen… Though I am shipping Taku x Chi, so I hope they will get together for real eventually!

    Flashback time next week… if they don’t show some action though, I would get mad a bit…

    1. I agree, the 20 mins go by quickly… so when are you going to write that joint post with me? =O

      I actually don’t know the nature of their relationship very well >_< I figured Taku likes Chi and Haru doesn't (not in that sense anyway), but I’m just confused as to how Chi sees both of them. The elevator scene kind of makes me assume that Chi still likes Haru? But is trying to get past that and fall for Taku instead…

      Anyway, I’m excited for next week since we get to see more of the leaders =) hehe*

  9. Haru got the part about MMORPGs eventually running out of steam spot on, I speak from personal experience, having once dabbled in Ragnarok Online for about a year. 🙂

    Poor Taku, he seems to be the preferred collateral target between Kuroyukihime and Nico’s passionate fight for Haru.

    There’s something I don’t understand: Are the territories confined to the “ordinary” Accel World for those below 4? Or do they also apply to this “Permanent” Accel World?

    If so, why is Yellow Radio setting a trap outside his territory? Sure, it has successfully caught Hime and Nico unawares, but surely Yellow Radio is doing so at his own risk as well?

    Last I checked the map seen in episode 3, the Ikebukurou area falls in the Blue King’s domain. Either the Blue King is also in on this conspiracy, or Yellow Radio is just plain cunning and has something up his sleeve.

    Kinny Riddle
    1. the real accelerated world – the unlimited neutral stage… as its name suggests, it is unlimited (no 30 minutes time restriction), and it neutral, which means the “territory” that legions hold no longer has its effect. So people can go to any territory and attack anybody/enemy in the stage.

      Radio is a calculating bastard. Yes he will face some risks, but given that he has a huge mob with him (around 30 people), his chance of defeat is much lower…

      more will be revealed next week, so I will stop here for now 🙂

    2. Only a year Kinny?

      And yeah, Haru’s take on MMO’s are very accurate. After 3 years of playing RF Online I was the last guy of my batch playing. Everyone got sick of how OP Bellato and Accretia is over Cora, and eventually left for other hobbies. I eventually stopped too.

      Games come and go. It’s one of the things gamers must recognize. Like life and strangers passing by, so too will games and hobbies.

      The Moondoggie
      1. Yeah, Moondoggie, I was once an Assassin on Loki server, and a terrible one at that.

        My personality and slow reflexes when it comes to video gaming means I work better as a full-time healing Priest, and I had more fun in some guild wars as all I needed to do was just hotkey all the healing and defensive spells. lol

        Kinny Riddle
      1. Yes, something that doesn’t belong to the long range(Scarlet Rain’s missiles) or close range(Cyan Pile’s pile driver) attack is considered indirect attack. Poison, stun, jamming, etc. Our pierrot king will demonstrate one soon enough.

    1. while I don’t want to spoil the fun of the pending fight, all I can say is that a good radio is not a glass radio… he is a lv.9 after all… otherwise we wouldn’t be here to watch him now… can’t wait to see how they animate the fight though…

      and to add to belatkuro’s list.. green is defensive skill, purple is multi-range attack, white is special (like healing and all), and black is ?? (still haven’t figured it out)
      metal color has high speed and high defense to different type of attack according to its chemical and physical properties…

      1. Adding more is the fact that Lime Bell’s healing, but she’s green. You can specialize with stuff even though your color isn’t suited for the skill, right?

        The Moondoggie
      2. Green is a mixture of blue and yellow, close range and indirect attack.
        It’s just that LB leans more to the indirect part which is the support skill that you mentioned. She’s still a good melee fighter and noted to have higher defense that Silver Crow.

      3. while you can specialize and train in things that is not symbolized by your color (ie. Cyan Pile), you can’t learn things completely opposite to your property under normal circumstances(like blue knight using a laser gun or scarlet rain using a sword). however, there will be exceptions to every rule. well, hopefully we will see that getting animated 🙂

      4. @ The Moondoggie

        Lime Bell’s ability isn’t healing, it’s the reversal of time upon a specific target. It requires more precision and calculation to correctly gauge how much time needs to be reversed.

        Mixed Milkshake
  10. I like Yuniko. She’s not really a yandere but beware her mood swings. I gasped when I saw the preview image of her arm. And why are the Black Legion all screaming or falling down? I guess we’ll find out next episode but Yellow Radio must have set one hell of a trap.

    1. Show Spoiler ▼


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