There is no relief for the desperate situation Soul Society has found itself in, as the captains reel in shock at having their bankai’s taken away from them by their opponents. Hitsugaya’s reaction goes even farther to suggest that they are also unable to communicate with their zanpakutou or release shikai. More than half of this week’s chapter is spent on Gotei 13’s response to this news, with Mayuri lamenting the foolishness of those who lost their bankai and the remaining captains rushing to the front lines. Although there’s no evidence yet to suggest that the Quincies would actually be able to use these stolen powers against the shinigami, that possibility is not out of the question, especially when considering what the Full-bringers did to Ichigo in the previous arc. At the very least, they may be able to absorb the spiritual power and use some of it to their own advantage, as Kirge did to the three fraccion’s Ayon.

Even without bankai though, I’m interested in seeing how these upcoming fights will turn out, mostly because they involve some of the stronger captains. They’ll still be fighting in the dark though, unless Mayuri can discover and relay information about their opponent’s abilities and weaknesses to them. Shunsui attacks a handgun-wielding Colonel Sanders, but is grazed in the eye. It’s hard to imagine him or some of the other more powerful captains being defeated, but at this point the power levels are so messed up, anything could happen. More and more it seems like Ichigo will become their last hope once more, especially since he is at least somewhat resistant to the Vandenreich’s ability, though he may be stuck with Kirge for a while.


      1. Careful now! The people round theses parts are pretty sensitive in being told that Bleach is actually bad. Although the worst they can do is down-mod you as much as possible so it’s not that scary.

        Wyatt Derp
      2. I believe it is my right to downvote a completely pointless and offensive comment such as yours. Voting up or down on an opinion is just showing how many people agree or disagree. The comment that deserves all the downvotes is yours, but thanks to your comment, people are now afraid to actually do it.

      3. And looky look, your comment ratio is the same as mine and I’m the one deliberately provoking people. I really don’t know what you mean by making people scared to do anything though. People are very free to mod my comments (and yours) as they see fit and they do so without any reprisal from me.

        Wyatt Derp
  1. Death flags everywhere, no one is safe…then again this is Bleach so pretty much everyone except the baddies and background characters are safe.

    Cut in half, sliced down, self-immolation…you’ll survive but banged up for a bit.

    I want to know what happened to Hallibel =.= They show her all chained up and that’s a bit. Talk about teasing.

    1. Earlier Renji makes it even more hilarious.

      Renji: You guys just don’t understand, I’ve been training to fight Aizen. You all aren’t even on the same level. (Which means Renji must’ve been dicking around for hundreds of years, seeing as how he was supposedly able to exponentially upgrade himself in such a short amount of time)

      *Few chapters later Aizen-like shit starts happening*

      Renji: Omg what do we do!? We’re screwed! orz

  2. Kyoraku, just bring out your Bankai for a second so I can just check it off the list, please.

    Also, lol at Shino crying out for dead exposition extra I already forgot the name of.

  3. People may bash Bleach, but goddamn, Kubo is definetly one of the best manga artists out there. Every panel is so…beautiful. Yes, even those blank spaces. I like them. Sure it makes the story move at a horrible pace, and I hate Bleach because of it, but I cannot deny the author has a distinctive style that separates him from any other manga artist.

    Characters look shocked and they really get the feeling across(it’s a weekly thing really, but Renji this week took the prize), Matsumoto with short hair is as hot any manga woman can get, and the cool factor is all over the other pages. Seriously! It’s a love-hate relationship with Tite Kubo and Bleach.

    1. You’re joking right? Bleach’s art style is by far one of the cheapest I’ve ever seen. Theres little to no shading, flat panels, barely any details. Its like he draws in literally 2 tones, black and white.

      1. You value art styles py the amount of point smeared over page?

        I always enjoyed Bleach art style, and particulary never enjoyed story that much. It has very visually distinctive characters, when even twin like character like Ukitale and one of the new Quinci cand be told apart through their expression. And look at the quinci girl, which wrecks havoc with such a delightful exited expression. For me all this – good solid style.

      2. Call his backgrounds lazy but I call it minimalist.

        Kubo’s eye for composition far outstrips any other mangaka. Most mangas have cluster fucks of activity. Bleach actually arranges character posture and position in a superb manner. Kubo uses a high contrast style for tones and shading which makes scenes more striking. Instead of everything having muddy grays which make the scene incomprehensible (Naruto) he uses shading in a very deliberate manner in favor of enhancing a scene instead depicting something more “realistic” like Gantz.

        Even Berserk, a beautifully rendered manga, has poor composition with major failings in how to visually arrange panels to do the meticulously drawn backdrops proper justice.

      3. YanDaMan, yeah, I like it. It’s obvious my taste isn’t the same as yours, though. Anatomy, dynamic poses, Bleach always delivers on these, at the very least to my liking. Still, I’d like Kubo to include more cartoonish panels in which he makes the characters look silly and fun, instead of the usual dramatic OMG! expressions, but hey, I don’t complain.

        Schwegburt…Good postures and high contrast—yep, pretty much my same view on it lol 😀 I actually have the same issues with Naruto too…

      4. Isn’t this cute? The majority actually defend Kubo’s lazy art style, who is notorious in wasting his pages with huge panels of empty spaces with nothing going on. You people complain about how slow Bleach moves yet defends the reason it moves slow.


      5. @YanDaMan – Didn’t say his panel efficiency and pacing could use work. I argued Kubo has a very strong sense of style and composition.

        If you want to complain about how much material he packs into his chapters I’ll agree with you. He takes 18 pages and fills it with perhaps 12 pages worth of content. I’ve hated it for a while myself.

        But if you think his art style’s bad, you’re wrong there. If you feel quality means a cluster fuck of chaotic visual information like Asian magazine advertisements, then I’d like to link you a material on what good design looks like.

      1. Nice comparison lol…But there are two key differences, in my opinion:

        -Bleach, unlike GC, was once awesome. I was one of its blind-faith fanboys that’d defend it no matter what. GC…Never got even halfway there.
        -Guilty Crown offered awesome music, art and animation at times. Bleach only offers art.

        It’s funny, really:
        >I think GC offered a mediocre story but was awesome in many other fronts, from start to finish.
        >Bleach instead took the middle path: so-soish story (engaging at the beginning, horrible as it moved on), so-soish art (somewhat generic at the beginning, gradually better/distinctive as it moved on).

  4. So how come Kyoraku doesn’t have a hole behind his head when he was shot?
    That panel clearly shows he was shot directly in the face with little inclining of the head to dodge the attack.

    1. Bullets can’t always go through bone. You can even read it in the news now and then that somebody tried to suicide and shot both his eyes out but survived. It’s not even that uncommon to survive headshots either; for some the bullet just stops in the skull and can’t reach the brain. It depends on the gun too. but the human bone structure is a miraculous construct.

      Besides, Coloner Sanders is most likely shooting enegy blasts, not actual ammo.

    2. Indeed bullets are pretty nasty and have a tendancy to ricochet off bone and pinball around the body….

      Of course this depends on caliber, composition.. amount of fried chicken…

      1. First Starrk and now Colonel Sanders. Kyoraku seems to have an affinity to guns.
        Was it stated, that Starrk is dead? If not, I’m betting he will appear before Kyoraku and helping him after the credo ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’.
        Maybe giving some hints about the new generation of Quincys.

  5. I can see that the soul society took notice on how Vizards are the only people immune to the Quincy steal of bankai. Evident when they call Kurosaki. I will look forward in how desperate and stubborn the new Central 46 will be when they may resort to hollowfication.

  6. This week MangaStream also posted the list of contents from this week’s Jump. It states that its usually interpreted as the current popularity of the series (save the 1st one that’s usually the Cover and not necessarily the most popular)

    This week we had:

    Sket Dance
    Medaka Box
    Sensei no Bulge
    PSI Kusou Saiki
    Kuroko no Basket
    Binbougami Ga
    Koisome Momoji
    Pajama no Kanojo
    Nurarihyon no Mago

    I don’t even know over 70% of those series… but if order can really be interpreted as popularity… wow at Bleach being so low… and I’m surprised Beelzebub and Reborn are so low as well.

    One Piece ain’t on the list because it was on break this week.

    1. Yeah, I can see that too. Not to mention too that some of the Captains are reliant on fighting with Bankai, as we’ve seen with Toshiro in past battles, but some are not. I can also wonder who else will be a casuality…? I mean, we’ve lost Chojiro and Izuru so far, so what’s to say Captains won’t die here too?


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