「特別…なんかじゃ…ない…」(Tokubetsu… Nanka ja… nai…)
“It’s… Nothing… Special…”

So that was… not what I was expecting at all. Last week’s preview made the fencing showdown seem a lot more dramatic and impactful. However, I can definitely say now that Sankarea is not your typical romantic comedy. There is romance and there is comedy… but the way they deliver their jokes and the moments that they choose to slot them in is very unpredictable (in a good way). Then to keep you on your toes, the show incorporates some form of suspense or mystery that leaves the audience wanting more – similar to how the kidnappers took Chihiro instead of Rea.

Moving on…
Chihiro’s confrontation with Danichirou turned out differently than I initially thought. I figured that since he never fenced before in his life – he would probably talk his way out of it. When Chihiro was stabbed through the chest instead, I couldn’t believe that Rea’s father could be so cruel and heartless. Rea not only witnesses the scene, but if I was her, I would’ve probably fainted or screamed. Fortunately, this is an anime and a comedy for that matter, so of course Chihiro is back up while Danichirou actually proceeds to slice his head off! What kind of crazy father does that?! I guess I shouldn’t be so surprised since he IS an overly obsessive father who uses his daughter to replace his dead wife…

Rea’s entire family is all sorts of messed up so I really don’t want to dive into each of their own psychological issues. It’s pretty obvious though that Danichirou got the message – Rea is leaving him and his much needed flight will probably give him to time to think about it. I think it would’ve ended on an even better note and have an “all is well” type of ending, if he took Aria with him. However, I think this leaves the story open for interpretation on what happens with her.

When the episode ended… I was actually surprised by how soon the issue was resolved. The main problem with Rea seemed to revolve around a) her family and b) her decaying body. With the former antagonist gone, I’m not sure what else there is to the story… Then Ranko appears and Rea can instantly get the vibe that Ranko is in love with him (it must be girl-instinct!). Does that mean Ranko has already forgiven Rea for severely molesting her? And will the remaining episodes be devoted to romance resolutions? I seriously hope so! I’m a sucker for romances but better yet, it would tie the ending very well if the anime wasn’t open-ended.

I understand that the manga is still on-going so I’m still unsure if they’re going to aim for an anime-original ending or leave it off at the end of an arc. I’m leaning towards the latter since it seems like next episode is focused on Mero (and her lack of job?)… In my opinion, the anime is approaching its end, so this might not be a great time to insert another filler.

Full-length images: Nurse, bunny, maid, is there any costume that poor Rea hasn’t been caught in this week? And of course, lots of Ranko too



  1. I don’t feel like watching the anime anymore because a delusional antagonist is too painfully pathetic to watch, but I’m going to follow your summaries to the end. In any case, it wasn’t clear to me from your summary, but did Chihiro drink his potion beforehand to negate getting stabbed? From your screenshots, his reaction seem odd with that sword sticking out of him.

    1. What happened was when Rea licked him in a previous episode some of her “poison” transferred to him, making him momentarily half-zombie… or so he (Chihiro) said. How he came to that conclusion so quickly was beyond me though. But why nit-pick now right? ^_^

      1. In the manga though, Chihiro got the poison dose back when Rea kissed him when she was just wearing a towel and suffering from rigor mortis.
        She was suppose to bite his lips back then and that’s when he got the poison.
        They changed it so he got it from the licking. Either way he became half zombie so yeah.

  2. I’m glad that Danichirou has finally left. Better late then never…

    “Nurse, bunny, maid, is there any costume that poor Rea hasn’t been caught in this week?”
    Cherrie, “maid” links to the wrong picture; shouldn’t it be picture 8?

  3. I dunno what’s weirder, Chihiro laughing off the sword stuck in his stomach or Rea pulling it out of his stomach to parry her father’s attack.
    And how did the maids have Rea wear and remove that maid outfit in the first place if she’s already shackled? The bunny outfit I can…imagine how they did it :3

    Well one more episode. Manga sales doubled because of this, let’s hope the BD sales do well too. Though DEEN does sequels even for shows with horrible sales. Manga material is a bit low but there’s still room for a season.
    Here’s hoping.

    *grabs all the Rea and Wanko full length pics*

  4. that Ranko is in love with Chihiro is obvious to anybody save for Chihiro himself (oblivious MC FTW!)
    Dan’ichirou definitely has few screws loose. It took Rea zombiehandling him to get to him. As for the problems od the decaying body…
    Show Spoiler ▼

  5. Another good episode as this series gets better imo. I love how Chihiro just shrugged off he was stabbed at first. Other than that though, I never get tired of seeing Ranko taking the initiative.

    She’s probably my favorite character in the series 😀

  6. I had originally thought this would be where they would end the season, with possibly a sneak preview shot of mad scientist girl. Well, not sure how they are wrapping things up but too much filler overall. And the wound licking instead of the actual biting? Kind of lame IMHO.

  7. this episode

    Cat hair boy being drag to room where Rea’s dad challenge to sword fight. While Rea arrive got maid trap to put on random outfits by the maids. Indeed that Rea have no time for this break the chain to rescue cat hair boy.

    Meanwhile Cat hair boy vs Rea’s dad in swords give he see this bad idea give reason you are no good cue stab the Cat hair boy in the gut. Rea arrive all shock yet he is ok with hello Bunny of the Dead on Rea & headbutt the father too.

    Rea’s dad going why on all of this yet Cat hair boy give more why you are no good especially that Rea want to what is she want to do & not what the father forced on Rea.

    After all that Rea’s dad has seen the light to realize that indeed Rea deserve to do whatever she want as long she is safe. Plus don’t take her chastity so all good Rea’s dad let it all be fine now on plane to find cure.

    Oh medic for Cat hair boy hello nurse Rea all better with now & oh here Wanko to tell rea she want Cat hair boy too cause she is human & Rea is a zombie.

  8. An anime-original ending would hopefully not be too bad; though, Elfen Lied stands out to me as one of the most horrendous, in that it kills off characters that survive very much longer than the anime would have you believe.

  9. Well, I don’t know how I feel about rea’s father getting off with attempted murder or that how Chihiro was so quick to forgive him or that how Chihiro’s father never said wait so my son got stabbed I just don’t get it that man should be in jail for a very very long time by now.

    1. I believe what was shown was referring to the various stages of being a zombie, which the anime hasn’t really touched upon yet, though was foreshadowed with Rea’s strange behavior in episode 5.

      In Rea’s case, Show Spoiler ▼


  10. Well, i was thinking (and i talking about Manga and Anime here) how the hell the two Maids could put Costumes on her, while her Hand are bound on the Chains? 🙂 All from above? Well, a Pelvis is greater then a Head+Neck 🙂 and not to forget, the Shoulder parts…

    1. Simple answer really, those were “specially-designed-to-be-put-on-when-bound-by-chains” costumes. They are slightly more pricey than your standard costumes but as you can see from the screen caps, they are also no less appealing! :3

  11. @ Cherrie

    Hey Sorry to ask this …. but are you going to do a Review of the “Sankarea OVA”

    because i think that it would be good as it explains the past of the main characters and explains how they got to the stage they are in now…

    – Oh yeah and “Thanks” for continuing to cover “Sankarea” 🙂 because last week i was Panicking about it because somehow it disappeared from the “Current Series” Section at the top of the site but thanks to Zephyr, who kindly cleared it up, i found out it was on break T.T for a week.

  12. I think the dialogue during the preview is complete nonsense– the “losing her job” was probably referring to Mero not doing the voice-over for the preview like she usually does.

    Anywho, this series has been going a bit crazy for awhile, I had high hopes for this one, but it’s really veered off the track. I hope it gets some sort of anime sequel though.


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