Urahara has always been one of my favorite characters to watch in Bleach, and his carefree attitude even while in the middle of a major war never fails to be amusing. Akon and the 12th squad attempt to contact him in order to get a hold of Ichigo, who is still in a heated battle with Kirge.

After seeing Urahara’s comments as he is spectating Ichigo’s fight, it would no doubt be interesting to have him do a play-by-play commentary of battles. He always gives off a confident demeanor, though little is revealed about what he is actually thinking. For now, things are going pretty well on their side, as Ichigo starts gaining the upper hand against Kirge, especially since it is now confirmed that the Vandenreich are unable to seal Ichigo’s bankai with their medallions. The hunting captain ends up backed into a corner, unable to effectively attack Ichigo because he can’t divert any of his power from his “blut” armor without being shredded by Ichigo’s blade.

However because of the emergency in Soul Society, Urahara steps in and takes action, finishing off Kirge in one blast (not the first time Urahara has cleaned out Ichigo’s opponent) and telling Ichigo to head to Soul Society immediately. I guess my previous predictions were wrong – Ichigo will be able to assist the Gotei 13 much sooner than I had thought. As always, Ichigo’s special combination of abilities make him uniquely suited to defend Soul Society from extraordinary threats, but even if the Quincies are unable to take away Ichigo’s bankai, they aren’t clueless about him and almost certainly have other contingency plans to deal with the boy wonder. Either way, I’m hoping that we will get to see some of the other captains in action before he gets there.


  1. What I am wondering about is what will happen to Orhime and Chad. Will they go to soul society with Ichigo or stay in huecto mundo saving hollows from the Vandenreich.

    1. Seeing how they are so useful and involved in this current battle at HM, go with Ichigo and defeat those enemies 😀

      No but seriously, what are they doing there? XD

      1. Look, i can understand that “they have lives” stuff, but seriously it’s not that hard and he does not blog anything else. If it is hard for Proof to blog, why bother at all. I always wander how fast others jump in to defend, while in truth he doesn’t require defence.

        If it was like seventh manga he did every week and it was a day late, i would understand. But he constantly late on review, on rare occasions skipping a week. I am not raging, but if you take a task – do it properly or leave it to someone who has a lot more free time. No disrespect to reviewer, since if he did quit he could concentrate on his life and evade comments like mine or anyother other undesireables.

        start downvote storm now

      2. The Bleach manga is the ONLY thing Prooof has to blog about. Not only is he constantly late with his posts, but each and every one of his reviews are half-assed and gives the impression that he doesn’t even care about the series he’s blogging or his role as a blogger for that matter. I love how you jump in and defend him and say “he has a social life” when really he only has ONE series to blog about. Other users like Omni, Divine, Verdant, and tons of other bloggers view multiple series and blog about them constantly because they like the series that they follow. Since Prooof is obviously sick of Bleach, he treats his blogs about each chapter as more of a responsibility than a hobby, resulting in half-assed and rushed blogs several days (sometimes even weeks) after a new chapter is released. Defend him all you guys want. The truth is that he is incredibly lazy about how he handles ONE series. But by all means: feel free to be delusional and downvote my comment despite the fact that I’m right.

      3. I’m always open to criticism and I’ll take all your points into consideration.
        To address a few of the issues
        – I realize I am chronically late, and I’m sure you don’t need or desire to hear my excuses, so I’ll try to improve in that aspect
        – When looking at Bleach on a per-chapter basis, it tends to have very little in terms of content, with a lot of filler dialogue or action scenes. I’m not sure what you are looking for here in terms of more meaningful blogging.
        – It’s true that I’m not a huge fan of Bleach, but I do try to put some thought into writing about each chapter instead of just hating on everything — for example talking about what I liked, what we would like to see in the coming chapters, or how current events might develop.

    1. I have a few things I’d like to comment on, seeing as this post has generated some bit of (um) drama…I think that LaughingMan was being rude with his first post. Constructive criticism would have been more appropriate here. That said, I cannot in all good conscience disregard a valid point that he has brought up. I feel that recently Prooof’s blogs have been leaning more toward summarizations than anything else. I am not a blogger myself nor do I write in my free time, so I unfortunately cannot offer any better ideas to help Prooof in his posts. If anyone would like to add anything, please do so now.

      On a personal note, I do not need people to remind me that blogging is thankless job. I used to do fansubbing myself so I appreciate the time and work that every blogger on RandomC devotes to their posts. I would like to remind readers to respect bloggers, but to also remember that criticism (constructive) is necessary and appropriate. It is because we love RandomC that we offer criticism so that bloggers can get better at what they do.

    2. It’s already a miracle that a Bleach chapter review can drag for ten sentences. Honestly I’m sure there are more interesting mangas out there that deserve some time in the spotlight rather than that thing.

    3. Whats there to review in bleach that take more than “10 sentences”? most of the time chapters has little dialogue, is just 18 pages of battle, not much to review in that.

  2. Anyone else think Kirge’s eyes look like Rinnegan without the center? But anyway I am so glad to see him finally getting a taste of his own medicine >>> matched against someone he can’t do jack against. Though somehow I get the feel that by the time Ichigo gets there the battle might be over for the most part and the Quincies will depart leaving time for counterattack

  3. It will probably be another 4 or more chapters before we come back to Ichigo. There is still a lot of things that need to be resolved from the current captain fights including Rukia, to the actions of the rest of the captains

    Zaku Fan
      1. I’m sorry, but then all three of you haven’t paid enough attention.
        Zaraki Kenpachi’s Zanpakuto is a permanent release type, just like Ichigo’s.
        Even though he doesn’t know its name, his massive Reiatsu forces it into Shikai mode.
        This is explained during the first fight between Ichigo and Zaraki, and also later when Yoruichi tells him about Bankai. If you don’t believe me, here is a page of the interviews that were released during the three week break before this arc began, you can read Kubo confirming what I just said in the lower part.

        If you are interested in what the power of his Shikai is:
        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. About that:
        Show Spoiler ▼

  4. This is what i got from this chapter
    Soul society: QUICK QUICK we NEED plot armor we need Plot armor Please give us kurosaki!
    Meanwhile in hueco mundo~
    VandenreichDude: mwahahah it iz over for you kurosaki *uses medallion*
    VandenreichDude: vait! vhy! cant ien steal your bankai!
    Ichigo: Because I have plot armor *troll face*
    VandenreichDude: (ಠ_ಠ) vat ze heil!
    Urahara: *insta kills the vandenreichDude* Yo Kurosaki SS is in need of some Plot armor
    Ichigo: wait where the hell did you come from and why dont you just go? arent you supposed to be powerful and stuff?
    Urahara: Yes But do I have plot armor or ass pulls from kubo-sensei?
    Ichigo: fine I’ll go…

    1. Urahara has grown a tendency to steal kill. Aizen, Vandenreich Kirge…I found it really funny how those last pages went down:

      Urahara One-shot kills (Ichigo had been hammering Kirge for the last 5 chapters), creates a portal in seconds (“It’s impossible to escape from Hueco Mundo!” back in its respective arc), and most importantly, gives Ichigo a cellphone. Ichigo was cool with all of it, too.

      Almost too much information in my Bleach XD Usually it takes 1 page to pick up a cellphone or something.

  5. Haha, it’s been a while since I see a Bleach chapter this amusing.

    Ichigo not sweating it in battle, Urahara’s classic humor, and Ichigo not sweating it in battle…This is not the usual case; I’m glad we can finally see the hero kicking ass. How long will it last before he has to train, though?

    Gee Prooof, no mention or pic or joke about Ichigo’s spiritual particle Soul Society Hueco Mundo connecting cellphone? XD I found it hilarious.

    1. But this is not the first time they used cellphones to communicate between the worlds. Rukia even has a cellphone that tells her where hollows will appear. But yes, it does feel kinda ridiculous.

    2. How quaint, they’re still using flip phones. I would have thought they would switch to a smartphone already.
      Although I would give anything for their reception.

      1. It’s to get the message across faster. Flip phones are a classic. You see it and you know what it is. Smartphones…You’d have to change the angle and be more careful to make it clear that it’s a smartphone.

        Retro ftw:
        University–>No cellphone.
        Holidays –>Good ol’ flip phone (Row row fight the power ringtones? Check.)

  6. woah WTF??!! how did these guys get soo strong it doesnt make sense…
    (ichigo uses bankai) oh, i see. they weren’t strong to begin with.

    who can’t wait to see ichigo use hollow mode v2 and destroy soul society?

  7. Since the stealth kill of Aizen, Urahara has seem suspicious to me. Now other stealth kill; is he preventing some truth to leak out?

    I believe we also haven’t watch a vizard captain get their bankai stolen, maybe that’s the reason the quincys can’t stole Ichigo’s. Vizard powers. That or because he’s a halfblood shinigami.

    1. BTW i mensioned before in other forum about my theory of why ichi bankai can’t be stole is because he does not have any zanpaktou as you all may remember when Zangetsu said to ichi they would never meet again after ichi loose his power, so when he get his power back he only get his bankai – shikai and a sword “with outfit” without any zanpaktou and that’s why they can’t steal it unlike other captain like Toushiro who said that he can’t hear hyorinmaru voice

      1. That’s a good theory. But, as always, Bleach gives us so little information about topics that should be common knowledge, like for example Ichigo’s inner feelings and body state. As soon as he got his powers back with Fullbrings, I was waiting for Getsuga to *at least* be mentioned (referring to its inner being of course). Nothing.

        It’s as if Kishi wanted to make Bleach suck. Take away everything that made it cool, like the casual tone, lots of humor, and cool, deeper characters (Rukia, Getsuga for instance)…and make it all dissapear.

  8. I loved how Urahara casually asks Akon how he’s doing and then at the end of the dialog, it turns out that he was actually serious about that question. “How are things over there?”
    Seriously, stuff like this reminds me why I like Bleach.

  9. When the only thing in the arc that has me interested in this arc at this point is more page-time for Bambietta, I can deduce that things need to pick up.

    …Oh wait, it’s BLEACH.

  10. The quincies becoming this strong was ALL PART OF AIZEN’s PLAN!!!

    In case he fails, use the quincies to cause a commotion in SS so he can be free! GENIOUS! Just as planned!


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