Akon’s announcement to the shinigami that Ichigo is coming brings a sudden wave of hope, but the disappearance of his reiatsu no doubt re-doubled the panic. Cell phone reception is conveniently cut off as well, though Ichigo can still listen in on the chaos in the technology division – and in the rest of Soul Society as well. Helpless and trapped in Kirge cage, he hears everything at once (Batman style), though it’s just a huge mess of screams of pain and despair. Some strange power, probably from one of the Sternritter, also causes the good guys to begin turning on each other unconsciously, including Jindanbou who makes sudden appearance after a very long absence. A lot of people have probably long since forgotten about him, and he doesn’t seem particularly relevant here either, except perhaps to highlight the desperate state of affairs Soul Society has found itself in.

The situation in Hueco Mundo also worsens, for both sides. Kirge was able to secure a significant advantage last chapter, but his boasts haven’t even left his mouth when he is suddenly sliced in half from behind by an unknown assailant, who then proceeds to threaten an injured Urahara. This could be any one of a number of characters, new or old (perhaps one of the surviving arrancar), but given Urahara’s shock at seeing the person, it might be someone of even greater importance. He or she is also probably very strong to be able to defeat Kirge like that, even when considering inconsistent power levels. I’m guessing this is someone Urahara knows or knew well, but the range of possibilities is large so I’ll abstain from excessive speculation and let the cliffhanger resolve itself next time. Urahara is highly unlikely to actually die, but hopefully there will be some major developments, especially on unrevealed background information.

With Kirge almost certainly defeated, Ichigo may or may not be freed from the barrier, though I’m still disappointed he didn’t manage to smash it on his own power yet. Either way, I’m sure Soul Society isn’t completely doomed just yet, so the main focus now is on who this katana-wielding person is and what they want.


  1. I don’t know why, but I just had this great big….feeling…it’s Grimmjow. 😛
    Here’s hoping for the best! >_<
    (For those who don't know yet, Kubo confirmed he's still alive and might show up again.)

  2. Ichigo should be able to shred that “Jail” cage. This just seems to be adding in stupid new rules like magic cages that the most powerful character so far can’t even scratch.

    The Fullbring arc made it seem like Ichigo reached new heights with his new sword and all that. This one chapter essentially nulls that entire power up even though he curb-stomped Kirge just 2 chapters ago.

    1. I would love it if both Ichigo and Naruto would just steamroll every enemy they would face. Only shounen lead I’m currently satisfied with is Oga from Beelzebub.

  3. Well, 500 chapters of Bleach. I can’t say that I’m too happy about where this series went half way through the Hueco Mundo arc, but it’s still been quite a ride.

    Anyways, I’m have the strangest feeling that the “savior” is going to be some secondary character who we forgot about long ago.

    1. because yoruichi is known for attacking with swords and isshin’s sword is the same as regular shinigami’s. Grimmjow or Nel are the only possibilities in hueco mundo.

    1. Grimjaw’s Sword has a little Curve in it. This Sword here is Straight. So it’s not his Sword. But it must be one of Huenco Mundo. Or someone with an “Teleport” Ability of Worlds

      1. Every katana has a little curve in it. In other words this could be anyone beside Soi Fong and Noitora.
        We only see the tip of the sword. How can you deduce it’s straigth if you don’t see it whole ? Anyway it’s obvious it’s an ordinary curved katana because of the cutting edge.

  4. You know, the entire fullbring arc seems a bit redundant if it doesn’t play a part in all of this.

    Maybe the sternritter’s inability to steal Ichigo’s bankai maybe due to the fact that it isn’t a shinigami power exclusively anymore. I mean, they say fullbringers are those affected by hollows and have power simillar to hollows(?… not sure about that part). And they never show Zangetsu showing himself to Ichigo again after their last emotional meeting. And Ichigo had achieved fullbring before regaining his shinigami powers.

    So I’m going out on a limb here and theorizing that his current powers are not purely shinigami power and more of a fusion btw his fullbring/vaizard/shinigami power. Maybe he’ll get the ability manipulate the souls, the way quincies manipulate the reiatsu. Didn’t Ginjo drink water by manipulating it soul(?), while explaining fullbrings to Ichigo

    Also have you guys noticed how simillar the sternritters powers are to fullbrings themselves? Maybe they are perversion of fullbring themselves!!!

    Anyway, lots of possibilities.

    PS: I honestly think that the sword at the end either belongs to grimmjow or Tsukishima . How cool would that be ?

  5. ^I highly doubt that Da5id, sorry!

    I hate these cliffhangers. They feel incomplete. First off, I think it’d better if Kubo had revealed the figure as the chapter’s cliffhanger. I feel no suspense whatsoever knowing Kirge was defeated by some guy with a sword. Hell, at least give us a dark silhouette, or a close-up to that guy’s distinctive feature to give us a better feeling of closure. But leaving it as it is, with just a sword floating over Urahara’s cheek, it doesn’t make me the least interested in what happens next.

    It’s a pity, because that’s the usual feeling I’m left with when finishing my weekly dose of Bleach, and when the one time comes that Kubo has what is needed to make me care, he snaps back to a mediocre ending.

    Oh well. Best stuff in this chapter was Jidanbou’s (though anticlimatic) appearance, Technology division’s chaos to emphasize Soul Society’s critical state, and Mad Scientist Kurotsuchi’s unique way of looking at things (“Akon…? Acting on his own eh…?”)

  6. Ichigo is inside of a what looks like an indestructable cage where he can hear people but people can not hear him… Is it me or is Kubo not only recycling his character designs but now powers like that fullbringer who made the indestructable muting cage.

  7. yawn asspull. this better have some solid reasoning. So far everyone is busting around without ever attempting to formulate a plan.

    hang on…. where’s ishida when we need him…

    although the plan that comes to mind is the one where he attaches ichigo zanpakto to his head” ^_^

  8. It’s nobody friendly that’s for sure. If it was, why would it read “Oh no…”? I really do hope it is Grimjoww. He’s been my favourite character since he was first shown.

    P Ko
  9. Sorry but there is no way possible that this is Grimmjow. He was what # espada? If you guys haven’t noticed already, but enemies get exponentially stronger every single time (just like DBZ). These battles force Ichigo to gain some new ability or get that much more powerful before winning. Sure Ichigo had a tough time with Grimmjow a while ago, but he could smash him in an instant the way he is fighting now. If Kirge is annihilating all of these arrancars without breaking a sweat, what makes you think Grimmjow could slice Kirge (who Ichigo has been struggling with) in half and then actually make Urahara look worried? If you follow Naruto that is like saying Kimimaro has come back and sliced Tobi in half and makes Tsunade scared to see him.

    1. While I totally agree on that Naruto example, you can’t apply the same basics to this manga.

      Remember, you’re implying Kubo actually keeps track of power levels. Those went to hell three years ago in Bleach.

      The way I see it, fandom gives strength to Bleach characters: Oh, you were fourth in the favourite character poll? I’m giving you some power-ups and new techniques RIGHT NAO. Just look at Hitsugaya.

      So yeah, if it was GJ Kubo could simply say ‘he’s been training ever since Aizen left Hueco Mundo’ and problem solved (not really).

    2. Using your very own DBZ comparison, Goku kicked the shit out of Vegeta in the first arc and by the next one Vegeta was keeping pace with most of the bad guys. Kubo is an awful writer but when he specifically keeps a character alive they usually come back at some point. Grimmjow would’ve just died in the Aizen arc if Kubo didn’t want to bring him back at least once.

      Wyatt Derp
      1. Except in DBZ powerlevel was everything. In it’s simplicity of course it created plot holes when it became inconsistent. Bleach doesn’t resemble that system in the least except for the flashy auras. The powerlevel-breaking sword techniques, the kido, the use of sneak attacks, weak spots (like the soul chain) and everyone’s reiatsu going up and down makes the series albe to allow anyone to win any fight in the right circumstances. It has been like that since the start. Sure some characters fight with bare power only, but some other fights completely exclude reiatsu crubstomping entirely, like Mayuri vs Szayel for example, and it’s because the powerlevel system in Bleach allows this in the first place.

        That’s not inconsistency.
        It’s called “flexibility”.

        Kenpachi’s latest power reveal in the novel is a perfect example of somethi that was previously considered an inconsistent power scaling turning out to be an actual power of the character.

        Long story short, the series was made to be able to disregard powerlevel in fights in the first place.

  10. I really hope Kirge is alive so that a third person can suddenly appear out of nowhere and “kill” him yet again. That would be some great writing that nobody would see coming.

    Wyatt Derp
  11. Guys, this Sentience Capatin, found 2 Bodies in Huenco Muendo. What kind of Bodys? Did the Manga ever released a hint?

    Perhaps they are the “Secret” Backup?

  12. Considering how many times Kubo has pulled this exact same cliffhanger, I’m pretty sure it’s not going to be someone new. My guess is on Grimmjow, but I don’t think I’ll be surprised if it’s someone else.

  13. It is Gantenbainne Mosqueda! Who is that you may ask?

    This guy who fought Chad, is confirmed to be alive, but was never mentioned again and probably never will be. Yet another forgotten character by Kubo.

  14. For its can be either Nel (not sure due to the expression in Uruhara face), Gin, Aizen if he manage to escape and reform it sword!, Grimmjow (power up)Or a Squad Zero captain (maybe the old captain of 12th division – Kirio Hikifune)???

    1. Well, from the Logical Storyline, it must be a Squad Zero Member. But are they capable to go to Huenco Muendo? The “King” is King in the Shinigami World. In huenco Muendo, too?

  15. It’s likely to be Ichigo, likely having gone SSJ3 on us after going mad cause he was helpless. Who else would cause so much damage and then point a blade at Urahara?

  16. A little late but I’m really sure that it’s Hiyori. To be honest, no one else makes sense. Hiyori specifically saw that tear in space back in chapter 481 which probably led to Hueco Mundo and she’s the only one I can see normally acting antagonistically towards Urahara.

    Even though I REALLY want it to be Aizen, it’s just wishful thinking. It could be Grimmjow, but, I don’t know, it just doesn’t feel right. My first ‘maybe’ was Yoruichi and she was just playing with Urahara, but that doesn’t feel right either.

    And it’s not Isshin or Nel because Nel was with Urahara before and neither of them would act that way towards him.

    So, Hiyori, even though I don’t really care if it’s her.


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