“Eclipse” is brought up again – finally!


It turns out Lucy didn’t end up last – she managed to survive the five minute rule and therefore she placed second, gaining her team 8 points.

Lucy falls but Gray and Natsu are quick to catch her. People are rushing in to aid her (medics from many guilds). Minerva doesn’t think she was unfair as she says that it’s thanks to her that Lucy made it to second place – she also adds that Lucy is a useless piece of trash girl. This obviously upsets Natsu who seems to prepare for a battle with Sabertooth (the main guild members have shown up), but Erza stops him.

There is a lot of tension in the air. The audience seems to have noticed the feelings between the guilds in the arena. Erza tells Sabertooth that she doesn’t care if they’re the strongest guild in Fiore, but she reminds them that they’ve made enemies of the worst possible guild to piss off.

Moving on, we find ourselves at some kind of infirmary where Lucy is being treated. Her team members and Porlyusica are present. Soon the other members of the guild show up. It seems that Lucy’s life isn’t in danger thanks to Chelia and Wendy’s emergency treatment.

Lucy wakes up and apologizes (for not winning), but her team members tell her that she did well and there is no need to apologize. Lucy asks for her keys and when she sees that they’re safe she falls asleep.

Makarov shows up with some news. It turns out that both FAIRY TAIL’s teams are to be combined into a new one because there is currently an odd number of teams after Raven Tail’s disqualification, but only five members are allowed to be in this new team. The new team will go by FAIRY TAIL A’s points because that team had the lower point total.

Gray reminds everyone that only the “Tag-Team Battle” is left but Porlyusica corrects him by saying that there is a battle on the last day where all five members take part at once. Natsu says that he’ll definitely take revenge for Lucy and he’ll never forgive Sabertooth.

It’s time for the Tag-Team match where everyone compete 2 on 2. The match-ups are the following:
Blue Pegasus VS. Quatro Puppy
Mermaid Heel VS. Lamia Scale
Sabertooth VS. FAIRY TAIL

As FAIRY TAIL heads out, the remaining members are cheering on them. The feelings of the guild have become one. It’s time to show everyone the strength of FAIRY TAIL’s bonds. The whole arena is shaking as the new team enters which consists of:
Laxus Dreyar
Gajeel Redfox
Natsu Dragneel
Erza Scarlet
Gray Fullbuster

There is a huge applause for this new team. It seems like they’ve retaken their former popularity within the 4 days of this tournament.

On another side of the arena (in the audience), Datong and Arcadios are looking at the games. They notice that Lucy is missing but Arcadios knows she is in the sick bay. They are still after her and seem to have a new plan on how to get her. They’ll enjoy the festival for now, and their plan goes into motion in 3 days. Eclipse will happen, it will change the world, and Lord Zeref is waiting.

Back at the arena, it looks like opponents are set:
Gajeel & Natsu VS. Sting & Rogue
Gray VS. Rufus
Erza VS. Minerva
Laxus VS. Orga

Natsu is all fired up!

Datong is strolling around above the arena. He is thinking about the festival; he says that once, it was called something else – “Ryuuousai – The Dragon King Festival”, – The banquet of “dragons”, “humans”, and “demons”…

I’m so glad Lucy didn’t end up last. I didn’t notice that Lucy managed to stay in the sphere past the five minutes so I assumed she lost. While I’m still mad at Minerva for torturing Lucy, I’m happier now that I know Lucy got the points she deserved, although I don’t think that Minerva deserves the score she got.

As expected, this incident fueled Natsu’s rage. His battle with Sting didn’t come as a surprise to me at all. Same goes with Gajeel’s battle. A dragon slayer showdown will be interesting. I hope Sabertooth will learn a lesson from this fight.

The new team didn’t surprise me very much. I didn’t feel the same excitement as the audience did when the team entered the stage because it was quite obvious, but I wonder why they decided to merge the teams now and not earlier right after Raven Tail’s disqualification. I know it’s because the tag team battle needs even numbers of teams but I think this procedure could’ve taken place earlier, not that I mind though.

Leaving the battles, it seems like we’ve finally got some information on “Eclipse”. It’s still vague but now we know that it’s related to Zeref. I’m not sure if Eclipse is related to Zeref’s magic or Zeref himself, but whatever it is – it can’t be good, especially not if Lucy is a sacrifice in this (I assume she is a planned sacrifice).

Oh well, at least she is okay for now and it looks like Sabertooth is up for a good lesson (I hope). Having that said, it seems like we won’t get to see much from the battle we’re hoping for as next week’s chapter title involves perfumes – and we all know what guild is related to that… But Blue Pegasus always manages to make me laugh so I expect a fun fight next week!

Moete kitazou!


  1. EPIC Chapter .. CAN’T WAIT TO SEE Gajeel fight “Finally” and Natsu Kick Sting @$$ BTW isn’t Rogue supposed to be stronger that sting ? as i remember reading from one of the old chapters .. if that then Gajeel vs Rogue will be WAY COOLER that Natsu and Sting

  2. This chapter was great. I got goosebumps when I saw the shadows of the guys from Fairy Tail walking into the arena. Can’t wait for next Friday so we can get see the next chapter.

    Mike F.
  3. Even though I know that Gray is a major character, and that Mira dislikes fights… I thought that it would have been cool if the latter was on the team. Now THAT would’ve been the strongest team.

    Sigh… such a shame.

  4. although I don’t think that Minerva deserves the score she got.

    I have nothing against you or I am not empathizing with Lucy coz I do or anything, but this is a brawl, a competition to determine the best. Yeah, that was a cruel fight but let’s not go and demerit her points that she got. She did not go against the rules, right? It’s like saying that just because a player plays dirty, e.g. in basketball or soccer, then his team does not deserved to win. Let’s not mix our emotions with it. I am just talking about the ‘not deserving’ part, ok?

    Back on the chapter, I am just happy that Gajeel is now back on center stage again. This is the team I really want though I like to replace Gray with someone else because I still haven’t seen him improved by a lot. Yeah, when you have a chapter heavy on emotions then you must follow it with a light-hearted one. Hahaha What will Ichiya gonna do again?

  5. Oh we finally have something related to the dragon’s banquet that was mentioned oh so many years ago between Giradene and Igneel. Hope it is this one and some word on the Queen dragon herself.

    Still a bit ragey, hoping for some members slaughtering sabertooth. Well I hope Laxus sticks it up to that God Slayer. He looks like a giant douchebag.

  6. I look at that selection and I was like really? Gray? Idk, if Gray’s powers have developed that’d be one thing but all we’ve seen of him this arc was him getting his ass kicked by Raven tail. I think Mira would have been a better choice TBH but hey, we’ll have to see.

    Was glad Lucy got 2nd, if she were to have gotten last that really would have pissed me off.

    1. Mira is very powerful, but it seems she can’t use that power very well, as it it doesn’t last much. It’s perfect to blitz the opponent and beat the crap out of him, but sustaining a Satan Soul drains a lot of her magic. It’s good as a surprise attack, but I don’t think it would work that well against Sabertooth. Plus, Mira is at her strongest when Elfman or Lisanna are in danger.

      1. I don’t think she has too much of a problem controlling it, as she’s shown in the competition and at Tenrou island. I don’t think it’s that much of a strain either, but there is a lack of evidence to prove it. From what I have seen though the only time she got fatigued from using it was her fight at Tenrou island, which was understandable as she had already drained much of her magic with her fight with Elfman and Evergreen (she even made a comment of it if I remember correctly).

    1. I think stereoman is referring to the 5-minute rule wherein if there are 2 participants left then if one of of them will be kicked out of that water-globe-watchamaccalit, that person will be the last placer. That’s why Minerva said that she’s still generous because she did not kick Lucy of that thing.

  7. Too much Gray hate, guys.

    Similar to Lucy, I think Mashima has be screwing up while managing him. Its high time he takes some of the spotlight. I mean, he’s supposed to be as strong as Natsu!

  8. Quatro Puppy PFFFFFFFF, I am wondering if the author came up with that name or some fan sparked the idea for him.

    Anyway, the sad part of how fairy tail is now one team due to Raven Tail. That lessen their odds of winning due to how one team has to forfeit their points. Of course, putting all the strong members on one team has its perks.

    Sadly, we don’t know if these Zereff worshipers actually know the truth about Zereff or if these are just some blind worshipers planning to obtain some “key.”

    code fan
  9. thank you so much! these past few days, I have been so anxious to know the contents of chapter 292. Your post was the only legit one among hordes of fakes. Well, I do hope that Fairy Tail would win eventually but i am also anticipating that this would be a tough call for them also. 🙂

  10. Sabretooth beware… SHIT JUST GOT REAL !!!

    Rage aside, that Lucy gets pummeled so hard with no chance to counter makes that when she shines there’ll be a lot of blindness. And also Gray, although no so much as Lucy really.

  11. I think Arcadios is no longer worried about getting Lucy because they probably have Yukina now. One part of the incoming epic battle will probably be all the available dragon slayers versus Acnologia himself, who is either forced to acknowledge humans are not vermin or will finally be slain. Also; Looking forward the Sabertooth’s royal butt kicking, they had it a long time coming.

  12. I’m really hoping that Lucy has a chance to redeem herself, she’s current playing the role of fodder and it’s hard to watch her get pummeled every single time. Hopefully that’s the authors’ intent and we might see some of that hidden power before this end. She also needs to find a better way to keep those keys on her body, they get stolen/lost about once every arc.

    Anyway, I’m just waiting for her to bust out a true Urano Metoria on some unsuspecting member of ST.

    1. I’m pretty sure Mashima has something up his sleeve when it comes to Lucy. When a person makes many losses a win will be so much more significant. And with the expectations some people have in the manga during those Eclipse scenes, it would only make sense.

  13. As someone said before, there are valid reasons as to why Mira wasn’t chosen and Gray was, but it sure would’ve been nice if she had been (seeing as she was and is technically an S-class mage). Same thing with Mystogan, but I guess that can slide seeing as he’s in Edolas and it would be a bad idea for Jellal to partake in it. And of course Gildartz isn’t there either, but I guess that would be pointless as he could probably take them all down himself.

  14. I think Mirajane should be here instead of Gray 🙁 no matter how u will look at it clearly Mira is MORE powerful than eventhough she doesn’t like fights she has sacrifice that in order for Fairy Tail to win. Why Gray he lost in the 1st round and Mira took the “instant kill” when she fought her previous match. BUMMER


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