With this chapter, it’s pretty much confirmed that both Vintage and the resurrection of the weiss and goddesses were part of a much larger scheme. What that plan might be is hard to figure out at this point as well as whether it’s a ploy backed by good or evil motivations. The latter definitely seems a lot more plausible, particularly when you take into account the discussions in previous chapters over the goddesses being targeted.

There’s also a distinct possibility that the motivations are purer (sometimes evil occurs as a consequence while working towards a greater good), especially since the focus right now seems to be on sending Keima back in time to save our mysterious girl who may or may not turn out to be Demeter. That the goddesses were required, along with the key sent by Dokurou skull and Tenri’s foreknowledge of what’s to come, seems to point towards the idea that all events up until now have been leading towards these current developments. Especially when we take into account Tenri’s suggestion that saving this girl will have an effect on everyone’s futures. Has everything that’s happened up until now – the weiss, the goddesses, Vintage – been focused towards sending Keima back to save this girl? Either way, I hope this ‘saving’ refers to another conquest since that’s definitely something that ‘only Keima’ could do.

With the time travel element, there are a few things that I can’t help but wonder. The most obvious question is where Keima has ended up since he’s certainly not with Elsie anymore (unless his consciousness is currently riding shouta Keima as an observer), but that’s relatively short term – I’m sure we’ll find out in the next chapter. Since we’re back in a time which seems to predate the earthquake and release of the weiss (and the goddesses who sealed them), perhaps we’ll actually witness those events firsthand, maybe learning how/why each of the girls became possessed in the first place. Last, but certainly not least, is the possibility that the events could form a full circle, leading to Keima or Elsie being the one who actually releases the weiss and goddesses, setting everything into motion.

tl;dr: @MoombaDS – Who is the mystery girl? Why must Keima go back in time and save her? So many questions, so few answers. #TWGOK


  1. This review sure came out quick. I mean the chapter was out few hours ago at most.
    Anyway, I can’t believe they changed the premise to Shota Keita has to conquer women.

    Random Hobo
  2. From the translation it seems obvious that (grown up) Keita is inside (shota) Kietas body. I didn’t even think to question that premise until you wrote it here Moomba.

    Keima: “That Tenri, what was that all about?”
    Next page – Keima is patting his body inspecting it: “As f I could do that!”

    looks like he realized he was young and now isn’t sure if he can go home in that body.

  3. Seeing as he is back in time, and is there to change the future so we know his actions have can affect the future, I hope there is a point where Keima decides to put the mission on hold in order to get a hold of games that are impossible/difficult to find in the present time.


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