「群青」 (Gunjou)

It’s that time of the year for Tortilla Chips Total Eclipse… time to change the motor oil. This week, we get our obligatory beach episode, ripe with fanservice and attitude 180s from Yui and Bridges. Definitely some “oil changing” alright.

Still, if there’s one thing I that keeps making me laugh a bit is how they decided to combine a tropical endurance test run with a photoshoot. I mean, it makes sense that they’re trying to do both at the same area/time to save resources and time, but combining those two terms together just feels so darn strange to say the least. Anywho, no matter. This is a beach episode after all, and it just ain’t the same with some coincidental events that would never happen otherwise. I mean, how else would you get to fit in some fanservice, obligatory peeping attempts (from Valerio of course), and the stranded on a deserted island trope!? Wait what? You’re telling me they fit in some small instances of plot and character development? No way!

But, it’s true. Aside from the healthy amount of bikini shots and so forth, there’s actually a few interesting tidbits here as well. For one, there’s the comment from Stella, where she says “I guess Russians can’t understand other people’s kindness”. It definitely felt like a sharp jab at the Soviets in general and it’s just a bit shocking, because I never would’ve pictured those words coming out of her mouth at all.

Next, we have Bridges beginning to change his attitude a bit toward Yui, as well as show off his manliness. That worrying and assistance he lends to Yui when Cryska passes out, quite manly indeed. But on the other hand, his unwillingness to peep with Valerio… I dunno. I can’t help but feel like he loses some of those manly points ya know? Haha. In any case, it’s pretty clear the conflicts he’s had with Yui the past few episodes are starting to mellow out a bit, to the point where it’s pretty clear that both of em’ at least respect and might even have some semblance of attraction to each other. Not that it’s surprising though, as we’ve pretty much seen this moment in the making for a while now, but at least it means we’ll likely won’t see much more of the goading and disagreements from the previous episodes. As such, it’s a welcome development that helps ease the plot a bit forward… well, as far forward as a beach episode can anyway.

Next time around… yet another beach episode. Can’t say I like the idea of putting multiple beach episodes in a row, but least it shows that they won’t be rushing this series at all. Though I do wonder if they might end up going too slow as well. Sure, they got a lot of episodes to work with, being a two cour… but still… I can’t help but be slightly worried. Anyway, that’s about it this week. I’ll leave you guys with some nice full lengths below. Quick thanks here to Mochi for helpin’ out again. 😀

UPDATE: If you haven’t heard, we just landed the rover on Mars and trashed all the BETA. It’s why they can afford to have this beach episode btw.

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  1. I’m not sure If I want to be VG and stay with those command center girls and play beach volley ball, or be Yuuya and help out some of the hottest damsels in distress find shelter…

    1. Other things like what do you think Cryska’s reason for passing out? Maybe she needs to stay somewhat close proximity to Inia? I don’t know but I’m glad that she’s now starting getting more exposure and hopefully more character development.

  2. Now that Yui’s Tsun side succeeded in awakening Yuuya’s piloting skills, her Dere side can take over and confuse the hell out of him.

    As for Yuuya? Stranded on an island with Japanese and Russian babes in swimsuits? BE A MAN, DUDE! BE A MAN!

      1. TE has 5 Volumes of the LN where it sort of ….stops at a cliffhanger. There is a planned VN for TE to continue the story sometime later this year (The one in the AF Disc is a preview). There is some speculation as to how far the anime will adapt and if it even goes beyond the LN.

  3. I actually like how Yuuya was smart enough to not peep and tell the girls. In the bible of anime cliches, things like that never end well and certainly didn’t for VG.

    It looks like Yui is going dere now. I guess their won’t be anymore Yuuya and Yui being assholes to each other. Pity, those were my favorite parts.

  4. Gotta love the Soviet hammer-and-sickle on Inia and Cryska’s swimwear. Yuuya, watch out for Cryska. That Soviet gal has two massive Nuclear Warheads on her! XD

    Like BakaMochi, I am also in favor of Yui and Yuuya engaging in a much-needed session of angry, rabid rabbit sex. The sexual tension between them is so thick you can cut it with the Shiranui TSF’s back-mounted sword. XD

    Show Spoiler ▼

    -After they get back to Guadalupe Base-

    Yuuya: Doc, is there something wrong with Cryska? Why did she suddenly collapse in the middle of the ocean?

    Yui: Is it because of Soviet experimentation on her fragile psyche? Chemical imbalance due to years of use of ability-enhancing drugs? Childhood trauma because of the BETA? Or is because you forced a vegetarian diet on her? Answer me! *draws her katana*

    Soviet Doc: Oh no no no, it’s because she’s having her period.

    -end of story-

    1. Angry rabid rabbit sex wouldn’t work with Yuuya and Yui. Yuuya would only go at it for a short while then call Japanese Doll a piece of junk because she was “too sensitive”.

  5. it looks like they have already covered most of the content of the manga. hopefully we can see more BETA and the main story in the coming episodes.
    or are we seeing the main story already?

    Otaku Sama
    1. That seriously makes TSFs expensive paperweights against the awesome Curiosity Rover! So that’s the rover’s actual mission huh, damn NASA for hiding the awesome truth, “collecting information for signs of life”, liar! Its actually “thrashing the crap outta BETAs before they threaten us!”

    1. http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/JapanesePronouns?from=Main.JapanesePronouns
      貴様 Archaic, somewhat haughty word for “you”. …in older feudal times it had no offensive overtones and was used to address subordinates and people below one’s rank in an informal manner.

      Used by males with their close friends, children, kohai etc. Denotes self-assertiveness and informality so it’s insulting to use it with strangers or in less informal situations.

      貴方/貴女 The standard polite word for “you”

      Makes perfect sense for her to be using “kisama”.

  6. I had a dream that every odd numbered episode would introduce a whole new bunch of characters, and every even numbered episode would kill all of them off except one.


    I’m really disappointed with Yui’s 180. Sure, it’s plot-mandated that she’ll fall for him, but I see no reason why her personality has to be cheapened in the process.

  7. Oh well, best tropical island adventure episode/arc since, erm, Love Hina?
    Gotta love those hammer and sickle swimsuits…
    I almost awaited Yui to suggest that she and Yuuya go snuggle up together to share heat with Cryska 😛
    Was Inia having a premonition of troubles at sea?
    I was surprised when usual route of “hero doesnt want to peek but ends up labelled as pervert anyway while real pervert gets away with it” was subverted totally. Yuuya even got reward in the form of just-from-shower Stella!
    Loli catfight was fun! Neither of them INTENDED to be mean but they have really, really bad chemistry…

    1. There is no ending. TE stopped being serialized in Vol.5 and pretty much left it at a cliffhanger (a particularly rage-worthy cliffhanger at that). The upcoming VN is supposed to continue the story.

      1. Since you asked nicely:


        Show Spoiler ▼

      2. minor things to add, there is more than 5 vol of material,including the intermission chapters and short stories, there is actually enough for 8 volumes. the cliffhanger mentioned above is in chapter 30 which would be in volume 8.
        its just they were released individually in the techgain monthly. and that they only consolidated the first 20 techgain chapter into the LN volume format.

        also perhaps the most important thing to note about the cliffhanger is what yuuya finds out during the whole ordeal.
        Show Spoiler ▼

      3. Thanks for the spoilers guys. Maybe they will change some stuff in the anime.

        And I found a Interview with the director maybe they really will change it:

        Q: How is the story being constructed?
        A: Fundamentally, we’re following the original. But the novel is written from an outside point of view, so we’re going to go a little deeper into characters’ motivations and viewpoints. The novels end with a very gripping cliffhanger, so we’ve been talking a lot with the original creators about how to handle that. Whether we do it like the novels or create an original ending will be “something to look forward to in the final episode” – that’s probably something we’ll be saying right up to the final episode (laughs).

        Let me know if you guys want a link for the full interview.

  8. overall I m disappointed in what we are getting…
    while this is turning out as not that bad romance comedy and some more usual stuff but why give us 2 beast of episodes that were like totally from different show

    1. It’s typical Muv-Luv though. The franchise loves its contrasts. Painting wacky comedy and fanservice then suddenly hitting the grimdark and death so fast its like a kick in the nuts. TE will get to the serious parts soon depending on how the animation studio paces its episodes.

      1. If you would get into WW2 memoirs, it would be surprising how fighter and bomber pilots loved to mess with women and alcohol during “off-hours”… risking your lives daily often makes you enjoy the life all the more- while it lasts. Strange but true…

  9. Decisions, decisions. Two beautiful women in a cave, oh the problems set in. I like the pace of the anime, why rush it? Build some characters traits and all that good stuff. The world they live in is already being invaded by monsters might as well discover themselves a little.

    And to all the gore people are craving for, go look for another anime, NO ONE IS PAYING YOU TO WATCH IT. YOUR OPINIONS MEANS ZILCH. IF YOU WANT TO RAGE GO TAKE IT UP TO THE CREATORS.


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