Prooof is currently on a trip so I’ll cover Bleach in his place while he is away for a couple of weeks. I will stick with the regular manga format for these posts (I use a different one for my FAIRY TAIL entries), but I will include larger versions of the images as usual, so feel free to click on them!

Two weeks ago I was really shocked to see Byakuya lose a battle in such a brutal way (I’ll believe he’s alive until he’s confirmed to be dead), so I expected Zaraki to face some kind of difficulty in his battles similar to those Byakuya faced. To me, Zaraki and Byakuya have always been rivals, equal in every aspect – until now.

While being on par with Byakuya, Zaraki’s mindset, battle attitude, and the fact that he doesn’t have a Bankai clearly gives him an advantage against the current villains which was very impressive in today’s chapter, in fact, a bit too impressive. I would’ve preferred to see Zaraki having a hard time fighting his imitation created by Loyd Lloyd rather than just reading about his victories against the three Stern Ritters we saw laying dead. But I’m not too upset as Zaraki is now engaged in a battle against the Vandenreich leader which hopefully will be very impressive.

Watching Zaraki’s triumphant progress so far is making me wonder why there are no Shinigamis who follow in his footsteps. Everyone is dependent on their Zanpakutous’ abilities. As captains and vice-captains, they should have more physical strength than what has been shown so far. I’m not disappointed in the characters who have lost their battles, but I’m questioning Soul Society’s values when it comes to teaching people what’s important as everyone but Zaraki are completely incompetent in this war. With the captain commander on the battlefield, Soul Society are now using their last resort, but he is a tough old man and I don’t expect him to go down without a fight. In fact, I expect him to win!

We’ll see how it goes for him next time, and also for Ichigo who is miserably stuck in his cage. I’m not sure if Weekly Shounen Jump comes out next week, but whenever next chapter comes out, I hope it’ll be worth the wait!


    1. Kubo spilled somewhere in the interviews that Kenpachi’s zanpakotou ability to assume the strength of his enemy, that’s the reason he lost to ichigo in the beginning of manga and also been pwning ever since. So yeah, beast he is.

    1. Not necessarily, the Quincy could be using another bankai he stole.

      Considering the fight is against Yamamoto, it would be logical in a shounen manga sense that he bankai he holds belonged to Vice Captain Sasakibe. It would serve to provoke Yamamoto, and allow for him to take revenge for his fallen vice captain.

      Now let’s see if Kubo is wise enough to do so.

  1. I expect old man to win too, but without some cost. He’ll definitely avenge his vice captain against that Overkill person and maybe one more fodder. However, I expect him to bite the dust soon after that; maybe to the Leader or some other fodder.

    The old man is a trump card and trump cards are made to be defeated for The Worf Effect (trope).

    1. The old man is a trump card and trump cards are made to be defeated for The Worf Effect (trope).

      You can pretty much bet on that. We have already seen the exact same thing happen to Yamamoto back with Aizen, and Kubo is known for recycling his own plotlines.

      1. Well, Kenpachi is on his Full Battleforce. He unhooked his Eye Patch. So he is 100% Beast…

        Let’s see. If there is some room for improvement. Perhaps her Vice Captain, will play a important Role. Is She the Key to Tame his “Beast Instincts”? Is She the reason, while he is not Slaughtering everyone that seems worthy to Battle? Like he always do, with Ichigo 🙂 “Ichigo, fight me!!”

        And the Captain commander. He dont have this “Rang” for Show. He Battle Experience must compensate the “Force” he is laking. And his Scars are no tattoos…

  2. Yamamoto vs Sasakibe’s bankai!? Prepare to be schooled by the almighty power of Sasakibe.

    And that’s not true about Kenpachi being the only one not dependent on his zanpakutou. Mayuri doesn’t need his either. SS’s failures are usually a result of pure incompetence rather than a lack of ability. (Everyone supposedly knows Kido and we were given strength ratings in that databook) If you think about it, sending one or two captains to voluntarily sacrifice their bankai in order to gauge the enemy isn’t a bad idea. But that wasn’t their plan at all. Instead four separate captains give it up out of sheer stupidity. Not even a feeble attempt a kido/etc. Not to mention it didn’t make sense for Soifon to use her bankai at all. She’s probably better without it and she’s also characterized to avoid using it.

    Also like I mentioned last chapter, I hope Kenpachi either loses or gets beaten up. His concept is fun, but it saps the credibility of the villains if they just get roflstomped. There’d be no tension.

    Maybe Ichigo should try some of his other moves to break out… Oh wait… (But speaking of new moves, Kubo should showcase some of new/old cpatains that never got much spotlight. Seriously, 500 chapters in we’ve yet to see Unohana rape a bitch)

    1. I will call it now.

      Sasakibe’s bankai will be a perfect counter to Yamamoto’s zanpakuto. When Yamamoto tries to incinerate the Quincy, he will use it to put out the flames…by flooding the area with ENGLISH TEA!!!

  3. Where’s that post I made months ago about them being able to steal and use bankai’s so I can say how predictable everything is?
    Typical Kubo too. Teasing something everybody wants only to veer off to something else.

    P Ko
  4. Yeah, unless the enemy is Aizen, the captain commander should win.
    Kenpachi is there to delay the time of Soul Society’s destruction until Ichigo can get out that spirit cage. Where is Squad 4 when the victim count is rising?

    random viewer
    1. I think Kubo, use the excuse of Ichigo being in the Cage, that long, Until we get to see Zero Squad. There must be a Rang upper “Captain Commander”.. Let’s have Patience, and in the meantime enjoy the Show. Or Ichigo’s inner Hallow take over and Crush the Cage… But how will get him back onto his Senses this Time?

      1. Doesn’t Ichigo turn into his Hollow 3 form when he loses his consciousness? If that’s true, I don’t think it’s possible unless there’s trauma or something. Someone will probably come to set Ichigo free or that Quincy guy who trapped him is killed.

        random viewer
  5. The wait for “Kenpachi was supposed to do something awesome” chapter had too much Ichigo-wall-slashing…again. At least it looks like something is finally happening in that cage though!

  6. Considering how Kubo likes to troll his readers… There is a possibility that Kenpachi will lose considering this is the big big Boss dude. Kubo might create a ‘hopeless’ atmosphere (as he has in the past) where we have to watch Ichigo–chapter by chapter rise above and protect his dear friends.

    The Vanderich Boss may deem Kenpachi unworthy to fight him, so he might leave it to the white hair dude to fight Kenpachi.

  7. considering its from kubo, im quite surprised that i actually enjoyed this so-called last arc of bleach.

    ..and also kenpachi being awesome than the main character! kenpachi ftw!


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