Last time, the Shinigami had their morale restored, but it turns out that the same thing happened with the Vandenreich. When Äs Nödt, Nanana Najahkoop, and the unknown guy tried to perform a sneak attack on the captain commander, I did expect him to face some sort of difficulty considering how these guys have been wiping out the Shinigamis of Soul Society, one by one – but nope! All three of them were cremated in an instant. Not much excitement there, but it definitely shows how valuable Captain Yamamoto is, and how worthy he is of his position.

While I do think that the captain commander is strong and admirable, I can’t stop questioning why there is such a huge gap between his and his subordinates’ powers. Just a few chapters ago, we saw Soul Society on the verge of extinction, and now all of sudden, Captain Yamamoto alone has turned the tables. It’s good for Soul Society, but as a reader, I find it slightly ridiculous that the captain commander is showing off his superiority like this. But I must admit, I’m very excited to see his Bankai and how it will affect Juha Bach.

As it seems now, the captain commander’s Bankai has the ability to absorb flames. I’m going to make a wild guess and say that I assume he’s charging his weapon through this method to cause some sort of powerful blast? Whatever this Bankai will do, I think it’ll be cool like Captain Yamamoto himself, however, with the way things are going, there is no need for Ichigo to join the war. Bleach has been centering on everyone but Ichigo for so long that I feel like his importance is insignificant now. So, if Ichigo is going to have a role in this, the captain commander must lose. Otherwise, I can’t see how Ichigo will enter the picture. Therefore, I am not expecting the captain commander to win against Juha Bach, and even if he does, I think there is more to the Vandenreich than their leader. We’ll simply have to wait and see!


  1. I’m guessing that Yama-jii’s bankai, like Ichigo’s is a compression type which focuses all of his reiatsu into himself and his sword so it can be subsequently released in the form of controlled, powerful blasts with deadly precision- much like getsuga tensho (Which is why all of his flames coalesced into a little wisp on his sword when he released bankai). Lol, we’ll see if my wild guess hits the mark…in any case, I’m more interested in finding out about Bach and Yamamoto’s mutual history…

    1. I totally agree with you on this one. The picture makes it seem like a compression type just do to the fact there is nothing grandiose as per standard Bleach Bankai illustration. Then again how could anything be more grandiose then Ryujin Jakka itself… If anything the charred sword makes it look even more deadly then anything Yamamoto has used before, like its so powerful it doesn’t need to show off.

      Also ya I’m looking for more exposition on the story last arc there was too much pointless story this time there isn’t enough, well I’ve stuck through it this long and I’m gonna finish the ride.

      On a side note can we get back to Hueco Mundo to find out what happened to Urahara?

      1. Great, Kubo stopped trying with the story ages ago, now he’s gonna stop trying with the art too? And with a plot contrivance to justify it to the boot? °O° Bleach has hit a new low… (Jk)

  2. Captain Commander lost his Zanpktou when fighting Aizen. So this is his real strength. Really looks like compression type. Although his sword looks like a used match that has only a spark left.

    1. Actually, going by my theory above that his bankai is a compression type like Ichigo’s, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if that happened the case. It’s entirely plausible that the Vandenreich’s bankai-stealing mechanism exploits something that stems from the way bankais are usually vast expansions of a shinigami’s power. Compression type bankais are rare- and they are the total antithesis of typical bankais in terms of how they operate, focusing power instead of diffusing it; therefore they do not possess the flaws of expansion types that expose them theft- which in turn would explain why Ichigo’s bankai can’t be stolen as well…

      Of course, I’m probably completely wrong, since it seems far more likely that the unstealable nature of Ichigo’s bankai has something to do with his Hollow powers- we’ll just have to wait and see. Ah, the random ramblings of some bored dude one fine Wednesday afternoon; don’t give them too much weight…XP

  3. Awesome chapter! Yamamoto is a total badass, lol. Also, please keep blogging Bleach Stereoman. Your blogs are actually interesting to read and are posted on time unlike Prooof’s blogs.

    1. Yeah, and I don’t mean to sound like a dick about it, but Stereoman’s coverage on Bleach is a lot more interesting than Prooof’s (no hard feelings, Prooof “^__^). Not to mention, they’re always on time.

  4. Seeing Renji get revenge against As Nodt for killing Byakuya is going to be great. They did a great job developing that inevitable ba….

    …oh, nevermind. Gee, Kubo, I thought you were building up to something there.

  5. Well colour me surprised. I always thought Yamamoto’s bankai would be one of the last ones to be revealed. That being said, it pretty much a given that Yamamoto’s going to be taken out of the picture after this battle, through some incredibly cheesy method.

  6. Correct me if I am wrong but I thought that we were told in sould society that with the exception of Ichigo (the special one) bankia’s were suppose to get bigger rather then stay the same size.

    1. I think the old man has gotten senile and in his blind rage has forgotten that fact. Either that or he knows something that’ll prevent him from having his bankai stolen. If it gets stolen I’m calling him an idiot.

  7. Wild speculation here: It may just end up being the Captain Commander wins the battle, but refuses to leave soul society to win the war. He realises he must not leave because SS is so pathetically unable to defend himself without his presence. Cue the next most powerful shinigami – Ichigo. :p

  8. Has anyone besides me is asking himself where the hell Uryu Ishida and his father are? There is a world war with the quincies going on and no traces of them or which they would be.

  9. Wow! Old man Commander’s Bankai is smaller than his Shikai! Never seen THAT before…oh, wait that’s exactly how Ichigo’s Bankai is. Classic Kubo

    At least he finally reveals a big card that a lot of people were waiting for. Just still waiting on Squad Zero.

  10. “sigh” I really wish some other development happened, all it means, now that Yamamoto has unveiled his bankai, is that he is going to lose in some fashion. Cant have him go and kill the final boss of the final arc now can we? So it really just turns into the question of how is he going to lose. A depressing thought now that we finally have a lot of screen time with him.

  11. It only makes sense the gap in power IS THAT HUGE! He’s been Captain Commander for over a Thousand Years for a reason. As for how large the gap is we still haven’t seen Unohana in battle in the Manga. NOT IN THE TV SERIES. We have no idea what her true battle abilities are or even her Bankai. What we do know is that [as displayed in the series] is that other Captains dare not antagonize her or upset her in any way. They always yield to her. There must be a reason. I believe her Bankai can do a terrible opposite to her Shikai. +She is after Captain Commander, one of the oldest Captains. I think when Kubo finally shows us her Bankai it may not only be eye popping.. 😉 But frightening!

  12. Welp, last week I mentioned I was disappointed how Yamamoto went straight for the leader first instead of instant pwning a few Quincy Captains in the process. Lo and behold, I get my fish this chapter, so I’m satisfied :3

    Now why the hell did he go Bankai is my question, knowing they can get stolen. Unless he’s somehow banking on the fact that his bankai type is similar to Ichigo’s which mean it cant get stolen.

    As far as the power gap difference, well I mean, the captain commander’s been the leader for 1000 years, which I bet is exponentially higher than most of the current captains. He even said during the fight with Aizen that he’s been leader for 1000 years because no one has surpassed him in those 1000 years. Now we can see why.

  13. Random musing: I just discovered a pattern here. Take Naruto, Sakura, Sasuke; Obito, Rin, Kakashi; and then Yahiko, Konan and Nagato. Notice that it’s always the short spiky-haired one of the group that fell in love with the girl (be it one-sided or not)?

    1. Fuark. Ignore my above comment, THAT was for the Naruto chapter.

      On the other hand, my thoughts about this chapter remains to be seen depending on how Kubo will handle this. I do hope that As Nodt isn’t dead, considering how that would waste any amount of potential development that could be introduced for Renji in the future.

  14. Captain Yamamoto said Bankai but is that enough to trigger it? perhaps he pretended to activate Bankai to learn more about how they are stolen?
    He could just have resorbed his flames.

    Daniel Oskarsson
  15. There are really only two options for next chapter. Either Yamamoto gets killed by Juha Bach, or the Vandenreich aren’t actually the top villains of this arc. If Yamamoto wins, the only thing left would be for Squad Zero and the Soul King to be the real villains.


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