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Moyashimon Returns – 10

「すれちがう思い」 (Surechigau omoi)

First off, let me just say…about those faces at the beginningthis is my response (thanks paynetrain1!).

If we get past that though, the episode was a good setup for the incoming resolutions of Hasegawa and Marie. Sawaki finally uses his useful power to set things straight with Marie and her father, which I really appreciate–the more microbe action, the better! My only concern is that nobody even blinked at how the messages appeared. There was a hint that the grandfather was in the loop, possibly even having the same powers as Sawaki, but everyone else seems too focused on saving the wine to even care! It’s Moyashimon though, so focusing on the small stuff isn’t so bad when the microbes save the day.

As for the actual resolution starts…they were expected, but they worked. The show begun dropping hints two episodes ago at how Ryuuta was in a similar situation to Hasegawa, but for him to finally resolve things out in the open was a positive. I feel really sorry for the guy since he gives off this ‘forever alone’ vibe. Hasegawa has a future after this…but Ryuuta, oh Ryuuta. Get on a healthy diet and exercise! Become a family man!

It’s good that both Hasegawa and Ryuuta can move on after this false vacation, or so it seems. There is a high probability that Hasegawa’s father will interfere with the flow, but as good must prevail in the end, such interference would be temporary. This will probably be the last of Hasegawa’s major troubles for the entire series, allowing more focus on the remaining characters and their struggles with love and belonging *cough*Yuuki*cough*.

One thing I want to mention relating to this is that the resolution with Marie still seems to be up in the air. I can see the show trying to pull a fast one by making up an excuse like ‘Marie needs the education at Agriculture University to help out her father!’ to introduce her as a recurring character, but I can also see the safe route of her staying to help her father in Burgundy as a equally likely option. It was an interesting twist with the introduction of a physical handicap for Marie’s father, and it definitely wasn’t something I was expecting in the slightest. Though I can only guess at why he can’t consume alcohol, it makes for an interesting contrast between aspiring dreams and physical limitations. Although Marie coming to Japan would create some interesting drama dynamic with Yuuki, her staying at home would be a satisfying resolution as well. However, Yuuki drama is to be expected either way, as I expect she’ll find out about Marie somehow.

It’s been a good few weeks in France, but I think it’s time to come back and give the other characters some more love before the season closes. Despite my hesitations at the beginning of the second season, I have grown to become content with the pacing in the second half. Hopefully, like last season with Yuuki coming out, there’ll be something amazing to finish off the series near the end! I expect nothing less Moyashimon, nothing less!

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September 8, 2012 at 11:20 pm
  • September 9, 2012 at 10:43 amZen

    Though I can only guess at why he can’t consume alcohol…

    Most probably a liver condition, the most common of which would be one of the many forms of hepatitis…

  • September 9, 2012 at 11:03 amsolarasreign

    ‘Marie needs the education at Agriculture University to help out her father!’
    This. Now. 3rd Season.

    Weird love triangle between Yuuki/Sawaki/Marie and throw in a lot of microbes Moyashimon season 3!!

    I would watch the fuck out of that. Big time. Back to back marathon.

    • September 10, 2012 at 6:41 pmZen

      This. Now. 3rd Season.

      Believe me, I’d like a third season as much as you do, but I really don’t see why they’d make one anytime soon considering that it took five whole years for this second one to get released…having said that, I was surprised at their sudden decision to make a second season at all after all those years- might it have been due to a sudden spike in the manga’s popularity? Assuming that it was indeed due to a popularity spike, and assuming that the elevated level of popularity is maintained, then a third season in the foreseeable future begins looking like more of a real possibility…

      • September 13, 2012 at 7:59 pmsolarasreign

        By comparison to the first season, I’m enjoying the 2nd one even more. Storywise.
        So maybe it will happen, a 3rd season that is, even if it may take a while to make.
        It would be amazing if they did added in Marie to the cast. However..
        I wish that if they do ever make a season 3, I want season 1 art style. Anything more ‘mature’.

        I’m not a huge fan of this one, to me it feels like a downgrade. Usually when an anime series is delay it’s usually because they are taking their time making it look amazing, Fate/Zero being an example, I was actually let down when I saw the art style of this season considering that they did take 5 yrs to make.. it didn’t show in the work.

        But that aside I was happy to see the series again, I think it’s main focus was the Micros and this season hasn’t let us down in delivering it. The fact that they can introduce new characters and make an interesting plot is a huge bonus. Season 3 looks promising, and I don’t think the next last episodes can cover Yuuki’s backstory quickly. That would feel rush to me.

  • February 11, 2013 at 11:59 amCyi

    Idk I think it should have had a lighter feel, it frustrated me that over half the season, I was more focus on why no one was acting over Haruka and that ass. Then we got to see the guys mess around in Paris for 2 episodes before finally see her. With the finally begin so nonchalant, I felt like I should go bang my head against the wall. I really like the concept though, especially the catch Fraze “We’ll brew you”. Can’t wait for the Yuuki arc, and I wonder what Hazuki’s secret is. Crossing my fingers for a third season, will be seriously sad if it’s another 5 years though.