The captain commander’s Bankai is finally revealed to us! It’s a strong one, like the captain himself, so it’s definitely a Bankai that suits the man. Now, I’m just wondering, why would he reveal his Zanpakutou’s abilities to the enemy? If it’s for our, the readers’ sake, then why couldn’t someone else talk about it? Juha Bach has seen this Bankai already, so he entered this battle with an advantage, but now, he additionally got another one.

Captain Yamamoto’s Bankai, in my opinion, is the most impressive one in this manga so far. I definitely like the concept of turning yourself into a blade, or an embodiment of the sun, as the captain himself described it. So, if he is similar to the sun, shouldn’t Soul Society be vaporized in an instant? It is slowly drying out, but according to logic… Oh wait, this is Bleach!

With the way things are going, no one will be able to land a hit on the captain commander. He is currently invincible. The top half of Juha Bach’s blade was eradicated by the ignited captain commander, so, I doubt any other attack would be any different. Considering that Juha Bach is the leader of the Vandenreich, I can’t see him going down so easily. There must be a way for Ichigo to enter the battle and save the day, so I’m assuming that Captain Yamamoto’s Bankai will be stolen. He shouldn’t have immunity, should he? I mean, stealing that kind of power is a perfect way to put Soul Society back as the underdog, and it’ll give Ichigo a significant role in this war. And speaking of Ichigo – while it’s good that the chapters focus a lot on the captain commander right now, it’s also slightly annoying that the protagonist of this manga has been absent for so long. And it’s not just Ichigo; I’m sure everyone is wondering about Urahara’s well-being…

When some panels showed the other captains doing very insignificant things, I was just wondering why those panels didn’t feature something more meaningful or contributing for the story. Oh well, I hope things will be better next week when we’ll have the continuation of the battle between Captain Yamamoto and Juha Bach. Let’s see how the Vandenreich leader handles the sun!


  1. The faster the 13 Court Guard Squads get decimated, the faster we’ll see more of the Royal guard, Spirit king, Urahara, Yoruichi, Isshin and the truly interesting Bleach characters. So go kick some ass Juha Bach.

  2. I kind of feel his bankai shows how much of a bad idea it was to keep some bankai revelations for the ending arc. I mean, it is impressive and all, but hype streched through years really wears out, and i don’t think that his bankai will really leave the same impression as Ichigo’s/Byakuya’s/Tousen’s bankai and others. The same probably goes for any other captain, who hasn’t shown their ultimate technique yet.

      1. I don’t know if Wonderweiss could have or not; it seemed like it was only for his Shikai. Actually Yamamoto could have wiped out all of Aizen’s army at the very beginning since Wonderwiess didn’t show up until much later. After Aizen escaped his first cage Yamamoto just watched Aizen beat his subordinates. He had plenty of chances to use it on him in that fight.

      1. Let me clarify. It was because his opponent was Aizen. He could manipulate his senses to make him believe that he is cutting aizen while he could be cutting the earth splitting Japan in half. Now that there is no senses manipulating opponent it’s ok to unleash such a powerful Bankai.

      2. Well…wasn’t there a moment when Aizen stabbed him and Yamamoto grabs his arm and says he’s not an illusion because of the spiritual pressure going through his abdomen? I think then may have been a good time to stab him in the head, or cut his head off, or something else besides what he did. He took so long to use the flaming cage trap and to explain what he was going to do to Aizen that he lost his chance to kill him. I don’t know I’m really just thinking of alternatives here. As far as Aizen’s illusion powers he could have done alot of things; like he could have tricked the heroes into fighting each other or had them fight thin air and the real Aizen group could have already made it to the real town and made the King’s Key. Aizen’s hypnosis ability seemed real built up as a force to be reckoned with and he uses it only once.

    1. Well if you got cracked lips from standing like 5 km away from Yamamoto’s Bankai,imagine standing next to him. If he used it against Aizen there would’ve been more friendly “fire”(see what I did there XD) then actual damage against the Espadas .

    2. That’s because if he uses it in the real world, everyone will die of the sheer heat from his bankai, as he did say it was as hot as the sun and it’ll be pointless to save the real world if he did it. I’m kinda psyched to see that finally after a million chapters, he releases his bankai. Now i’m just waiting for the rest to release theirs too.

  3. Ok I dont understand.

    Seems like the Quincies didnt even try to steal Yamamoto’s bankai, whether it can be stolen or not, they would’ve at least attempted it, but they didnt.

    Its really making me think Kubo just isnt good at consistency. Its like, for the sake of showing off Yamamoto’s power, we’ll just turn all the Quincies into idiots by not having them steal a bankai! What the hell.

    Be that as it may, it was a great chapter to witness Yamamoto’s hax powers, and I can see why Aizen couldnt win against him. He would’ve literally been incinerated into dust with one strike, no matter how much regen power you got, if you’re all gone, you got nothing to regen.

    Sounds pretty broke if you ask me. The way I read it, it sounds like Yamamoto’s bankai will OHKO anytihng it cuts and nothing can defend against it.

    1. There should be a limit at how overpowered a person could be, Yamamoto-jisan just broke all limits with his bankai! No wonder he never used it before, that thing could transform everything to ashes, allies included!.

  4. I think we want to believe that Juha Bach isn’t the main boss because this is a near epic one hit KO scenario with Yamaji’s Bankai out. My predictions are that Juha Bach is the big boss, but not the strongest Quincy. Remember when Kubo gave Ulquiorra “Segunda Etapa” second release, something that only this #4 espada has ever accomplished. This lead me to believe that Ulquiorra might have been more powerful than Aizen himself ( before his fusion/ transformation).

    So… Blonde unnamed Quincy second in command might be stronger than Juha Bach himself. Or he could lead the retreat of the Quincies once Juha bach is defeated by Yama-ji’s Bankai. The power of the Sun!, Tite Kubo will not underpower a bankai of such magnitude with some special broken gimmick contraption like the bankai stealing device the quincies have.

    What is possible is that Juha Bach will injure Yama before he is incinerated. To the point where he is unnable to fight again. Then Ichigo comes, has a boss fight with Blonde, then quincies decide to retreat and now for the big bang reveal.

    –The true goal of the quincies is to kill the soul king. And who is behind this? the Ishida family., Maybe Uryu or his dad.
    I highly doubt the doctor is in anyway an enemy, or maybe have been undercover. but who knows, Tite Kubo knows.

    Remember Kirge Opie reveals something involving the immensity of power the Ishida posses. I dont think his “majesty” Juha bach is as powerful as what Kirge implies.

    1. What can counter a “Sun”? Well lets see, the Dark Holes.. They suck even “Light” into their Pit and dont let it out anymore…

      Well, if they not going to use a “Black Hole” similar “bankai” to counter…

      But, this “bankai” is really worthy for an Captain Commander. He even “dry” out the World with his bankei alone… (Water in Air is gone..)

    1. You do realize that this is the literal translation of the chapter’s title, right? It’s a title that can also be found on reputable scanlations, I might add.

      Frankly, I’m surprised that instead of thanking someone for the time they took to write and put together this post, you decided to be nitpicky and call them out for not being creative enough with the title. First of all, writing and selecting images involves far more creativity than translating a simple title. Second, I’m not really sure what “The Burnout Inferno” even means, especially the word “Burnout” in this context. Maybe you were going for “Burning”, or better yet, “All Consuming Heat of a Thousand Suns”?

      While we do welcome your suggestions and are thankful for them, I think you could have worded it so it doesn’t sound like you’re demanding it. It comes across as a bit entitled sounding and a bit condescending, like something a teacher would tell their students.

      1. Was that really necessary?

        You also seem to have missed the part where ‘The Burnout Inferno’ refers to the title of one of the manga volumes.

        Truly white knighting at its finest.

      2. My bad, so the OP was just trying to be witty then? Looking at it, I do think it’s a bit of a stretch to title a chapter referencing to a manga volume title that was released in 2010 – it’s anything but a simple reference. Suppose Stereoman did title this post “The Burning Inferno 4”, I’m sure there would be people who wouldn’t understand the reference and will complain that too much creative license was used with the title.

        Again, I don’t really mind the fact that people have suggestions, it’s the tone that I took a bit of umbrage with – call it white knighting if you must, but I like to stand up for my fellow writers.

      3. @Spinning

        There’s a big difference between blind white-knighting and wholesome camaraderie. Standing up for one’s friends/colleagues is admirable; it isn’t the same as standing up for some random, anonymous commenter (especially one whose comment seems to be born of ignorance), which, ironically, is what you just did. Geez, this is a post about a shounen manga where friendship is a central theme for christ’s sake- you’d think folks here would know the difference…

      4. I certainly don’t condone what that person was doing and my comment should not be taken as defending their actions. However I can’t stand people who not only address something that should just be ignored, but do so with the intent of being clever or witty and then fail because they didn’t even do basic research. Who even attacks other people’s grammar on the internet anymore anyway? I would’ve thought better of the Random Curiosity bloggers.

        Is it white knighting or not? You can debate it as much as you want and I have no intention of searching through posts for similar comments, but I’d be willing to bet you’ll never find such a comment from verdant on anything written by a male blogger.

      5. My sincere apologies, I shouldn’t have overreacted like that. I misinterpreted the tone of the message because I missed the reference they were trying to make, which led me to reacting the way I did. I would like to just say that I’d defend any of my fellow writers regardless of gender.

      6. @Spinning

        I certainly don’t condone what that person was doing and my comment should not be taken as defending their actions

        Fair enough, I see now that I was mistaken in assuming so, and I apologize. Even if verdant did overreact a little, his heart was in the right place; his comment was born out of his sense of camaraderie and his love for his friends and I just hoped that people would see that and not hold it against him…

        *There’s a duplicate of this comment somewhere near the bottom; it seems like my browser bugged out and put it down there or something, so I reposted it in the right place…:P

    2. Why so serious ? All of you are overthinking my post.
      Reading these reactions made me realise one thing. I made a mistake : I didn’t make my self clear enough. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to sound harsh and there was no sarcasm in “Please”. I’ll choose my words more carefully next time.
      Sorry for saying something different than “chapter was awesome”, “chapter was meh”, or “nice review”. There is no relevance in writing what was said a gazillion times.
      There was a time when I was eagerly waiting for the weekly RC Bleach reviews just to see what kind of alternative title the blogger would make. I still remember things like “Took them long enough” or “Cool guys don’t look at explosions”.
      But Stereoman who began reviewing Bleach chapters for about five or six times as of now, is only writing Kubo’s titles. Is it wrong for me to be somewhat disappointed ?

  5. When some panels showed the other captains doing very insignificant things, I was just wondering why those panels didn’t feature something more meaningful or contributing for the story.
    This was meant to show how far reaching the heat from Yama-jii truly is,evaporating water from a vase at least 3 kilometers away is pretty impressive.

  6. When some panels showed the other captains doing very insignificant things, I was just wondering why those panels didn’t feature something more meaningful or contributing for the story.

    This was meant to show how far reaching the heat from Yama-jii truly is,evaporating water from a vase at least 3 kilometers away is pretty impressive.

  7. Maybe the captain commander will turn into the phoenix or fire dragon for the other forms.
    (BTW this chapter answered my question of whether Hyourinmaru can beat that fire zanpaktou.)

    random viewer
  8. “Now, I’m just wondering, why would he reveal his Zanpakutou’s abilities to the enemy?”

    Shounen Rule 3: Always explain every detail of your power-up to the enemy so they can find a way to counter you.

    1. Shounen Rule 4: Never shut up about anything so everything can be given away some how.
      Shounen Rule 5: If you don’t talk you are a side character
      Shounen Rule 6: If you don’t have the biggest mouth you are not the Main character or Villian

  9. Yamamoto’s attributes of his bankai are really impressive! I’m really excited how Juha Bach will cut him down, knowing that in bleach the one who unleashes his full power first gets defeated.

    no lollygagging pariston
  10. Yama-jii has a limited amount of time to use his Bankai before it begins to incinerate Soul Society itself. [This clearly gleaned in the panels by Captain Unohana] his defeat will only come when he has to seal it back. Then it’s Ichigo Time! p.s. WHEN WILL WE SEE ZERO SQUAD??? #ifever

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